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Real Name
Peter Parker
Current Alias

Spidey, Wall-Crawling Freakshow, Bug-Boy, Hero Editorial names: Urban Tarzan, The Greatest Menace to Society Since the Klan



Midtown High School, Future Foundation, Knights, partner of Spider-Girl, ally of the Next Avengers Former affiliations: The Daily Bugle, Avengers (reserve member)

Richard Parker (father, deceased), Mary Parker (mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt), Mary Jane Watson (girlfriend).


Base Of Operations
The Baxter Building; formerly Chelsea apartment and Forest Hills, Queens



Hazel, (Normal), Red (when possessed by the Other)


Unusual Features
Peter profusely bled from his eyes and mouth while acting as the Other's host.


Marital Status

Teacher, scientist, adventurer, vigilante; former student

High school

Human mutate



Quote1.png When I became Spider-Man, I thought that I could, I would, have the power to stop it. All the pain, all the suffering. All the evil would just... go away. But it's not that easy. Being Spider-Man has given so much and taken so many away from me. But at the end of the day... it's my responsibility. My burden. And no one, no one, is gonna take it away from me. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker

Early life

Peter Benjamin Parker was born to undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Richard Parker and his wife, Mary, the latter of whom was also a scientist working for the weapons manufacturer OzCorp Industries, in 1981.

In 1983, Mary discovered that OzCorp was secretly selling prototype bio-weapons to the Abu Nadal Organization, a terrorist group. She relayed this information to Richard and he, in turn, used his S.H.I.E.L.D. connections in order to expose OzCorp. However, Norman Osborn, the owner and CEO of OzCorp, framed both Richard and Mary for the crime, forcing them to drop off Peter at Richard's brother and sister-in-law, Ben and May's, house, before driving off to the airport, with Richard going to deliver the information to head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury. However, Osborn, having anticipated this, hired the mysterious Brotherhood of the Scrier to eliminate them. The Scriers infiltrated the plane and slew Richard, Mary, and the pilots, sending the plane crashing into the Indian Ocean.

During his childhood, Peter's first friend would be next-door neighbor Mary Jane Watson, whom he would eventually fall for later in life, and would make life-long friends with Harry Osborn, Norman's son, and Mac Gargan, whose father was an investigative reporter working for the papers. At some point, Peter would be enrolled in Science Camp by Uncle Ben, with his instructor being the up-and-coming scientist Otto Octavius.

High School

At 15, Peter, Harry, and Ned would enroll at Midtown High. There, Peter would become the prime target of the bullying of the school's resident jock Flash Thompson and his crony, Kong.

Becoming Spider-Man

Months after getting into 9th grade, 15-year old Peter and the rest of his class, along with Harry, Mary Jane, and Mac took a field trip to see a demonstration involving radiation being hosted by Otto Octavius. However, in the midst of the experiment, Peter was bitten by a spider which had been irradiated by the machine. Peter then collapsed from the bite, feeling lightheaded, and was rushed home.

Upon arriving home, Peter awakened to the sight of Mary Jane, Harry, Ned, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and a nurse. The nurse then told Peter that he might have been exposed to some kind of chemical at the lab and not even noticed it. He was then recommended to stay home for the rest of the week, just in case. Peter then fell right back to sleep in order to get his energy back.

Upon reawakening the next day, Peter, feeling stronger and his eyesight repaired, decided to ask Mary Jane out on a date later that afternoon. However, he was soon interrupted by Flash, who was also vying for Mary Jane's affection. Flash attempted to fight Peter, only for Peter to develop sudden and extremely fast reflexes and agility. He then beat Flash in the fight, the latter of whom threatened to sue Peter's family. It is unclear is Flash ever followed through with his plan to sue.

Returning home, Peter became stressed over his sudden "developments". He then received an un-expected visit from Mary Jane, who kissed Peter. Peter, overwhelmed with the combination of his best friend kissing him and his trying to figure his abilities, solemnly rejected her, causing M.J. to leave in tears. Peter, in his shame, then uncovered more powers, such as being able to stick to walls and shoot organic webbing from his wrists. Determined to make something of himself, he began to plan for ways to win back Mary Jane's heart and repay Aunt May and Uncle Ben for all the kindness they had shown him growing up.

