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Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Spidey, The Human Arachnid, Web-Head, Bag-Man, Wall Crawler, The Photographer, Bug-Boy, Masked Vigilante, Mysterio



ally of The Avengers, Daily Bugle (photographer), formerly Empire State University; UWA (Ultimate Wrestling Arena)

Richard Parker (father, deceased);

Mary Parker (mother, deceased); Ben Parker(uncle, deceased); May Parker (aunt);

Gwen Stacy (ex-girlfriend)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, Mobile, Daily Bugle, formerly Empire State Univeristy, Oscorp Tower

Editorial Name
Astonishing Spider-Man





Unusual Features
microscopic hairs on hands and feet


Marital Status

Vigilante, adventurer, high school student, Webmaster, Photographer, Research assistant and intern of Doctor Connors, former wrestler, Pizza Delivery Boy

High School (coursing)

During a school field trip to the OsCorp Labs, Peter was bitten by a genetically modified spider that was exposed to the Oz Sharp serum. He gained the powers of a spider and strength of a super soldier and vowed a personal fight against crime, Which became unselfish.

Place of Birth


First appearance

Astonishing Spider-Man #1


Quote1 Some people spend their whole lives, trying to figure out who they are. But for me? it's about keeping it a secret. Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Early Life

Peter's Parents, Richard and Mary Parker, alongside Edward Brock Sr. were geneticists at the Life Foundation and were on a quest to heal humanity of disease and illness such as Cancer. Their plan was to create a symbiote, The Suit; the project was named Project V.e.n.o.m. (Variable Engagement Neuro-sensitive Organic Mesh). Project Venom was a medical symbiote that was going to use human stem-cells with the genes of a primitive alien life form found from a meteorite. Later on Richard and Mary had a son named Peter who was essentially raised by science along with his best friend Edward "Eddie" Brock Jr. Peter was later left in care of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben while his parents (along with Eddie's parents) were going on a trip to a science conference Via their private jet. Peter's parents and Eddie's parents later died in a plane crash. So he was continued to be in care of his Aunt and Uncle.

Peter grew up with the mystery of his parents disappearance, becoming an outcast outside of home. While Aunt May and Uncle Ben raised Peter as if he were their own child. Ben and May taught Peter to be responsible and studious. At the age of ten, Ben took Peter to science camp where he met the genius in charge named Otto Octavius. Once Peter began an experiment of his own but it backfired and the other children laughed at him. Dr. Octavius comforted Peter by telling him that their laughter was meaningless, and science would justify their actions. Peter remembered those words and looked up to him as a mentor. For the next twelve years he became more studious with the goal to continue his father's legacy in science along with his "bro" Eddie. During middle school he would also develop a frenemy rivalry with jock Flash Thompson. Then finally before entering high school, he became very close to fellow science prodigy Gwen Stacy, to a point they became romantically close very quickly. And later on during his Junior years in high school he will also become good friends with the son of his father's fellow scientist Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn.

Peter Parker (Earth-981)

Peter Parker

Becoming Spider-Man

During his junior year of high school at Midtown High, Peter's academic record and grades allowed him to be one of the students to visit the Oscorp Tower, Manhatten, with biologist Dr. Curt Connors as lead scientist. While roaming one of the Oscorp labs with his classmates, Peter was then bitten by an escaped genetically modified spider. Peter didn't know it, but the spider bite mutated his DNA and his body began reacting to new changes. Peter experienced nausea, exhaustion and spastic reactions from the mutation process. The spider's venom inter-mixed with Oz, imbued Peter with the sensory perception of immediate danger which he later dubbed "Spider-Sense", Increased speed, increased agility, increased stamina, a healing factor, and the ability to stick/crawl on surfaces. He had more energy then normal and has his senses enhanced greatly. Peter became the next generation super-soldier with additional attributes of a spider. Peter arrives home early and passes out with the bite wound swollen. The next morning, Peter wakes up to find himself sticking to the ceiling, realizing he can climb on walls.

During School, Flash attempted to kick Peter to humiliate him in front of everybody. Peter then suddenly anticipated Flash and threw him to the ground, breaking his nose as he landed face first onto the floor. Peter already began showing signs of developing his spider sense as his reflexes were acting automatically so he ended up mistakenly taking out a group of Flash's enraged buddies single-handed. In fear, Peter runs outside of the school, trying to get away from himself. Away from what is happening to him, not realizing how fast he is going. He then runs right in front of a speeding delivery truck. Peter's spider powers saved him as he unconsciously jumped over the speeding truck. As he runs away from the scene, out of sight of people, he begins too tests his arms and legs, feeling the strange energy pulsing through his muscles. He begins hyperventilating in fear and due to his spider-powers developing he nearly passes out. Back at home, after researching about spiders and Peter's own blood under a microscope, Peter developed a fair understanding what was happening to him. It was genetic mutation. Because he kept his mutation a secret, his aunt and uncle had a fight with him as he unsuccessfully defended his reasons for skipping half a day of school and raising his hand against Flash the same day. It resulted in Flash's parents demanding the Parkers to pay restitution for medical fees and damages done to their son. Uncle Ben and Aunt May weren't happy for what Peter had done. To Peter's dismay, he felt he was wrongly accused of an incident he didn't start and only rightfully acted in self-defense. It was while in the middle of that heated argument that he discovered his fingers had stuck to the wall so tight that he ripped the paint out of the wall. After being sent to his room, Peter is experiencing more random spastic reactions as his body is trying to adjust to Peter's new powers. The next morning, Peter patched things with his uncle and Peter meets up with Gwen and walks her to school.


On the following day, Peter is assigned to work with Liz Allen for lab project in Biology class. Peter wants to do the lab project on spiders. To know more about them. Because he wants to know more about himself. But he can't exactly tell Liz that. Later that night as Peter writes the term paper by himself, Peter was curious about his powers and abilities. He climbs onto the roof and leaps to the house next door. The heights don't scare him in his surprise. He leaps from roof to roof, running along the peaks until finally leaping to a streetlight and doing a full flip around it and lands. On the very next day after school, Peter tested out his new spider abilities in a junk yard to see what he can do with his new powers. He than goes to an abandoned shed and uses his new-found powers to swing from chains hanging from the ceiling and is amazed at the results of the spider bite. A few days later, Peter then used his powers to become a masked wrestler to earn money and to test his powers further. He easily won the money and left the scene in a matter of minutes. He then faked a letter to his uncle and aunt, as an "anonymous" donation from the school, to pay back their expenses due to the Thompsons. Aunt May and Uncle Ben completely bought the ruse and accepted the money. two weeks later after showing some caliber against Thompson, Peter's physical ed coach had him join the football team as their new star player. Peter quickly rose to acclaim as he effortlessly out-scored the visiting team.
Ultiverse Spider-Man promo

As a wrestler

After winning the game, Peter went straight to his secret wrestling gig. Peter was then speaking with the ring announcer/manager about coming up with a new nickname to go buy for his wrestling guise, he eventually coined up the name "The Amazing Spider-Man" for Peter. He returned home, only to find his family waiting for him. Uncle Ben and Aunt May confronted Peter over his dismal drop in grades, not arriving back at curfew and not answering Ben's calls. Ben and May presumed that his new-found jock life has affected his sense of responsibility over his academics and suggested ending his budding sports career. Ben wanted to understand the source of Peter's recent rash of behavior, but Peter couldn't explain himself. Ben then talked about Peter's dad, "Your father believed if that there are things, good things you can offer to the world, things you can do to help people, change people for the good of their hearts, he thinks you could do those things Peter and you have the power to do just that, and with great power, comes with great responsibility. You're becoming a man now, careful what kind of man you'll change into. Because what you will become, will follow you forever.".Peter could only react in sadness and anger. Peter ran off to be alone. Later while Peter is leaving a local convenient store, There was a robbery in progress. Peter came across a gang of thieves running from the cops. Being too self-centered on his own problems to care about a robber, he allowed one of the thieves to escape.

When the same thief later encountered Uncle Ben in an ally way who was out looking for Peter, He asked for money from Ben, Ben joked that he looked like he may had more money than he had. Angered, the burglar quickly pulled out his gun then shot and killed Ben. Peter later arrived at the same ally way, shocked to have learned his Uncle Ben have been gunned down by a robber. Peter learned from the police reports of the same robber hiding himself inside an abandoned ACME warehouse. Peter runs off to confront his Uncle's killer and finds him in the warehouse. After disarming him and getting a good look at his face, Peter realized it's the very same robber he let off earlier. Peter than leaves the killer for the cops to arrest him. Overcome with guilt Peter remembered His Uncle Ben's words of wisdom, "With great power comes great responsibility", which inspired Peter to serve and protect others. He develops a web-like fluid and the "web-shooters" to fire it, and overtime, He then created a full red and blue suit for himself, which would become his first real Spider-Man costume.

Learning to crawl

Peter took a freelance job at the Daily Bugle working as a photographer and a webmaster to help Aunt May pay for her accumulating bills while Peter and Gwen struggled to admit their true feelings for each other. Since gaining his new powers and a new aim in life, Spidey took down street level crooks and began disrupting gang operations throughout the city during his first days as Spider-Man, with his activities quickly earning him a mythic status among the people of the city. He learned of Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin of crime and made it a goal to bring him down. Eventually, Peter tries to ask out Jonah's assistant, Betty Brant but she rejected him by telling Peter that she is simply too old to date him and is sorry. Along the way, Spider-Man encountered a gang leader named Maximus Gargan , who plotted to become the city's new Kingpin of Crime, however, to his bad luck, his plans were dismantled by the web-head. Spider-Man also came face-to-face with yet another gang leader trying to rise up named Herman Schultz, who had recently managed to secure a shipment of high tech military grade assault weaponry to escalate his turf war with a rival gang. Spider-Man descended on his deal-in-progress, capturing his guns and taking out his men, before swiftly overpowering Schultz himself and leaving him for the police. Eventually Peter became best friends with Harry Osborn and was introduced to his father Norman Osborn who took an immediate liking to Peter when he was informed that Parker could understand his work.
Ultiverse Spider-Man character profile

Peter Parker as Spider-Man

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn and Oscorp are investigating the appearance of this new hero. Anxious to develop his Oz Serum, Osborn orders the capture of Spider-Man, Peter, on the other hand, was struggling to help Aunt May pay off the accumulating bills and due to his new-found sense of responsibility, he quit the football team and wrestling to extend his time as a crime-fighter. His actions caught the attention of the public and Police Captain George Stacy, who was also Gwen's father. Gwen and Peter are offered an internship at Empire State Univeristy where college freshman Eddie was interning to continue his father's Project: V.e.n.o.m. (Variable Engagement Neuro-sensitive Organic Mesh) with his mentors, Dr. Curtis Connors and his wife Maria Connors. While Peter was heading to school, he came across some regular level thieves that were robbing the bank, There names were Flint Marco and Alex O Hirn. Spider-Man disabled the two and tied them up for police to arrest them but it cost him to be late for class. During his patrol, Spider-Man stops a group of gang members who held a cashier at gun point for protection money. Simultaneously, Spider-Man takes pictures to give to the Daily Bugle. He happily leaves and makes it back home in times for his curfew, but discovers after developing his photos that he has messed them up, frustrating Peter greatly. Spidey's actions then caught the attention of Kingpin again (who is is still able to run his criminal organization behind bars through his lawyer Gustav Fiers AKA The Gentleman) and wanted him executed for foiling his operations.

