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Peter Benjamin Parker (Earth-4045)
Real Name
Peter Benjamin Parker
Current Alias





Mary Parker (Mother)
Rick Parker (Father)
May Parker (Aunt)
Benson Parker (Uncle)


Base Of Operations







Marital Status

Student, scientist, X-Man

Accomplished high school and general education, accomplished scientist

A Mutant who was born with spider-like powers.


First appearance

X-Men: Light's Dawn Vol 1 Issue 2


Quote1.png I lost two of my most important guardians in my life. I still have my mother and father, yes. But my uncle and aunt gave me more experience. They're more precious in my opinion. I do realize what's "wrong" with me. I'm a Mutant, I got powers. But I always remember what my family says. With great power, comes great responsibility. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

The Crawling Spider

Peter Benjamin Parker was born to two scientist parents, who were developing a way in how to cure deadly diseases around the world, with one of them being the Zika Virus. Peter's the greatest gift of God his parents had ever got. However, because of their business and dedication of life towards developing the "perfect cure", they rarely cared for Peter. And all of those, was when Peter's still in Mary Parker's womb. His parents had advised a way of the "perfect cure" by using spider DNA. At first, it was thought to be a mad idea. However, their superiors gave Rick and Mary Parker the chance to find the "perfect cure" using spider DNA. The research ended up with mutating one of the test subject spiders, irradiating it, and unknowingly, giving it the power to bestow others with powers via biting it. The first "victim" that experienced the bite, was Mary Parker, who was pregnant with Peter tha time. At night, after Mary worked overtime, the spider managed to get out of it's containment chamber, and bit Mary unexpectedly. It altered her genes, but didn't grant her powers. Instead, months later, when Peter was born, he gained the powers. Peter himself had X-Genes within him. His powers were seen by his parents at one point when he was still a baby, being somehow being able to crawl walls while he's "just doing a normal crawl initially".

Peter then ended up discovering his powers when he's still 10. He didn't realize it during his younger years. With his powers, he pretended to be a superhero named "Spider-Man", but got detention punishment in his school several times. He cleverly hid his powers, using his incredible intellect (he's a prodigy). Peter then tried to take control of his powers at the age of 15, but ended up nearly killing Eugene Thompson by webbing his face, suffocating him. Peter then escaped his family and school, realizing that his powers may mean that he's gonna be a freak in the society. He himself was already a "freak" in his younger years, being a temporary outcast and target of bullies. His mother and father tried to search for him, but failed. Then, his uncle and aunt tried to find Peter. They managed to find Peter, hiding in the sewers. And that time, it's when he got the inspiration, of "with great power, comes great responsibility". After this, Peter returned to his parents, but lived in his aunt and uncle's house, and discharged himself out of his school. He nearly graduated that time, however.

