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Real Name
Otto Gunther Octavius
Current Alias

Spider-Man (formerly; as Peter Parker), Superior Spider-Man, Peter Benjamin Parker (formerly; due to body swap), Otto Octavius, Ock, Doc Ock, Ocky Ock, Master Planner, Doctor, Master Programmer



Horizon Labs, Sinister Six (co-founder; inactive); formerly Oscorp

Torbert Octavius (father; deceased), Mary Octavius (mother; deceased), Mary Rosalita Anders (ex-wife; estranged)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Myopia necessitates the use of prescription eyeglasses


Marital Status

Personal assistant, adventurer, scientist, Oscorp scientist, criminal mastermind, atomic researcher consultant

Ph.D in various sciences

Otto Octavius created mechanical tentacles to aid him with his nuclear work. After a lab explosion left him hospitalized, Otto awoke to find himself able to telepathically control them, Otto realized that with his new ability, and his already great intellect, he could be the best there is.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 3
Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 15
(first full appearance)
Modern Comics: Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 1
(as Spider-Man)


Quote1 I'm a scientist, Osborn. I want -- I just want to be a scientist. The most superior I can become... I'm not a career criminal or some bio-terrorist or whatever it is you're trying to accomplish here... Quote2
-- Doctor Octopus

Early Years

Born in Schenectady, New York, to a lower-class family, the only child Otto Gunther Octavius was to be raised by his overbearing mother and his abusive father. He was accepted into M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Later, his father was killed in a construction accident during Otto's first year of college, his mother used her husband's early death to manipulate Otto into studying more. Otto's hard work paid off when he graduated at the top of his class and became a researcher at the Atomic research a reclusive in school, where he met and fell in love with his fellow researcher, Mary Rosalita Anders and then later, marries her but due to unknown reasons, they got divorced.

Doctor Octopus

Now an adult, Otto Octavius managed to get a job at Oscorp, but was later fired after the company had found out that some of his inventions were too "unethical." He later got a job at the U.S. Atomic Research Center. To help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Otto constructed a chest harness controlling four mechanical, tentacle-like arms, the same tentacles he had developed at Oscorp, in which in actuality had much impressed Norman Osborn, before he unwillingly fired him due to his employees' many complaints, earning him the infamous nickname, Doctor Octopus.

After his mother died, Otto couldn't stop his grieving, making him to lost his focus during his work, and one time, the volatile liquids accidentally exploded, bombarding the scientist with radiation. The substances left him into grafting his traditional metal arms onto his body and capable of mentally controlling the them, but the accident also caused Otto a severe brain damage, transforming the respected scientist into a megalomaniacal criminal.

Encountering Spider-Man

Spider man number 2 cover

Octavius battling Spider-Man

Waking in a hospital, Otto knew this new found strength, combined with his superior intellect could render him supremely powerful. Holding the medical staff hostage, Otto forced them to gather lab equipment for him to continue his work, Spider-Man intervened and later defeats Otto, locking him in prison. Otto later would eventually escaped and would eventually encounters Spider-Man several times, making him one of his greatest and most dangerous enemies for the next several years of his life of terror.

The Sinister Seven

After suffering three defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, Norman Osborn and Doctor Octopus had made an agreement on each other after realizing that they needed help against the web-slinger. They formed this superhuman criminal group, and dubbed this alliance as the Sinister Seven, but was later changed to Sinister Six after the apparent death of Norman during the events of Ultimate War. Norman later returned as the Iron Patriot, and fooled the world into thinking he's a hero under the guise of the Iron Patriot and outed many heroes as cowards. His downfall was caused by his own insanity when he led a Siege on Asgard. He later again returned as the Goblin once again, but he still refused on joining his old team once again, believing that they're already useless, unless he needs to use them again against the heroic web-slinger of New York City.

Superior Spider-Man

At some point during the earliest days of the Heroic Age, when Otto has discovered another universe almost exactly the same to theirs through his upgraded and modified dimensional portal (something that he had previously crafted out of the renowned Baxter Building's most advanced and latest quantum technology), Otto created the proper tools and equipment to utilize in his hopes of exploring, and eventually "experimenting" the said universe in his new course of multiversal expedition. For the next approximately thirty hours, Otto focused more on his work off the grid, as hidden as he could remain from both the authorities and even the quippy web-slinger himself, as he finally opens the portal to the alternate reality, officially entering it for the very first time.

Entering the portal, Otto was optimistically predicting that the new world he'll be visiting would be full of beneficial discoveries, neither he or anyone else has ever discovered before. However, as Otto would finally enter and ride the quantum pod travelling through the portal's wormhole, the pod was suddenly hit by a shrapnel projectile as he almost reaches the other side of the alternate universe. With his pod now heavily damaged, Otto had difficulty in stabilizing the vehicle, making it extremely hard for him to properly land on the other side. Despite this dilemma, Otto was able to find a way to crash his pod onto the other side, only for the crash to cause a massive explosion in the area the pod has landed.