Peter then meets Dr.Connors again back at Oscorp, by helping him complete his regeneration serum to regrow his missing arm using Reptilian based genetics. After hearing over a police radio about a giant lizard rampaging on the Manhattan bridge, Peter quickly rushes to the bridge to stop the creature. While there, Peter suits up in his spider suit and spots the lizard being attacked by S.W.A.T. teams and police officers. Spidey manages to intercept with Lizard but was still unable to fight him. As the lizard was too fast for his reflexes. Several canisters dropped to the ground from above and exploded. Spidey was able to peer through the smoke as he watches the lizard crashing into cars and swiping his claws against the surrounding S.W.A.T. team. He then rescues a small child from a burning car while the Lizard escapes. After the fight, Peter returned to the bugle and sold his pictures of the Lizard and spidey's standoff to the daily bugle, where Peter discovers that Jameson is running a smear campaign against Spider-Man. Jameson thought spidey and the lizard where in on the attacks in which Peter tried to convince Jameson that Spider-Man is one of the good guys but Jameson doesn't buy it.

Peter goes to meet with Dr. Connors at Oscorp, and very quickly realizes that Connors had mutated himself into the Lizard. Peter later follows Connors into the sewers comes across a makeshift lab only to find video files of Connors botched attempts of perfecting the Lizard serum. He is attacked by the Lizard and severely wounded, and barely escapes. Spider-Man then hears a police report of the Lizard being spotted attacking Oscorp. Spidey races to the OsCorp tower and stopped the lizard from killing the Oscorp Employees and Norman Osborn, but when the fight continues for too long, the police arrive, and he is forced to retreat.

The Thrill Of The Hunt

A week later, Spider-Man visits ESU and had an antidote created by Eddie Brock and Martha Connors, the wife of Curt Connors to hopefully reverse the effects of the genetically altered lizard DNA that had turned Curt Connors into the monster. The next day in class, Peter's history teacher Mr. Wallace calls him over to his desk. He reveals to him that his grades are slipping in his class recently which surprises him because he used to make all A's in his class but Peter secretly being Spider-Man every night and fighting crime usually leaves him exhausted in school, causing his grades to slip. Wallace Suggested he be tutored by Gwen Stacy. During lunch, Gwen sat down with Peter and Harry. Peter on the other hand asked Gwen if she could him bring his grade up in his History class, which she accepts in exchange to help her out with Biology. On the next day at a local cafe, Peter was studying with Gwen when he seen a news report of one of the underground Subway stations being attacked by the Lizard creature. Thinking it could be Connors, Peter quickly got up from his and apologized to Gwen before leaving the Cafe, leaving Gwen confused. While swinging towards the station, Spider-Man hears several loud screams as he sees several civilians running away in fear. Spider-Man swung forward, right into the subway entrance. The loud growling and snarling let him know Connors is nearby and is this time terrorizing afternoon goers. Spider-Man flung himself down, right on top of the head of the Lizard. The Lizard grabbed Spider-Man before he flung the wall crawler down to the ground as he was trying to get the creature to drink the antidote. the Lizard jumped forward, jaws bared. Spider-Man dodged.

The two fought for a little bit until the monster was suddenly wrapped up in a net and Spider-Man rose up to his feet, and saw Sergei Kravinoff or also known as "Kraven the Hunter". Kravinoff was the most skilled hunter in the known world and didn't expect to see Spider-Man with the lizard, with him claiming that capturing both the Lizard and Spider-Man would be a bonus for the hunt. Spider-Man on the other hand tries to keep Kraven distracted long enough for Connors to escape Kraven's wrath. As soon Kraven had his sight on the Lizard, Spider-Man raised his arm and he shot a line of webbing at Kraven but Kraven caught the strand and gave it a pull. The ripple launched Spider-Man up into the air. Kraven sprang right at Spider-Man but the wall crawler dodged the attack. Kraven's fist swung and caught Spider-Man right in the chest. The wall crawler slumped with the wind knocked out of him, before Kraven shoved Spider-Man to the ground. He pulled out a spear and tried to impale Spider-Man but it was only a split second too slow. The hero bounced to his feet, as Kraven was momentarily preoccupied in pulling the spear out of a gap in the concrete and Spider-Man jumped at him with both feet extended. Spidey gave him double kick right to the face but Kraven caught the legs and swung Spider-Man. The wall crawler landed right to the ground and Kraven stepped on his chest, like he was nothing. Kraven was alot stronger then Peter thought. But Kraven's boasting allowed Spider-Man enough time to give him a face full of webbing. The mighty hunter was temporarily incapacitated and Spider-Man rushed forward and aimed a punch but it bounced off of the chest of Kraven. Kraven ripped the webbing off of his eyes, but with a primal look on his face, he grabbed Spider-Man by the throat and pushed Spider-Man against the wall. But the Lizard leapt at Kraven and grabbed the hunter from behind. Spider-Man dropped to the ground trying to catch his breath. Kraven was pulled backwards, before the mighty hunter wrestled the creature to the ground.

The Lizard would not go down and reversed the position where it was on top of Kraven, snapping its jaws as Kraven grunted and struggled, before he reached for a dagger inside his belt. Spider-Man found himself against the wall, unable to do much more than watch the spectacle as it unfolded. The Lizard gave a pained growl as Kraven stabbed him right in the arm with the dagger. Blood dripped right to the ground, but Spider-Man shot a line of webbing, to wrap around the dagger and managed to jerk it out of Kraven's hand. The hunter turned around, but the Lizard grabbed Kraven and was thrown into the air, right off of the platform and right onto the subway tracks. The hunter was stunned momentarily, giving Lizard time to escape and rushed down the subway track. Spider-Man soon follows. Within the twisted mind of the Lizard, some small fragment of Curt Connors still existed, trapped beneath layers of savage brutality and mindless aggression. Subconsciously, instinct lead the creature to the home of Dr. Connors. The Lizard lashed out at Martha Connors and was about to bite Billy his son. Thankfully, a line of webbing shot out. It wrapped around the hand the Lizard, pulling the creature towards spidey, saving both Martha and Billy. A line of webbing shot the Lizard right in the eyes, to blind the beast. Spider-Man leapt up, as the Lizard was preoccupied with removing the webbing from his eyes.

Spider-Man began to pry the jaws of the Lizard open and uncork the vial. The liquid was inches away from the Lizard's mouth but the beast gave a primal roar, before it threw Spider-Man off. Spider-Man rolled over, miraculously not spilling the vial and the Lizard swung its tail at Spider-Man and was knocked against a tree. knocking him unconscious. The Lizard stood right over Spider-Man. The creature stepped to finish off the wall crawler, but before then, a series of darts connected right to the back of the Lizard. The Lizard turned with a loud roar as Kraven stepped back in surprise, none of the darts penetrating the skin but the hunter was undeterred. With a jump, he wrestled the Lizard down to the ground. Kraven rolled the Lizard over, before he forced the beast's head into the ground. In seconds, his great strength had rendered the creature unconscious, but not dead. It would fetch a much larger price when alive. The head of Spider-Man rose up, in time to see Kraven tie the Lizard up, Spider-Man tells Kraven That Lizard isn't a creature, it's a human who made a mistake and can be cured, but Kraven just responded with a cruel laugh and said he'll will just get higher price on the black market for this Lizard creature. Spider-Man rose to his feet and attempted to stop Kraven. They fought for a little while until a siren was heard nearby. He had no desire to fight the police, so he leapt up, before he knocked Spider-Man to the ground.

A line of webbing wrapped around Kraven's feet and crashed to the ground face first. Spider-Man leapt up and caught Kraven with a series of punches to the face. Kraven forced himself up, but Spider-Man slid underneath his attack, before he managed to take Kraven's tranquilizer gun from him. Spider-Man shot two darts into Kraven's neck then punched out Kraven, leaving him unconscious and webbed up to a tree. Suddenly, The Lizard hoisted Spider-Man up into the air and tossed him to the ground. The wall crawler leapt into the air but the tail swung into Spidey's rib cage, leaving Spider-Man stunned for a moment. The Lizard leapt from car to car, before he scaled up the building with the greatest of ease. Spider-Man shakily got to his feet and chases The lizard, leaving Kravinoff to the authorities. Spider-Man follows him to the Bronx Zoo. Spider-Man enters the lizard room where Connors has taken refuge. Connors knocks him out and Eddie arrives to help him out. When he regains consciousness, Spider-Man comes up with a plan to trick him into the Polar Bear pond. They almost succeed when Connors is alerted by Spider-Man's cellphone ringing. Billy then arrives and tries to talk some sense into his father, but it is useless and Spider-Man leaps in to get Connors into the pond. Spider-Man pours the cleanser into the mouth of Connors who, as a result, returns to normal, his arm lost once more. Grateful, Connors told Spidey that he'll help him with any problem he could help with and returned Connors back to his family.

The next day, Peter gets the Lizard photos published in the Bugle and gets the money he needs. However, when Gwen, Eddie, and the Connors find out, they are outraged that Peter took pictures of the family for personal gain and say he has lost their trust. Although Martha understands the difficult choices that Peter had, she fires him. Peter arrives back home and enters his bedroom, where he picks up his Spider-Man mask and stares at it, frustrated about his reputation. Blaming the events that gave him his powers. He then threw the mask against the wall when he sees a photo of himself with Ben. Realizing that he had saved Curt either way, he decides to continue being Spider-Man as he was still needed whether if he'd liked it or not.