A few days later, Peter was confronted by Flash in the cafeteria, intending to humiliate Peter by getting him to confess to his beating up Peter. However, Peter turned the tables on Flash and humiliated him by explaining that he was attacked for no reason. This caused Liz, Flash's girlfriend, to break up with him right there on the spot. Flash then attacked Peter in a rage, but was further humiliated when Peter tricked Flash into falling into the janitor's equipment. While everyone else laughed at Flash's misfortune, Mary Jane watched Peter in shock as he left the cafeteria.

Peter then received a talking-to from the principal, but could not punish Peter due to the fact that security footage and eyewitness account confirmed that Flash started and exacerbated the altercation. Peter then headed into Manhattan to participate in an underground wrestling match near the library. Peter then faced off against the ring's champion, Seth, the Duke of Death, and effortlessly defeated him, being hailed under the name "Spider-Man". Peter, intended to be awarded $5,000 for the match, was instead given $1,200. When he complained to the promoter over it, the promoter told Peter off, saying that the $1,200 was for beating Seth in a far shorter period of time than the match's limit and that the $1,200 wasn't his problem. Angry and bitter, Peter was about to leave until he saw a criminal rob from the promoter. Wanting to show the promoter how he felt, Peter let the thief escape, sarcastically telling the promoter that it wasn't his problem.

Returning home, Peter was equally angered at his Uncle Ben over his failure to pick him up from the library, only to discover a police car in front of his house. Peter rushed over, only for the head officer, George Stacy, to inform Peter that Uncle Ben had been killed by a burglar who broke in. Enraged, Peter chased the burglar down to the warehouse at the waterfront, where he was being holed up by the authorities. However, Peter soon discovered that the burglar was the same man he had let go at the arena mere hours ago. Knocking the man unconscious, Peter fired out a shot from the burglar's gun to draw the police inside the warehouse to arrest the man. Peter fled the scene before the police arrived, and perched himself above the Empire State Building, ashamed at what he had done.

Early Adversaries and Facing Responsibility

After Uncle Ben's funeral, Peter, encouraged by comforting words from Aunt May, decided to honor what Uncle Ben stood for and turned his Spider-Man persona into that of a costumed hero.

Many of his early adversaries consisted of Adrian Toomes, the Shocker, his classmate the Scorpion, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, and the Lizard.

Following his duel with the Lizard, Peter became much closer with Mary Jane, who discovered his secret during the ordeal. She even created Peter's first real costume, presented to him as a Christmas present.

The original Gang War

End of the Green Goblin

Gwen Stacy

Death of the Stacys and Osborn's Final Stand

The original Clone Saga

Harry's Vendetta

The Symbiote

The second Gang War



Moving On


Kingpin's Vendetta


Re-United with M.J.

Secret Wars

While swinging through Manhattan in search of the last remnants of Kingpin's organization, Spider-Man, along with various other heroes, was abducted by a mysterious, sentient cosmic being known as the Beyonder, who transported him, along with the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, to Battleworld, a strange planet with a similar atmosphere to Earth's and drastically different environments, in order to fight a barrage of villains also abducted from Earth.

While on Battleworld, Spider-Man was finally, formally inducted into the Avengers as one of the team's main members by Captain America himself, which greatly honored the hero. He also forged a friendship with the X-Man Iceman and began to grow closer with the Human Torch, bringing their rivalry to an end. Eventually, Spider-Man, Iceman, and the Torch would form a trio of heroes which Spidey dubbed "the Spider-Friends", much to the latter 2's chagrin.

Re-bonded with the Symbiote

During a battle between the Spider-Friends and the Wrecking Crew in Battleworld's rainforest, Spider-Man was mortally injured by Thunderball, forcing the heroes to retreat.