Going to the ongoing scenario of the alternate reality where his quantum pod would exactly crash, Otto sees flashing glimpses of his alternate reality counterpart, seeing him refusing to shut down a small sun in the center of his lab's reactor, before seeing that Spider-Man tries to intervene to save the people in the building, including Octavius himself. The Slinger successfully stops a large nuclear fission from happening throughout the city and finally interrupted Doc Ock's plans. But then suddenly out of nowhere, a massive explosion occurred out of nothing, likely a singularity, right in front of Octavius, unfortunately killing him. The explosion didn't only kill the alternate reality Octavius, but also destroyed the entire laboratory itself that injured several individuals, including Spidey himself.

As Parker wakes up in the now demolished and wrecked room, he saw a glimpse of Octavius' silhouette, moving slowly and very weakened as he leaves Horizon Labs. Parker then tries to call him, but he was too weakened as well, more weakened than Octavius and as a result, Parker falls into the ground, unconscious. Parker was later rescued by his long-time assistant at Empire State University named Anna Maria Marconi, and helped him recover from his injuries for the next couple of days. Unbeknownst to the alternate Parker, the silhouette he saw was not his Otto at all, revealing that an alternate version of the latter had now taken place of the Otto on this new reality.

After his eventual recovery, Parker decided to investigate the following mysterious events that have occurred the other night. He goes into the same room that was destroyed by the explosion and discovers several corpses recovered the next day. There, he discovered an almost-obliterated body where he noticed that it's resemblance is close to those of Octavius. Due to his confusion, he decided to secretly extract the DNA from each of the corpses, including the one that he had a suspicion from. As he got back to his own laboratory at Marconi's place, he tested each DNA, and one of those corpses, was proven to be in fact, Octavius. Parker was surprised and confused by the results of the test, wondering if who was the other man he just saw the other night and now thinking whether it was someone else, or just some kind of hallucination. Parker has also just realized that Octavius have been looking very pale and senile lately, making him wonder about his current condition.

Later on, Parker finally finds out who the man in the shadows was, and it was revealed to be the "real Octavius." Octavius then lied that he was the real Octavius (of this Earth) and explained that he had created several clones all this time so he can prevent himself from dying of a lethal yet unknown illness he developed (after his quantum pod had crashed into the reactor while he was still inside), an illness was said to be ten times more lethal than cancer. Parker pleads that he can get Otto some help if he comes with him for a full treatment in the Raft. Otto rejected the slinger's selfless offer, and immediately became hostile towards the Web-Slinger using his traditional grafted arms against him. In the end, Octavius was still defeated and before he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities, he secretly activated a Golden Octobot in order to transfer his brain pattern onto Peter Parker and vice versa.

The Dying Wish

Octavius Superior Spider-Man Earth-61615

Octavius as the all-new Superior Spider-Man on Earth-698

At some point, using the brain-swapping Octobot that the alternate reality's Octavius had developed before his timely death, Otto Octavius transplanted his mind into the body of this world's Spider-Man. He retained all of Peter's memories, and thus was able to fool all of Peter's family and friends, from Mary Jane and Aunt May to the Avengers. Peter's mind, meanwhile, was placed into Octavius' dying body.

After realizing Peter, in Doc Ock's body, escaped the Raft, Otto decided to keep every person Peter knew in a safe room in the Stark Tower and waited for Doctor Octopus alone there, by distracting the other Avengers with giant Octobots around the globe, knowing that Peter would seek for help to Tony Stark. Both enemies battled until both fell from the Tower into the ground, fatally wounding Peter (Otto's body). When Peter tried to use the brain-swapping Octobot, Otto revealed him that he was using a Carbonadium helmet, making his brain totally inaccessible for changing brains. Otto declared his final victory against Parker by giving him a lethal punch which caused "Doctor Octopus" to give his last, final breaths.

Death of a Hero

Both then discovered that the Octobot managed to connect their minds although it could not swap them, and Peter forced Otto to relive his most suffering experiences and memories as Spider-Man, making him realize the responsibility his power came with. Otto told Peter he not wanted this, but they could not change bodies back. Finally, Otto promised Peter to continue his legacy both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Later, he not only realized he could become a better Spider-Man, but also a better man than who he once was as Doctor Octopus, in his new mission to become the Superior Spider-Man to what Peter Parker ever was by correcting his past mistakes. Satisfied that his final wish was granted, Peter Parker died peacefully.

