Petra Truth
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Petra (agent).jpg
 Homeworld Earth
 Born July 6th, 1998
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Petra Truth
 Current Alias Truth
 Aliases Detective Truth
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation Truth Investigation Agency
 Base of Operation University of Sydney, Australia
 Status Active
 Identity Public Identity
 Citizenship Australian
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Private detective
University Student
 Species Human
 Gender Male
 Eye Color Blue
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Black
 Unusual Features
 Origin Mutant
 Universe Earth-4545454
 Place of Birth
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance

Petra Truth, commonly known simply as Truth is a private investigator and university student+. Known nationally throughout Australia, Truth is known to be hired to investigate crimes due to his unique mutant power known as "Mind Field", a power to allow him to enter a state of mind, clear and focus to anaylze the surroundings and gather information.

He's currently hired to investigate the events surrounding the disappearance of Spider-Man and Dr. Egghead.

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