After returning to the heroes' base in Battleworld's mesa, Reed Richards fired a special ray of energy at Spider-Man with the goal of recombinating his damaged cells. However, the energy triggered trace remnants of the Venom symbiote still left behind in Spider-Man's bloodstream to flow through his pores and form an exact replica of his black costume.

Spider-Man was initially horrified by his re-bonding to the symbiote and attempted to get rid of it, only to realize that he may need it when a small scouting party of villains,

Encounter With Morlun

Some time after re-uniting with M.J., Spider-Man encountered Morlun, who slew businessman Ezekiel Sims. Spider-Man soon learned that Ezekiel was another individual who had spider-powers, and that Morlun fed off the life force of individuals who had the abilities of creatures in the Animal Kingdom; in Peter's case, a spider.

Spider-Man fought Morlun 2 times during his initial conflict with him. The first time, Morlun kept Spider-Man close to him by threatening civilians, starting an apartment building fire which they faced off in, and then attacking a child in the streets. Eventually, Spider-Man defeated Morlun upon realizing that he could only absorb Peter's life force in small doses due to the radiation present in his body, and injecting himself with liquefied uranium. Luring Morlun to a nuclear power plant, Spider-Man proceeded to beat and batter Morlun into submission, the vampire unable to absorb his life force without consuming the radiation. Morlun eventually crumbled into dust.

Spider-Man went to the Baxter Building to get the excess radioactivity pumped out of his body to prevent himself from becoming poisoned. It was here that Johnny Storm invited Peter to spend that upcoming Christmas with them.

Christmas with the Fantastic Four

The Clone Saga

The Final Chapter

Losing M.J.

When Mary Jane went into labor, she did so at the Baxter Building, with Reed Richards handling the procedure. Peter was also present for the birth of his daughter, May. However, due to the complications of the pregnancy being caused by Peter's radioactive bodily fluids, Mary Jane was killed by the childbirth process. This left Peter distraught, heartbroken, and guilty. He was subsequently left to raise May on his own, but due to his inability to move past what happened to Mary Jane, his shattered self-esteem, and his belief that he was undeserving of a daughter, Peter was rather distant from May. To no avail, May attempted to push her father into seeking mental treatment and therapy, but his constant refusals eventually made her give up trying.

For most of her childhood, May never knew the truth behind her mother's death, with Peter covering it up as a mere car crash.

Spider-Man's Requiem

15 years after Mary Jane's death, Peter Parker, now a 35-year old man aging well beyond his years, lived with May in a small apartment in Queens, their only source of income being Peter's job as a teacher at his former school of Midtown High, which May also happened to attend, disrespected by his students as well as his colleagues.

By this point, his mental state had deteriorated to the point where he sporadically suffered hallucinations of Mary Jane, Gwen, and many of his other deceased loved ones talking to him. Peter also maintained a friendship with Johnny Storm, whom would, much like May, try to get Peter to seek therapy, but to no avail.

Around this time, New York has fallen under siege of a crime wave. Without heroes like Spider-Man or Daredevil to combat it, the city was forced to rely on the formation of a specialized task force known as the Reign to aid the common police force. The main threat this time around were the Sons of the Serpent, led by the brutish man-god Seth, who terrorized the city in an effort to weaken the government and eventually take control of it themselves.

One night, while walking home from the grocery store, Peter came across a man in an alley being beaten upon by 2 members of the Sons. This act of violence reminded Peter of his Uncle Ben and prompted him into action against the Sons, defeating them effortlessly thanks to his powers still being intact. Peter then left in silence.

During his sleep, Peter had nightmares surrounding the deaths of Gwen Stacy, George Stacy, Uncle Ben, Jean DeWolffe, Felicia Hardy, and Mary Jane. He then traveled to the roof of his apartment building, seeking solace. As the rain poured on him, he began to have an epiphany about what his life had become. Upon returning back inside, Peter watched as a small spider in the corner of his kitchen descended from a strand of webbing, making the declaration "the time has come".