Final Incursions

Distracted by his uncontrollable and enraging emotions against Octavius for ruining his life, Peter lashes out in tantrum, attacking Octavius without any hesitation whatsoever. Due to Peter's aggressive state, Otto had no other choice but to duel him before he could even have the chance to ask for his immediate attention and his very help. In the ensuing battle, Otto was almost winning as he remembers using Peter's weak spots as an advantage when they were first clashing as the Spider and the Octopus. Otto was so close, until a vigilant Peter started noticing Otto's every moves, causing for him counteracting every single one of them, giving Peter the upper advantage in their clash, once more. The duel eventually ends, with Peter brutally and savagely beating Otto to a pulp to the point where Peter was considering on smashing Otto's skull with his own bare hands, to finally put an end to him once and for all.

That is, until Otto manages to use his last resort to convince Peter, revealing to him that there was still hope for Peter to get back to his life once again, by revealing and showing that Peter and Mary Jane had already conceived an actual son, years before Peter was still in his perfectly original body, specifically days before Otto swapped his mind with Peter's. Peter's child was also revealed to have been grown up by now, shocking and silencing Peter about this surprising news. Having nothing much to say but feel so glad about this discovery, Peter merely and sincerely apologizes to Otto for lashing out on him, and almost killing him, though in response, Otto did understood him, implying that he kinda did deserved receiving those beatings in the first place, due to him taking over his life for a few years.

Now having to be compromised with one another, Peter immediately asks Otto about what his help on saving the universe was all about. However, just as Otto could have answered the question, both of them looked up to the sky, which suddenly turned red, to see another Earth, the one from another universe, looming above. As the two watches in shock and terror, Otto that it's already too late, though Peter begged to differ, believing that they could still save the world, with Peter unexpectedly snatching Otto's Webware device from his utility belt as he calls on every other superhero that he had in contact with throughout the career of his heroic years.

Heroic Demise

Contacting all the surviving heroes on Earth, all of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Deadliest Villains finally came to arrive at the city as they assembled, also staring at the looming Earth above the skies, where suddenly. One of the heroes then asked what are they going to do to stop the incursion points from ever happening. Captain America then courageously responded to all of the super-powered individuals that they'll have to do whatever it takes, to fight, even at the cost of their own lives. In the end, all the heroes and villains of this Earth, including Otto and Peter, then assembled to prevent this Earth's collision with the other Earth and stop the incursions from ever happening and they won't stop until they manage to find a way to finally stop it, even if their lives depended on it. In their last stand, Peter and Otto, along with all of their allies were unfortunately all disintegrated from existence.

New Mission

After the great death of his adopted universe in the final multiversal incursions, and its eventual restoration thanks to the victory of Reed Richards' heroic resistance against the Beyonders led by the all-mighty Great Mother, Otto was finally resurrected as Otto Octavius and returning to his Doctor Octopus persona, and somehow was able to resurface back into his home, prime reality, as if everything was back to normal. Having returned to his own prime reality, it was first assumed that Otto had no recollection of memories where he was or what he did during the events during the final incursions, nor probably even the events of his life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man on the other universe.

However, a mysterious figure was later seen brutally clashing several minor members of the web-slinger's rogues gallery in a Superior Spider-Man suit, defeating the criminals in the process as it extremely injures them. As the Superior Spider-Man figure discreetly swings into the top of the Horizon Labs headquarters in Manhattan, secretly entering a classified laboratory. The mysterious figure then unlocks what it seems to be a cryostatis chamber, before taking off his suit, showing that the individual was an android duplicate of Peter Parker. And from the shadows, comes none other than the real Octavius himself, smirking through the chambers' glass after the android enters it, to which he has finally revealed that he remembers everything that has happened.

Powers and Abilities


Mutated Physiology: Doctor Octopus' genetically and artificially gained superhuman abilities derive from the four mentally-controlled, electronically-powered, telescoping, prehensile titanium-steel tentacles attached to a stainless steel harness encircling his body from lower chest to waist.

  • Cybernetic Tentacles
    • Technopathic Tentacle Manipulation
    • Ferrokinesis Over Tentacles
    • Telescoping
    • Superhuman Striking Force
    • High-Wind Generation
    • Wall-Climbing and Traveling
    • Sensation Feeling
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Superhuman Equilibrium

Superhuman Concentration: Doctor Octopus possesses extraordinary mental abilities and concentration, and through years of practice is able to perform two complex and two simple independent actions, simultaneously, one with each arm.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Genius Intelligence
    • Radiation Specialist
    • Engineering

Strength level

  • Class 15+ (as Peter Parker, Superior Spider-Man)
  • Class 10+ (with the use of his artificial tentacles)
  • Class 7+ (without the use of his artificial tentacles)


  • Mental Condition
  • Arrogance



  • Cybernetic Tentacles
  • Special Glasses
  • Superior Spider-Man Suit
  • Web-Shooters
  • Web Fluid
  • Talons
  • Utility Belt
  • Spider-Bots


  • Wall-Climbing and Traveling
  • Hover Jet


  • Tentacles
  • Original Harness
  • Adamantium Harness


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  1. Modern Comics: Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 10


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