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Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Pete, Petey-boy, Peter Stark, Webs, Webhead, The Webbed Avenger, Arachnid, Menace, Crimson Spider, Wallcrawler, Spiderbug, My Kitten



S.H.I.E.L.D. (occasionally)
Avengers (currently)
Stark Enterprises (currently)
Spider Corps (currently)

Mary Parker (mother, deceased)
Richard Parker (father, deceased)
Unnamed twin brother (deceased)
May Reilly-Parker (aunt, deceased)
Ben Parker (Spider-Ben; uncle)
Gwen Stacy (former girlfriend, deceased)
Dawna Robinson (ex-girlfriend, close friend)
Adam Hawthorne (ex-boyfriend)
Tony Stark (Iron Man; fiance)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York USA
Stark Tower





Unusual Features
Small hairs on his hands and feet that allow him to stick and climb/crawl onto walls.


Marital Status

Superhero (currently)
ESU student (currently)
Memmber of the Avengers (currently)

Midtown High School (graduated)
Empire State University (currently)

Gets bitten by a radioactive spider, gaining powers from its venom imbued with the Oz serum such as super strength, superhuman speed, and a precognitive ability he dubs "Spider-Sense".

Place of Birth


First appearance

Mighty Spider-Man #1 1

(as Peter Parker)
Mighty Spider-Man #1 3

(as Spider-Man)


Quote1 Because of my selfishness, I lost one of my loved ones -- my Aunt May. And now I made a promise: to protect the people around me. As my uncle says: great power comes with great responsibility. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Early Life

Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens, New York to Mary and Richard Parker. He had a younger twin born 2 minutes after him but passed away from complications after childbirth. His parents were zoologists and conservationists who travel to different parts of the world to study and care for wild animals whether they are healthy or sick. Unfortunately, they were both involved in a helicopter crash near the rainforests of South America, killing them both as well as other people and the pilot. Peter was taken under the care of his aunt and uncle, May Parker and Ben Parker who resided in the neighborhood of Forest Hills, New York. As he grew up, Peter became surrounded by the enrichment of the neighborhood's diversity and even met new friends such as the beautiful Gwen Stacy and the prestigious Harry Osborne. By the time he reached high school, Peter would later become the butt of the jokes as well as the punching bag of Flash Thompson and Kong McFarlane


Peter Parker

Becoming Spider-Man

In his junior year of high school, Peter was chosen to become part of the tour of the Oscorp Industries, Inc. laboratories, where he meets Harry's father, Norman Osborne who came out as a very calm and kind-hearted man, treating Peter as if he was his second son behind Harry. Peter was soon met by a well-known scientist, Spencer Smythe who presents him and the rest of the students with a group of genetically-altered spiders. However, one of them escapes and lands onto Peter's hand, biting him in the process and Peter reacts painfully, flicking the spider off and onto Gwen who shrieked loudly. Peter then collapsed onto the floor, forcing the teacher to call Aunt May and Uncle Ben to bring him home. By the time Peter was brought home from the field trip, Peter began to experience fatigue, nausea, hot flashes, and other symptoms from the spider bite, its venom being imbued with the OZ serum, a formula that is much resemblance of the Super-Soldier serum. His whole bloodstream becomes mutated, giving him abilities that resemble a spider such as superhuman strength/agility, enhanced speed, super stamina, a healing factor, durability, and his famous precognitive ability: the Spider-Sense.

The next morning, Peter wakes up and finds himself completely fit and being able to see without his glasses, having 40/20 vision. By the time, he reached school, Peter gets himself involved with Flash and Kong's bullying. After Peter finds the duo harassing Gwen at her locker, Peter kindly tries to talk to them but the bullies ganged up on him. Flash attempts to throw the first punch at him but thanks to Peter's Spider-Sense, he dodged Flash's blow and retaliates by throwing him against the lockers in full force. Kong tries to make his own attack on Peter, but his own fist was caught by the latter, who twisted his arm delivered a hard punch to the face which nearly broke his nose and sent him flying back. Realizing what he had done, Peter dashed out of the school in fear. Later that day, Peter began to take a sample of his own blood and began to examine it to see what was going on with him and discovered that the spider bite inflicted onto him, the venom has mutated his whole body, giving him amazing powers, which explained his quick reflexes against Flash and Kong. His fear began to turn to amazement as he began to realize that he was given powers. Having the ability to use the advantage, he began to try out one of his abilities -- that ability is to be able to climb and stick to any walls or surface.


