Morpha Marvel

Morpha / Paige Guthrie

Paige's history is the same as that of her Earth-616 counterpart, up until her uncontrollable skin shedding began while teaching at the Jean Grey School.

After transforming into fire and destroying the N'Garai demons invading the mansion, it became evident that pushing her powers to the maximum was causing her personality to "morph" as well, changing her state of mind as easily as she changes her body. Beast diagnosed this as a psychologically unstable emotional state that typically affected only shapeshifters as powerful as Mystique, and if she didn't do something about it, she would soon become a threat to everyone around her, including herself. As a result, Professor X designated Kitty Pryde to help Paige start a psychological treatment routine to help her through her identity crisis and help her rediscover the "way home" as she always had before. Meanwhile, she participated in missions alongside the new Generation X under the tutelage of Lady Xorn, who also assisted her with Buddhist meditation skills.


Malleability: As Morpha, Paige is made of unstable molecules, giving her the ability to shapeshift. Her metamorphic powers seem limited only by her imagination and mood. She can transform her limbs or her entire body with any molecular configuration she wants, like turning her hands into sharp metal swords or shields, taking the form of thousands of birds to attack an opponent with thousands of pecking, or wholly transforming into metal, water, volcanic magma, nuclear plasma or imitate a particular person or individual down to the psionic and molecular level. When she does this, not even a trained telepath can differentiate her from the original, since she can imitate their smell, vocal patterns, fingerprints, retina, and DNA. She can change the chemical composition of your body in a gas or liquid. She is also able to fly: in the past, she formed wings and propellers to jet, however, in at least one case she demonstrated the ability to fly through sheer force of will. She can also change her color, stretch, contract, twist, compress and expand her body.

High Resistance: Because of Morpha's genetic makeup, she is extremely durable and resistant to physical damage. She is much more susceptible to energy-based attacks.

Amorphous Recovery: The unstable molecules that make up Morpha's body are able to divide and merge back together, allowing her to survive such injuries as dismemberment. However, this process takes time, and becomes harder when Morpha is recovering from burns or damage posed by radiation.

Odorless: Morpha's physical makeup is odorless and does not emit odor, making it impossible for superhumans with enhanced senses to track her.

Super-Strength: Despite being rarely seen using this power, Morpha has super strength and can lift or press 29 tons.

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