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Pietro Maximoff (Earth-4045)
Real Name
Pietro Maximoff
Current Alias

White Runner



Avengers, HYDRA (formerly)

None known


Base Of Operations
Avengers Bunker







Marital Status

Adventurer, Avenger

High school dropout

A Russian young adult who was experimented upon by HYDRA in order to make their first superhuman agent. Pietro later gained superhuman powers, and defected from HYDRA, joining the Avengers.



Quote1.png All my life, I've been running away. From friends and family. Then, HYDRA found me. They promised me power. Now, because of you people, I know, I was working for the wrong side. Quote2.png
-- Quicksilver

The White Runner

Pietro Maximoff was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, to two fairly wealthy parents. Pietro's mother and father were both entrepreneurs. Although Pietro was told to pursue his dreams as fast as he can, Pietro was rebellious. Always known for his speed and agility, Pietro was more of a "parkour-man", who always ran away from his home. As such, in his education career, he frequently got into trouble, but he saw that he can use his "speed and agility" for something else. Pietro joined several marathon/sprint competitions, and frequently won. However, still, Pietro was rebellious.


When Quicksilver advanced to an older age, he began to left his family, and tried to find a job. Failing many times, Pietro ran away in a fit of stress and rage, and attempted suicide. However, a man stopped his suicide attempt. This man was actually Red Skull, in disguise. He told Pietro that his life was priceless, and killing himself would be a useless act. Pietro then told the disguised Red Skull that it's none of his problem and his life's worthless. However, Kleiser told Pietro that he knew who he is, and his "speed and agility" could be used for another... "act". Pietro and Kleiser got locked in an argument, but stopped after the White Runner accepted Kleiser's offer to "enhance" himself.

Kleiser brought Pietro into a bunker. This bunker would later be identified as HYDRA's main base of operations, after HATE "disintegrated" them. Pietro, surprised but "defenseless", was told by Kleiser about HYDRA and revealed his true "form", of Red Skull. Pietro was then experimented upon by HYDRA scientists, and was made as HYDRA's first superhuman agent. Pietro was put under heavy stress to activate a "hidden power gene" that has been theorized by Arnim Zola, that every human possesses a "power gene" hidden inside them, and can only be activated through heavy stress. Pietro was inflicted with heavy pains and trauma, until one day, his "power gene" surfaced, proving that Zola's theory was right. Pietro later gained superhuman speed as his power, and was surprised. Thanking Kleiser, Pietro pledged his loyalties to HYDRA. Kleiser later told Pietro that his powers would be beneficial to both HYDRA and himself.


After his mutation, and becoming an agent of HYDRA, Quicksilver saw his first mission in HYDRA's assault at the HATE Helicarrier UNN "Gamma". Unknown to him and HYDRA, the Helicarrier was the current place where the "Avengers" were in, right after their mission in recruiting the Juggernaut. In the Helicarrier, an undercover HYDRA agent was present, who secured the whole Helicarrier for the assault (which was planned for a long time). Then, HYDRA's plan commenced. After "distracting" the Avengers and HATE personnel, Quicksilver makes his first appearance to HATE when he dispatched multiple HATE agents in a "silver streak". Pietro found himself fighting three Avengers members. Rescue, US Agent and Boomerang. Pietro managed to defeat all of them, until US Agent knocked him out.

After the HATE Helicarrier "forcefully landed" in a stadium, the HYDRA agents left before the Helicarrier fully crashed, but Quicksilver didn't make it to follow Herr Kleiser in the escape. Luckily, he was "saved", and was kept as a "temporary prisoner". When Quicksilver recovers, he saw a surprising sight of HATE director, Dirk Anger down on his knees, crying. However, later he got back up and rallied the Avengers, declaring US Agent the leader, and they must wipe out HYDRA, and prove themselves to the world. Quicksilver, feeling guilty, then said that he'll do anything to hunt down HYDRA, as he already saw what they've done, and that they're nothing but blood-thirsty terrorists, and he joined them because he's desperate, and delusioned. After the Avengers heard that, Juggernaut responded by patting Pietro's back, telling him that "he has done a nice little speech". After all of that, Quicksilver was integrated to the Avengers, later becoming a member.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unique Physiology: Pietro received his powers from HYDRA's "power gene activation" experimentation. As said above, Arnim Zola theorized that every humam being has a "power gene", hidden inside them, that only can be activated through heavy stress. However, this "power gene" cannot be activated once another individual already got powers. For example, US Agent was a former human. But, after going through the super-soldier process, he gained super-powers. And after he gained powers, his power genes can't be activated (although Zola also had another theory that the super-soldier process in fact, activated the power genes). As an effect of this experimentation, not just he gained superhuman speed, but his body is highly resistant towards friction and impacts, and enhances his strength to peak human level.
    • Superhuman Speed: Pietro's main power is his superhuman speed. Pietro is faster than nearly all normal humans, or even several enhanced beings. He has been noted to be able to run as fast as light and can break the sound barrier by moving very fast. He has demonstrated his speed several times, such as during his first appearance in Avengers: World on Fire Volume 1 Issue 4, avoiding both Rescue and Boomerang's attacks (Rescue's armor has a precise targeting system, while Boomerang's an expert marksman). As a side effect, Pietro also reacts faster than a normal human, but sometimes, his reflexes are "weakened" by his cockiness.
    • Enhanced Durability: Pietro's body is highly resistant against impacts and friction, and is more durable than normal humans. He is able to resist tremendous force, and he can even take a blow when being hit by US Agent's Vibranium shield, albeit being knocked out.
    • Enhanced Strength: Pietro's strength has been enhanced to peak human levels. He has been noted to be able to lift up to 250 lbs. He also has been shown to be able to break through steel chains only by dashing through it, and punched both Rescue and Boomerang with sufficient force to knock them out.


  • Combatant: Since his bestowal of power, Pietro has been trained to become a competent combatant, using his speed as an advantage over stronger/weaker enemies. Usually, his combat style involves punching/kicking/delivering blows to his enemies repeatedly until they go down. After he became an official Avengers member, he has been trained by US Agent to fight properly.

Strength level

Quicksilver is able to lift up to 250 lbs. His strength is at peak human level.


None known



  • Speed Suit: Quicksilver's suit as both a (former) HYDRA agent and Avengers member. The suit helps Pietro to resist more damage, as well as friction and impacts while running. This suit prevents Pietro from disintegrating himself while running "too fast".

Transportation: His own superhuman speed.
Weapons: None


  • Pietro is 25 years old.


  • Quicksilver's involvement in HYDRA, as well as their attack on the HATE Helicarrier, is inspired by his Avengers: Age of Ultron incarnation, while the attack-event is inspired by the Avengers movie.
    • However, his powers don't come from the Tesseract, like in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Instead, HYDRA mutated him to gain super-powers. But, the process of him gaining his powers from HYDRA is similar to how Deadpool received his powers in the Deadpool movie (under heavy stress, the hidden "power gene" activates).

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