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Real Name
Peter Parker
Current Alias

Spidey, Web Head, Wallcrawler, Public Menace, Bug-Boy, Kid, Pete, Tiger, Geekazoid



Daily Bugle (Part-Time)
Saint Gloria High School (third-year student)

Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Ben Parker (Uncle, Deceased)
May Parker (Aunt)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York

Mysterious Benefactor, Adrian Toomes (The Vulture), Harry Osborn (The Green Goblin)





Unusual Features
Tiny, sharp hairs on hands and feet


Marital Status

High School Student, Part-Time worker, Photographer, Vigilante

High School

During the field trip to the Oscorp Labs, Peter was bitten by a unusual spider. The following day, he developed unusual abilities, which he initially used to fight criminals for cheap thrills and to relieve himself of the stress of being bullied. Following Ben Parker's attack, however, he begins to use his powers more seriously.

Place of Birth


First appearance

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Vol. 1: Flight of Fancy

Character Profile

Quote1 When I first got these powers, I didn't use 'em to become a hero. I used them to relieve some stress. Stress from my life from being ridiculed. Someone once told me that great power comes great responsibility. I don't think I'm a hero. I don't think I'll ever become a hero. But, no matter what, I'll use these powers to save others. Because that's my responsibility. I started this. Might as well finish it, right? Quote2
-- Peter to Yuri Watanabe

Early Life

Peter was born on September 11th to the Parker Family, who died due to mysterious circumstances. Following their deaths, he was sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle, who he loved dearly. In early childhood, he became friends with Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn. In middle school, he and Flash's friendship became enstranged when the latter joined the Football club and won the regional championship. The following year, he met Gwendolyn Stacy and became good friends with her. Along with Harry, they created the Science Club.

In High School, Peter began taking up photography classes and eventually landed a part-time job at the Daily Bugle, where he began to study under Eddie Brock, a senior journalist. Peter was initially nervous around Brock, given his behavior, but quickly learned that the man was very welcoming and offering to teach him the ropes.

Around this same time, Flash began to bully other kids, Peter being no exception. Harry and Gwen, however, noticed that he didn't treat Peter nearly as bad as the others, showing that Flash, to some capacity, still thought of him as a friend. Nervous that this could change in the future, Peter began taking self-defense classes at a nearby dojo run by Mr. Riley.

In his Freshman and Sophomore year, Peter's academic records made him a favorite by the teachers, which allowed him, Gwen and Harry to reform the Science Club, which quickly garnered new members. They scored first place in the Science Fair that year. In that same year, Peter was approached by Harry's father, Norman Osborn, who was deeply impressed by his scientific feats. He offered him a scholarship to any State University of his choosing, and following graduation, a spot as a part-time at the Oscorp Research Laboratory. Peter politely declined the offer, stating that he wanted to look after his Aunt and Uncle, the only important people in his life. Norman wasn't upset by his refusal, but was instead impressed.

In Peter's Junior year of High School, the Science Club was set to take a field trip to the Oscorp Research Labs.

Peter Parker Marvel Knight in Action

A Spider's Beginning.


Powers and Abilities


Peter possesses all of the powers that are to be expected from a "Spider-Man." He is capable of sticking to any solid surface with his hands or feet through the small, yet sharp hairs that act as hooks on the surfaces of his feet and palms. He also demonstrates increased physical strength and stamina, along with sturdier skin. He also has a few other abilities as well:

"Spider Sense" - A sort of early warning system built-into his brain. Peter can sense oncoming threats from virtually anywhere, though it is up to him to determine where the threat is coming from. It manifests in the form of a tingling sensation in the back of his head and from the tiny hairs on his body standing up straight. This ability is capable of being hampered through cognitive interference. This "sixth-sense" can regard various threats as potentially dangerous to Peter, such as a punch being thrown his way, falling debris, or an attack coming from below. On a side note, when his Spider Sense goes off, time briefly seems to slow down for Peter - which is his brain registering the information in a hundredth of a second. The Spider Sense has been a helpful tool for Peter in his early crime-fighting career, and has since then incorporated it into his fighting style. It is capable of sensing threats up to at least 5 kilometers away, though Peter believes that it can be further heightened. When the Spider-Sense is triggered, Peter develops an increase of adrenaline, which helps him move faster and fight harder for a short period of time.

"Super Human Strength" - Along with his newly developed Spider Sense, Peter also demonstrates impressive physical strength. On one occasion, with nothing but his webbing keeping a school bus full of children from falling and his own raw strength, he was able to not only pull himself up to the Golden Gate Bridge, but also pull the bus back onto it, though he did receive help from citizens and the police. He is easily able to smash through concrete and lift objects several times his own weight. He initially found it hard to control this newfound strength until Mr. Riley showed him how. He is perfectly capable of knocking out the average human with relative ease, using only a single punch at times. This increased strength also allows for him to jump even higher with the use of his legs, jumping from one building to the next.

"Superhuman Speed" - Peter is also capable of moving even faster than he could previously due to the spider bite. He can react several hundred times faster than the normal human, which can be greatly improved through the use of his Spider Sense, and evade bullets fired from automatic rifles. He is even capable of catching up to a speeding car on foot.

"Enhanced Senses" - Similar to Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, Peter also developed enhanced senses. He can see farther and hear sounds from hundreds of miles away. However, these appear to be much weaker than O'Hara's, as he does not have to worry about sunlight blinding him or extremely loud sounds disorienting him. When aided by the Spider Sense, Peter is also capable of discerning oncoming threats much more easily.