Survival of the Fittest

Desperate for the capture of Spider-Man for his company's sakes, Norman Osborn started a partnership with the Kingpin to help capture the web head by creating super villains. Peter had to contend with Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn, two more crooks that he constantly arrested except now they became supervillains. Spider-Man encountered Flint (who now goes by the name Sandman) after robbing military hardware for the mob with the help of O'Hirn, disguised as a soldier. Marko is overconfident and takes on Spidey with his powers. He proves to be an opponent to be reckoned with. Spider-Man battled the Sandman but was forced to flee when his mask ripped open. Back at the Parker residence, Peter's years of learning how to knit finally paid off as he's repairing his spider mask in the living room after his encounter with sandman. But just as he hears the front door unlocking from outside the house, it was Aunt May! Peter quickly runs back into his bedroom and changes into his robe that was laying on his chair just before Aunt May opens the door to his bedroom to see if he was home and too remind him of a miss call from Gwen. Gwen made plans with Peter to go on a movie date tomorrow night with Liz and her date, (which was Flash at the time) Peter happily accepts.

After Flint successfully brings in the weapons for the Kingpin, He goes on a crime spree across town, robbing ATM machines and banks with relative ease. As Peter gets ready for ready for the date, Peter over hears a news report on Sandman going rogue, seeing that he can't ditch his responsibilities as Spider-Man, he texts Gwen telling her that he's going to be a little late and quickly suits up as Spider-Man. When Flint hijacks an armored car, Spider-Man got his photo camera ready takes him on again. During the fight, Marko seemed to get the upperhand. However, his overconfidence eventually gets the best of him, and Spidey manages to defeat him by leading him torwards a construction siyr construction site and drop a large pile of wet Quick Drying Cement which hardens and encased him as statue. After the battle, Peter became exhausted and the only on his mind at the moment was sleep, he finally goes home and got some rest. Later next morning, Peter woke up to missed calls and angry texts from Gwen, he'd forgot all about the date they had last night. After turning in some photos from last night's battle, and receiving his first paycheck, Peter later meets up with Gwen at a local coffee shop to apologize and made up for it. But Gwen becomes a little annoyed by Peter's recent behavior and flakiness.

A few days later O'Hirn was approached by Mr. Fiers in prision and had donned the rhino-like mech suit that Flint stole from the military and takes up the alias Rhino. Wrecking havoc in the city trying to catch Spider-Man's attention. Ditching his history test, Spidey intervenes and fight ensues. While combating and riding on top of Rhino, he was impressed at the design of the suit and decided to perform a stress-test on his webbing while at it. After knocking Spider-Man clear across the street into an office building, the Rhino was confronted by the the Army, but had no ability to take down the brute and takes them all out. Spider-Man lures him away before anyone gets hurt. Rhino chases after the webslinger to a construction site and attacked on RHINO's back with a wrecking ball, hitting his blind-spot. Peter pried open the armor plating of Rhino to expose the power core. Though impressed by the tech, he jammed the bar into Rhino and incapacitated him. Spider-Man ripped his armor open but Alex O' Hirn leapt out of the machine and tried to flee but was quickly incarcerated by Spider-Man. Having not only been caught by Spider-Man, but also humiliated by having his pants pulled down and left to be put under arrest in a lamp post. Alex swore vengeance the next time they meet. After the battle, the army explained that it was stolen military prototype and Spider-Man had to be taken in for questioning. Peter swung away before they could try to arrest him. This cost Spider-Man to miss his history test and now has to make up for it. Eventually, Peter came across with an old foe Maximus Gargan again who was also subjected Norman's experiments and was endowed with the powers of a scorpion and is equipped with an experimental mechanical power-suit and a cybernetic tail.

Spider-Man fought Gargan at the public mall right after attacking it to get Spider-Man's attention and saved a child from an explosion. Scorpion proved to be one of the most dangerous opponents that Peter ever fought as his powers rivals that of Spider-Man's. Gargan outmatched and defeated Spider-Man in battle but before he can unmask the wall-crawler, Gargan is overcome with sudden pain as the experiment started to cause secondary effects on Max's mind causing him to start going insane. Gargan was then drove off by the police and Spider-Man escapes to find Gargan but didn't have any luck. Gargan was later seen at a nuclear plant, attacking anyone near him, Spider-Man arrives once again and managed to save a few civilians caught in the attack. After declaring to get revenge on Oscorp for putting him in the suit, Gargan tries escape from Spider-Man through the subway tunnels with Spider-Man chasing him. They fought once more inside a subway train until Spider-Man came out on top and thrown Gargan into an armored truck, hoping that this would be the last time he ever confronted Gargan. Spider-Man than thinks back at what Gargan said about Oscorp and wonders if Oscorp is hiding some dirty secrets that he should know about.

Out of Reach

While in class, the social studies teacher tasked the students to choose their hero and explain their reasons behind choosing that hero. Peter smirked at the idea as Peter himself is Spider-Man. However, Peter ultimately chose his Uncle Ben as someone he looks up to. In between this time, Peter's old mentor Otto Octavius awakened from his coma after an experiment gone wrong. The accident turned Dr. Octavius into Dr. Octopus. Awakened, he discovered the very scientific tools he used to help him with the experiment fused to his flesh and spine and can completely control them only with his mind. Becoming (possibly) insane due to brain damage from the accident as he sees himself as "superior" than anyone he knows. He then escapes the hospital, and decided his first order of business was to kidnap his abusive father Tobert Octavius for revenge after what he'd done to him as a child and embraced the name Doctor Octopus. Few days later, Norman Osborn was making his public announcment over his Apply Energy Station to the media when Octavius attacked his power plant to steal some power converters after realizing he needed a longer-lasting source of energy for his arms. Peter saw the attack as well and tailed a helicopter as a shortcut to intercept Dr.Octopus.

Spider-Man fought him but didn't manage well. Spidey was beaten, caught and thrown out of the facility, with Otto considering Spider-Man's defeat as a warning for him to "stay out of his way." knocking him unconscious with one of his webshooters crushed in battle. Spider-Man was then met by Capt. George Stacy and his SWAT team. Stacy unmasks him, but Peter is woken by his spider-sense, and knocks Stacy down before he could know who he is. After webbing the eyes of the officers and easily defeating them, Spider-Man quickly grabbed his mask and barely escaped as he was shot in the leg by a rubber bullet. Aunt May returned home but couldn't let her see his injuries. He quickly escaped out of sight of Aunt May and quickly hid above his bedroom ceiling while Aunt May re-organized his messy closet while completely demoralized from the failure of stopping Octavius.

Later in social studies class, they continued the discussion about super-humans and politics. Liz Allen voiced her displeasure over the subject as she herself fears mutants, so did Kong as he feels that Super-heroes are too destructive and can't be trusted, this however started a class argument. Back at home, Aunt May notices Peter's bruised face and is limping because of the fight. He covers the fight up by saying he accidentally fell off of flight of stairs. Peter went to his basement before preparing for dinner and tries to fix his damaged webshooter before facing Octavius again, only to discover that he doesn't have enough resources and the components to fix it unfortunately. The next day, at school, Peter was invited by Gwen to dinner at her house to meet her family. After Aunt May dropped him off, he was soon greeted by Gwen's mom at the door and they soon begin dinner. Dinner was going pretty well until after Gwen's younger brother ask him if they caught that "spider-guy" yet, Peter and Stacy then get into a debate about who is doing a better job at protecting the city. After dinner, Peter and Gwen go to her apartment building's roof where the young couple could spend some time together alone.

Ten minutes later, Peter hears police sirens and spots a line of Police cars below him responding towards an incident. He then spots Capt. George Stacy entering a police car outside of the apartment. After having suspicion that it could be Octavius again, Peter leaves dinner and suits up as Spider-Man. Peter learned Octavius had kidnapped Maria Benson for ransom from Maria's mother Lisa Benson, who didn't have patience to fund Ock's experiments. Peter web-slung over to Benson's home to investigate. Once there, he conveniently overheard Capt. George Stacy and his Police Officers talk to Lisa Benson about her daughter's kidnapping. Unfortunately, his curiosity got the best of him as he extended his head out in the window too much. Police Officers saw him and fired at him, but Peter managed to escape and went home. The next day, J. Jonah Jameson went on live T.V. to appeal to Octavius to hear his demands. However, Jameson lost his temper, angering Octopus. He demanded that Jameson personally deliver the money. Unknown to Jameson, Spider-Man trailed on top of Jameson's limo to the meeting place to stop Octavius with one working webshooter. Dock Ock waited for Jameson near the designated location and turned over his limo and grabbed Jameson. However, Spider-Man lifts the limo off of him and was met by Capt. Stacy yet again, who orders Spider-Man to surrender. However, Spider-Man was able to convince George Stacy of his trustworthiness and they both team up to go after Ock.

They chase Ock to an abandon warehouse and came to the hostages rescue. He faced Doctor Octopus to an even fight while Capt. Stacy and his officers managed to rescue the hostages. While the fight continues, Spider-Man is trying to convince Ock that he can help him. Realizing he can't continue his original plan, Octavius took his father and warned Spider-Man if he comes to Tobert's rescue, he'll kill him. Octopus then takes his father to the top of the empire state building and dangles him with one of his tentacles, stating he's better than his father in every way. Spider-Man then comes to Tobert's rescue, begging Octavius to stop. Otto, unfazed by the hero's pleads, simply tells Spider-Man that he warns him and knocks his father of the thirty story building after wishing Tobert "Happy father's day". Spider-Man tries to stop him, but Octavius stops him before Tobert hits the sidewalk below, killing him instantly. The enraged Spider-Man and Doc Ock then battle again, Spider-Man preformed better but still got caught by Ock's tentacles. Fortunately, Spider-Man whipped up a chemical at ESU before encountering Octavius again and uses it to fuse two of his mechanical arms together. He distracted Ock long enough for him to counterattack; he successfully beaten Ock unconscious and was successfully taken in by the authorites.

But even though he successfully beaten Dock Ock and saved his captors, Peter couldn't let go of the fact that he failed to save Ock's father, the death affected him so much so that Peter even considered giving up on costumed heroics, thinking that he failed Uncle Ben for not trying hard enough. The next day during social studies, the student's had shown their presentations to the class about the heroes they admired, Peter presented his Uncle Ben to the class through a form of an essay and how is Uncle taught him so much before he died and mentions that we all don't have to have super-powers to make a difference and how his powerful quote "With Great power, comes with great Responsibility" applies to all of us. After finishing, the room fell silent as the depressed Peter walked back to his seat while his classmates stare at him with empathy. Fortunately at that moment, his own essay alone was what motivated Peter to keep on going and live up to Uncle Ben's word's and memories as Spider-Man. Later at night, Spider-Man speaks with Captain George Stacy who admitted that he was wrong about the young hero, with the latter saying that while he doesn't approve of his vigilantism, he'll set it aside.

