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The Brotherhood

Paul Wan was the son of the genetic terrorist known as Magneto and a human, and brother to the hex-casting Scarlet Witch. Eager to prove himself to Magneto since he was a child, Paul offered to finish the job on at least one occasion. But when Magneto attacked Tokyo, with a fleet of reprogrammed Sentinel robots, it was Paul who surreptitiously removed his father's thought-proof helmet -- enabling the telepathic Xavier to transform his one-time friend into a living super-magnet. Apparently, Quicksilver had grown tired of Magneto's constant criticism, ridicule and resentment.

The Ultimates

Paul and Maria defected from the Brotherhood and opted to join the Ultimates. Together, they aided the team on a few missions, including the invasion of Japan by the Liberators. During the battle, Paul saved Hawkeye's life when she was being attacked by the Liberator Speedster, Hurricane. Paul managed to take Hurricane up to speeds far faster than he had been trained to go, literally ripping his body apart at a molecular level, stating that he'd already been able to reach Mach-10 when he was just a teenager.[1]

A short while later, Maria was murdered by Ultron, an android created by Dr. Tofu that gained sentience and became infatuated with her, when he realized he could not be with her romantically. Paul, devastated by his sisters death, returned to his fathers' side. He was later apparently mortally injured while protecting Magneto.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Able to think and move at extreme speeds. His entire body has adapted to the rigors of high-speed running, and his cardiovascular and respiratory systems are many times more efficient than those of a normal human being. His body can somehow resist the immense friction generated by high speed movement to a degree unmatched even by other Ultimate Marvel speedsters. Quicksilver has stated he can run at speeds up to Mach 10 even as a teenager. The longer he runs the more momentum he gains and the faster he becomes. He is so fast, that he was able to casually reach speeds near light.[5]

Strength level

Quicksilver's upper body possesses strength of a human who engages in moderate excercise, however his lower body possesses enhanced strength.


Quicksilver was protective of his sister.

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