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Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Crime-Fighting-Spider, Web-Head, Spider-Boy, Spiderling, Spidey, Tiger, Iron Spider, Slinging Avenger, Puny Parker, Smartest Kid Ever Known to Man, Masked Marvel, Cat's Backup, Web Crawler



Avengers (part-timer); formerly Fantastic Four (honorary member), Defenders (founding member), Spider-Army (currently disbanded)

Richard Parker (father; deceased), Mary Parker (mother; deceased), Ben Parker (uncle; deceased), May Parker (aunt), Gwen Stacy (former girlfriend; deceased), Mary Jane Watson (ex-fiancée), Felicia Hardy (wife), Kitty Pryde (ex-girlfriend), Wanda Maximoff (ex-girlfriend and former tryst, affair)


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, New York





Unusual Features
Small hairs on his hands and feet that allow him to adhere to walls and most surfaces, Can conduct organic webbing (formerly)


Marital Status

Photographer at Daily Bugle, intern at Horizon Labs (formerly)

Midtown High School, Empire State University

When high school bookworm Peter Parker was bitten by a Radioactive Spider during a science experiment, he soon found out that he had gained the proportionate powers of an arachnid. In a turn of events, Peter soon discovered that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle died at the hands of a mugger Peter could have stopped earlier.

First appearance

Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 1


Quote1 I'm really sorry Uncle Ben, I let you down. But I won't let that happen to anyone ever again because I really do understand now that with great power, comes great responsibility. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Early Years

Peter Benjamin Parker was born to C.I.A. agents Richard and Mary Parker around the early 1980s, who were both presumably killed when Peter was very young. After the death of his parents, Peter was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in a modest house in Forest Hills, New York. With the exception of his neighbor Mary Jane Watson, his first true love interest Gwen Stacy, and his tutoring subject Harry Osborn, Parker found a few friends in high school, and was often the butt of jokes by bullies Flash Thompson and Kong.

At one point, he was bitten by a radioactive spider while in high school, the spider bite caused him to develop powers and abilities similar to that of a spider. Peter Parker originally decided to use his powers to make money as the wrestler Masked Marvel, but after Uncle Ben's death he decided to use his powers for good. Upon the death of his Uncle Ben due to Peter's indifference, Peter decided that according to Uncle Ben's philosophy that was 'With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility', and thus he became the amazing superhero known as "Spider-Man," the "Web-Slinger."

Life as Spider-Man


Spider-Man faces six of his greatest enemies for the very first time

In many ways, this makes Spider-Man less of the 'boy scout' character people think, the fact that he used his powers to have fun in the first place is some people in Peter's life can relate to. Initially, Peter Parker is shy and timid, but the Spider-Man alter-ego was a form of liberation and heroism, and he used it to gain confidence. However, he found the moral urge later, though some of his confidence and liberation remains, making him a sarcastic wise-guy as the web-slinger.

Through all his years in crime-fighting, Spider-Man also fought several super-powered criminals that became several of his most notorious and infamous foes for a very long time, including his infamous arch-nemesis Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the first and the second Vulture, the Rhino, Shocker, the Scorpion, Sandman, the Lizard, the Kingpin and many more rogues throughout the years of his crime-fighting passion and career.

During his college days, Peter went on to get a part-time job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer, selling photos to J. Jonah Jameson even though they were usually used against him. One time during work, the shape-shifting criminal known as the Chameleon had infiltrated the building when he posed as J.J. Jameson in order to gain the fortunes of Jameson's newspaper empire, but was still defeated by Spidey himself later on, with the help of Dmitri's reformed sister, Camellia, since she's the only one whose powers can stop his brother's. Spider-Man saved the day, especially Jameson's life, but that didn't stop him from ever hating the web-slinger (at least for now), after Spider-Man had tried to kill him in the first place, in denial of the fact that it was the Chameleon who was disguised as Spidey the whole time.

Tragedy strikes when Gwen's father, George Stacy dies from his injuries trying to save a child from falling debris, which is the result of a battle between Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. George reveals to Spider-Man that he knows his identity and charges Peter with taking care of his daughter. Gwen, however, moves to London to live with her aunt and uncle. Before she left, Peter tries to propose to Gwen but she sadly rejected him, saying that she doesn't feel any happy for anything surprising, since his father's death. Months later, Gwen returns to New York after taking his uncle's advice, only to see things have changed after her disappearance.