When Sparks Fly

During the morning, while Peter was heading to school, a gang strike hit St Gabriel's bank, orchestrated by Herman Schultz and his men. Arriving on the scene of the crime and confronted Herman himself, now wielding a new weapon- The Seismic Harness Construction Resource gauntlets, declaring himself as The Shocker. Realizing that Herman committed the bank heist just so he could test his new gauntlets out. Shocker then blasts Spider-Man away with the gauntlets and quickly made his escape with the stolen cash via Helicopter. Spider-Man quickly chases the chopper and subdues Shocker and his gang by confining their escape chopper to a giant spider web that Spider-Man quickly constructed up with his webshooters. He saved the day, but it caused him to be late for Gwen's study date.

Peter had to web-sling over his high school's hot rooftop, quickly switch back into his regular clothes, and gotten to the library. Peter was in such a hurry that he crashed into the library room causing a scene, he shushed by almost everyone in the library funny enough. Peter then meets up with Gwen at a table where they both tutor Flash Thompson for his biology class. Even though Peter and Flash felt irritated towards each other, Gwen convinced Peter to help her tutor and befriend Flash. After class, Peter and Gwen were heading to the football field, Peter and Gwen made plans to go out to the carnival friday night to make up for the movie date. After school, Peter meets up with Harry at the local Ditko's cafe to invite him to date night at the carnival.

During the night of Peter and Gwen's date at the carnival, the pair met up with Harry, Eddie Brock, Randy Robertson, Flash Thompson and his friends. As the night progressed happily it was cut short however when the power at the carnival shut out, prompting Peter to leave his friends and go investigate as Spider-Man. Upon arriving at the scene, he ran into Max Dillon, a electrician who has gained the ability to generate and control electrostatic energy after being struck by lightning. As Max was surrounded by the police, Spider-Man attacks and immobilizes Max in his webbing. Max, confused and angry, repeatedly tells him to leave him alone, before being forced to fight back. Spidey then made a few attempts to avoid his attacks though he was soon struck by Max. Max then try to escape but was being shot at by the NYPD police. This prompted Max to attack the officers and Captain Stacy, and actually killing people, putting everyone at the carnival at great risk! As all this was going on, Spider-Man jumped right back in to the fight and managed to save few civilians from getting killed, including Harry and Liz Allen while Gwen on the other hand managed to save a little girl from falling debris.

Before anyone else could get killed, Spider-Man grabs a fire hose and tries to spray Dillon down but Dillon manages to fire an electric discharge at Spider-Man, frying him alive while at the same time draining Max Dillon from his powers as Spider-Man and hosing him down with water. Both Spider-Man and Max suddenly collapsed to the ground. Spider-Man then regains consciousness moments only to see a black van pulling up filled with what looks like a squad team. The stunned Spider-Man watches as they grab and put Dillon in the van. One of the agents then began walking towards Spider-Man while he was still stunned but Spider-Man quickly gets back on his feet and escaped. Peter then switches back into his civilian clothes and met back to his friends with Gwen infuriated and fed up with Peter's flakiness. Meanwhile, Max Dillon was brought to Norman Osborn who convinces Max to hunt down and deliver Spider-Man too him, dead or alive so that he could find a cure for his powers through studying his corpse. When Max asked him how can he find the hero, Norman instructed him to use Peter Parker. Later on the next day, Eddie confronts Peter about him running off from his friends like he did last night and was pretty mad at Peter. He explains he was trying to help with the situation but Eddie doesn't buy it.

While Peter is coping over the break up between him and Gwen, and everyone basically being mad at him, Peter arrives at the Daily Bugle where Jameson demanded pictures of Spider-Man which Peter didn't have, frustrating Jameson greatly. Peter then receives some break up advice from Betty Brant, just as Max Dillon appears who would now go by the name "Electro" and questions everyone for Peter Parker. He then demands that J. Jonah Jameson to tell him where Peter is, as he knows Peter photographs Spider-Man. Jameson spots Peter hiding and lies to Electro about not knowing where he is, giving Peter signals to leave. Peter then showed up as Spider-Man and the two fought it out while the others quickly evacuated the building. They then bring the fight outside as it was starting to pour down rain, Electro then blasts Spidey through an apartment window and crashes into a college student's room, Spidey cracks a witty joke to the student then heads back out into the fight only to discover that he had disappeared. There was then a citywide blackout and Spider-Man realized Max had taken out the Oscorp's Apply Energy power station to recharge himself. Spider-Man swung to the power station where he confronted Electro. While Spider-Man dodges Electro's attacks, Electro begins to solidify himself from all of the electricity that he's absorbing, making him more powerful. Spidey then gets hit by Electro and skids across the ground violently as he's landing. As Electro is absorbing more and more electricity, Spider-Man then formulated a plan to overcharge Electro like a battery. After getting a Electro's attention, he hides behind a wall while the fully charged Electro is looking for him. His plan almost succeed when Electro is alerted by Spider-Man's cellphone ringing. Electro then suddenly appears in front of him, grabs him and flew up in the air while holding Spider-Man by the throat. Spidey manages to break free and punches Electro repeatedly until they both land back on solid ground, causing a small explosion.

Spider-Man then immediately jumps up and lands a spinning kick to electro's face, causing another explosion and Spider-Man was flown back like a ragdoll and fly through a metal power grid. Spider-Man slowly gets up and head for the control room to turn on the generator. There, he finds an electrician named Eric Lyyn who was hiding from Electro. Spider-Man then offered Eric his help of defeating Electro. Spider-Man was then shot out through the window by Electro and begins to grow in size. Spider-Man then tries to get Electro near the generator, while a Daily Bugle news helicopter appeared above them with Ned Leeds inside recording the whole battle with the camera. As Spider-Man and Electro began to fight for a second time, Spider-Man managed to reconnect the main power lines with his webbing and Eric turned the power back on. Electro was overcharged as planned, and promptly exploded. However the explosion created a chain reaction, causing the generators and the power grid towers to explode. The news helicopter that Ned Leeds and his camera man were in was hit by the shockwave of electricity and begins to spin out of control, Spider-Man sees this then quickly climbs up unto a roof and catches the helicopter with his webline and pulls it before the helicopter could hit the ground.

As the helicopter skids across the ground, the weaken and exhausted Spider-Man walks towards Ned Leeds and his camera guy. Ned thanked Spider-Man for stopping Electro and asked for an interview and Peter obliged. Ned Leeds then asked, "Who are you?" and "Why the mask?" and before the tired Spider-Man can say anything, one of the grid towers above them begins to tumble down on them, Spider-Man quickly grabs both Ned and the cameraman on his back and runs away from the collapsing tower. After Ned notices they left the footage back at the helicopter, the camera man takes out the footage he caught on his phone to show Ned but immediately flies out of his hand, Ned then shouts out his name in fury. Spider-Man then jumps out of the way of the collapsing tower as it lands on the helicopter. Spider-Man then put Ned and the cameraman down and watches as the city's power began to turn back on and Spider-Man ensures that the police would come and pick them up and webswings away. Later on the next day, Peter tells Aunt May about the breakup between him and Gwen and tells her that he's just no good for her but Aunt May goes out of the way to note how inherently good he is. Peter then decided to finally confess his secret identity to Gwen to fix the broken relationship.

Telling Gwen

As Peter (in his spider-man suit) watches Gwen walk out of ESU, Peter is still debating if it was a good idea to tell Gwen his secret or not. As she strolls onto the sidewalk, Pete finally comes to a decision. Peter clings onto a building in the same area as Gwen and approaches her as Spider-Man at first. Gwen was shocked but at the same time, filled with excitement. She thanks him for saving her friends from Electro back at the carnival. They both exchange a verbal friendly chat for a brief time. He then offers Gwen a swing around the city which Gwen accepts. They then swing around the skyscrapers of Manhattan as Gwen is having a great time, they then land on top of the empire state building where Peter finally shows her he is the masked vigilante Spider-Man. Gwen reacted with complete shock and amazement that Peter is a actually Spider-Man. Also confirming her suspicions that Peter Parker could actually be Spider-Man. Peter then explained the origins of his powers: the spider bite back at Oscorp. Gwen then figures out why Peter lied to her about his identity was so that he could keep her safe from his enemies. This bring their relationship even closer and the two shared a kiss for the first time. Peter drops Gwen off at her house exchanging one last kiss before Peter swings away at night.

Mind Games

Three months later, at the school library, Gwen rushed in to inform Peter of a attack in the city. A large humanoid figure made of water is on a rampage through the city and nobody has yet to stop him. Peter had Gwen cover him for French class as he prepared to leave the school. While leaving, he encountered Aunt May, a surprise parent/teacher meeting. His math teacher, Ms. Smith, had arranged a meeting for Aunt May to talk about his progress in school and May insisted that Peter to join. Eventually Peter made up an excuse to leave as the water creature was still causing trouble for the city. As he tried to get out of school, Flash and his jock friends hit him in the head with a football. Infuriated, Peter flung back the football on top of the schools roof; the entire football team gave chase, but he escaped at a corner by web-slinging. Peter then quickly unzips his book bag only to discover that he accidentaly left his Spider-Man suit back at home. Peter manages to find a paper bag and wears it over his head to conceal his identity. He finally web-slings across the city to stop the water creature only to be quickly defeated by it. A man wearing a purple cape and a glass helmet then flew in trailing green smoke behind him and managed to take down the creature with only a little effort. The man then flew off into the sky, much to the awe of the civilians, who had cheered for this new hero. Later on, Peter and Gwen watched a report on the attack on the news at the hotel, revealing the newcomer's name to be Mysterio. Peter wanted to know who's this new Mysterio character is.

Spider-Man was later swinging across the city when he noticed an area filled with hysterical civilians. Peter was confused as he couldn't see the threat and tried to talk to the locals to try to understand the situation. As he approached the police, they thought Spider-Man was a large spider-monster and tried to shoot him. Peter crashed through the cops and realized he started seeing the same illusions as everyone did, a mass army of man-eating spiders after them. After Peter realized he couldn't hurt the creatures. Then Mysterio flew once again and fights off the creatures with ease but Spider-Man figures something isn't right and realized Mysterio must be causing an illusion of some sort and ignored the spiders. Spider-Man searched around the area and found the 'real' Mysterio robbing a bank nearby. Spider-Man tries to spray him down with his webbing while explaining he figured out Mysterio's plan but Mysterio waved his hand and the webbing suddenly wisp away in thin air and tells Spider-Man that the two shall fight another day before disappearing, leaving behind a puff of green smoke that was shaped like a question mark. The police then arrived to find Spider-Man all over the gold bars and explained he wasn't responsible for the robbery. The Police tried to arrest Spidey, but Peter managed to escape. Unfortunately, news of him with the bank robbery came quick. The following day, much to Peter's dismay, the Bugle accused Spider-Man of the spider attacks and the bank robbery while Mysterio on the other hand is heralded as a hero. Later, Peter goes to visit J. Jonah Jameson for a loan, so his Aunt May can make her mortgage payment on time.