After his self-discovery of his powers, Peter was confronted by Aunt May and Uncle Ben over the fight he had gotten into with Flash and Kong and that they had gotten the call from the lawyers of the Thompson and McFarlane families, stating that both parties demand May and Ben to pay restitution for the injuries of their sons or else they will be suing them. This left a bitter taste in Peter's mouth and this sparked a heated argument, Peter stating that Flash and Kong had been bullying him for too long and that he was acting on self-defense since they both attacked him first. Both Aunt May and Uncle Ben still weren't happy for what he had done in school and they immediately ground him for his actions, causing Peter to storm into his room. Later that night, Peter began to sneak out of the house and go to an old warehouse where he began to try out his new powers, training himself in mastering them.

The next morning, Peter was on his way to school but he was soon stopped by Aunt May and Uncle Ben who were facing him, still looking stern over the argument. Even though he was still grounded for his actions, Peter patched things up with the both of them, apologizing for his outburst.

During school, Peter was approached by both Gwen and Harry, telling him about the fight he had with Flash and Kong. Thinking about the powers from the spider bite, Peter decided not to tell both of his friends and said that he had been on a health kick, although Gwen said that he had collapsed after he had gotten bitten by the spider. Peter just brushed it off until they were approached by Kong who was already patched up from the humiliating fight against Peter. Despite his injuries, Kong had already gotten over his vendetta against Peter and invites him to a wrestling match, where a famous wrestler named Hank "Bone-Saw" McGraw was battling against newcomer wrestlers. After hearing from the promoter that he was giving away $800,000 cash prize for anyone who takes on Bone-Saw, Peter took the chance in using the money to pay both the Thompson and McFarlane families. Creating a wrestling suit for himself got into the wrestling ring, where he faced Bone-Saw and beat him effortlessly, winning the cash prize. Before he left, Peter was given a new suit by the promoter of the wrestling match, offering him a deal to participate in more wrestling matches, and even befriended Bone-Saw. Peter accepts the deal and is gifted with a new suit for his performance along with a new name: The Mighty Spider-Man. When Peter got home, he was told by Aunt May and Uncle Ben that they had gotten the call from both the Thompsons and the McFarlanes that they were given $400,000 apiece to pay for the expenses, thus dropping the lawsuit against them, not even realizing that Peter had dropped off the money to both of the families.

The next day in school during gym class, Peter began to show off his abilities in a game of flag football, where he began to wow the crowd with his stamina and agility. He was then approached by his gym teacher who asked him to join the football team to take Flash's place since he was still injured. Peter gladly accepts, taking the role as quarterback of the Midtown Mustangs, taking home many wins and claiming his popularity. However, this began to take effect on Gwen and Harry negatively, for he began to blow them off frequently every time they plan on spending time together. This affected Gwen the most, for she had already begun to take a liking for Peter and he would just ignore her for the popular crowd. To make matters worse, Peter was soon confronted by Uncle Ben over the dropping of his grades, telling him that he should quit being a football player. Peter angrily lashes out at Uncle Ben, and Aunt May angrily orders for him to apologize for his outburst. Peter refused and left the house in anger and ended up staying at Kong's place, where they began to talk out their differences and became friends soon after.

Peter was soon invited to Kong's party where he was soon met by Gwen and Harry who were still upset about him choosing to be popular over their long-term friendship with one another. Just as Peter was going to explain to them, Aunt May shows up at the party and drags him out of Kong's house. She scolds him for lashing out at Uncle Ben over his grades and not calling after leaving the house abruptly and informed that his parents wouldn't appreciate his behavior if they were still alive. In explosive anger, Peter shouts at Aunt May, telling her that she had no right to bring his late parents into the situation. Aunt May tries to tell him that she and Uncle Ben wants what is best for him, but Peter tells her off and runs away, leaving her hurt.

For the rest of the night, Peter continued on with his wrestling career outside of his new jock life, taking home the money for every match he had participated in one night. But Peter was continuously fuming over how Aunt May brought up his deceased parents as if she acted if they were still alive and know what he was doing. He didn't even bother to look at her hurt look when he ran off from her when she was really trying to make him understand what he was doing wrong. As he leaves the arena, a loud commotion was heard from the other side of the hallway and a robber appeared from out of nowhere, holding a large stash of money as they were seen running away from security guards who were chasing him from behind. But instead of stopping him, he let the thug escape, causing him to get chastised by the guards. But Peter chose not to care about the thug stating that it wasn't his job to stop criminals for he already has problems of his own. After taking the time to clear his mind, Peter decided to head on home and face his aunt and uncle, telling what is going on with him. Just as he was heading home, he began to notice a group of police cars surrounding his house, informing him that something was wrong.

