Paragon Comics is a comic company formed January 2016 by BeholdtheVision.


  • BeholdtheVision (editor-in-chief; writer of Starlight, Eight Down, and Signalmen)
  • Actingoutlove (writer of Shadow and Eight Down)
  • BIONICLEToa (writer and illustrator of Emerald)
  • Jaga 321 (writer and illustrator of Savanna)
  • FrenchTouch (writer of Web City and Signalmen)
  • The Ultimate Thinker (writer of Misfortune and Long Sins, Old Shadows)


Launched January 2016

Starlight (BeholdtheVision)

The story of a strange boy who wakes up without a memory, and with extraordinary powers.

Emerald (BIONICLEToa)

After inheriting a family secret and learning of a secret society, Emerald uses her newfound powers and a bit of her anxiety to protect the city of Salem, Oregon from terrorists and battle government security.

Launched Feburary 2016

Eight Down (BeholdtheVision and Actingoutlove)

Eight scientists are changed forever by a lab accident, and when one of them breaks their vow never to use their powers its going to take the whole team to find the killer.

Shadow (Actingoutlove)

The story of a girl and an organization seeking to use her as a weapon against the world's rising metahumans.

Launched May 2016

Savanna (Jaga 321)

A artistic and harmless teenager from Mumbai inherits the powers of a god, leader her to deal with the immense power, and the dangers it comes with.

Misfortune (The Ultimate Thinker)

Misfortune is the world´s greatest detective, aided not only by conventional methods but also supernatural means. The man himself is a mystery, with no known origin or explanation to his powers or actions. But when the angered soul of a supposedly suicidal high school professor comes for his aid, Misfortune will step out of the shadows to battle a young killer who is just as brilliant as he is... Or even more. An Epic Battle has begun...

Addicted (Wynter's Sloth)

A story about a man struggling with his addiction to drugs, what he could do to stop it and his brother.

Echolocation (BeholdtheVision)

Synopsis pending.

Long Sins, Old Shadows (The Ultimate Thinker)

Life is just like a tulip garden, isn´t it? So pleasant at first and now it´s lost it´s charm. But suddenly, out of nowhere, you see some red. Surely, it must be a red rose! The most beautiful flower there is! You step closer, your hand being harshly cut by the thorns that protect it, each cut going as deep as possible. And when you can see clearly, you know there was no rose at all. It´s just another tulip! And the only red is your own blood! 

Launched June 2016

Web City (FrenchTouch)

Synopsis Pending.

Launched November 2016

Signalmen (BeholdtheVision and FrenchTouch)

Characters from across the Paragon Universe unite to take on a threat they cannot face alone!

The Comic Rack

NOTE: The comic rack will soon be changed, so older comics will be put into a 'comics vault' chronologically.

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