Peter suited up in a cloth version of his black costume and set out to combat the crime wave, helping a pair of police officers capture the elder members of the Stooges who had just robbed a bank. He later brutalized a member of the Sons of the Serpent who was harassing Flash Thompson and his girlfriend Betty Brant, much to Flash's horror.

Over the next few days, the fatigue of being Spider-Man quickly caught back up with Peter, further accelerated by the fact that he was long past his prime. Peter was soon confronted by an outraged Johnny, who warned him that his return to the costume and webs would put himself and May into danger, especially concerning the likes of the Reign. However, Peter dismissed this warning, stating that he could handle it.

May also happened to catch on to her father's drastic change in behavior. She later discovered the truth after seeing her father jump from his bedroom window as Spider-Man to go on patrol. Discovering her own powers, she attempted to follow in his footsteps by buying a Scarlet Spider costume in an attempt to become his partner.

At the same time as this, Spider-Man got wind from a Son he had captured of a special meeting going down at the dump involving Seth and the rest of the Sons in their epic strike to take New York for themselves. Spider-Man intercepted them and proceeded to stealthily defeat them, getting past a large barrage of Sons before finally facing Seth himself. Spider-Man and Seth then engaged in a long, bloody melee. Seth gained the upper hand and began to beat Spider-Man within an inch of his life. He was saved at the last second by the new Scarlet Spider, who distracted Seth long enough for Peter to web up his face, suffocating him into unconsciousness.

Scarlet Spider then took Spider-Man to the Baxter Building, where he was progressively healed thanks to Reed Richards' technology. An enraged Johnny then berated Peter for putting May's life on the line, while Peter defended himself in saying that he didn't know it was her. Johnny then demanded that Peter stop being Spider-Man, to which Peter retorted by saying that he needed to become Spider-Man again to save his own soul. He did agree, though, that it was too dangerous for May to operate as a hero, to which she argued against stating that had it not been for her, Peter would have been killed by Seth, and then she would be orphaned just like he was.

Unable to counter back, Peter reluctantly agreed to train her in the coming weeks.

Spider-Man was later attacked by the returned Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, who was sent on orders from the corrupt Mayor Saks to eliminate Spider-Man. Thanks to being enhanced with the Reign's technology, Hobgoblin easily bested both Spider-Man and the Human Torch, kidnapping them both. He took them to an old canal on the harbor and attempted to use them to draw Scarlet Spider into a trap. She then faced the Hobgoblin by herself and eventually defeated him by de-stabilizing his glider and socking him in the face. She left the Hobgoblin for the cops and rescued the older heroes.

Some time after, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider infiltrated a shipment of cocaine at the docks being headed by up-and-coming small-time crime lord Crazy Eight. During the fight against the villain, however, Spider-Man began to abruptly lose his powers without explanation, nearly getting himself killed in the process until Scarlet Spider saved his life.

Confused as to what could be happening, Peter went to see Reed Richards to see what was happening. Unable to explain it himself, Richards suggested that Peter go see Doc Magus, the current Sorcerer Supreme after Stephen Strange was usurped. Magus stated that Peter's condition was definitely mystical in nature, but it could not be pinpointed to what it was exactly.

Over the next few days, Peter became very paranoid, how powers cutting in and out at random. Eventually, while out as Spider-Man one night, he fell into an alley when his powers cut out again. Here, he encountered Morlun, who was mysteriously alive after his last fight with the hero. Morlun stated that this time he would feed on Spider-Man, but that his current condition intrigued him. Morlun then informed Spider-Man that he would keep his distance from both him and his daughter, but that when the time came, he would be devoured, and when May was of the appropriate age, he would devour her too. Enraged, Spider-Man tried to attack Morlun, who vanished.

Returning home, Peter confiscated May's costume and forbade her from becoming the Scarlet Spider until further notice, saying that events have come up that put her in danger and that he'll take care of it. Enraged, May stormed out, leaving Peter alone and feeling guilty.