Inside, Peter had learned that his Aunt May had been murdered by a burglar who tried to rob their home for money. According to Uncle Ben, he had put up a fight against the burglar but Aunt May saved his life by taking the bullet and dying in his arms. This left Peter in sorrow, but after hearing the police reports on where May's killer was, he sprung into action and tracked him down at a warehouse -- the same warehouse he was in when he was mastering his abilities. After disarming his weapon, Peter removes the mask to reveal the killer and his eyes widened in shock: it was the same burglar who he had let loose during the corner store robbery. He brought the burglar to the police and he was arrested.

Distraught over the loss of his aunt, Peter chose not to go back home and approaches Gwen's house, asking her to stay at her place. Before she rejected him, she saw the hurt look in his eyes and lets him stay with her for the night. He tells her what had happened to Aunt May and all she did was comfort Peter as he broke down in tears. By the time he had returned home the next morning, Peter avoided Uncle Ben, believing that he was angry at him for what had happened. However, Uncle Ben tried to get him to talk, informing him that he had talked to Aunt May about his outburst before her death. When Peter couldn't give him a full answer, Uncle Ben told him that his parents would be very disappointed with his behavior, mainly his father. Just as Peter was going to say something to him, Uncle Ben began to talk to Peter about his father:

"Your father has believed that if there were things in the world, good things that you had to offer, that you could have people see the good within others' hearts and the rest of the world, things that can help people and make them feel better about themselves. You have the power to do that, but don't try to be something else that you can't be. That great power is in you, and with that comes with great responsibility. If you go through that path, the best of the best will be at the end of the tunnel waiting for you."

For the next few days, Peter began to reflect on his uncle's words and soon realized that he was right. Peter had been very selfish and because of his outbursts and his attitude, Aunt May ended up paying the price, and he has to live with it for the rest of his life -- both him and Uncle Ben. But that guilt turned to inspiration, and he vowed that he would start to protect and serve the people around him, making sure they never face the same fate Aunt May did. Peter took the time to create a special webbing from a special adhesive created by his late father that resembled the webs of a spider and create a suit similar to his wrestling costume, keeping the "The Mighty Spider-Man" namesake as a fresh start of his new career as a hero.

New Responsibility

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 156 Textless

Spider-Man's first costume

Peter retired from wrestling and quit the football team, making his full debut as Spider-Man to the whole city of the Big Apple. He made headlines in the newspapers, catching everyday criminals who caused harm to other innocent people. Most of the people he saved, praised him for his bravery and risks. This help Peter develop a witty and wisecracking personality outside of his normal demeanor, making jokes during fights which had sass at the same time. This caught the attention of the Daily Bugle and its founder, J. Jonah Jameson and demanded his staff to focus on the story of Spider-Man instead of the other ones they were working on before.

Spider-Man's first appearances also caught the attention of his school, where everyone began to talk about the web-slinger. Peter heard the conversation from his lockers and found himself feeling good for his actions. As he was going to walk to school, he was approached by Gwen and Kong who asked him if he was okay which he responded that he is still recovering from the loss of his aunt. Peter then sees Harry who had somewhat of changed expression, he asked the younger Osborne what was going on and then suddenly, the school was met with a sudden bombing, causing everyone to run in fear. While Kong gets Harry and Gwen out of the school, Peter suits up as Spider-Man and goes out to see what has caused the attack, he was caught off guard by a giant hooded figure who attacked at the school. Not wanting to have the school get destroyed, Peter lured the hooded culprit out of the building and onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where the SWAT Team began to join in the fight while the news chopper caught footage of the battle. Spider-Man fought the figure with all of his strength until the figure quickly retreated, leaving Spider-Man winning the first round of the fight. Before the SWAT Team could aim their guns at Spider-Man, the web-slinger made his way out of the bridge.

In the aftermath of the school attack, Gwen quickly embraces Peter, relieved that he was alright followed by Kong who asked him what had happened and that if he saw Spider-Man, which he responded, remembering his vow to keep his identity a secret. Soon after, Uncle Ben shows up at the school with NYPD police chief, George Stacy, who took both Peter and Gwen home after the near-traumatic event, relieved that they were both okay.

