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Peter Parker (Earth-61615.8)
Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

The Crime-Fighting-Spider, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Web-Head, Spidey, Tiger, Iron Spider, The Slinging Avenger



Horizon Labs (head biophysicist, geneticist, and researcher), Avengers (formerly; reserve and honorary posthumous member)

Richard Parker (father; deceased), Mary Parker (mother; deceased), Ben Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt); Felicia Hardy (wife; deceased), Gwen Stacy (former girlfriend; deceased), Mary Jane Watson (on-again, off-again lover), Wanda Maximoff (ex-girlfriend)


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York





Unusual Features
Small hairs on his hands and feet that allow him to adhere to walls and most surfaces, Can conduct organic webbing (formerly)


Marital Status

Vigilante, scientist and professor at Horizon Labs; former photographer at Daily Bugle

Midtown High School, Empire State University

Human mutate; when high school bookworm Peter Parker was bitten by a Radioactive Spider during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of an arachnid. In a turn of events, Peter soon discovered that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle died at the hands of a mugger Peter could have stopped earlier.

Place of Birth
Queens, New York City, New York

First appearance
Last appearance

Marvelous Comics:
The Invasion
Vol 1 1
Marvelous Comics:
The Invasion's
Spider-Man Vol 1 22


Quote1.png Don't you get it? This is war we're facing, Felicia... If we don't try and stop it, then who else will? Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Early Years

As a result of a radioactive spider bite, genius but socially-awkward high school student Peter Benjamin Parker developed powers and abilities similar to that of a spider. After Peter's selfish and egocentric personality as the wrestler Masked Marvel had unexpectedly caused in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben, he finally decided to use his powers for good, in which Peter lived up to Uncle Ben's philosophy that was 'With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility', and thus he became the superhero known as Spider-Man.

The Chitauri Conflict

Before the Invasion, Spider-Man seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, up until the diabolical Asgardian God of Mischief Loki was able to fool the successfully the Avengers and the rest of Earth's mightiest heroes like him, during the significant Battle of New York into fighting his mirage or illusion, while the villain continues to his to spread the chaos caused by his single-minded and bloodthirsty army coming through the wormhole created by the Tesseract. As a devastating consequence to his effective strategy, the invasion of the timeline itself was prolonged for more than a few weeks, longer than it was supposed to be.

Seeing as the situation have gotten even worse than before, the Web-Slinger and the rest of heroes within New York have no other choice but to help the citizens of every city in the country as they continue defending them from the incoming attacks. During the whole week of the massive Chitauran fleet's assault on North America, Spider-Man was one of the heroic street vigilantes who risked their very lives in helping the people of Queens and Manhattan in evacuating them into safety from the incoming arrivals of more extraterrestrial ships, throughout the wide city of New York.

One of those people whom he helped in evacuating from Manhattan was none other than his live-in girlfriend and soulmate Felicia Hardy, the former thief and former vigilante secretly known as the Black Cat. Felicia was so concerned she even tried to beg him not to participate in the ensuing conflict, though Peter comforted her and repeatedly tells her not to worry, with his loyalty to his heroic ideologies that he would and should continue his selfless and courageous act as Spider-Man, all for the sake of protecting everyone's lives at any cost, especially since they were in the midst of crisis. Felicia also wanted to help him and the others in keeping the people of New York safe but he renounced her intent since he couldn't consider on losing her ever again after she was critically wounded and was almost paralyzed, to which she fell into a coma, during the first day of the extraterrestrial attack by Loki using the Scepter on her.

Temporary Retirement

Thankfully, the extended conflict itself was miraculously averted after the noble sacrifice of the Avenger's associate Ultron, in which he successfully destroyed both the cosmic stone inside the Scepter after using it to close the portal, along with somehow destroying the Tesseract afterwards, and thus the rest of the heroes was able to decimate what was left of the alien threat, foiling their attempted invasion of Earth. In the wake of the conflict's end, Peter has also been credited by the Earth's Mightiest Heroes as a honorary Avenger, along with the Black Cat, whom the public has never seen since her last ordeal during the first day.