While there, Peter overhears the staff talking about the recent robbery and this mysterious Mysterio character. At one point, they compared him to Doctor Strange due to him using magic to aid in his crime fighting. Jameson rejects his request and tells him to go out and take more pictures. Peter suited up and decided to find crimes to photograph as Spider-Man, he only succeeds in getting an angry mob after him. Back in school, at a gathering, Peter, Gwen and Harry hears Flash and his new girlfriend, Liz Allen arguing again, and how Flash throws a fit every time Liz said's something bad about Spider-Man. Harry then sticks up for Peter after Flash negatively compared Peter to Spider-Man. After Flash caught his girlfriend's obvious interests and amusement towards Harry after making a snarky comment about Flash, Flash sparked a fire by making fun of Harry's dead mother. Harry then swung at Flash but Flash held him back and pins him into the wall and gave him a black eye. After Peter and Gwen stopped the fight and checked on Harry to see if he was alright, Liz dumped Flash and went to go check on Harry as well. Flash then realizes that he might've have taken it too far. While working at the Bugle, news of Spider-Man robbing a bank created a media storm. Bugle's Robbie Robertson debated the validity of Spider-Man robbing another bank, but JJ used this as a chance to sell more papers, using Parker's pictures of Spider-Man. It wasn't long when the Daily Bugle pulled another false headline of Spider-Man being a public menace. Later, Peter visits Harry too see if he was okay after the fallout with Flash, Harry tells him he's fine and has ended his friendship with Flash for good, Harry then thanks him for stopping by. While studying with Harry, news came about his "evil counterpart" robbing a Museum. Peter was than called to the museum where J. Jonah Jameson is already stationed. After getting disciplined by Jameson for not handing in any photos that morning, Peter decides to look around the building for clues.He finds some of "Spider-Man"'s webbing, but is stopped by Detective Jean DeWolf, who tells him that she could bust him for removing evidence. However, he tells her that it could not be Spider-Man's webbing since it would have already dissolved, but she isn't convinced.

Suddenly Mysterio appears and shows off some of his magic, promising the crowd that he will catch Spider-Man, before making his exit. Mysterio was later invited to the Daily Bugle for an exclusive interview. He tells Jameson that he's a crime fighter, and he will bring Spider-Man to justice. Mysterio then challenges Spider-Man on live television and to meet him on the Brooklyn Bridge before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Peter meet this challenge, but Mysterio, who appears to have magical powers, easily defeats him. However, Spider-Man was able to recover a projector which displayed an image of an creature he hadn't seen before. Later, Peter heads over to the police station in Hell's Kitchen to see Jean DeWolf. In their office, Peter gave DeWolf evidence that Spider-Man has been set up. Even though it was a clue, DeWolf pointed out to Peter that he can't touch crime scene evidence or it's deemed inadmissible. DeWolf then told Peter she'll submit the evidence to the FBI. He then decides to pay Detective DeWolf a visit under the guise of Spider-Man and find out Mysterio's address is "Wonder Studios". Spider-Man sends a anonymous text message to Jameson saying to meet him at Wonder Studios to find out the truth about Spider-Man and Mysterio. At Wonder Studios, Spider-Man finds out that Mystero's true identity is actually a man named Quentin Beck, a special effects artist. He reproduced Spider-Man's abilities artificially, in order to frame him for the crimes so that he could be praised as a hero. As Jean DeWolf and Jameson enter the building, Beck used his illusions to wore Spider-Man down but he simply proves them all as fakes. However, he then falls into a spider web, getting stuck. Mysterio then presents to Spider-Man a webbed up DeWolf and Jonah, and prepares to have them dropped on a spiked surface, but Spider-Man promply escapes from the web and saves them just in time. Mysterio suddenly duplicates himself and confronts Spider-Man, who uses his Spider-Sense to figure out which is the real Mysterio and kicked Mysterio in the head.

Mysterio, caught off of the situation, tried to choke Spider-Man, but Spidey escaped his hold and pulls himself up in the time for Mysterio to throw a bomb right towards where Spider-Man stood. Spidey pulled himself up with his webbing at the last second with the floor exploding underneath him. He then propelled himself at Mysterio. Mysterio unleashes several more illusions but Spidey easily avoids them. Mysterio then disappeared out of thin air it seemed but Spider-Man shot his webbing, wrapping up an invisible Mysterio. Spidey walked up to him and found the source of his invisibility powers from that amulet he was wearing around his neck and ripped it off him and Mysterio became visible. Spider-Man took the fishbowl off him to reveal Beck's identity. After his plot was uncovered, Spider-Man told Beck to stick with just making movies then left Beck for DeWolf to arrest him.After his arrest, Quentin confessed to framing Spider-Man, clearing his name. At home, Aunt May confronted Peter, suspecting him up to no good after he missed her recent calls and not being being home after curfew, When Peter explained he was at Gwen's, Aunt May caught onto his lie as she called Gwen first and Gwen claimed he was at the library. With his alibi completely destroyed, Peter couldn't explain himself and Aunt May decided to ground Peter for two weeks for lying to her.

Rocket Racer

Two weeks later after his grounding and not being Spider-Man for a while during those two weeks, Peter was assigned take photos of protesters at Empire State University, who were angry about being kicked out of their apartments. Oscorp Industries is trying to tear down Villeroy Apartment building, (where most of the college students are staying in) in favor for a science center. He was then greeted by one of the protesters Robert Johnson, who asks him what he thinks on the whole incident with the protesters. Meanwhile in school, Peter, Gwen, and Harry stood watching as Liz and Flash concluded their argument after what happen with Flash and Harry. Peter and Gwen then tries to convince Harry to go ask out Liz for the up and coming school dance since she clearly likes him. While shy at first, Harry agreed to ask her out, fortunate for him, she said yes. A day after, there was a priceless ruby in the Manhattan museum when a guy riding a superfast hoverboard like device came out of nowhere and sped off with the Ruby. Peter was present taking photo's for The Daily Bugle at the time and when he witnessed this, he quickly donned his Spider-Man suit and chased after him. The amateur villain gives the wall-crawler good chase, but the suspect had gotten away after Spider-Man stopped to save nearby civilians from being crushed by a bus. Peter later turn in the ruby pictures to the Daily Bugle, where his boss J.Jonah Jameson barked at Peter for not getting exclusive shots of Spider-Man chasing "Rocket Racer"; which was a name that Jameson coined up for the thief that stole the ruby.

Soon after the protest committee found the ruby and turned it in for the reward money. This donation was still not enough to save the apartments however. Meanwhile, Harry wanted to give Norman's Galileo telescope to the ESU to auction off. Norman fully supported the idea and set up a board meeting for Harry to schedule the speech. Figuring this could be his way of helping people like his idol Spider-Man. That night Spider-Man records his thoughts with his phone when suddenly his spider-sense goes off and sees Rocket Racer racing through the city. Spider-Man swings down to follow. He stops outside Antiquarion where two guards watch over an Eighteenth Century first edition book. They pull out their guns but Rocket Racer takes them out with electric grenades, incapacitating them. Rocket then used one of his gadgets to break open the glass holding the book and grabs it. Suddenly Spider-Man swings down and kicks the thief down but Rocket Racer sped away pulling Spider-Man behind him. The hero tried to stop him by sticking him to the street but Rocket got away. Spider-Man then leapt up and began swinging after him. Rocket Racer then knocked a car around as he flew into a a factory. Spider-Man followed into the top level of the factory while Rocket Racer hid behind a line of mannequins. As the hero entered the room, Rocket Racer pushed the dummies into him knocking him down. As the thief fled, Spider-Man threw a mannequin at him knocking him down. Spider-Man demanded him for the book, but Rocket Racer refuses, saying that the wallcrawler blindly enforces the rules while he tries to help people. Spider-Man pointed out that because of him innocent people were almost killed; while Rocket racer claimed he was jealous because people liked him more than the webslinger. Rocket Racer then leapt up and sped off. What Rocket Racer didn't know is that Spider-Man was able to pin a prototype tracker (dubbed "Spider-Tracers") on him while he fled. Rocket Racer then sold the book to his criminal contacts and gave the money to the defense fund.

This gave them over one million dollars in funds. The people became even more convinced that he was a hero. At the next rally, the people cheered for Rocket Racer while berating Spider-Man. The crowd, along with Liz Allen, cheered. Peter, standing next to Liz, doesn't look so happy. Liz eggs him to get excited. But Peter points out how Rocket Racer put a police officer in a coma. Liz Allen likens it to a cop accidentally running over a civilian, Gwen on the other hand resented Liz's statement being that she's the daughter of a Police Captain. The argument was stopped however when Harry says he needs to tell them something but the crowd begins to grow louder and Peter can't hear. Harry shouts at him that his father's company Oscorp is the reason the school is destroying the apartments. A protester walks behind Harry overhearing. Slowly the crowd starts to be quiet and turn to listen to Harry. Harry suddenly stops when he realizes they are all angrily staring at them. The head protester claims this is precisely the problem, and soon the protesters start throwing their signs at Peter, Harry, Gwen and Mary Jane. Peter grabs a sign to shield them saying they should leave. They get up just as a soda can hits Peter in the head.

Later at night, Spider-Man began following Rocket Racer's movements thanks to his spider tracers and learned that he's working for Kingpin as he would secretly meet with a man in a suit and tie who bought the items he stole. Spider-Man also found out the identity of the mysterious Rocket Racer is actually Robert Johnson, one of the protesters he met at the rally. Spider-Man followed Robert to find him meeting a buyer. He confronted Robert but when the police interrupted, the thief escaped. Harry and Peter are later sitting in class together while the teacher lectures. Harry tells Peter that something was going to be built on the land, rather the protesters like it or not, he just wanted to make sure it was worthwhile. He then asks Peter to join him at the presentation of the telescope tonight so that both sides are heard. Peter, after answering a quick question from Dr.Warren, says that he'll have to show up late but he'll try to get Gwen on board.