In the next few days, the school closed for repair and Gwen shows up at Peter's home, hoping that he was alright since the death of Aunt May. In all honesty, Peter told her that he was still mourning over her loss and his heart was still hurting that he had let the person who was a mother to him die in the hands of a burglar and that he should've stopped him during the robbery. He even apologized to her for how he acted towards her, stating that he had been a complete jerk to her and Harry. But Gwen had already forgiven him for his actions, revealing to Peter that she had already fallen in love with him since the day she met him. This left Peter shocked by what Gwen had said to him and it made him realize that he too was already in love with Gwen. The two shared their first kiss, their reformed friendship turning into a romantic bond.

Peter's career as Spider-Man continued to skyrocket, bringing every criminal he faced to justice. Soon after, he began to face different superpowered villains such as Electro, Scorpion, Mysterio, and every other supervillain that dared to fight Spider-Man, earning lots of recognition all over New York.

Enter the Green Goblin

Attack at the World Unity Festival

A week later, Peter was invited by Oscorp to attend the World Unity Festival. He, along with Gwen, Kong, and Uncle Ben was met by Harry, who didn't look too good. Peter began to question him on what was going on, and Harry tells him that his father wasn't feeling too well and was getting very worried about him. Peter was left concerned and he questioned Harry what happened, but then suddenly, his Spider-Sense began to catch his attention. The festival was soon met with a sudden attack devastating energy blasts, causing panic within the guests of the festival. Peter informs Uncle Ben to get Harry and the others to safety and hurries to find a place, suiting up as Spider-Man. When he showed up, he was met by the cloaked figure that he had fought when he attacked the school. The figure soon took off the hood and revealed himself to be the Green Goblin, who tells him he was the one behind the school attack.

The two engage in a one-on-one battle in which the Green Goblin fired his energy blasts at the web-slinger. After making his retaliation onto the Goblin, the foe fired his energy beams at a balcony, where a group of people was standing on. Spider-Man manages to defeat the Goblin, but he flees soon after. Spider-Man took notice of the collapsing balcony and it breaks apart, all of the people falling high altitude. Using his web-shooters, Spider-Man created a strong net, saving people from meeting death. After the frightening attack, Peter gets to a safe place where he unmasked himself, feeling shaken over the intimidation of the Green Goblin. Unbeknownst to him, the Green Goblin was watching him in the distance and now he knows about his identity.

Playing with Fire

On the eve of Easter Sunday, Uncle Ben has invited Norman and Harry to have dinner with them, along with George and Gwen. When they arrived, Peter took notice of how weary Norman looked from the tired eyes to the slightly disheveled hair. At the dinner table, Peter tried to have a conversation with Norman along with the others but Norman quickly excused himself, leaving the dining room and Peter's Spider-Sense began to alert him, stating him that something might be wrong with Norman after his strange body language and expressions during dinner.

Days after the Easter dinner, news about Spider-Man's fight with the Green Goblin spread all over the news, even the Daily Bugle has taken coverage of the news. However, the Daily Bugle was soon attacked by the Green Goblin only to have Spider-Man show up and make his move on the Goblin. However, he was knocked out by Goblin's energy blast was taken out of the tabloid news building. When Spider-Man woke up, he finds himself at a cemetery where he was approached by the Goblin who tells him that he knows about his identity much to Spider-Man's horror. Green Goblin then explains in a debate that the people don't really care about him, stating that the only thing that people love in a hero is seeing a hero fall and they would turn against him eventually. The Green Goblin offers a proposal to Spider-Man: joining him to claim great power and control against all humanity. Spider-Man refused at first, but the Goblin informed him that if he didn't take the deal, he will face tragedy along the way which could involve Uncle Ben, Gwen, and everyone else dear to him, leaving the web-slinger petrified. Once Goblin made his leave, Spider-Man removes his mask once again and he steps off of the tombstone he was leaning on, revealing to be the tombstone of his Aunt May. This made him realize that his loved ones are in great jeopardy and by the time he had gotten home, Peter hugged Uncle Ben when he set foot in the house.