A week not long after the ultimate defeat and apparent death of Loki at the hands of Ultron, the Avengers, along with Spider-Man and several other New York vigilantes, have finally decided to go each their separate ways, with Peter deciding to leave his Spider-Man alter-ego for good, seeing the countless amount of vigilantes bravely roaming around both at day and night, all to guard the city itself. In his retirement as Spider-Man, Peter returned to his childhood residence in Queens where he spent his time with both his family, Aunt May, and Felicia herself, who was also living in the residence to support Aunt May, while she slowly recovers from her critical and comatose condition.

Secret War on Hydra

Spider-Man ultimately joins the Avengers in their secret war against Hydra

Despite living happily within retirement for a brief time in his home, Peter's retirement was proven to be short-lived and was eventually recruited by the legendary Captain America into officially aiding him and the rest of the team to bring down the re-emerging legacy of the Nazi organization Hydra, having their existence secretly revealed as a parasite that grew inside of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s community since the Operation Paperclip, thanks to the posthumous efforts given by Ultron, and with it, they were also tasked and were obligated to take the terrorists down and find out more truth behind its survival within only two days as they possibly could, before all of it's deepest secrets, along with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s clandestine schemes and projects, would be dragged as well, and would be also exposed to the entire world.

Marrying the Black Cat

Two months have passed since the secret war on Hydra ended in the heroes' victory, Peter once again left the Avengers, even before its eventual disbandment at the orders of the United Nations, to continue taking care of Felicia in her bed, unfortunately still in a comatose state, at the Parker Residence. As every single second passes, it seemed like Peter started to lose hope that he might never get the chance to spend his time with her once again due to her ongoing condition, until one day changed his point of view by the moment when his ex-girlfriend and good friend Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, decided to pay him a visit. Arriving at Peter's household, she delivered him a good news, informing him that there may be a way for Peter to reunite with his loved one once again. Initially unconvinced by Wanda's news due to his complicated history with the latter, Peter nevertheless took the chance since he was now willing to do whatever it takes just to bring Felicia back into his life. Believing Wanda by the end of the day, Peter followed her, while having Felicia delivered through an ambulance Wanda had hired, to to the famous X-Mansion in order to proceed with the official attempt to wake the Black Cat up using the Cerebro. However, their psychic reunion was proven to be short-lived, though Felicia's undying faith and mutual with Peter had only strengthen their relationship and further motivated the latter to help his love in any way that he could and find a way for them to be together.

Last Adventures

In the wake of their ultimate victory against the forces of Hydra, Peter has officially returned as New York's the friendly neighborhood and vigilante Spider-Man, eventually fighting some of his oldest of rogues once again such as the Venom League, the Goblin Gang, the Sinister Seven, the Enforcers, the Kingpin and his Empire, the Frightful Four, and several others, whose diabolical activities began to grow and spread throughout the whole state since Hydra's existence was finally exposed to the public eye by Ultron.

However, as the United Nations have come to a conclusive decision to shut down S.H.I.E.L.D. and hold the Avengers on stand-by, the web-slinger among with some of the independent vigilantes on New York, had no any other choice but to keep on laying low from the overly-strict authorities that was implemented while he still continues to be vigilant around, protecting the city in his own terms, for the next few years of his late adulthood. In his normal life, Peter eventually became a scientist and researcher at the world-renowned Horizon Labs courtesy of his former professor and good friend Max Modell, as a way to support both his persona life, supporting Aunt May, and finding a way to help Felicia to hopefully wake up and fully recover, no matter how long it would take them.

