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Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Otto Gunther Octavius (formerly; due to body swap), Doctor Octopus, Doc-Ock, Spider-Man, Crime-Fighting-Spider, Web Head, Spider-Boy, Spiderling, Spidey



Avengers (part-timer), Fantastic Four (formerly)

Richard Parker (father; deceased), Mary Parker (mother; deceased), Ben Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt), Unnamed child (son; presumably deceased), Gwen Stacy (former girlfriend; deceased), Mary Jane Watson (ex-wife; presumably deceased), Felicia Hardy (ex-girlfriend; status unknown)


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York





Unusual Features
Small hairs on his hands and feet that allow him to adhere to walls and most surfaces, Can conduct organic webbing (formerly)


Marital Status

Photographer at Daily Bugle, intern at Horizon Labs (formerly)

Midtown High School, Empire State University

When high school bookworm Peter Parker was bitten by a Radioactive Spider during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of an arachnid. In a turn of events, Peter soon discovered that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle died at the hands of a mugger Peter could have stopped earlier.

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics: Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 1
Modern Comics: Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 6
(alive; as a consciousness only)
Modern Comics: Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 30


Quote1 Octavius... Do... the... right... thing... Be... the... Spider-Man... Quote2
-- Doctor Octopus's last words

Havoc at Horizon Labs

Peter Benjamin Parker, also the hero and vigilante known as Spider-Man, seemingly had the same history with his Earth-616 and Earth-61615 counterparts, until the time he was battling his long-time nemesis, Doctor Octopus at the infamous Horizon Laboratories, and little did they know, it was gonna be their last. During their battle, Parker was attempting to intervene Octavius' plans of recreating a small sun in the center of the lab's reactor as the energy core since it would just become unstable all-over again and much worst, it could blow up the entire building that would've killed many civilians and can possibly even incinerate New York City to the ground.

Octavius refuses to shut it down, before Spider-Man tries to intervene to save the people in the building, including Octavius himself. The Slinger successfully stops a large nuclear fission from happening throughout the city and finally interrupted Doc Ock's plans. But then suddenly out of nowhere, a massive explosion occurred out of nothing, likely a singularity, right in front of Octavius, unfortunately killing him. The explosion didn't only kill Octavius, but also destroyed the entire laboratory itself that injured several individuals, including Spidey himself.

As Parker wakes up in the now demolished and wrecked room, he saw a glimpse of Octavius' silhouette, moving slowly and very weakened as he leaves Horizon Labs. Parker then tries to call him, but he was too weakened as well, more weakened than Octavius and as a result, Parker falls into the ground, unconscious. Parker was later rescued by his long-time assistant at Empire State University named Anna Maria Marconi, and helped him recover from his injuries for the next couple of days.

After his eventual recovery, Parker decided to investigate the following mysterious events that have occurred the other night. He goes into the same room that was destroyed by the explosion and discovers several corpses recovered the next day. There, he discovered an almost-obliterated body where he noticed that it's resemblance is close to those of Octavius. Due to his confusion, he decided to secretly extract the DNA from each of the corpses, including the one that he had a suspicion from. As he got back to his own laboratory at Marconi's place, he tested each DNA, and one of those corpses, was proven to be in fact, Octavius. Parker was surprised and confused by the results of the test, wondering if who was the other man he just saw the other night and now thinking whether it was someone else, or just some kind of hallucination. Parker has also just realized that Octavius have been looking very pale and senile lately, making him wonder about his current condition.

Later on, Parker finally finds out who the man in the shadows was, and it was revealed to be the "real Octavius." Octavius lied that he was the real Octavius (of this Earth) and explained that he had created several clones all this time so he can prevent himself from dying of a lethal yet unknown illness he developed, an illness was said to be ten times more lethal than cancer. Parker pleads that he can get Otto some help if he comes with him for a full treatment in the Raft. Otto rejected his offer, and immediately became hostile towards the Web-Slinger using his traditional grafted arms against him. In the end, Octavius was still defeated and before he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities, he secretly activated a Golden Octobot in order to transfer his brain pattern onto Peter Parker and vice versa.

The Dying Wish

At some point, using the brain-swapping Octobot that this Earth's Octavius had developed, Otto Octavius transplanted his mind into the body of this world's Spider-Man. He retained all of Peter's memories, and thus was able to fool all of Peter's family and friends, from Mary Jane and Aunt May to the Avengers. Peter's mind, meanwhile, was placed into Octavius' dying body.