Spider-Man was later attacked by the Sinner Six, who were released from prison by the same force who freed the Hobgoblin, who was also a part of the team. The Six faced Spider-Man to a standstill, but eventually overpowered the hero and forced him to retreat. Beaten and bruised, Spider-Man took refuge atop the Daily Bugle building, only to be encountered by Morlun, who stated that the time had come.

Spider-Man and Morlun engaged in a violent and brutal battle that took them to a grocery store. Morlun proceeded to tear out Peter's left eye and swallow it whole. When Morlun asked Spider-Man if he had any last words before his death, the hero defiantly spat in his face, enraging Morlun, who proceeded to beat the hero down into the pavement within an inch of his life. Morlun was only stopped from feeding on Spider-Man's life force by the arrival of a small contingent of police and Reign officers. They proceeded to take off Spider-Man's mask, but couldn't identify who he was because of how disfigured Morlun's beating had made him.

Spider-Man was taken back to the Baxter Building, Reed Richards' technology being the only kind in the city capable of handling super-human injuries. May and Franklin proceeded to leave their Spring Formal and rushed to the Building to see Peter's condition, as he was barely clinging on to life. However, Morlun infiltrated the Baxter Building and overpowered the Future Foundation and the Scarlet Spider. After Morlun broke Scarlet Spider's arm, Spider-Man became possessed by the Other, and proceeded to attack and beat Morlun in an animalistic fashion, even going as far as to gouge out both of the vampire's eyes with his thumbs in retribution for Morlun tearing out his eye earlier. Morlun was finally killed when Spider-Man tore his jugular out of his neck with his teeth. Morlun's escaping life energy subsequently healed Peter's injuries, but the stress of the situation caused him to collapse into May's arms. As the Future Foundation attempted to get replacement medical equipment for Peter, a familiar set of tentacles reached into the window and took him away, May herself too tired and too injured to fight back. She and the Future Foundation then watched as Spider-Man was whisked away into the night by a familiar silhouette.

Spider-Man was then taken to the cemetery, his kidnapper eventually revealed to be the corpse of the late Doctor Octopus, now just a skull still attached to the cybernetic mech suit and tentacles. In a pre-recorded message, Octopus revealed that forces afoot in the world would seek to destroy the super-powered people. Octopus encouraged Spider-Man to reclaim his glory and "return the fire to the heavens." Octopus proceeded to retrieve Mary Jane's coffin, to which Peter, solemnly, climbed into, seemingly giving up.

While in the coffin, Peter confronted all his demons, facing down the ghosts of Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Captain Stacy, Black Cat, and Ben Reilly while also reflecting on his life up until that point. With only 1 thing left to lose, Spider-Man broke out of the coffin, wearing his red and blue costume that he had buried with her.

At that point, the Mayor, revealed to be the one behind the Hobgoblin and the Sinner Six, ordered the Reign to initiate "Operation: Draconian Measures". As the Reign became more Nazi-like and began persecuting people, the police force, now accompanied by the Future Foundation and May, now going by the name Spider-Girl, disobeyed orders and turned on the Reign. The Mayor eventually deployed the Sinner Six to protect Olympus Tower from the ensuing riot down below. Spider-Man arrived and began to scale Olympus Tower, infiltrating it and defeating each of the Six single-handedly as he got higher.

As Spider-Man arrived at the Mayor's office, he was met by Mr. Fantastic, Psi-Lord, and Spider-Girl, who reluctantly accompanied him in confronting the Mayor, not long after being joined by the rest of the Future Foundation. As the heroes confronted the Mayor, who revealed that he knew Spider-Man's secret identity, the latter hero, enraged, punched the Mayor in the stomach, only for his fist to go right through him and be covered in a familiar, black, tar-like substance. As Spider-Man pulled back, analyzing the substance on his arm, he realized who it was... just as the Mayor revealed his true form and transformed into Venom.

Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, and the Future Foundation faced Venom to the top of the Tower, allowing Psi-Lord and the Invisible Woman to blast him off the tower. However, Venom returned, now gigantic, monstrous, and possessing 5 heads. As Venom stated that consuming Spider-Man would make his form whole, Spider-Man challenged Venom to the death, which he accepted, after a brief scuffle between the heroes and Venom, Sandman, the only member of the Sinner Six not defeated by Spider-Man, appeared before the heroes and revealed that the Mayor planted bombs into the backs of each of their heads should they go rogue. He then handed him the detonator. As Sandman sacrificed himself to allow Spider-Man to defeat Venom, the other heroes began to evacuate, with Spider-Girl begging her father to leave with them. However, Spider-Man refused, and stayed on the tower in order to activate the detonator and use the bombs implanted in the Six's necks to destroy the tower and kill Venom.

As the rest of the heroes mourned Spider-Man's death, he suddenly appeared from the smoke, his costume torn. May then hugged her father, tearfully, the rest of the Foundation standing there in silence.

Weeks later, New York was under reconstruction, the Reign decommissioned and the heroes once again rising to prominence. As the Parkers' apartment was destroyed during Venom's attack on the city, Johnny Storm allowed Peter and May to move into the Baxter Building with them, stating that they were both their family.

During the reconstruction of New York, Peter and Johnny reflected on what had happened, Johnny asked Peter if he would continue as Spider-Man after this. Peter replied that as much as he didn't want to, he realized that New York needed heroes, and that in his absence, the city lost hope. He then stated that Spider-Man was needed to keep May safe and, most symbolically, the only way he could heal his soul after what happened to Mary Jane. He also stated that he finally accepted May as his partner.

Later on, while the father/daughter duo were patrolling the city, Spider-Man smelled the crisp, morning air, musing to himself that, for the first time in 15 years, it felt good to be alive.

Back to Work

It didn't take long for Peter to settle into his routine of balancing his life as a vigilante with his life as a teacher, though, at Peter's age of 35, the physical strain began to take it's toll. Although he still had all of his powers, he was long past his prime. Therefore, he began relying on his physical strength to defeat opponents rather than his faltering speed and agility.

The Return of Normie Osborn

Normie Osborn and his mother, Liz Allen, returned from Europe. Liz, having studied in business following her indirect roping into the Osborn legacy with the birth of Harry Osborn's child, assumed control of the company while Normie enrolled in Midtown. Peter became highly suspicious of the return of the grandson of his greatest adversary and began to spy on both Normie and Liz as Spider-Man.

Things would become complicated when Normie discovered and bonded to a surviving piece of the Venom symbiote, becoming the 6-armed vigilante Dusk. Spider-Man encountered and fought Dusk twice. The first time, he tried to match the savagery of the symbiote, only to lose. The second time, he nearly killed Normie using only his physical prowess before being stopped by Spider-Girl and Psi-Lord, allowing Normie to limp to safety. This would set Normie on the path to becoming the new Green Goblin.

Miles Morales, Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Spider-Girl were faced with a new challenge with the appearance of a second Spider-Man, wearing a black costume with red webbing, with a brash nature and a hotheaded attitude. Spider-Girl encountered and either fought or aided this new Spider-Man in combat. She soon learned that he was 14-year old Miles Morales, a boy whose father, a police officer, was killed during the fight between Spider-Man and Venom months ago.

The real Spider-Man soon stepped in and confronted Morales himself. Morales went on to explain that he had these powers for some time and he wanted to be like his father after he was killed. Spider-Man tried to convince Morales that, although he had great potential to become a hero, the fact that 2 Spider-People already protected Manhattan was too much, too many and that he should retire. Morales called out his predecessor's hypocrisy about giving up and reclaiming the mantle and fled the scene, in spite of Spidey's protests.

Later on, however, Spider-Man found that Spider-Girl had taken Morales to a hospital after he jumped in the way of a stray bullet meant for her during a gunfight they accidentally landed between. Realizing that the only way Morales could be saved it with a blood transfusion, Spider-Man offered his blood to save his life, the 2 matching blood types. The transfusion saved Morales' life, but his brief stint as a vigilante made him reconsider his life and convinced him to retire until he could figure when he would be needed.