The Death of Gwen Stacy

At one very evening, the Green Goblin abducts his long-time friend, ex-girlfriend, and love interest, Gwen Stacy who was at Peter’s home waiting for him. Spider-Man tracks the Goblin to the Brooklyn Bridge, where a fight ensues and the Goblin throws Gwen off the side of the bridge. Spider-Man shoots a web line to catch the falling Gwen, but the jolt from the sudden stop appears to snap Gwen's neck, much to Peter's shock and distress.

To this day Peter still feels guilty for her death, in the same way he feels remorse for his Uncle Ben's death. Enraged by the Goblin's actions, Spider-Man continues fighting the Goblin on the bridge. In the subsequent fight, Spider-Man is able to pummel and beat the Goblin in a fit of rage, but Nick Fury and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. manages to find them both and stops Peter from delivering the killing blow on Norman. Norman, who was weakened and was defeated, activated his Goblin Glider to self-destruct so that he could take Peter and everyone else with him, but Peter manages to get Nick and a few agents away from the explosion. Only Osborn and a few agents were killed since they were standing at the heart of the explosion. Peter doesn't feels a sense of justice or any remorse in Norman's own death, even hoping that he rots in hell.

A Disheartening Fallout

For many several years of Peter's life, he had been attracted to his long-time friend and love interest Mary Jane. On most occasions, they usually had an "on-and-off" thing together as a couple since high school until after their college graduation during the times when Gwen wasn't around much that time. Peter started to have feelings for Mary Jane during their sophomore year in high school although MJ was in a relationship with Harry Osborn and a few individuals at the time. With the entanglement of the relationships, jealousy and rivalry were underlying constants between Stacy, Osborn, Parker and Watson.

Months after the sad passing of Gwen, the two somehow manage to get together once more and were actually having a decent time as a couple. But slowly from time to time, Peter eventually realized something and that is the fact that Gwen died because of him since they had a deeper history together, and that made him rethink his choices on getting back together with MJ. He didn't want her to make herself be put in great danger because of Peter's career of being Spider-Man, so he had no other choice but to break up with her to keep her safer and away from possible threats caused by Spider-Man's Rogues. Currently, they are still friends until present day, in fact they became closer than before, and she's one of the few people who know who he is, and still supports him as a close friend and his confidante.

Spider-Man, No More!

At one point, Peter felt that he was unable to carry the burden of being Spider-Man any longer and considered retiring from super-heroics after all the past years he'd been through, losing a few of his loved ones and failing to save countless of lives, such as Uncle Ben, George Stacy, and his love Gwen Stacy. When the Kingpin of Crime made his move to take over the city, Peter knew that it was still his responsibility to protect the innocent and so he defeated this crime-lord and returned to crime fighting. He later manages to stop the Kingpin with the help of his fellow knight, Daredevil, before vowing to never consider resisting his ultimate responsibility has a hero ever again, as long as he is still breathing and there he continued giving more hope to the lives of the innocent as their friendly-neighborhood, Spider-Man.

Meeting The Black Cat

In a night of her burglary and futile vengeance against the Maggia Crime Family, the skilled thief and pretend vigilante Black Cat had encountered Spider-Man. She felt as if she could trust him and changed sides so he could trust her too. Even teaming up with Spider-Man made her eventually realized to stop her career as a selfish cat–burglar and then later on, she became a true heroic vigilante. They would have also developed a relationship wherein Black Cat and Spider-Man have mutually loved one another. After they broke up the first time, they remain as lovers from time to time as both Black Cat & Spider-Man and Felicia & Peter.

Joining the Avengers

During the Chitauri Invasion, Peter and Felicia who is more known as the vigilante Black Cat fought alongside several Marvel Knights, including Daredevil to help the Avengers and were both offered to join the team, they were flattered but didn't accept the offer. Eventually, Peter later joins the team and from time to time, wherein he became an important and one of the most-loved member of the Avengers. Reuniting with his old flame Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, the latter tried to get back together with, despite her. Due to the restless distance with the Black Cat who was now a Defender, Peter gave in to her advances forming an affair that lasted for a while, until Felicia herself painfully found out about their tryst. When Peter ended the affair, it was too late. Felicia had ended their exclusive and almost committed relationship for the first time, and Peter realized how he has messed up his already-amazing relationship with Felicia, creating a crevice in their relationship which would keep lasting from time to time as things become either awkward or tense whenever they cross paths, knowing that they still want to be with each other deep inside.

Ultimate War

Ultimates Earth-61615

Spider-Man fights with the rest of the heroic Ultimate Alliance in the concluding battle against the Movement Alliance

When the mysterious and diabolical Movement Alliance conducted a series of massive terrorist attacks all over the world destroying several famous and sacred landmarks, killing over 1,500 people on the very first day of their worldwide assault. Consequently, all the Movement's opposing adversaries, the heroes, were united into creating their own Ultimate Alliance, in order to stop and prevent the Movement from commencing its schemes upon world domination and authoritarian rule, before its too late.