After realizing Peter, in Doc Ock's body, escaped the Raft, Otto decided to keep every person Peter knew in a safe room in the Stark Tower and waited for Doctor Octopus alone there, by distracting the other Avengers with giant Octobots around the globe, knowing that Peter would seek for help to Tony Stark. Both enemies battled until both fell from the Tower into the ground, fatally wounding Peter (Otto's body). When Peter tried to use the brain-swapping Octobot, Otto revealed him that he was using a Carbonadium helmet, making his brain totally inaccessible for changing brains. Otto declared his final victory against Parker by giving him a lethal punch which caused "Doctor Octopus" to give his last breaths.

Death of a Hero

Both then discovered that the Octobot managed to connect their minds although it could not swap them, and Peter forced Otto to relive his most suffering experiences and memories as Spider-Man, making him realize the responsibility his power came with. Otto told Peter he not wanted this, but they could not change bodies back. Finally, Otto promised Peter to continue his legacy both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Later, he not only realized he could become a better Spider-Man, but also a better man than who he once was as Doctor Octopus, to become a superior Spider-Man to Peter Parker. Satisfied that his final wish was granted, Peter Parker died peacefully.

Survival Inside Otto's Mind

However, Parker still existed within Doctor Octopus's mind in the memories that he absorbed. The consciousness intent on stopping the villain and reclaiming his life, tries to influence Octavius, but fails to do so in any more than the slightest of ways. Parker's remnant also inadvertently causes Otto to share Peter's genuine love for Mary Jane Watson, and so pushes her away for her own safety.

While trying to access Peter's memories to prevent a temporal explosion at Horizon Labs, Otto accidentally freed Peter from under the wreckage that were his destroyed memories. To prevent Otto from finding him again, Peter hid inside Otto's memories and was almost overwritten by them, but managed to overcome them and recover his destroyed memories. Even as just a subconsciousness, Peter continues his crusade to take his old life back from the hands of the corrupted Octavius.

Taking Back What He Had Once

Despite Peter's apparent demise, a portion of his being found itself alive inside Otto's subconsciousness. Even though Otto attempted to rid of this remnant of Parker, he decided to seek its help some time later after being overwhelmed by the return of the Green Goblin and his Goblin Nation, along with the return of every other rogue that the web-slinger has encountered throughout the years.

Realizing that he failed in his role as the "Superior" Spider-Man, having pushed his allies aside and lost his resources in the process, Peter persistently tried to convince Otto into allowing Peter to reclaim his body in order to defeat Osborn and the rogues once and for all and save Anna Maria Marconi, Otto's love.

Otto was almost seemingly convinced at first, however, he then realizes that once he gives Peter his body back, Otto and his consciousness will eventually vanish, as its original consciousness, Peter, has returned to his original body. As a result of hesitation, Otto resisted Peter's every pleas despite the efforts of Peter trying to calm him down as he tries to explain everything he could. Because of his disagreement, Otto swore to find another way he could, just so he could prove that the world could still survive every villains' rampage, proving that the world won't be needing Peter Parker any longer.

Afterwards, Peter begins to explore his original body's Mindscape, discovering the world is now a large empty space, with only the very few key memories left. Recalling that he's more than Peter Parker, he is Spider-Man, he declares that Otto had made a big mistake in leaving the memories that define him and promises to find a way to regain the control of his body. Continuing to explore the Mindscape for clues into reclaiming his body from Doctor Octopus, he makes a note that only 31 pieces of his memories are left and wonders what he can do with them.

Battle of the Spiders

Deciding to delve into Doctor Octopus's memories for a way out, he is overwhelmed by the amount of memories and struggles to hold on. He sees a bright light and witnesses the moment of Otto Octavius's birth. Peter Parker's consciousness struggles to fight against the deluge of Doctor Octopus' memories, but it proves too much and he convinces himself that he is Doctor Octopus merging with Otto's memories.

Later on, Otto figured out that Peter's consciousness was still alive in his brain, and to his shock, Otto could now hear Peter inside his mind and decided to put an end to him once and for all. Using a neurolitic scanner Otto started a mind-wipe, and finally managed to wipe Parker after dealing with him directly, by plunging himself into his brain. In the split-second of surgery, the moment Peter was truly selfish, that could give Otto the power to convince Peter of his own superiority, and finally Peter Parker was gone, or so, Otto thought.

Secret Wars

After a few several years, Peter was later revealed to have still survived inside the deepest Mindscape of his original body which was still being controlled by Octavius, Peter continued to find his way into getting out of the Mindscape, which he eventually finds out, through the use of Otto's advanced technology, which was a cloning machine, in order to transfer his own consciousness, into a perfectly cloned artificially-crafted, biological body.

As the consciousness inhabiting Doctor Octopus' body at the time of its death was that of Spider-Man, a copy of Peter Parker's consciousness was created along the cloned body, forcing Peter to fight it in order to take control over the new body. Both Peters tried to fight each other out for the rightful possession of the cloned body, whoever the latter has only caused for the two into suddenly and mysteriously merging with their essences becoming single, bringing Peter back to normality as he now possess this new body.