During his times as the crime-fighting vigilante, Peter eventually came across a brilliant teenager who happens to work as an young intern at Horizon Labs, by the name of Miles Morales, whose mother had sadly died, along with few others, during the previous siege of the Venom League across the city, something that Peter had regretted for failing to save the latter in time. Though despite his mother's death, Miles revealed that he does not blame Spider-Man for failing to save his mother, since it wasn't really his fault but the Venom League's. As time passes by, he eventually became good friends with Miles, both as the vigilante and Parker, as they form a somewhat mentor-protege relationship.

A Journey's End

While, Peter had eventually learned that a massive power surge had caused a destructive breakout in the Raft, Seagate Penitentiary, and Ryker's Island intentionally caused by a yet unrevealed perpetrator to get the immediate attention of the Avengers and the authorities whom he held a grudge against, causing the smallest and greatest of his adversaries to escape prison with ease and figured out that they were likely heading towards the city led by none other than Norman Osborn himself, risking the endangerment of his loved ones.

Peter was non-hesitant to choose whether he should protect his family first, but after seeing that most of his villains came to raid Horizon Labs in an attempt to get revenge against its very president, Max Modell. Peter almost succeeded in taking down the threat within the complex, only to reveal that the current Mysterio had turned some of the Knights of New York against him, manipulating them into attacking the web-slinger in sight.

Thankfully, the attempted attack on Spider-Man by his own allies was averted almost immediately with the helpful effort of Miles and Max, reverting back the heroes to their normal state. Afterwards, Peter immediately as he terrifyingly saw half the city of New York being shred into ruins since the Raft's prisoners have escaped. Alerted by the series of unfortunate events that were occuring, Spider-Man swung towards the action with the rest of the vigilantes. Peter finds Osborn with the rest of the criminals across the city, where he tries to chase him down with such difficulty, trying to know where the villain was headed.

Death of a Hero

Peter Parker's last heroic stand as the greatest hero of all time

Following Osborn, he was in shock and horror to find out that most of his greatest villains had already broken into his childhood home, though he was thankful to see that Aunt May manages to escape, only to unintentionally leave Felicia behind. Entering the scorched house, Peter came to confront the villains who came to his home, before realizing that he was actually fighting no one but the effects of Mysterio's hallucinogenic gas back at Horizon, causing for Peter to inject himself with an antidote stop the hallucinations and finally catch up on Osborn after seeing him go to Felicia's hospital bed, where she was still lying for the past few years. Begging and convincing Osborn not to pull Felicia's life support, the former still tore it apart without any signs of mercy nor hesitation, slowly causing Felicia to take her last breath, taunting him that he intentionally showed how what it felt like to lose somebody he loves twice (comparing the deaths of both Norman's wife Emily, and his son and Peter's old best friend Harry, who apparently died for reasons unfolded), with Osborn also warning Peter not to mess with him ever again.

As a impulsive response, an enraged and a grieving Peter aggressively fights the sadistic Goblin to the death, smashing all their way to the open borough of Queens, where chaos was still taking place. The two continued to brawl in a brutal duel, giving each other fatal blows as they were bleeding, especially for Peter, sincerely vowing that Norman will die for what he did. Eventually, Spider-Man ultimately succeeded in their duel, but just as he could have given Osborn the fatal blow to his face, he was then attacked by each of the notorious Sinister Seven, beating the web-slinger to a pulp with their own arsenal. Though the hero may be taking his last breath finding himself cornered, an empowered Peter thinks of all his loved ones and the people he saved as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, remembering Uncle Ben's inspiring advice, and cries out "No more!" before rising up against the seven, battling each and every one of them without any intention of stopping until they've been taken down, to which he miraculously did so, thanks to his overall endurance and willpower. Peter went on to confront a weakened and grounded Osborn, telling him that even though he won't be killing, he would still rot in a cell for the rest of his life for all the evil he has done.