Death of Gwen Stacy

The next few days had passed and Peter couldn't get Goblin's threat out of his mind, he couldn't bear of losing another loved one after losing Aunt May. He didn't talk to Harry or Kong about how he was feeling, but Gwen managed to talk to him. She asked him what was wrong and he couldn't get to answer because he was too shaken. She decides to take him out for lunch to help him calm down and Peter tells her that things have been going through his mind and it was stressing him out. Gwen soothes him, informing him that everything was going to be okay and that she will always be there for him whenever he's having trouble. Within the rest of the day, Gwen took most of her time in spending time with Peter which he began to calm down and enjoyed his date with her, sharing the romantic moments with her.

Within the next night, Peter had gotten a call from Gwen while he was out with Uncle Ben. She told him that she was waiting for him outside his home. As Gwen waited for him, she was caught off guard by an energy blast, knocking her off balance and she looked up to see the Green Goblin, giving her the sinister grin which made her blood turn cold. When Peter and Uncle Ben got home, they noticed that their front yard was nearly destroyed from the impact of Goblin's energy blasts. Then suddenly, he gets a call from Gwen's phone and it was from Goblin who tells him to meet him at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Feeling the fear coming back to him, Peter suits up as Spider-Man and shows up on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, he saw Goblin holding Gwen captive as she was panicking for her life. He told Spider-Man that he wasn't happy that he didn't take his proposal, informing that he was a fool in believing people will love him no matter how many times he had saved their lives and now he was going to go by what the foe had said. Taut in anger, Spider-Man still turned down in becoming his lapdog. Gwen screamed for help while being held by the shirt by the Goblin, dangling on the edge of the tower of the bridge and the Goblin says to Spider-Man, "Good luck saving her, hero." and drops Gwen from the bridge. Spider-Man quickly jumps off the bridge and shoots a web acting as a bungee cord. However, the jolt from the fall fractured Gwen's neck and spinal cord which killed her instantly. Spider-Man tried to wake her up, but she has already died from the fall, bringing devastation within the web-slinger.

Looking at the Goblin who taunted him for losing Gwen, rage bean filling within Spider-Man and he lunges at the villain and the two fought to near-death. After Spider-Man beats Goblin to his knees, Spider-Man was going to deliver the last punch but he stopped when he heard a weak and panicked voice which almost sounded like Norman. This left Spider-Man looking very shocked of what he had heard and within seconds, Goblin began to groan in agony, holding his head as it throbbed in pain. As the Goblin left, Spider-Man walked up to the lifeless body of Gwen, hugged her completely in sadness and left before George and the rest of the police force show up to see Gwen's dead body, leaving the man completely devastated.

The tragic loss of Gwen became too great for Peter and he became completely depressed for the last few days and blamed himself for not being quick enough to save Gwen, just when he was at the beginning of his relationship with her. He began to consider giving up being Spider-Man, but as he was going to make his decision in giving up the suit for good, he saw the picture of him and Aunt May together smiling and the memories of him letting the burglar run free who would later murder Aunt May and Uncle Ben's words about responsibility. Peter already knew that Spider-Man was well-loved by all of the people of New York City and if he gave up on being the hero, he would give up on Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Gwen and the rest of the people. He became Spider-Man for a reason and he began to accept his new life and will continue to protect New York.

Truth Revealed

Gwen's funeral was held days later where Peter and Uncle Ben arrive to see George and Gwen's mother, who has recently divorced, grieve over the loss of their only daughter. Seeing the devastation from their eyes as they watched the casket holding inside Gwen go six feet under and it hurt him as well. As he continued with his mourning for his fallen best friend and girlfriend, he spotted Harry standing just feet away from the funeral. Peter approaches him and asks him what was he doing here and Harry tells him that he heard what had happened to Gwen. But he also came here to inform him that his father was acting strange, explaining that he had been avoiding him every day and every time he tries to talk to him, Norman acted all hostile towards him, as if he had literally turned into someone else.

After the funeral, Peter went to his room and began to think about what Harry had told him what had happened with him and Norman. Digging into the memories that had happened during his life as Spider-Man, remembered hearing the pleading tone of his voice that sounded just like Norman and then it hit him... the troubled look during the Easter dinner, the attacks on the school and the festival, and the death of Gwen. The Green Goblin was none other than Norman Osborne.

Just as he finally came to his realization, he gets a call from George to come to the hospital for Uncle Ben had been attacked by the Green Goblin who raided at a grocery store he was shopping at in some sort of act of retaliation. Hurrying to the hospital, he finds Uncle Ben in the hospital bed, but thankfully he had suffered injuries that weren't fatal. Peter knew what he was going to do, but he wasn't going to go as Peter... he was going to go as Spider-Man.