At the presentation, police officers guard Norman Osborn as he makes his speech. A large group of protesters are gathered and shout at him. Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen meets up with Harry and wished him luck on the speech. Soon after Harry had his speech for the facility when Rocket Racer appeared to steal the precious telescope belonging to Galileo being donated. The protesters cheered as Rocket Racer raced off onto a nearby building. Spider-Man then arrived on the scene, telling Johnson he should stop. Rocket claimed that the cops would take him in too as the police officers ran up and pulled their guns on Rocket Racer. He lifted the telescope threatening to destroy it. Spider-Man then told him that it was a fake. An officer agreed explaining that the hero tipped them off. With Harry, Norman Osborn and the rest of Oscorp's board members helping him with the ruse. Frustrated, Rocket quickly threw the telescope at Spider-Man and grabbed Liz Allen nearby, telling Spider-Man and the authorities to not follow him and sped off. Rocket Racer headed into traffic with Spider-Man chasing after him. Spider-Man webbed himself to Rocket Racer to hang on.

He then webbed him to various trees and lampposts that they passed. After Liz had elbowed Rocket in the face, Rocket Racer let go of Liz and flew backwards until the webs stretched the other way, then pulled forward again. As he got close to Spider-Man, the hero punched him, knocking Rocket Racer out. Liz thanks Spider-Man for saving her life again after returning Rocket to the police, Spider-Man approaches Harry Osborn and thanks him for lending a helping hand in stopping Rocket Racer and quickly swings off as Peter is almost late for his curfew. Later, a news report from the Daily Bugle says that Harry donated the telescope for the Villeroy Apartments Relocation Fund and all the residents are able to move elsewhere.

Enter the Green Goblin


Peter attends the World Unity Fair with Harry Osborn and his girlfreind Liz Allen, while taking taking photos for the Bugle. However, the festival was attacked as Liz Allen falls from a balcony when a new villain Green Goblin attacks the fair. Slipping into his suit, Spider-Man fights off the Green Goblin and saves several people from falling debris and catches Liz Allen. Unfortunately Peter failed save George Stacy as he was one of the few that was caught in goblin's attacks, killing him. Spider-Man then defeats the Goblin but is forced to let him flee. Spider-Man was later wrongfully accused by the media for Stacy's death, therefore (alongside Goblin), becoming a fugitive from the law. One week later, Peter and his Aunt May then goes to George Stacy's funeral and was seen comforting Gwen, alongside her family and friends. Peter, Liz, Harry, and Gwen were able to learn more of Stacy's death. During the attack, Green Goblin threw an explosive grenade at a child. Captain Stacy threw himself to save the boy, but the grenade exploded and killed Capt. Stacy. While Peter is left depressed due to losing a father figure, Parker blames George's death on himself and wonders if Spider-Man was somehow responsible for all the villains he encountered. And With his secret identity making his life impossible as well, Peter is considering hanging up the suit for good. A few days later, a conflicted Peter was walking home with Harry when they encounter a drive by shoot out between the police and Green Goblin's gang. Peter and Harry manages to save a innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. Peter then leaves Harry and suits up as Spider-Man to stop the car chase. Spider-Man disables one of the gangs vehicles and quickly took out the thugs. However, just before Spider-Man was able to interrogate one of them, Green Goblin caught and dragged Spider-Man throughout the streets via his glider.

Eventually Spider-Man was able to break free from Goblin's grasp as Goblin offer a deal of working together. However, Spider-Man refuses the Goblin's proposal, the two engage in a fight. Spider-Man sustains deep cuts all over his body from one of the Goblin's weapons. With the Goblin's weapons and combat, including bombs that was filled with a gas that nullified his wall-clinging ability and spider-senses, he gains a slight advantage. The fight continues on the Williamsburg bridge where Spider-Man manages to save quite a few people from harms way, including successfully saving a bus full of civilians with his webline before they fall to their inevitable deaths. The fight continues at a nearby factory where Spider-Man begins to tire rather quickly then normal. Eventually, Goblin finally manages to ambush and defeat his adversary Spider-Man, successfully unmasking him to reveal his true face. Peter then quickly breaks from his restraints and escapes, Goblin gave chase but looses Peter in the process. Later, the unmasked Peter is seen sitting on top of the rooftop, thoroughly scared out of his mind for not just himself, but for his friends and family now that The Green Goblin knows who he really is under the mask.


When Peter returned home from school the next day, Osborn's personal assistant came to retrieve him, finding out that Norman Osborn extended an invitation to him. Aunt May lets him go and Peter rides in the back of the limo to the Osborn Penthouse where he was greeted by Harry at the front door. Harry talked about double-dating with Liz and Gwen while on the elevator, but Harry excused himself as Harry's father wanted to talk to him. Peter nervously entered Norman's room as his spider senses were going off, seeing him replaying the fight against Dr. Octopus. Norman appeared before him and told Peter his Spider-Man days were over unless Peter accepts his "generous proposal. Reaveling himself as the Green Goblin that Peter fought. Norman then began to argue that there's nothing that people like more than seeing a hero fail and they'll turn against him if they hadn't already.Norman explained that Peter is his property and being uncooperative would lead to the deaths of Gwen Stacy, Aunt May, and even his own son Harry. Norman also warned he would torture him to the edge of death and let him recover just to repeat the process to strip him of his humanity. Thoroughly scared out of his mind, Peter left without dinner and returned home. Once home, Aunt May wondered about this trip and Peter reacted in anxiety. Peter was so scared over Norman's threat that he just hugged Aunt May.

The following school day, Peter attempted to talk to Gwen about the entire experience back at the Osborn's and insisted there was something of grave importance to tell her. Peter never had that chance when Flash interrupted him. Wanting too see if Gwen was okay after her dad died. By the time Flash left the two alone to talk again, Gwen was sent to the counselor's office. While coming home, Peter sees Osborn's limo again. Another invitation from Norman Osborn. Fearing for his aunt's well being, he told his aunt of his insecurity of Norman, which was enough to convince Aunt May to decline Osborn's dinner invitation. Peter then excused himself to "work". He's determined to take down Osborn. Peter is now more furious than afraid of Osborn. His concern for his aunt gave him the determination to refuse Osborn's bidding and willing to expose himself and recruit any authoritative forces necessary to take him down. Peter swings over to Osborn's penthouse and sneaks inside, attempting to find evidence to arrest Norman. From above, Peter see Gwen in the living room hanging out with Harry and Liz Allen. Peter investigates further discovers that the company is producing highly dangerous chemical weapons. Peter also found out that Norman is replicating Peter's blood that he got a sample of during his encounters, and using it to duplicate Peter's super powers and sell them to the highest bidder. He also discovers that Norman was also behind the creations of Sandman, Rhino and Scorpion all along. Just then a statue splits in half and Norman walks out through a secret door, Peter quickly hides above him before he was caught. Peter sneaks through before the door closes and finds himself in a lab where Goblin stores his various Goblin equipment, weapons and the Oz serums. Peter then escapes through a vent above him before he was caught and encountered Gwen Stacy along the way as soon as he was about to escape, Peter attempts to explain to Gwen that Norman was the one that killed her dad and that he's the Green Goblin. Hesitating to believe him at first, Peter shows Gwen evidence to prove it. and the pair leaves through the balcony. As Peter swings her home, Gwen calls Liz to tell her she's leaving early. While on Gwen's balcony, Peter made Gwen to promise him that she won't tell anybody what they've discovered or the Goblin would come after her and her friends, she listens.

Turning Point

Later, The Green Goblin attacks Aunt May directly, forcing her into the hospital and terrifying her. The next night, The Goblin captures Gwen Stacy and answers her phone when Peter calls to check in on her. The Goblin invites Peter to the George Washington Bridge where he has Gwen captive. Spider-Man arrives on the scene, with Goblin holding Gwen by the throat while she screamed out as loudly as possible for help. Goblin tells Spider-Man that he is displeased for not listening to him. Peter flatly refused Osborn's to do his bidding and called him "Insane" and ordered goblin to let Gwen go. Police helicopter units arrived to shoot down Goblin and Spider-Man. Goblin then threw Gwen down the bridge and Spider-Man jumped to save her. Using his webbing as a bungee-chord, he bunged her descent and retrieved her back to safety; she was unconscious and unresponsive. Peter feared the worst, but Gwen woke up. Relieved, but still worried for her well-being, he sent her off a cab at the bridge and resumed his battle with Osborn. Peter vented all his anger and frustrations upon Norman, beating him down while Norman's glider flew them all over the bridge; Norman had strength to retaliate. Norman flung Spider-Man clear across the bridge, however, Police attack choppers were still present and gunned down Norman. Peter managed to quickly spin his webbing to prevent himself from falling and swung back to the bridge; Peter's swinging got sloppy and he slammed on the side of the bridge. After he recovered, he realized Norman had escaped and swung off too find Gwen. Peter found Gwen in an abandoned warehouse, where they embraced each other. A few days later at school, Peter and Gwen talked over the football benches. Gwen expressed her fears and nightmares over the recent incidents with Green Goblin and her current state of fear and anxiety after falling over the bridge. She also suffered anxiety over Peter's life. She believes that Spider-Man will not always be fortunate and will eventually get killed being a hero, she couldn't bare to witness Peter die the same way her father died by being a hero, after refusing Gwen's wishes to stop being Spider-Man, Gwen breaks up with him.

Last Stand

Spider-man later gets in a fight with some Goblin Heads, the Green Goblin's hired help. With not much effort, the group is defeated and Spidey interrogates them of the Gobby's whereabouts, they tell them he's at Ryker's Island where he orchestrates his plan on killing Wilson Fisk to overthrow him as the new crime boss. Spider-Man arrives and stops Goblin before he was able to impale Fisk with his blade. Goblin grabs hold of fisk and attempts to kill him by dropping him meters down from the sky. Spider-Man catches him however and orders Fisk to stay put or Spider-Man will come after him if he escapes the island. Just then he sees Goblin flying overhead. He lands on a building and webs the glider stopping it. Goblin turns and flies towards him with the blade sticking out the Glider. Spider-Man falls back narrowly dodging the the blade. Before he can recover Goblin begins pulling him by his own webline. Goblin whips him around dropping dozens of pumpkin bombs. They explode but Spider-Man hangs on. Goblin then turns to see what has happened to the hero when Spider-Man pulls himself up and punches Goblin. Before he can swing away, Goblin grabs his leg, spins him around, and puts him in a headlock.