As the attacks all over the world have continued for days and then weeks, more and more casualties are sadly, starting to increase in numbers, due to the extreme terrorism and serious devastation, continuously committed by the conflict between the Movement Alliance and its seemingly unstoppable forces against the combined forces heroes and anti-heroes of the world, the Ultimate Alliance, who are not stopping their fight against the villains until they find a way to make them pay for their irreversible actions and restore back peace in the entire world.

As a response to in the worsening situation, while the rest of the Avengers handles the threat ongoing at the cities of New York, Spider-Man decided to ally himself with the Defenders in continuously finding out the planned threat of the Movement faction of Hydra, to which they have carefully discovered the terrorist organization had been planting several highly-armed explosives planted in several buildings and sewers across New York. During his confrontation with the notorious member of the Sinister Seven, the second vulture, Spider-Man thoroughly convinced the complex villain who was already having guilt complex had returned after rethinking his actions and actual cause, which conclusively led him to helping the heroes in preventing the sinister objectives of the Movement and protect his living loved ones at the cost of his own life, nearing at the victorious end of the Global Superhuman War.

Threat of Thanos

Infinity Quest

Peter Dusted 61615

Peter starts to turn to dust due to Thanos' victorious, cosmic snap, much to Felicia's horror

When the cosmic surfer Norrin Radd came to Earth all the way from Asgard to warn Rogers and the heroes of Earth through telling Doctor Strange that the warlord Mad Titan, Thanos, and his Black Order would attack Earth seeking the final Infinity Stone, Spider-Man returns his new main objective of rejoining the Avengers as an act of protecting Vision. Peter participated both in Corvus Glaive & Black Dwarf's Attack on Greenwich Village and the greater that was the Battle of Wakanda, alongside the Black Cat and some of the Defenders, the Avengers and Wakanda armies as well as the reformed forces of the Ultimates held off the onslaught of Outriders and a large portion of the Chitauri sent down by Thanos under his command.

Thanos would later arrive in the kingdom of Wakanda, and the joint alliance of Earth's mightiest heroes and most dangerous villains did their best to keep him away from Vision. However, Thanos' power was proven to be unmatched, even to all of Earth's mightiest defenders, removes the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead, apparently killing the android and shutting down his entire system in the process. Thanos had ultimately triumphed over his enemies once he completed the Infinity Gauntlet, using this to finally complete his goal and destroy half of the life within the universe at the snap of his fingers. When Thanos eventually wiped out half of the universal population after completing the Infinity Gauntlet, Peter was among the trillions of victims of his conquest.

This ultimate "universal decimation" has heavily devastated Hardy and her allies for losing a lot of their loved ones due to the heroes' ultimate defeat and failure, especially during the unexpected moment she saw an unwell Peter suddenly faded out of existence with her very own eyes in front of him, which immediately led her to break down in tears as her surviving teammates try to comfort her for losing Peter at that moment.

Infinity War

However, the alliance of the surviving heroes, antiheroes, and several redeemed villains still persevered, thanks to the overall introduction of Adam Warlock as the final resort and hope for restoring everything back to normal, and continues their final battle against Thanos within his Sanctuary, aided by the Cosmic Entities. In the process, he overlooked his adoptive daughter Nebula who was able to wrest the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos' hand. Her first act was to undo all that has occurred, which inadvertently freed the heroes and the cosmic entities and resurrected most of those who have once withered away into ash by the Titan's snap of changing reality, including Peter Parker himself in the process, which greatly relieved Felicia. The battle resumed with Nebula's raging hatred towards Thanos in her attempt to kill him for good, and in the end it was Adam Warlock who finally possessed the Gauntlet, ending the cosmic conflict for the Infinity Gauntlet, for now.

Final Commitment

Black Cat and Spidey Kiss 61615

Peter and Felicia's final confession and commitment to be together as lovers for the rest of their lives

Peter still has some lingering feelings for Felicia and told her about it, but she still rejected him, since she is in a relationship with her fellow teammate, Daredevil. After Felicia and Matt Murdock broke up after the traumatic events of Ultimate War, she was now the one who starts to have feelings for Peter once again, but haven't felt the same way about Felicia the way she still had felt about him, since Peter has finally moved on and has proposed to Mary Jane Watson. After he and MJ decided to break-up once again since she still has feelings for someone else since they already separated in college, Peter eventually then realizes that he still has feelings for Felicia and decided to got back together and finally started dating more than forty hours since the end of Infinity War. He later decided propose to her much later on in the future, although it was revealed to be only days later on, and as an answer to his proposal, Felicia happily agrees to marry him because she had loved him since the very beginning of their first romantic relationship together.

