Phoenix (Marielle Stark)
Basic Information



Tony Stark (Father), Anthea Stark (Mother, deceased)

Birth Date:





Light pale gray


Silver white with purple streak (Current), light ash blond with lighter streak (previous)

Distinguishing Feature:

Scar on her left hand


Teleportation, Telekinesis, Energy Blast


Phoenix (Herself), Nixy (Guardians), Agent Phoenix (Herself), Rielle (Friends), Rie (Peter Parker), The Mechanic (Galaxy/Nova), Techna, Gremlin (Clint Barton), Angel Moi (Natasha)

Additional Data

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), Clint Barton (Hawkeye)


Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Stark Industries, Earth


USA, Various

Language Spoken:

English, Latin, French

Phoenix, more commonly know as Nixy, was a simple mechanic travelling the stars or so she seemed. She ended up in the company of the   


Born Mariella H. Stark to parents Tony and Anthea Stark as their only child. Marielle, or more well known as Rielle, was implied to have had a happy childhood up until she was five years old. While not all detail have been revealed it is said that the Stark's went to some kind of event at a hotel. During the event there seemed to have been a terrorist attack, the only one to die was Anthea.

After Anthea's death Tony withdrew from Rielle's life and slowly turned into the playboy that most know today. Rielle was from that point raised by various nanny's and JARVIS, who Tony had built not long after Anthea's death.

For the rest of her childhood, Rielle had found herself under the mentorship of Obediah Stane who ultimately planned on having her as a front of the company after he got rid of Tony. Up until Stane's 'mysterious death' when his real intentions were revealed.

Eventually, Rielle meet and befriended Natasha Romanov while the latter was undercover at a PA. The two developed a close relationship to the point that Rielle even considered her a mother-figure. This ultimate relationship led to Rielle joining SHIELD.

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