"Talons" - An unfortunate side-effect, as Peter once put it. He can develop sharp claws from his fingers and toes, which secretes a weak, but powerful paralysis venom that works within seconds. He is capable of retracting them, but the tiniest cut can infect someone, thus forcing Peter to wear gloves at times.

"Superhuman Reflexes" - Alongside the Spider Sense and Enhanced Senses, Peter is capable of reacting several hundred times faster than the average human. He was shown to, at one point, evade bullets at point blank range from a typical revolver and even dodge being shot at with a rifle without being hit within the span of a minute. With his increased abilities, Peter is perhaps far stronger than even the most fittest of athletes.

"Superhuman Stamina" - Prior to the spider bite, Peter had subpar endurance. In the endurance run, which ended in an estimated 11 minutes, Peter only lasted four. Following the development of his powers, however, his stamina has been greatly increased to the point where he was able to run for hours without tiring himself out. On one occasion, he spent the entire night fighting crime, only showing slight signs of exhaustion when he returned home.

"Enhanced Durability" - Without the spider bite or any of his abilities, Peter would have definitely have died in his early career as a vigilante. He is capable of taking on physical damage that would have debilitated or fatally injured the average human, even being shocked with a lightning blast that, according to Electro, should have killed a man four times over. He was nearly buried alive underneath ten tons of crumbling concrete, but he was able to escape, albeit somewhat injured in the process, having broken his arm in doing so.

"Healing Factor" - Peter developed a minor healing factor, where he can heal from wounds at an incredible rate. It took him one night to heal from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. However, this healing is tied to his metabolism, and as a result, he also developed an incredible appetite.

"Pathogenic Immunity" - As a side effect of the spider bite, Peter is incapable of getting sick with normal diseases. This does not apply to genetically altered pathogens, though it is possible for him to build up an immunity to them overtime.

"Night Vision" - Thanks to the spider bite, Peter is perfectly able to see in the dark.

"Arthropod Empathy" - Even before the spider bite that caused him to develop arachnid-like powers, Peter has had an affinity with spiders and other arthropod insects. He confessed to having once envied spiders by how brave they could be, establishing nests in plain view while typically being viewed by most humans with fear. After being bit, Peter was able to develop a minor empathetic link with the insects and arachnids. As a result, he has had a good relationship with them and even uses them to his advantage at times through this link. While Peter cannot directly communicate with them, he can feel what they feel.


"Genius Intellect" - Even at a young age, Peter has had an incredible scientific mind. He has had straight A's all throughout his elementary and middle school years along with his first two years in high school in mathematics, language, science, biology and physics. Alongside Harry, he developed a powerful webbing that was several times stronger than steel and could last for hours before dissolving. He is also highly strategic, using his opponent's flaws against them to claim victory, though overtime his developing cocky attitude has caused his strategies to get canned. The spider bite has also enhanced his thought process by several hundred times. While nowhere near the level of the likes of Quicksilver, he was capable of thinking of a strategy to defeat Adrian Toomes in only three seconds.

"Will Power" - A trait shared by many Spider-Men. Though he did not initially have it in spades, Peter became determined to follow through on his promise to his Uncle about helping others with his gifts. On some occasions, this sheer force of will allows him to break through illusions and hallucinations caused by magic or pathogens. This also extends to his civilian life, where he refused to allow his bullying to influence his crime-fighting life. This will power also keeps him from crossing the line and killing someone for one reason or another, but he can be pushed to reach it.

Strength level

Peter's physical strength him allows for him to lift objects approximately 10-15 tons. Should Peter hone his abilities and reach adulthood, it is possible for him to lift objects of even greater weight.


Due to his young age and balancing his civilian and vigilante life, Peter is often forced to choose between one or the other in a few situations. Early on in his crime-fighting career following Ben Parker's death, Peter was even willing to go back on his promise to his uncle and stop fighting crime when he learned just how badly he was viewed by the eyes of the public. Additionally, a smart villain would be able to play on his fears and weaknesses, such as Ben Parker or his family, perhaps even his morals. Peter is also horribly inexperienced when it comes to crime fighting, something that a few others pick up on.


Equipment: Web Shooters: When reading the online forums and how people started calling his vigilante persona "Spider-Man" and remembering how he wasn't able to properly restrain one crook, Peter decided to capitalize on this and asked Harry for assistance in building a fluid that could last for hours and be several times more powerful than steel. These shooters are attached to Peter's wrists, and are generally hidden underneath his gloves. He also has several cartridges of the stuff, should he run out.

"Inferred Goggles" - A hand-made tool. Using his smarts, Peter was able to make this, which not only obscures the upper half of his face from view with his face mask, but also allows him to determine how many people are within his vicinity.
Transportation: "Web Shooters" - Peter uses his web-shooters to travel by swinging on web-lines. Combined with his spider abilities, he can move at amazing speeds throughout the urban chasms of Manhattan.
Weapons: "Web Shooters"


  • This version of Peter Parker's origin story, particularly how he began his Spider-Man career in its early stages, is a homage to Gwen Stacy's beginnings as "Spider-Woman" in the "Spider-Gwen" comics, though with obvious differences
    • Peter uses his powers initially for cheap thrills, though it later evolves into him relieving his stress from dealing with his high school bullies. Gwen meanwhile used her powers to receive attention.


  • This version of Peter does not wear the trademark fullbody costume, though the author has stated that he will receive one when he has "come of age."
  • He is 16-years-old.
  • The artwork of Peter was done by DeviantArtist "fishnones."
  • Peter is supposedly to be in a romantic relationship with Gwen Stacy, though he is meant to be romantically involved with Felicia Hardy as well.

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