Phillip Masters is a puppeteer-turned-scientist, and brother of Alicia Masters. He always wanted to be a puppeteer, but his father didn't approve of that career, and wanted Phillip to do something productive with his life. Phillip never defied his father, and thus has tons of built-up rage against him. When Phillip became a scientist, just to make his father proud, he eventually got a job at the Future Foundation. However, one night, while star-gazing, he saw a meteorite land on a nearby beach. He went to investigate, and discovered the sand had been exposed to cosmic radiation. Phillip took some of the sand for analysis, and discovered it could control peoples' minds. He made special clay out of the sand, and used the clay to create little figurines of his co-workers. Using the figurines, he could control his co-workers' minds. He attacked SHIELD, but was defeated by Benjamin Grimm and Nick Fury. His clay figurines were all destroyed, but some of the sand was taken by SHIELD scientists for further research. Phillip is currently locked up in SHIELD custody.

Powers & Abilities

  • Mind Control - Using his clay figurines, Phillip could control whoever the figurine was based off of. However, all of his figurines were destroyed.
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