Final Battle with the Goblin

Peter, now as Spider-Man shows up at the Osborne mansion where he meets Harry who asks him what was he doing here. Spider-Man in his heroic demeanor asks Harry where was Norman, and the Osborne heir pointed out that he was in his office and he asks the web-slinger why was he here. Spider-Man didn't answer and barges into the main office where he sees Norman, who was highly surprised to see him here. Spider-Man began to confront Norman about the incidents that had happened as well as the death of Gwen Stacy and the attack against Uncle Ben. Norman says he doesn't know what he was talking about, but Spider-Man didn't back down and kept Harry out of the conversation. As Spider-Man began to ask him about attacks, and Norman responded that he didn't know what had happened until his other side began to take over, making the elder Osborne cry out in pain. Sinister laughter came out of Norman's mouth and he shamelessly confessed to everything aside from the death of Gwen and within seconds, Norman began to transform into the Green Goblin right in front of Spider-Man and Harry, who was left in horror and shock.

Goblin makes his attack on Spider-Man, sending him flying against a wall. But the web-slinger used his webbing to subdue him before telling Harry to go somewhere safe. Goblin breaks free from the webbing and lunged at the webhead, taking him in midair and throwing him into an abandoned junkyard where he began to beat Spider-Man to a pulp, using his energy blasts on the web-slinger which blew his mask off his face and tore up his suit. The Green Goblin continued to taunt Spider-Man as he kept on beating him to the ground, saying that he should've killed his uncle when he had the chance. Hearing that, Spider-Man gains his strength and took on the larger villain.

Just as he was going to defeat the Green Goblin, Spider-Man stopped himself when he heard Norman's voice from the Goblin, begging for his help. He stated that the Goblin was taking over him and that it was never his intention in doing those things he had done. Just as Spider-Man was going to call for Norman, he began to cry out in agony, the rest of Norman being fully taken over by the Goblin. As the Goblin made his attack on Spider-Man, the webhead could see that Norman had gotten a split personality. He couldn't think of having the intention of killing him for it wouldn't right for him and he knew that Norman was still there despite the chaos he had done as the Goblin. Before he could deliver another blow at, the Goblin began to feel more pain from the inside of his body, causing him to fall back and his body began to deteriorate and distort. Seeing what was happening, Spider-Man quickly out of the way as the Goblin started to get out of control and within seconds, a loud explosion burst out, almost blowing the whole junkyard into oblivion.

When Spider-Man came out from hiding, he looked up and saw Norman laying on the ground back in his normal self and unconscious. He didn't know what had happened, but he was relieved that he didn't have to kill him. However, that didn't excuse the fact that he had caused a lot of hurt for the webhead, losing Gwen being the main reason. The authorities arrive at the scene and so did Harry, who asked him about his father and Spider-Man said that he was going to be okay, but he's going to have to be taken to custody for his actions and before the police could arrest Norman, they were suddenly met by the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. let by none other than Nick Fury, telling the officers that they would be taking Norman to custody for they had been following the events of the Goblin.

As S.H.I.E.L.D. takes Norman away, Spider-Man was approached by Fury and tells him that he and his team have been watching him since his status as a hero blew up all over New York and would like for him to become part of the agency. Spider-Man respectfully turns the offer down but he tells Fury to go easy on Norman for he had fell victim to his Goblin half and Fury says that he still committed the crimes and he must take responsibility for it. Spider-Man didn't say anything else as he remembered his uncle's words and he continued to protect the innocent while hoping that Harry would be okay after his father's arrest.

New Legacy and the Avengers

Goblin's defeat and Norman's reveal began to spread all over the news and Spider-Man was hailed as a hero by many mainstream media. By the time summer came along, Peter has become a well-known hero, fighting every single criminal and supervillain he had encountered. While the Daily Bugle continued to smear Spider-Man's name, the web-slinger has become a household name and has appeared in different interviews whether it was the news, talk shows or news magazines like Entertainment Tonight or Extra. His heroism would inspire other superheroes like the New X-Men and the other superheroes around the world to make a name for themselves.