Envious of the Past

Days since the aftermath of Infinity War, Peter had made a reservation at Blue Hills Restaurant for him and Felicia's special date later that night as a recently-engaged couple, things almost went downhill and troublesome for their reignited relationship. Earlier that afternoon while Peter and Felicia were having an anniversary reunion with their college friends at Coffee A Go-Go, one of their oldest friends who was not a couple, Kenneth "Kong" MacFarlane and Gloria Grant, comically and topically mentioned when Peter and Mary Jane were still a couple back during their college days, recalling the current couple on how Peter was so romantic and so sweet to MJ, to which Felicia starts to feel awkward and uncomfortable, much to Peter's guilt for letting Felicia hear that.

Along with it, Kong and Gloria also recalled Felicia and Flash's relationship, and how they spent their times together both physically and romantically, which now makes Peter felt even more uncomfortable than Felicia in the already-awkward situation. Because of this, Felicia felt guilty just as well, seeing Peter's response to which he urgently leaves the cafe, excusing his reason that something suddenly came up with his work on the Daily Bugle. Knowing what Peter was actually feeling, Felicia followed Peter outside, apologizing to him about their friends behavior, albeit she only makes the situation much worse unintentionally, after honestly pointing out that she felt envious with his past romance with Mary Jane. As a result, the two ended up arguing about their past, calling him and MJ as the perfect couple he could never forget, creating another rough patch in the start of their reformed relationship.


Immediately realizing what she just said to Peter out of anger, she could only react in shock and guilt. Peter apologizes and tries to comfort Felicia, only for the latter to stop him, telling him that she needs space in the meantime, returning back to her apartment. Peter tries to follow Felicia further to try and resolve things with her, though he had to investigate a distress signal coming from the NYPD, reporting that there was an ongoing attack within attack inside a warehouse. Spider-Man investigated the ongoing crime scene, wherein he was suddenly attacked by the notorious individual known as Morlun. The alerted web-slinger then battled the bloodthirsty Morlun for the very sake of protecting New York City from the threat of the powerful Inheritor. Peter was defeated and almost killed by Morlun, only to be rescued by the founding members of the Spider-Army, saving his life in the process.

In the final conclusive battle of the great Totem War, Peter assembled with the rest of the Spider-Army to help combat Morlun and the rest of the Inheritors, to which they were successful in the end. Fortunate enough, Peter was one of those who thankfully survived the ordeal, sincerely promising to Felicia that he would return, no matter what would be the cost was to him. After the Inheritors were finally defeated, Peter returned to his home universe. As he arrives back to New York, he quickly swung to his apartment, sprayed some perfume on himself, and put on his formal suit, in his desperate attempt to catch up with Felicia on their originally planned date night.

The Dinner

Because of her worries, a heavily anxious Felicia left the restaurant in an instant, and on her way to back to the apartment to suit up her Black Cat suit to find Peter, she happens to walk pass an appliance store, in which she sees through televisions of the windows display several news reports regarding the incident that occurred earlier that afternoon involving Spider-Man fighting a mysterious individual. Staring at the televisions, Felicia's heartbroken reaction unexpectedly started igniting her powers, without even realizing that everything around her starts go off rails. Not Felicia would have noticed this, right until she witnessed that a child was almost hit by a car, caused by her bad luck powers. Thankfully, the child was saved by none other than Peter himself, who was wearing his formal suit. Seeing Peter from the distance, Felicia could only break down in tears of joy and swiftly run towards him, embracing him passionately, much to Peter's surprise before hysterically apologizing to her for being late.

Felicia then worryingly asked him where he went, to which Peter sarcastically answers her that he had to run an errand. Peter then apologizes to Felicia once more if his long past with Mary Jane seems to bother her all those times when he didn't even notice, realizing that he stills gets to choose his destiny, with him finally promising her that he has and would always love her with all his life and no one else, no matter what would happen to the two of them even if the entire multiverse would constantly show and remind him that his life was different than the rest (since most versions of Spider-Men throughout the multiverse usually have Mary Jane as their long-time, destined lover). The couple then passionately kiss, and walks back to the restaurant to resume their date, happily holding hands.