Peter helped Reed Richards build his inter-dimensional transporter, a gateway to a parallel universe, in order for Reed to help the Council of Reeds hunt down a rogue one of their own. However, it turned out to be a ruse, and Reed was accidentally transported to a universe where an alien virus transformed the superhuman community into a horde of flesh-hungry zombies who decimated 98% of the human population on Earth.

May and Franklin followed Reed through the portal, leaving Spider-Man to desperately search for the teenagers throughout Manhattan, unaware of the fact that they weren't even in this plane of existence.

Reed, May, and Franklin did end up returning to this reality, but they were followed by a small horde of zombified super-heroes, consisting of undead versions of Spider-Man, Thor, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and Mr. Fantastic's double.

Spider-Man did battle with his undead counterpart on the roof of The Daily Bugle building, wearing a heavily modified version of Curt Connors' Ultimatum armor. During the battle, however, the zombie Spider-Man expressed reluctance and remorse for his past actions, having devoured his Aunt May and a pregnant Mary Jane at the start of the outbreak.

In the final battle between the zombified heroes and the living heroes in Central Park, Spider-Man and his zombified double secretly sabotaged Reed Richards' extra-dimensional teleporter controlling the zombies' chrono-signature, sending them back to their home dimension. Before departing, the zombie Spider-Man thanked his living double for helping him somewhat repent himself for his sins.

Life in the Mad Dog Ward

A gang war soon broke out in Manhattan, with the 2 largest crime bosses participating in it; the Rose and the mysterious new Big Man. The Big Man hired Tombstone to kill Spider-Girl. She survived her fight with Lincoln, but was rendered comatose during the ordeal. Spider-Man then relentlessly chased after Tombstone out of revenge with the intent to do to him what he did to Spider-Girl.

While spying on a drug shipment linked to the Big Man's organization, Spider-Man was attacked from behind by Tombstone. His Spider-Sense warned him of the attack, but his slowing reflexes allowed Spider-Man to be knocked out by metal baseball bat-wielding Tombstone.

Spider-Man was taken to the Pleasant Valley Home for Mental Rehabilitation. He was admitted to the Mad Dog Ward of the asylum for patients who have performed life-threatening actions that endangered other peoples' lives. In Peter Parker's case, his "psychotic belief" that he is a super-hero. While there, Peter encountered other super-heroes long believed to be dead. Among these heroes included Iron Fist, Moon Knight, and Daredevil, all of whom were either on the brink of insanity, like in the case of Iron Fist, or in a catatonic state, like in the case of Moon Knight.

Spider-Man was kept heavily sedated and was drugged frequently in order to suppress his powers and keep him weak and docile. However, he remained enough common sense to realize the predicament at hand, although the drugs he was injected with frequently made him loopy.

Spider-Man eventually gained enough trust from Iron Fist in order to help plan an escape from the institute. As the heroes began to mount up, Moon Knight also slowly began to wake up out of his catatonic state.

Eventually, the heroes began to renew hope in the people who were being held in the asylum illegally, eventually forming a revolution.

It was decided that Spider-Man's actions inside the hospital were becoming problematic and the Big Man sent men to the asylum to kill him. However, the revolution began right then and there, with Spider-Man and the newly reassembled Knights leading the charge against the Big Man's forces. Spider-Man soon soloed it with Tombstone yet again, and with the aid of Moon Knight and Iron Fist, was able to defeat him. The Big Man's men were arrested and the Knights went their separate ways, although they mutually agreed to remain on call with one another in case of a similar emergency in the future.

The Twin Hellstorm

Spider-Man soon crossed paths with a giant, demonic monster who set about killing criminals across the city. However, he also crossed paths with Darkdevil, a demonic vigilante taking on the visage of the late Daredevil in order to fight crime. Unbeknownst to Spidey, Darkdevil was the biological son of Ben Reilly, bonded with the demon Zarathos and the spirit of Daredevil.