Defeated but still amused, Osborn told Peter that it would be a waste for him to spare his life, hysterically telling the former that he'll be doing it instead when he distracted the hero with his damaged glider, something that Peter had failed to evade, after being stabbed through the abdomen by Osborn with Kraven's "special dagger." Both Peter and Norman were hit by the glider as it explodes in front of them, throwing them out back into the ground. Peter manages to get back up once more as a permanently paralyzed Osborn (who would later die after being assassinated) watches him from the distance, but was in seriously critical condition. Realizing that he only had a few moments to live, he uses the last of his webs to swing back to his childhood home where May was waiting with some of the heroic Knights of New York.

Seeing Peter slowly and weakly approached them, they gathered around the unknowingly dying hero. In Peter's last words, he calmly comforts May, telling her that he'll be okay, reminding her that he and Felicia would eventually see Uncle Ben very soon so he could tell him the tales of how he single-handedly saved and protected his great Aunt May from all his enemies for the past years as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter then finally closed his eyes, took his final breath, and died in his aunt's arms.

Ultimate Legacy

Only a day after Peter's death, the public was now well aware on the revelation that Peter Parker was indeed Spider-Man. The perpetrator, revealing to be a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent by the name of Parker Robbins, whose family had unfortunately perished during the events of the briefly-intense Secret War on Hydra which led to the subsequent downfall of Hydra, was hearing Peter's heroic sacrifice. The vengeful villain even tried to commit suicide out of guilt, but his actions were stopped in time by the reformed Avengers and handed over to the authorities for his imprisonment.

All of New York City, along with some of countless visitors who came from across the globe (including his fellow ally heroes and those who once despised him alike, along with Peter's closest family and friends: Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, Liz Allan, and few more others), mourned for Spider-Man's passing, and Tony Stark planned a large funeral for Peter and Felicia at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, which was visited by more than millions of people who came to commemorate his memory, both as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, with Felicia being remembered as both Felicia Hardy and the Black Cat.

Rise of the Spider-Men

Several months after Peter's heroic death to save New York from his rogues, a new Spider-Man eventually began fighting crime in his stead, revealing to be the young Miles Morales himself, who has shown have fallen into a coma for two days, since he was bitten by an experimental genetically-altered spider that escaped its enclosure, shortly after the sudden attack of Mysterio and several other rogues at the Horizon Labs headquarters.

After Miles had find out about Peter's death in his recovery, Miles was heavily devastated at first, but he eventually comes to a realization to keep his good friend's legacy by taking the mantle and becoming the all-new ultimate web-slinger. With this, new several other sightings of individuals related to the heroic persona of Spider-Man emerges across the United States, which included the dynamic duo of criminals known as the Spider-Man Twins, the new symbiote-themed vigilante Adamant, and the reemerged Scarlet Spider himself, who immediately returned in order to honor Peter's memory.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.

Strength level

Class 17+


Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


Equipment: Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.
Transportation: Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.
Weapons: Seemingly those to Peter Parker of Earth-61615.


  • In this divergent reality, Peter Parker has been operating as Spider-Man for almost twenty years before his timely death.


  • When Peter was able to momentarily communicate with a comatose Felicia Hardy through Professor X's Cerebro, his beloved let him pursue a relationship with anyone else so that he wouldn't ever feel lonely in her dormant state, promising that Felicia was already fine as long as Peter was by his side.
    • While Peter did date a few women and before pursuing an on-again, off-again "affair" with his old flame Mary Jane Watson, such times didn't last as he was faithful to Felicia whom he loved dearly and was determined to find a way to save her.
    • In his spare times away from crime-fighting, Peter would often telepathically communicate and interact with the unconscious Felicia using a device that once served as a prototype for the X-Men's Cerebro, a frequent occurrence that the two extremely felt grateful on.
      • On some occasions, Felicia even became the guiding voice and locator to Spider-Man, the same way Lyla served as Miguel O'Hara's personal holographic assistant in 2099.
    • Peter and his scientific allies once tried transferring Felicia's consciousness to another body, but their attempts were proven to be lethal due to how her mind and body was mystically afflicted by Loki's Scepter which drove her into a coma in the first place, thus keeping her consciousness locked within her body.

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