He tells the hero that they both want Fisk gone. Spider-Man slams his elbow into him and spins around behind Goblin. He says that they are doing it for different reasons. Goblin grabs his arm then shoves him off the glider. He then sees that the hero is hanging on underneath the glider. Goblin then spins his glider around and knocked Spider-Man off with a building. As Spider-Man tries to stay in the air, more bombs go off causing a massive chain reaction of explosions. The explosions around him was tearing Peter apart until a second series of explosions finally knocked out Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to get up but was injured pretty bad, Goblin then brutally beats the hero with powerful punches to the mouth and cheek. Spider-Man tries to fight back, but Goblin keeps shutting him down. Green Goblin then mocked Spider-Man as he was too weak to get back up. Spider-Man then gets his will back when Goblin threatens to kill Gwen and starts to fight back while the enraged Spider-Man gains the upper hand.

The defeated villain than unmasks himself and begs for forgiveness, but his Goblin persona attempts to remote-control his glider to impale Spider-Man from behind, Peter evades the attack, causing the glider to impale Norman instead, and he dies asking Peter to tell Harry he's sorry. Peter, in his singed and torn Spider-Man suit, brings the body of Norman back to the Osborn home which Harry sees Spider-Man carrying his father's body, assuming that he had killed him. At Norman’s funeral, Harry swears vengeance toward Spider-Man, who he believes is responsible for killing his father. Harry then tells Peter that he's being sent to live with his uncle out of state and thanks Peter for being his friend. Still conflicted about everything he had seen and done since becoming Spider-Man, Peter thought about giving up being Spider-Man just to have a normal life again. Peter talks with Aunt May about Uncle Ben, with May explaining that she thought Peter had grown into exactly the kind of man Ben would have been proud of, and that in a cruel, hard world, people needed heroes like Peter. Inspired by May's words, Peter recalls Uncle Ben's words about responsibility, and accepts his new life as Spider-Man and vowed to continue to work against crime and defend the innocent.

Defending Against The ThunderGuard

In a unexpected epic battle, anti-American forces, led by The ThunderGuard, mounted a large assault upon New York and the rest of the United States. Peter and the rest of the heroes of New York fought off enemy forces, but were ultimately arrested by their enemies. The Avengers managed to distract the The ThunderGuard long enough for Peter and the rest of the arrested superheroes to break free of their bonds and fight off their enemies.

All over the News

Peter’s following summer vacation had been spent taking down crooks and occasional Supervillains. The news and a local podcast station states that Spider-Man appearances are increasing. As Peter is getting used to the ins and outs of the superhero world, the public are divided on rather they should see Spider-Man as a menace or a savior to the people. However, Peter was still blamed by the media for Captain George Stacy’s death. In an effort to clear his name, Peter doubled her efforts to fight crime, allowing Spider-Man to take over a majority of his life. At some point, Peter finds a second temporary summer job as a Pizza Delivery Boy, although Peter is thinking about quitting his current job at the Bugle due to Jameson’s smear campaign on Spider-Man. Meanwhile, buisnessman Sam Bullit is running for mayor in New York. He made a campaign ad that featured Spider-Man, promising to end public threats and vigilantism such as Spider-Man if chosen to office. This is all of course bad news for Peter, as anti-Spider-man rhetoric in the city, and especially among the police force, makes web-slinging more difficult than ever. During his Summer vacation whenever he’s not being Spider-Man, Peter from time to time would lend his Aunt May a hand at a homeless shelter program called F.E.A.S.T. founded by philanthropist Martin Li.


This version of Peter Parker is generally a mature, geeky, and very intelligent 16 year old kid. As Spidey, He is brave and righteous hero with an indomitable sense of justice and responsibility. To those in authority and the public, he is seen as an outlaw and vigilante, someone just as dangerous as those he has brought in. Before the death of his Uncle Ben, Peter was content with using his newly gained powers as a vehicle for fame and fortune, joining his school's football team and using his powers to help win several games, and even using them to win a wrestling match. During this time, Peter was arrogant and vain, caring about himself and his image more than doing the right thing, such as when he didn't stopped an armed Burglar because he simply just didn't care.

After the death of Uncle Ben, Peter learned what truly mattered in life and decided to use his powers not for fame or fortune, which led him to a path of heroism. Selfless and brave, Peter took the lessons from his late uncle to heart and used his powers with responsibility and protected civilians from the criminals and villains that would risk their safety. Peter is also almost incapable of doing anything evil or unjust, and will struggle against doing such things. A major part of his character is his pessimistic attitude and clear unhappiness of life, it worsens after the death of his Uncle and the guilt behind it all. He has a strong sense of responsibility and if a person dies around him, he'll become depressed for having failed in his responsibility.

He tends to place himself as "The Jokester" in a situation where he'll crack a joke, which he often uses as a defense mechanism in dangerous situations, especially against his foes which get them to drop their guard, making them more susceptible to attack and oblivious to their impeding demise. Even at times where he's scared out of his mind or is in tense situations, he'll crack a one liner too light heart the mood as Spider-Man. But whenever a life is in danger, he will stop telling jokes and take the current situation seriously. Similar his 616 counterpart. He is a very intelligent specifically in science, mathematics, mechanics, biology, and physics. He is smart enough to perfect his father's webbing formula and is capable of constructing his own mechanical web-shooters. He gathers science books and novels such as The Hunger Games and The Hobbit in his room, along with his Spider-Man costume. Peter is capable to come up with clever strategies to beat his opponents due to his scientific expertise.

Peter is also a loner. His individualistic style is due to having been a social outcast in his youth. He is also socially awkward and sometimes gets nervous and stutters alot. However, this has gradually lessen with time upon getting his powers. As much as he hates crime and superhumans who use their powers for evil purposes, killing and torturing his enemies is the line he'll never cross, even though he did kill Electro by overcharging him with energy. However, his killing of Electro wasn't intentional, but overcharging him seemed like it was his option to beat him at the time and had a strong belief that he would potentially harm others if he'd didn't. Peter is deeply loyal to his friends and families. Unfortunately his double life often prevents him from being near those he loves, and he can only use his photography position so many times. This causes many to feel that he is actually disloyal and flaky.

As much as he hates the thought that they think less of him he knows he must maintain the double life for their safety. Spider-Man's plight was to be misunderstood and persecuted by the very public that he swore to protect. J. Jonah Jameson, publisher of The Daily Bugle, launches an editorial campaign against Spider-Man. Despite the negative publicity and public reception, Peter continued on with his superheroics knowing that the job needed to be done whether people appreciated him or not.

Powers and Abilities


Spider-Man possesses the powers of a Spider, granted to him from an genetically modified spider. His DNA has been rewritten from that spider giving superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh and numerous arachnid- like abilities. His powers include:

  • Spider-Sense: Spider-Man possesses an extrasensory "danger" or "spider" sense which warns him of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation at the base of his skull, and links with his superhuman kinetics, enabling him to evade most any injuries, unless he cognitively overrides his automatic reflexes. The precise nature of this sense is unknown. It appears to be a simultaneous clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena (everything from falling safes to speeding bullets to thrown punches), which has given several hundredths of a second warning, which is sufficient time for his reflexes to allow him to avoid injury. The sense also can create a general response on the order of several minutes: he cannot discern the nature of the threat by the sensation. He can, however, discern the severity of the danger by the strength of his response to it. Spider-Man's spider-sense is directional and can guide him to or away from hidden weapons and enemies. His spider-sense is so powerful that he can even sense danger from literally miles away. Sudden and extreme threats can cause his spider-sense to react with painful intensity with a sound of a high pitched bell. Spider-Man can also sense and dodge attacks directed randomly or by a computer. Using his spider-sense to time his enhanced reflexes, Spider-Man can casually dodge attacks up to and including automatic-weapons fire, provided there is sufficient distance. His spider-sense is sufficiently well-linked to his reflexes to the point that a threat can trigger them even when Spider-Man is asleep or stunned. His spider-sense does help him preserve his secret identity,so it alerts him to observers or cameras when changing into or out of his costume. The spider-sense does not react to those who Peter does not consider to be a threat, such as Aunt May. Spider-Man's spider-senses later improved overtime to where Spider-Man can now recognize sources of danger. This allows him to determine whether the danger is posed by a familiar source (such as an attack by a familiar foe) or is a new threat. Spider-Man can choose to ignore his spider-sense, and distraction or exhaustion can lose its effectiveness. Spider-Man's fighting style incorporates the advantage that his "spider-sense" provides him. His body begins to produce more adrenaline after the sense is triggered, an extension of the 'fight or flight syndrome. This ability is limitlessly passive and limitlessly uncontrollable and the sense also gives him other sensory abilities such as:
    • Echolocation: When deprived of his eyesight, Spider-Man can use his spider-sense as a radar similar to the radar sense of Daredevil.
    • Accelerated Perception: Spider-Man can see and hear anyone and anything at an accelerated rate. Spider-Man can see and hear things that travel at the speed of light or faster and react to it before it could even touch him.
    • Vibration Sensation via Webbing: Spider-Man's senses evolved to the point that he is able to sense vibrations transmitted on his webbing. Spider-Man can utilize this to find beings or objects within buildings or other places by the vibrations they emit when moving.
  • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift approximately 5 tons. Spider-Man's physical strength is sufficient to lift and throw objects as heavy as most standard automobiles with ease. He's so strong, that he can send people flying several feet away with just a single punch or kick and is capable of breaking a door open with just a single kick. He must also pull his punches and kicks unless fighting someone of similar or greater physical durability. Otherwise, his blows would prove fatal to a normal human being. As this Peter is not fully grown into adulthood it can be assumed that he will be able to lift 10 tons like his mainstream counterpart. Spider-Man's muscles are stronger and more efficient as a result of the spider's bite. He is able to easily overpower normal humans, destroy everyday items with one strike, pull apart guns, swing at high velocities on a rope or web, and halt a large bus from crushing civilians. Spider-Man's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump higher and farther than a normal human, easily capable of jumping from one building over a street to the next. Spider-Man demonstrated this when he leaped over thirty feet vertically into the air when he first leaped out of the way of an oncoming car.
  • Superhuman Jumping and Leaping: Spider-Man's physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him the ability to jump and leap to a height of several stories in a single bound. As a result of the spider's bite, Spider-Man can jump and leap much higher than a normal human, easily capable of jumping and leaping from one building over a street to the next.
  • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man possesses the proportionate speed of a spider, due to this, Spider-Man's reflexes are faster than an average human by about the factor of 40 (he is always able to dodge bullets at an accelerated rate that is so fast that they appear in slow motion) and is capable of running and moving at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. With his quick reflexes, it can help him in both hand-to-hand combat and shooting web. He could easily catch up with accelerating cars while on foot. Spider-Man is capable of actually dodging bullets and lightning at point blank range. He is also slightly faster than The Lizard. Spider-Man moves faster than the eye can follow. And thanks to his spider- sense, Spider-Man can literally see things that travels at the speed of light before it could even touch him. He is so fast, he could appear, disappear and reappear as fast as a blur.
  • Superhuman Senses: His senses appear to be heightened, especially when used in conjunction with his spider-sense. His eyesight however, appears to be unchanged as he still uses his glasses and contacts whenever he's Spider-Man. He is able to see people or things a distance away and see anyone and anything at an accelerated rate however. While using his spider-sense, he can sense vibrations to detect potential enemies much like most real spiders. His senses are so sharp, that he can detect a hollow area under a solid steel floor by walking over it.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are currently about 40 times greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with his spider-sense, the speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack, including gunfire, even in close range. his reflexes is so advanced, he could even dodge some multiple attacks from The Lizard and Electro's lightning bolts. In some cases, Spider-Man was shown to even doge gunfire using just his reflexes without his spider-sense.
  • Superhuman Stamina: He has a greater stamina than a normal human meaning he can perform physical activities for an extended period.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Peter is able to perfectly balance on any object no matter how small or narrow with little effort even with two fingers.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Peter is able to hear any danger, via spider sense while he hear that it also may warn him of any danger. hearing is superhumanly acute and enables him to detect sound at virtually any frequency, and he possesses the potential to detect, sort out, and correctly identify sounds through thick steel doors, and across considerable distances.
  • Superhuman Durability: As a result of his mutation, Spider-Man's body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. His body is more resistant to impact forces than anything else. He can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by a incredibly strong opponent, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort. He was capable of sustaining a fall onto a car, withstand a lightning bolt, and has even been hit through steel and brick walls and survived both with no injury other than a sore body.
  • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man's equilibrium, dexterity, and flexibility are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines.
  • Wall-Crawling: After being bitten, Peter's skin grows a sharp, "barbed" like material and this allows Peter to cling to surfaces (especially concentrated in his hands and feet) with an upper limit of several tons per finger. This ability appears to be consciously used. Although can be be activated by stress or altered states of consciousness. He is capable of using this combined with his strength to uproot objects from their place without having to fully use his hands.
  • Healing Factor: Peter's healing factor is slightly more inferior compared to his other counterparts and it takes him a day or two to recover from some of the more serious beatings. This incarnation of Spider-Man hasn't aged into an adult yet, where his powers evolve as he ages, so if he ever does reaches to adulthood, Spider-Man's metabolism would be greater thus allowing him to regenerate from serious injuries much faster. It is unknown if his healing is fast enough to effect his aging.
  • Night Vision: Spider-Man received enhanced night vision, allowing him to see in pitch-black conditions.
  • Psychic Alignment with Arthropods: Peter's spider-sense improved, creating a psychic alignment with his environment, specifically a more emphatic and sympathetic relationship with spiders and insects. While connected to the varying populations of spiders, he is unable to communicate with them directly or command them like how Ant-Man does.


