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Probability Spider

Real Name
Peter Reilly
Current Alias
Probability Spider

Scarlet Spider, Son of the Spider, San Francisco Spider-man



Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad

Ben Reilly (Father), Felicia Hardy (Mother), Peter Parker (Paternal "Uncle"), Cindy Moon-Parker (Paternal "Aunt"), Claire Parker (Paternal "Cousin"), Kaine (Paternal "uncle"/Dad's fellow clone)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly San Francisco, California





Unusual Features
Tends to have spikes across different parts of his body


Marital Status

Superhero, Earth Resistance Agent

Some College

Mutate, but due to his own unique powers there is some question if he may not be a mutant instead

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'm one of the new spiders in town, so look out world! Quote2
-- Peter Reilly


At some point towards the end of the Heroic age, Ben Reilly would come across the Black Cat who mistook him for Peter Parker's Spider-man in a new costume. Though Ben cleared up the confusion, the two struck up an agreement to work together while Peter had his interests elsewhere. But as a result of Peter's memories Ben began to grow feelings towards Felicia who gradually returned these affections, eventually blossoming into a surprise romance between the two. Eventually, they moved their heroics to San Francisco, settling down here, marrying, and eventually having their son, whom they named after Peter Parker. Following his birth though, the two tried to live a far more normal life, of which they accomplished at first until shortly after Peter went into first grade.

Two of Peter's powers revealed themselves during the school year, beginning with his ability to wall-crawl which revealed itself as some children were seeing who could climb the schools brick building which Peter not only did but stuck to the wall. A later incident that same year Peter began to subconsciously cause bad luck with those around him, mainly minor accidents that initially couldn't be explained by teachers. But viewing him as not only strange but a danger, his parents were forced to take him from the school system and instead homeschool the young Reilly. After they explained what was happening and why he was taken, Peter became more aware of his parents past exploits and quickly lost his initial sadness. It was from then on his parents began to slowly try to discover his other capabilities while schooling and training him at the same time.

By his pre-teen years, Peter has discovered several of his abilities, even some unique to himself which surprised his parents. But from after he discovered his parents to be heroes to these years, Peter desired to become a hero as well and decided to slip out of the house from time to time, donning a makeshift costume and taking the name of the new "Scarlet Spider" to take on crime. But his attempts were less than graceful, often leading his luck to be bad rather than just his enemies and he often was beaten down more often than being successful. Eventually, his parents caught onto his hero attempts, growing concerned he'd get himself killed if he continued. Being forced to give up the attempts at thirteen, Peter decided to turn to a new hobby to keep himself busy which involved inventing. Though he had the knack for it, he still held the "Parker Luck" and often had them malfunction many times before they worked.

Through his studies and inventing, Peter seemed to settle with living a normal life despite the itch to use his powers for something. But due to his parents' restrictions he couldn't do so, finding it fine at first until he started getting into his teenage years.

Changing your Luck

Feeling restless and bored with civilian life, Peter went against the wishes of his parents at sixteen and once more sought out to continue as the Scarlet Spider. But with better training and updated equipment, Peter performed far better than in his earlier youth and began to make a public return of the Scarlet Spider until once again he was confronted by his parents, this time when he was on one of his outings. Disappointed and worried he would be forced to give it up yet again, he argued with his parents for an hour over his feelings and how his career was far better now thanks to their teachings and his studies.