During the fall, Peter had reached Senior year at Midtown High and he still misses Gwen since the beginning of summer and there weren't days that he had been slightly down over her death. However, he was approached by another senior student named Dawna Robinson, who asked Peter if he was alright and he explained to her what had happened to his late girlfriend and all Dawna did was comfort him. The comfort soon turned to friendship and Peter introduced Dawna to Harry and Kong. Peter became very smitten over Dawna's intelligence, dedication, and witty personality. They began to hang out with one another and he soon gained feelings for her, confessing on how she helped him move on from Gwen's passing, but never forget her memory. Since then, Peter invited Dawna to his home, introducing her to Uncle Ben, and even became his date to his senior prom.

Outside of his love life, Peter began to discover that the terrorist organization H.Y.D.R.A. has made their attack on New York City in their attempt in dominating the world. When he shows up to face the H.Y.D.R.A. as Spider-Man, he discovered that one of his old enemies Doctor Octopus have joined as well. Spider-Man was has gotten himself completely outnumbered by the H.Y.D.R.A. but before they made their attack on the web-slinger, their greatest foes, the Avengers led by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark came to his aid. After the H.Y.D.R.A. retreated, the Avengers offered Spider-Man to join their team after telling him that he had inspired many heroes to protect the world from harm. The Webslinger wanted to turn down the offer but realizing that the Avengers were different than S.H.I.E.L.D. for they were a bit intimidating. He accepts the offer with one condition: he still gets to fight solo on most occasions. Peter finally graduates from high school along with Harry, Dawna, Kong, and Flash. The graduation paid their condolences to Gwen and Peter placed Gwen's diploma onto her memorial while looking at Midtown High School for the last time before leaving it behind, the memories of his Spider-Man origins lingering.

During his first year at Empire State University, Peter's relationship with Dawna came to an end where she had moved to France with her parents to be close to her paternal family but remained close to Peter, contacting him through Skype. Since then, Spider-Man had continued to appear in different media and even fought along with the Avengers to battle off H.Y.D.R.A. and Doctor Octopus. Along the way, Peter ended up meeting college senior and football player, Adam Hawthorne. Peter was convinced by Adam's charisma and begun hanging out with one another which began to blossom into a relationship. However, unfortunately for him, Peter discovers Adam's infidelity after 5 months of dating and broke it off with him.


Spider-Man's second costume


Spider-Man's third/current costume

As his sophomore year in college came, Peter's love life hasn't been doing well. It really hadn't been the same since he had lost Gwen in the hands of the Goblin and after Adam's betrayal and Dawna's departure, Peter decided to put his time in fighting the villains for the H.Y.D.R.A. had been active since he joined the Avengers. But during his time with the elite team, he gets accompanied by Tony Stark who finds him in his bad mood. Peter, at first, wasn't convinced by Stark due to his reputation of being a flirtatious playboy aside from being the CEO of Stark Enterprises. But one day when he was fighting Morbius with the Avengers, Peter gets badly beaten by the living vampire, his entire suit completely destroyed but was saved by Stark. As he reached to recovery, Peter was visited by Tony almost every day, the billionaire always keeping him occupied with his presence. As Peter starts to realize that the leader of the Avengers has gained strong feelings for him, Peter tried to ignore them after what had happened in his past relationships but he gives in to his own feelings, accepting the fact that he also likes Tony, sharing their first kiss as a start of their romantic bond.

Later Years

In later years, at Captain America and Falcon's wedding, Tony proposes to Peter after dating for almost 3 years and Peter says yes to him, earning acclamation from the newlyweds and the rest of the heroes.


Coming soon...


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Spider Physiology: Peter's powers originated from the bite of the genetically-engineered spider that escapes its containment. The OZ serum within its venom strongly takes after the Super-Soldier serum that created Captain America. His powers take the ability of a common spider-like wallcrawling. But his most-known power is his Spider-Sense which alerts him whenever danger is close to him.

  • Adhesion: Thanks to the spider bite from the radioactive spider, Peter has small hairs on his hands and feet that allow him to stick to any wall or surface, giving him the ability to climb onto buildings and even skyscrapers.
  • Spider-Sense: The Spider-Sense is one of Peter's famous abilities he is mostly known for. This ability allows Peter to get "tingling senses" whenever danger is approaching him within minutes or seconds, allowing him to use his spider-like reflexes to avoid any infliction or remind his allies that there was danger approaching by.
  • Superhuman Agility/Reflexes: Spider-Man's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being is despite their physical strength. His abilities came from the training he had done in the warehouse before becoming Spider-Man, combining with gymnastics acrobatic skills.
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