Spider-Man believed Darkdevil to be the murderous vigilante and they fought twice. Both times, he was defeated by the physically younger Darkdevil. However, when they fought again for a third time, Spidey held nothing back and he nearly killed Darkdevil in battle until he was stopped by Spider-Girl, who revealed that she and Darkdevil were working to solve a case of grave-robbing. It was soon revealed that Matt Murdock's grave was exhumed and the cemetery watchman was left violently murdered.

The trio soon encountered the actual demonic vigilante; the demonically resurrected Daredevil, now sporting large fangs and bat-like wings. The heroes faced Daredevil until Spider-Man summoned the Knights to aid in combat. At the same time, Spider-Girl also contacted her own team, the re-assembled New Warriors, to help out. Together, the 2 teams attempted to overwhelm the monster, but it escaped and mortally wounded Moon Knight.

The Knights and the Warriors tracked the monster to the docks, where it recoiled from the light shined on it. The demon fought the heroes again, but stalled upon seeing Darkdevil. Both 'Devils instantly recoiled in pain from one another.

Ghosts From the Past

Spider-Man and Spider-Girl began to make their final moves on the Big Man's forces, shaking out the last informants they would need.

Fugitive of the Law



To be added...

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of his Earth-616 counterpart (prior to the events of Brand New Day.).

  • Radiation resistance: Due to Peter's uniquely mutated body as a result of the bite from an irradiated spider, Peter is able to withstand and survive moderately low levels of radiation. After his experiences as the "Spider-Hulk", Peter's immune system also gained an additional, moderate resistance to gamma radiation.
  • Organic Webbing: Peter's body is able to generate organic webbing within his wrists thanks to specialized "spinnerets" that were formed by his radioactive enzymes in his forearms. This webbing is extremely strong and highly durable, capable of supporting Peter while he tried to stop a 20-ton passenger train.
  • Wall-Crawling: Peter's hands have specialized "hairs" that allow him to scale most surfaces with ease.
  • Spider-Sense: Peter has a specialized sixth-sense that allows him to detect impending danger.

During Peter's brief time as the Other's host, it enhanced all his original powers and even briefly granted him 2 new ones;

  • Acidic blood: Peter's blood became highly acidic and corrosive, and was strong enough to give Morlun third-degree burns. Peter was able to use his blood as a weapon by hemorrhaging via projectile vomiting.
  • Stingers: Peter was granted bone-like blades known as stingers which protruded from his wrists. These stingers were shown to be strong enough to penetrate through Morlun's skin and hold him down.


Seemingly those of his Earth-96283 counterpart.

Strength level

Peter is able to lift at least 8 and a half tons.


  • Spider-Sense Overload: If Peter senses a great deal of danger too suddenly, his Spider-Sense will overload sharply. This can also be triggered via microwave transmitters being manipulated.
  • Claustrophobia: Following Peter's third confrontation with Kraven the Hunter, in which he was buried in a coffin for 3 weeks, he became highly claustrophobic, resulting in him suffering panic attacks whenever he was in a small or confined space. However, after his second fight with Morlun, wherein he was taken to the grave of his late wife, Mary Jane, Peter finally conquered this fear.


Equipment: Spider-Man costume.
Transportation: Travels via web-swinging.
Weapons: None known.


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  • In Irresponsible, Peter is said to be a fan of the original Tarzan novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is a reference to the fact that Spider-Man's movements are primarily inspired by those of Tarzan in the 1999 Disney animated film.
  • Peter's facial features and hair in Requiem are based on Nicholas Hammond's current facial structure. Nicholas Hammond portrayed Spider-Man in the 1977-1979 live action The Amazing Spider-Man TV series.
  • During The Final Chapter, Peter becomes claustrophobic after being buried alive by Kraven the Hunter. This is evident when, on numerous occasions, the Scarlet Spider takes his place in crawling through the ventilation systems. Peter subsequently overcomes this phobia during the events of Requiem.
  • In Requiem, Peter mentions his favorite film being Sin City (2005). This is a reference to one of the film's storylines, That Yellow Bastard, being a major influence for the story and Peter's character as a whole. It's also an homage to Frank Miller, who wrote both Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns, the latter of which was another major influence on the story.

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