It was a chance call that same night by his "uncle" about the Avengers Academy that ultimately changed Felicia's and Ben's decision. Under the condition he would give up the Scarlet Spider mantle until he was deemed ready, Peter moved to the Academy within the same state where he made reluctant friends with Jason Barton, another Spider hero of this generation, and where he met Claire Parker for the first time in some years. He also took up a new codename for the occasion.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spider Physiology: Due to his father being a clone of the original Spider-man, Peter inherited many of his father's powers. Though he did not inherit all of them and has a few unique powers of his own.
    • Superhuman Durability:Peter's body tissue and musculature is twice as strong then the average human. This makes him more resistant to injury from greater impact forces and superhumanly strong individuals. But he can still be injured after several powerful blows, but it takes a lot of force or hits at one time to do real damage.
    • Superhuman Speed:Peter is able to move at speeds faster then the finest human runner, possibly being able to keep up with a speeding car on foot. But like his father and "uncle" has preferred traveling by webs.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Peter's body creates less fatigue toxin then normal humans, usually taking several hours longer to produce and become impaired by exhaustion and the build of bodily toxins.
    • Superhuman Agility: His agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far beyond the finest human gymnast. Like his father and "uncle", Peter is incredibly limber, with his ligaments and tendons being twice as elastic as a normal humans, allowing him to perform acrobatic and aerialist stunts with relative ease, going well above Olympic-level gymnasts.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: Peter can achieve a state of perfect equilibrium, allowing him to instinctively correct himself in mid-air when falling to land on his feet and to easily balance on the most narrow of places.
    • Wall-crawling:Like the majority of spider heroes, Peter can use wall-crawling through the use of electrostatic force. This enables him to manipulate the molecular bonds of surfaces by unknown means to be able to crawl up vertical surfaces and cling to walls. This takes some concentration on horizontal surfaces and sometimes vertical areas depending on how focused Peter is mentally otherwise he risks falling.
    • Spike Generation:A unique power to Peter is the fact he can create a kind of defensive mechanism that allows him to consciously or sub-consciously create spikes from his bones. This covers nearly his entire body that can help keep others at bay in close combat and the spikes can double as weapons in close combat.
    • Paralyzing agent Secretion:Another power unique to Peter, which allows him to secret a kind of paralyzing toxin his body produces naturally. This can be found in the oils of his skin and is done consciously in order to have a varying range of affects, depending on the amount he secrets. This ranges from simply slowing someone down to outright paralyzing someone, something akin to an actual spider using their venom to paralyze prey.
    • Minor Healing Factor:Peter also has a minor healing factor, allowing him to heal 3 times faster then a human but at a much slower rate as more famous superheroes such as Hulk and Wolverine. This also gives him moderate protection from alcohol, drugs, poisons, and disease.
  • Probability Field:A trait inherited from his mother that allows Peter to manipulate probability fields, literally giving people "bad luck". These are usually reasonable bouts of such unfortunate events that happen within seven feet of him and is not limited to his range of sight.


  • Peter is a highly trained acrobat which is further enhanced by his spider abilities.
  • Much like his uncle he seems highly gifted in the area of science and has some limited knowledge in chemistry. Enough to at least make his own form of webbing while also sticking to the one his father and "uncle" used.
  • Peter has also proven to be an excellent fighter, both in use of unarmed close combat and brawling maneuvers, but also has proficient skill in armed combat, primarily using bo staffs.

Strength level

Peter has the average strength of a man his age, height, and weight despite his spider powers.


  • Is easily susceptible to stronger doses of drugs and toxins and still can suffer from fairly fatal and dangerous diseases.
  • Peter isn't as strong as some other spider heroes and is built more for speed and durability then anything.
  • Peter is highly allergic to mushrooms and crawfish.



  • Web Shooters: Originally owned by his father, he uses them to get around and sometimes as weapons. This also leads him to have several web formula capsules ready in addition to still using the metal needles that fires from them dubbed "Stingers" by Ben Reilly.
  • Radar Sensing and Thermal Imaging Lenses: Much like his friend Jason, he also uses special lenses in his mask to allow him to discover unknown targets in a certain range. This is to make up for the lack of a spider sense.

Transportation: His webbing, SHIELD Vehicles
Weapons: His Web Shooters, sometimes bo staffs


  • Peter's creation is by an idea suggested by Uncanny X-factor here on the wiki.


  • Peter has stated that him and Jason might as well be two sides of the same coin, as they each almost have powers the other is lacking. But Jason doesn't agree with this.
  • Peter and his "cousin" Claire seem on good terms.
  • Peter has an ambition to become an inventor one day and has tried several times to help the Academy with his creations. None so far have made it past presentation time to which everything blows up in his face, literally.

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