  • Genius Intellect: Peter is very smart, specifically in science, mathematics, mechanics, biology, and physics. He is smart enough to perfect his father's webbing formula and to construct working mechanical web-shooters at age 16. Upon starting his crime-fighting career, he created a device out of a cell phone to listen to police recordings about the crimes that are currently happening. Peter is also capable to come up with clever strategies to beat his opponents due to his scientific expertise. He also solves a formula that is key to creating the formula that mutates Curt Connors into the Lizard. According to Parker, his IQ is north of 250.
  • Indomitable Will: Peter has a strong Force of Will, and is almost incapable of doing anything evil or unjust, and will struggle against doing such things.
  • Science Major: He is a brilliant individual, with exceptional skill in practically every field of science, with expertise in applied science, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and mechanics. He is an accomplished chemist and physicist.
  • Skilled Photographer: Peter is a very skilled photographer and works for the Daily Bugle as a photographer.
  • Web-Slinging: Peter uses his web-shooters to travel by swinging on web-lines. He uses his superhuman speed and agility to swing high and rapidly from place to place. He seems to be able to cover much of the city in a considerable amount of time. Spider-Man was able to keep pace with Rocket Racer at his best speed.
  • Skilled Inventor: Peter has been able to use his amazing intellect and resources in his basement workshop to create many inventions such as his famous webshooters and Spider-Tracers.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Parker is an excellent athlete, excelling in all gymnastic fields and being able to perform every acrobatic stunt ever performed, including others that can never be performed by even an Olympic acrobat thanks to his great strength and phenomenal equilibrium.
  • Skilled Combatant: Using a mixture of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, speed, equilibrium, Spider-sense, and web-shooters, Peter is able to utilize an devastating acrobatic fighting style that makes him a formidable opponent and allows him to easily take down thugs, cops and even the more physically powerful beings just by combining his superhuman capabilities with his scientifically adept and creative mind.
  • Knitting: After starting his crime-fighting career, Peter was able to create his own costume.

Strength level

As Spider-Man has not fully grown into adulthood, he is not as strong as his Earth-616 counterpart yet, however he is portrayed as being sufficiently strong enough to lift conventional vehicles and cars. Peter is currently capable of lifting approximately 5 tons.


Mortality, Inexperienced.

  • Spider-Sense Disruption: Spider-Man's Spider Sense can lose its effectiveness if it is blocked or temporarily weakened by specialized equipment, toxins or drugs. It also would not trigger if it detects something that is not registered as a threat like his freinds or his aunt. When deprived of his spider-sense, Spider-Man becomes vulnerable to threats and attacks and web-slinging requires most of his concentration.
  • Bad Luck: Not exactly a flaw or a disadvantage in his crime-fighting, Peter Parker's life is generally a complicated one. Peter has been forced in numerous occasions to lie to people close to him, be late in his commitments, get away from people and so on for the sake of his secret identity. This inherent difficulty to get his superhero life a secrecy, matched with the number of superhuman events and beings in New York and simply coincidence has in turn, lead Peter to aggravate people around himself, even ones close to himself, and to, more often than not, run into trouble and embarrassment. As Peter often remarks whenever he misses an opportunity to better his social life, or even get to School on time, (due to his super-heroics), which Peter himself call this "Typical Parker Luck."



  • Mechanical Web-Shooters: Peter created twin devices that he could strap to his wrists that were capable of shooting a special web fluid at high pressure and speed. This mechanism ejects an advanced adhesive, releasing web-fluid in a variety of
    Astonishing Spider-Man dodging COPY

    Peter Parker wearing his Spider-Man suit

    configurations, including a single rope-like strand to swing from, a net to bind enemies, and a simple glob to foul machinery or blind an opponent. The device has an LED light that lights up whenever Peter shoots his webs. Peter later made some modifications to his web shooters where it could now be encased in electricity to stun his enemies thanks to some tech he got from OsCorp Industries.
  • Web Fluid: A unique fluid developed by Peter that he uses to fuel his web-shooters, allowing him to shoot webs. According to Peter himself, web line’s tensile strength is estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. On contact with air, the long-chain polymer knits and forms an extremely tough, flexible fiber with extraordinary adhesive properties. the webbing's tensile strength is stronger then both Steel and Kevlar combined. The webbing is so strong, that it can even hold an entire person up by a single string, stick someone onto a wall, stick something together and so on. The webbing is also more elastic than rubber. After approximately 3 hours, the fluid will lose it's adhesiveness and melt into liquid. Because the fluid almost instantly melts from solid to liquid when under shear pressure, and is not adhesive in its anaerobic liquid/solid phase transition point, there is no clogging of the web-shooter’s parts.
  • Modified Camera: Peter Parker/Spider-Man possesses a camera that can take pictures automatically at high-speeds and Peter himself uses the camera to take pictures for the Daily Bugle.
  • Wrestler Suit: Peter wore an outfit during his first few appearances as a small-time wrestler and eventually crime fighter after pledging his life to becoming the heroic Spider-Man. This outfit is made out of some clothes of his and the design of it resembles that of Scarlet Spider's costume from the Mainstream Universe. It sported a blue cut out hoodie with a giant spider logo sprayed on at the center and a red long sleeve shirt under it with two white lines going down his sleeves. His mask is just a red ski mask with only his eyes showing, fingerless gloves, a pair of red and white running shoes and a pair of red sweatpants. Later on Peter would equip himself with his initial prototype webshooters for traveling around the city and aiding him in crime fighting. The webshooters can be visibly shown on both of his wrists.
  • Spider-Man's Suit: Using his knitting skills, Peter eventually crafts a costume that would become his 1st official Spider-Man suit. This make him more mobile when fighting crime or swinging around the city and to hide his identity but does not offer much in terms of protection however as it can tear easily by impact with objects and more, but it is a major upgrade from the Wrestler suit however.
  • Web-Cartridges: A utility belt that Spider-Man don't usually wear often, this belt is completely visible on the outside, it holds his web fluids in a way so he can easily make a quick reloading.
  • Gene Cleanser: An antidote Peter used to cure a scientist named Doctor Curtis Connors from his Lizard form.


  • Web-Shooters: Spider-Man uses his web-shooters to travel by swinging on web-lines. Combined with his spider abilities, he can move at amazing speeds throughout the urban chasms of Manhattan.


  • Web-Shooters: Spider-Man's webs can be used to ensnare and immobilize his opponents in combat. Peter later made some modifications to his web shooters where it could now be encased in electricity thanks to some tech he got from OsCorp Industries.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The original character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15.


  • Peter's locker number is #15; this is a reference of the date of Amazing Fantasy #15, Peter's origin story and debut in the comics.
  • Peter used to listen to EDM and Rap music.
  • Peter Parker is 16 years old in this universe.
  • Some people believe that Spider-Man is a mutant.
  • Peter mentions that he wants to become a scientist when he grows up and planned to work at Oscorp someday.
  • Peter hates mayonnaise on his sandwiches.
  • Spider-Man's costume in this series was inspired by the one featured in the 2012 film, The Amazing Spider-Man.
  • Peter Parker was originally gonna have organic webshooters instead of mechanical webshooters in this adaption but this idea was later scrapped to show off his intelligence.
  • Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for at least a year or so.
  • Peter Parker is also a christian.
  • The Wrestler Costume Peter has constructed bares a striking resemblance to Ben Reilly's original Scarlet Spider outfit from the 90's.

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