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Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Spider-Man, The Legendary Spider-Man, The Crime-Fighting-Spider, Web-Head, Spidey, Tiger, The Iron Spider, The Slinging Avenger, Puny Parker, Mister Parker, Professor Parker, Old Man Parker


New Avengers (honorary member; formerly), Avengers (formerly), Fantastic Four (formerly), Defenders (formerly), S.H.I.E.L.D. (formerly)

Richard Parker (father; deceased), Mary Parker (mother; deceased), Ben Parker (uncle; deceased), May Parker (aunt; deceased), Gwen Stacy (former girlfriend; deceased), Mary Jane Watson (ex-fiancée and close friend; deceased), Felicia Hardy (wife; deceased), Ben Richard Parker (son), Ashley Parker (daughter)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York






Marital Status

Photographer at Daily Bugle, intern at Horizon Labs (formerly), former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, retired vigilante and superhero

Master's degree in biophysics, E.S.U., Doctorate in biochemistry

When high school bookworm Peter Parker was bitten by a Radioactive Spider during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of an arachnid. In a turn of events, Peter soon discovered that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle died at the hands of a mugger Peter could have stopped earlier.

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics: Dark Age Vol 1 1
Modern Comics: Secret Wars Vol 1 1


Quote1 Alright, kid... I know I may not be the perfect, cool dad you may be looking up to... But, look... Just remember what your great uncle Ben has once told me... Responsibility... Quote2
-- Peter Parker

Ultron Revolution

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, Spider-Man seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, until Ultron started an all-out war against humans and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies.

Days before the long-time war against Ultron ends, Peter and the rest of his subdivision team were sent to lead in their final mission neutralizing the defensive units of Ultron's Sanctuary. During the final days, Peter was heavily traumatized during the devastating skirmish that occurred across the battlefield, forcing him to momentarily retire from hero work while he continuously recovers. After the modest sacrifice of those who were willing to gave up their lives so that the others can successfully finish the mission, Peter, alongside his love Felicia, was one of the others who made it towards the very end, though the realization of the aftermath gave him scars that would never even heal, no matter how he and everyone else have tried.

Only a week after the events of Ultron Revolution, Peter and Felicia finally confessed and committed their long-time love for each other, finally deciding to get married as the married couple they wanted to be. Peter had the thoughts on returning into becoming Spider-Man once again, however all of it has changed, when Felicia went into labor early. After witnessing the birth of his twins, Ben and Ashley, Peter began to contemplate giving up the mantle of Spider-Man in order to better protect her and Felicia.

The Great Superhuman Slaughter

For a few years, Frank finally became happy and was contented for the first time in his life, of what his life had become. Peter and Felicia family to a celebratory concert located at the re-established Central Park, along with other retired superheroes who came along, and just that, everything seemed so perfect for a moment, until that day had changed the course of history that suddenly ended the new heroic age, once again.

Coincidentally, the family and several thousands of people who were at the event became the victims of the series of tragic bombings caused by an anonymous terrorist organization. Parker and his entire family had miraculously survived after barely getting out of the burning fields alive. More unfortunately, Peter was severely injured and was knocked out by a structural debris during the destructive attack, earning several injuries throughout his body after trying to save as many innocent lives as he could. Thankfully, his own wife Felicia was able to save her husband's life in time before he was almost consumed by the growing fire, giving him the right time to receive medical aid.

After the tragic incident during the bombings at Central Park, many unfortunate incidents have also followed the following night confirming the deaths of several heroes and villains across New York, both who were active and retired after the Ultron Revolution. Those included the apparent assassinations of several heroes and villains, numerously Iron Fist and other members of the Heroes for Hire, Cyclops and several other mutants, Magneto inside his kingdom in Genosha, Hawkeye, Daredevil inside his apartment, and numerous more mutants and heroic individuals who previously fought during the Ultron Revolution.

Gone Retired

Peter was still, one of those individuals who survived the following assassination attempts, though the latter has caused him and Felicia to finally come terms into having their days as heroic figures and individuals into a closure, leaving the flames of their legacy to their oldest and closest heroic friends, most notably Ben and Ashley, their son and daughter who would also take their places as the two new web-slingers in town, the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Woman.

Edward Stark and the Empire

To be added.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615

Strength level

Class 15+


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615


Spider-Man 61616 Suit II

Spider-Man in his final suit, the spectacular and technologically-advanced
Iron Spider

  • Web-Shooters
  • Utility Belt
  • Spider-Tracers
  • Spider-Signal
  • Avengers Identicard
  • Spider-Man Suits
    • Iron Spider Armor


  • Web-Swinging

Weapons: None known.


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