Final Confrontation

Finally emerging from the cloning pod of Otto's machine, Peter wakes up in his new body, finding himself inside Otto's lab, although surprisingly, Otto wasn't around at the time. As Peter rises up from the pod, he immediately gets out of the lab, revealing that he was actually inside the old Parker Residence, where their old basement was unknowingly replaced to be Otto's secret laboratory. Finding his old classic Spider-Suit scatter all around Otto's lab, he decided to wear it, considering he was still naked at the time.

Confused by this following changes, Peter continues to explore the house to see if anything else has changed since his apparent death, only to find out that a lot of things in Peter's life has rapidly changed, ever since the very day when Otto has permanently took his place as the far more "superior" Spider-Man. Searching the house for answers, he discovered several news, which some of of them were either shockingly disappointing, such as Otto changing the public's view on Spider-Man's approach in crime as a more, lethal protector and vigilante, or shockingly disheartening, after finding out that Peter has lost some of his loved ones, such as Aunt May dying at the hands of the hitman Jake Martino, Kingpin's mercenary and when Mary Jane, Anna Maria, and some of his loved ones deciding to leave him for a mental asylum, after they took Peter's slow and unprogressive recovery on May's death as a mental illness, to which Otto would later escape custody and continue Peter's web-slinging career.

Seeing all this horrendous changes just right now, Peter lashes out in rage and breaks down in tears, knowing that his life is now over, all because of what Otto Octavius did which ultimate ruined his life. Unbeknownst to Peter's awareness, Otto was already behind him by the time he began to break down, watching him. As Peter turns back due to his spider-sense, he fusses his hatred towards Otto and questioned him why would he do such a thing to ruin his own life. A concerned and remorseful Otto told him that he wanted to explain everything that has happened to Peter's life for the past years, but he told him that there wouldn't be much time for him to explain for now, since he urgently needs Peter's help on something really important that would change the fate of the universe, as they know it.

The Last Stand

Distracted by his uncontrollable and enraging emotions against Octavius for ruining his life, Peter lashes out in tantrum, attacking Octavius without any hesitation whatsoever. Due to Peter's aggressive state, Otto had no other choice but to duel him before he could even have the chance to ask for his immediate attention and his very help. In the ensuing battle, Otto was almost winning as he remembers using Peter's weak spots as an advantage when they were first clashing as the Spider and the Octopus. Otto was so close, until a vigilant Peter started noticing Otto's every moves, causing for him counteracting every single one of them, giving Peter the upper advantage in their clash, once more. The duel eventually ends, with Peter brutally and savagely beating Otto to a pulp to the point where Peter was considering on smashing Otto's skull with his own bare hands, to finally put an end to him once and for all.

That is, until Otto manages to use his last resort to convince Peter, revealing to him that there was still hope for Peter to get back to his life once again, by revealing and showing that Peter and Mary Jane had already conceived an actual son, years before Peter was still in his perfectly original body, specifically days before Otto swapped his mind with Peter's. Peter's child was also revealed to have been grown up by now, shocking and silencing Peter about this surprising news. Having nothing much to say but feel so glad about this discovery, Peter merely and sincerely apologizes to Otto for lashing out on him, and almost killing him, though in response, Otto did understood him, implying that he kinda did deserved receiving those beatings in the first place, due to him taking over his life for a few years.

Now having to be compromised with one another, Peter immediately asks Otto about what his help on saving the universe was all about. However, just as Otto could have answered the question, both of them looked up to the sky, which suddenly turned red, to see another Earth, the one from another universe, looming above. As the two watches in shock and terror, Otto that it's already too late, though Peter begged to differ, believing that they could still save the world, with Peter unexpectedly snatching Otto's Webware device from his utility belt as he calls on every other superhero that he had in contact with throughout the career of his heroic years.

Contacting all the surviving heroes on Earth, all of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Deadliest Villains finally came to arrive at the city as they assembled, also staring at the looming Earth above the skies, where suddenly. One of the heroes then asked what are they going to do to stop the incursion points from ever happening. Captain America then courageously responded to all of the superpowered individuals that they'll have to do whatever it takes, to fight, even at the cost of their own lives. In the end, all the heroes and villains of this Earth, including Otto and Peter, then assembled to prevent this Earth's collision with the other Earth and stop the incursions from ever happening and they won't stop until they manage to find a way to finally stop it, even if their lives depended on it. In their last stand, Peter and Otto, along with all of their allies were unfortunately all disintegrated from existence.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.

Strength level

Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


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