Save the Date

At some point during the later days of the great but short-lived Heroic Age, the heroic couple have finally gotten happily married at the Saint Patrick's Cathedral, wherein their wedding was attended by most of their long-time loved ones, greatest of allies, and even former & recurring enemies. Shortly after the wedding ceremony, the two were inside their wedding car, with them supposed to be on their way to their supposed next location, only to be unexpectedly interrupted by a heavy traffic around Manhattan when they witnessed a heist in a bank that was about to begin and be executed by secret agents of the infamous Maggia Crime Family, led by a disguised Hammerhead. Already feeling a little bit of disappointment that their lovely night and their subsequent honeymoon was gonna have to be delayed for a short moment, Peter and Felicia nonetheless put on their iconic heroic suits immediately and swiftly left the car in secret in the meantime to intervene the upcoming heist and apprehend the treacherous members of the Maggia, happily knowing and realizing that they're finally together as loving and committed soulmates.

A Christmas Gift

Only a days since the Secret Wars has passed, Peter and Felicia have returned to living their normal lives, as a married heroic couple, at Peter's childhood home in Queens. Unbeknownst to them at the time, their future alternate children have also resurfaced as new citizens in the prime universe, albeit still retaining their memories in their past lives. While living his life as an intern at Horizon Labs for the next few months, the adjusting Ben Richie Parker came across several individuals whom he last remembered during Battleworld. Two of those individuals was his parents, Spider-Man and Black Cat, but not exactly his parents, since both Ben and Ashley's parents passed away during the incursions. Those two individuals were the doppelgangers of his parents, who were still revealed to have been recently engaged and are much, much younger than theirs since they were only adults in this reality. One time, Ben eventually decided to finally visit his father's doppelganger in their home residence, in Queens, specifically during Christmas Day.

After nervously knocking on the Parker Residence's front door, Ben was happily greeted by his mother's doppelganger as she opened the door on him, who mistakenly took Ben for just a random caroler, to which Ben was stunned to see his mother this young and beautiful once again, before explaining to Felicia that he came upon to visit, because he was a friend of Peters. Ben then asked where his father's doppelganger was, who wasn't around at the time. However Felicia was confused with all his questions, thinking Ben was possibly some kind of spy of some sort, before asking him what was real reason for visiting their house. After Felicia's intimidation on Ben was making him feel more nervous, he decided to tell her the whole truth, which surprised her, causing for her to slowly break down in tears of joy, to see her son and find out that she and Peter actually had children.

A few hours when Peter had arrived home after a fight with the Wrecking Crew, Felicia finally introduced Ben to him and told him everything about Ben being their son in an alternate reality, to which Peter froze for a second, before immediately embracing both him and Felicia, since he already met him during Battleworld, who Peter had thought of him as a nice guy who Peter could relate to. The only question Peter had to Ben, was why didn't he tell him about it sooner. Ben smiled, before telling him everything else that he knew about them in his home reality. And after all the heartbreaking and heartwarming talk the three had on one another, they let Ben stay inside the Parker Residence for the night, for dinner, since it was Christmas after all.

Powers and Abilities


Spider Physiology: Spider-Man possesses the proportionate powers of a spider, granted to him from an genetically-altered, radioactive spider which bit Peter Parker during his attendance of the exhibition. Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, reflexes, recuperative powers, balance, coordination, and sense of equilibrium. The radioactive, complex mutagenic enzymes in the spider's blood that were transferred at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes within Parker, granting him superhuman strength, speed, toughened flesh, and numerous arachnid-like abilities. That mutation granted him an "enhanced chromosome pattern".

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Equilibrium
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Apparent Immortality
  • Spider-Sense
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Indomitable Will
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Expert Inventor/Engineer
  • Science Major
  • Skilled Photographer
  • Master Acrobat
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
  • Skilled Businessman
  • Multilingual

Strength level

Class 15+


  • Spider-Sense Disruption
  • Ethyl Chloride
  • Bad Luck



  • Web-Shooters
  • Utility Belt
  • Spider-Tracers
  • Spider-Signal
  • Avengers Identicard
  • Spider-Man Suits


  • Web-Swinging

Weapons: None known.


  • Peter has an IQ of 250, similar to his Earth-616 counterpart.
  • Peter knows several language alongside English such as Italian, French, and Spanish.
  1. Modern Comics: Avengers Vol 1 1


  • As of the mid-2020s, Spider-Man's official social network accounts (mainly Twitter and Instagram), whose username is @YFNSpidey, have a total of 62 million followers. Meanwhile, the totality of Peter Parker's personal accounts is summed up consisting of 51,962 friends and followers.
  • Peter used to date several fellow heroes including Black Cat, who is now his wife, Kitty Pryde, and many more. He even used to date Wanda Maximoff on-and-off during college, causing Mary Jane to have a little difficulty getting back together with Peter until their graduation.

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