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"With great power comes great responsibility."

―Ben Parker's last words to Peter before his death.

Prof. Peter Benjamin Parker. PhD (born August 1st, 1989) is a 31 year old scientist in the Biophysics Division at Oscorp and a professor at Empire State University. He is the son of the late Richard and Mary Parker, the nephew and surrogate son of Ben and May Parker, the husband of Mary Jane Watson, the best friend of Harry Osborn, the close friend of Wade Wilson, Angelica Jones, Bobby Drake, Eugene Thompson, Ned Lee, Barack Obama, Reed Richards, Betty Brant, Tony Stark, Angela Yin, Logan Howlett, Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner.



Peter was orphaned at the age of six when his parents were murdered in an airplane crash overseas. He went to live with his uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker, in Forest Hills, New York. Peter was extremely smart and worked his way to become an honors student at Midtown High School. However, Peter's shyness and scholastic interest often made him a social outcast, being overshadowed by the likes of high school bully, Flash Thompson, among other popular kids.

While attending a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by Oscorp, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider that had been irradiated by a particle accelerator used in the demonstration. Making his way home afterwards, Peter discovered he had somehow gained incredible strength, agility, and the ability to cling to walls; spider-like traits that he immediately associated with the spider bite.

He uses these new-found skills to his advantage, participating in a wrestling match in order to win some money. Peter wins the match, but the dealer refuses to give him the amount of money that was promised. Moments after Peter leaves the dealer's office, it is robbed, but in an act of revenge, he allows the robber to escape with the stolen money. Later that night, it is discovered that the robber had murdered Peter's Uncle Ben when he refused to hand over his car.

Great Responsibility

The first problem young Peter faced was the lack of money with the death of his uncle. Due to the fact that his Aunt May was too weak to work and Peter was seen as fragile, he decided to get a job, even though Aunt May wanted him to become a scientist instead. Peter even thought about using his spider powers for crime out of desperation, but eventually decided against it after thinking how his Aunt would react to him in jail.

However, it was seeming impossible to him to find a job in order to pay his growing debts. As Spider-Man, he was not able to continue his career as TV star, because of J. Jonah Jameson, owner of the Daily Bugle and the newspaper Daily Bugle,who started a smear campaign against Spidey. Jameson would make statements that he was a bad influence for children and a criminal for taking justice into his own hands, referring to the situation with the burglar. Protests started taking effect and turning the public perception against Spider-Man, eventually causing Spidey's manager to leave him, impeding his ability to earn money even in costume. With these forced change of events, Peter searched through the wanted ads, only to be rejected by all the employers. Not being able to use his super-powers as Spider-Man angered Peter, and his fury only intensified after seeing his Aunt May selling her jewelry to try and earn some money.

The following summer vacation had been spent taking down crooks. But while this proved to be very easy, a mysterious crime lord known as the "Big Man" wanted him executed for foiling his criminal operations, and he sent a special team called the Enforcers to do the dirty work. Meanwhile, Spider-Man found his start of Junior year occupied by fighting his first supervillain, The Vulture, off of Harry's dad, Norman. Peter, on the other hand, was struggling to help Aunt May pay off the accumulating bills. Peter and Gwen were offered an internship at Dr. Connors' lab where old friend of Peter's Ned Lee was interning, but when he learned high school interns didn't get paid, he sought a job at the Daily Bugle for money. Spider-Man later on defeats the Vulture and the Enforcers. After returning home, Aunt May questions him on why he wasn't home on time and they come to an agreement, stating that if Peter is coming home later, he must call and inform May.

At E.S.U Connors is experimenting with genetically altered Electric Eels. While Ned explains to Peter and Gwen how these Eels work, an electrician named Max Dillon is upgrading the labs bio-electric filters. Connors waits for Max to finish but he sends Peter and Gwen home. Peter gets a call from Aunt May then he tells her he's walking Gwen home and that he be home right after. Max is busy trying to fix a malfunction but one of his tools fall into a electric field; he touches it unknowing that it was electrocuted and gets a shock as electricity burst from his body. Later Max is sent to a hospital while his body is trying to adjust to the electricity and gets sent to a morgue. Meanwhile Spidey is in a rush to get to school so he swings there but is still late with his shirt barely covering his costume. Flash tells Peter that the Bugle stole Peter's idea to take pictures of Spider-Man in action. Peter is shocked but gets his test right after just to find he got an A in his test. Flash is jealous so he tries to throw a ball at Peter but his Spider-Sense goes off. Peter pretends he drops his test and ducks and Flash's ball hits the teacher at the back of his head and he knows it was Flash. At the Manhattan General Hospital Ned and Connors check on Max and Connors assures Max he'll begin working on a cure. In school Liz Allan needs a tutor and the teacher recommends Peter. Liz disagrees and tries to change his mind; she'd rather get tutored by Flash but the teacher still recommended Peter for the job. Max is still recuperating but is accompanied by Ned. Max is furious and runs out at the Silver Spoon where Peter is trying to tutoring Liz but finds Max running out and Peter mistakes him as a thug and ditches Liz. Electro and Spidey fight but eventually Max escapes. At school Peter feels sorry for ditching Liz and she agrees to go to E.S.U with him later. Max is confronted by the police and the doctor then he goes ballistic and sets out for Connors. At E.S.U. Liz meets all of Peter's friends just as Electro appears and Spidey and him fight with Peter winning in the end.

Natural Selection

J. Jonah Jameson shot down Peter's idea to sell him pictures of Spider-Man in action immediately and kicked him out of his office. However, Jameson had actually stole Peter's ideas as his own and published a contest. Peter later managed to win the contest as a result of taking pictures of Spider-Man fighting the Lizard, whom Dr. Connors' had accidentally turned himself into as a result of experimenting with lizard DNA, but--despite Peter having never shown anything that linked Connors to the Lizard--this action alienated Peter from his friends at the ESU lab--particularly Ned.

An upset Peter realised how much of a burden his alternate persona was and decided to take a vial of the same gene cleanser that cured Dr. Connors and use it to "cure" himself of his spider powers, but he decided to keep it for later, remaining Spider-Man for the time being.

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