The Faithful Day

At one point, however, he met a life-changing moment. While he was walking with his uncle and aunt, they stumbled upon "certain trained gunmen", led by a weird-ass dude, trying to blow up a bank. Brock Rumlow (Crossbones), that time, was still in his HYDRA trainee times. Peter then rushed in an attempt to stop the HYDRA operatives. His uncle and aunt tried to stop him, but when Peter managed to knock out 4 HYDRA agents, Brock fired his shotgun on an unsuspecting Peter, seemingly "killing" him, then unleashed a stream of lead on his aunt and uncle. Peter, who was knocked out that time (but surviving due to his Mutant powers), woke up in the morning in a hospital. He grieved after knowing that his uncle and aunt died because of his attempt of becoming a "hero". Coincidentally, at the time when the HYDRA operatives attacked the bank, "Magneto" witnessed Peter's act. Magneto then approached Peter the next day, and offered him a place in his "school" (X-Men). Peter secretly accepted the offer, but talked to him at first about what's the school about. Then, when Peter joined the school, he saw that there are other "Mutants" like him. Peter immediately gets accepted to the school, with his parents not knowing his whereabouts. Magneto, fascinated with Peter's Mutant powers, conducted several researches, with Peter even participating in his own research. Peter later joined Magneto's X-Men, using his "past hero persona", Spider-Man.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spider Physiology: Peter's Mutant powers were triggered by a special strain of gene, originating from an irradiated spider that bit Peter's mother during his pregnancy, which passes down it's powers to Peter himself, and activated his X-Genes. With this, Peter gained powers similar to those of a common house spider. However, in this case, he gained the irradiated spider's powers. Still, his powers are akin to other Spider-Men in fiction. One of his most iconic powers is his "Spider-Sense", which warns Peter of incoming dangers, allowing him to evade it with precision and grace.
    • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man's physiology grants him with strength of superhuman levels. He has been shown to be able to knock out highly trained agents with ease, slam a car down so hard it got crushed in half, throw a small bus, and trade blow-for-blow with the clearly stronger Colossus in a sparring match. His strength allows him to break through concrete with little difficulty, and wreck a van's hood with no effort by simply punching it.
    • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Due to having spider physiology, Peter's natural speed and agility, plus reflexes are enhanced to impossible levels. He has been noted to be "able to tag Quicksilver" even if he's the faster one. Not just that, Peter's equilibrium is enhanced and his balance is superhumanly amazing. He has been shown dancing around hails of bullets and avoiding attacks from other superhumans. Coupled with his Spider-Sense, he's nearly untouchable.
    • Superhuman Durability and Endurance: Peter is able to survive heavy trauma, and resist several types of damage. He has been shown to survive being shot by a shotgun (courtesy of Crossbones), being slashed by Lizard and punched by Colossus in a free-for-all sparring match, and several types of ammunitions won't even affect him or damage him, such as 9mm rounds. He has also been shown to survive being rammed into three buses.
    • Spider-Sense: Peter's iconic power is his "Spider-Sense", which warns him of impending dangers, allowing him to avoid it with accuracy and precision. This power's so great it's considered as a limited precognition. A demonstration of this power is when Peter was warned by his head that a sniper got sights on his head, preparing for a head-shot, and he dodged it. Although powerful, it has several weaknesses and if Peter's unsuspecting, he can get off-guard. This power also enhances the rest of Peter's 5 senses.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Peter's body fatigue toxin production is reduced, and he eliminates most fatigue toxins from his body, allowing him to perform physical activities and exert himself longer than a normal human being.


Peter is a competent combatant, being taught by Magneto in how to fight and utilize his agility for combat effectiveness. Peter's also an accomplished and expert scientist, being a prodigy at young age.

Strength level

Peter is able to lift up to 5 tons.


While Peter's "Spider-Sense" is extremely acute to the point that it is considered a "limited precognition", it can be disrupted via special type of drugs. Peter is immune to foreign drugs and diseases, but his Spider-Sense isn't invulnerable towards drugs. As such, while it's disrupted, the Spider-Sense can cause Peter's head to "bang painfully" and make him dizzy, making him vulnerable and unable to react optimally. Plus, his organic webbing isn't in infinite amount, although much. To recover the organic webbing back, it might take a few hours or minutes of "recharge", depending on how much webbing was lost.



  • Web-Shooters: Peter was provided with artificial web-shooters by Magneto at all times, in case his organic webbing ran out (see below at weapons section).
  • Spider-Suit: Peter's X-Men uniform is a spider-patterned costume. The costume doesn't really provide Peter with any true physical enhancements, but it protects him even better from friction.

Transportation: The X-Jet, his methods of swinging throughout certain areas using his webs.

  • Organic Webbing: Due to his Mutant powers bestowing him with spider-physiology, Peter is able to shoot out an indefinite amount of organic webbing from his wrists. The wristbands that Peter wears is used to keep Peter able to fire webbings in case his organic webbing "dried out" (while it's indefinite, through Magneto's research, it has been stated that his near-unlimited organic webbing actually got limits). These organic webbings are as strong as steel, making it deadly in immobilizing enemies larger than Peter himself. However, stronger beings can free themselves with ease from the webbing.


Peter was 15 years old when he joined the X-Men.


  • Peter's costume is based on the mainstream Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume.
  • The idea of Peter's organic webbing was inspired by the 3 Spider-Man movies made by Sam Raimi, while his "limited" webbing idea was an original idea.
  • Unlike most depictions of Spider-Man, this version of Spider-Man gained his powers naturally (being a Mutant), not being bitten by some kind of spider or being granted powers in a mythical way. Instead, his mother, Mary Parker, got bitten by a mutated spider, which passed down it's genes to Peter, who was born from Mary, and gained powers that triggered his "X-Gene". However, his mother doesn't get the powers.
  • Instead of getting his biological parents dead, in this universe, Peter's uncle and aunt died, and his mom and dad still lives.
  • Peter shared a brotherly bond with Colossus, as both of them somehow "learned" their powers in a similar way, which was in school, and encountered Magneto after "being-a-Mutant-school-problems". Although Peter didn't encounter William Stryker, who was Colossus' school principal.
  • His aunt and uncle were killed by Crossbones, or at least Brock Rumlow before becoming Crossbones.

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