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Real Name
Otsama Ramora Duvessa
Current Alias

Wolf girl, Weapon 54, Weapon Beta, Boss's daughter



X-treme X-men, X-men (New Charles School); Formerly Weapon X

Romulus (Father, Deceased), Shakira Duvessa (Mother, Deceased), Remus (Paternal Aunt)


Base Of Operations
New Charles Xavier School, Canada; Formerly Weapon X Facility



110 lbs (Without carbonadium skeleton) 135 lbs (With carbondium skeleton)

Green, (forest green), Red when using her Infrared Vision


Unusual Features
Feral like appearance; Can take on werewolf like state which includes the wolf look, fur, claws, and fangs


Marital Status

X-men trainee, student; Formerly Agent of Weapon X

Possibly High school level



First appearance



Quote1 Everyone has secrets they don't want to reveal and sometimes they just want to forget them. Guess I want the latter, but we don't always get what we want. Quote2
-- Otsama Duvessa


Otsama was born to one of the Cherokee Indian tribes in Oklahoma state, her mother Shakira having been a young woman at the time. But she was no ordinary person, in fact she was a lupine mutant who captured the attention of Romulus who tried to make her join his cause. When she refused Romulus attacked and raped the young woman, teaching her a lesson in defying the 'alpha'. But that was not the only thing. Shortly after the assault that left Otsama's mother traumatized for a few months and withdrawn she came to find out she was pregnant from the attack. Though she wasn't so sure of the child she carried her for nine months and had her daughter Otsama, who took on her looks most of all much to her mother's delight. But it was for only four years would Shakira and Otsama be together before Weapon X, who had monitored the woman and her child since the attack, came in and took the child and killing the woman in the process.

From that age on Otsama was seen as a property for Weapon X and was put into immediate care of a few scientists. They watched her as she grew, the young girl being taught martial arts, survival skills, stealth, and first aid, all in preparation to make her another weapon. She was also raised up with usual school skills you might see in normal life. But this wasn't the only things to occur, in fact Otsama faced several painful experiments to see if she could trigger her powers early. This continued until the age of twelve she began to show signs of her mutant abilities, beginning with her superhuman stamina, agility, and keen senses.

After passing some tests she was watched more closely until she showed signs of her healing factor and even popped her claws the first time at age thirteen. For a few months more tests were conducted as Otsama continued her life she saw as 'normal' until one of these tests came back, testing her to see if she was eligible for applying a full metal implant of her skeleton. It wasn't until fourteen did they get enough carbonadium to make the procedure work. Otsama was put into a test tube, allowing her to float inside it with a swim suit like getup, her face covered by a breathing mask, and several tubes in her skin. The process was a painful one and instead of blacking out from the pain Otsama became enraged into a full blown feral rampage. Her newly covered claws were let out as she broke free form the tube and attacked the scientists, injuring three and killing one.

Unfortunately she was subdued and kept in solitary confinement for three months until she at last began to 'trust' them. Unfortunately at this age Otsama had developed a seething hatred of being an experiment and a guinea pig, even more so of having a hatred towards humans most of all and the man behind it all, her own father. She had figured it out after a few visits from Romulus and when she was brought outside to meet him showed her displeasure towards him. Amused Romulus merely told her his plans for her, of being the next weapon and likely 'beta' female of a new pack he intended to create. Otsama however had other plans as she waited for her father to let his guard down only briefly before she attacked two guards watching her and then slashed Romulus in the face enough to distract him and make her escape.

After four years now Otsama has survived in the wild and has moved from place to place, taking up odd jobs and occasionally traveling on her own power.


About a month before the X-treme X-men was made Otsama actually stumbled upon the new school. Having been tracking a possible lead of where Weapon X, a smaller facility that was still in the works, she expected to find a lab but instead found the school taking up residence. After a lot of talk though she decided to join their side and finally found a permanent home with Cyclops's X-men until she was asked to join their new team. After deciding to do so she soon joined Eva Bell and the other four chosen students to become a new generation of X-men.

Of course, it seems evil never steered from her path. Hell's Circle approaching them brought up an intriguing offer for the likes of Otsama who supported a chance to really let loose and become something more suitable to what the team obviously stood for.


Otsama is a someone who could be described as serious and level headed. No where in her body will you find someone who will slack on her job nor any task she has set her mind to. In a sense she could use a bit of loosening up, though she is certainly a tough nut to crack. She is very blunt and not afraid to speak her mind, especially to those she hates or dislikes. Of course, there's more to her then just this.

None the less, Otsama is very untrusting towards other. At times she actually may seem very hostile and almost feral in nature, rather wanting to keep to herself then be around others. But at the same time when someone earns her trust she is fiercely loyal and protective and might be surprised that she can be quite kind deep down. When getting past the rough exterior Otsama can show a caring and friendlier side. But this is very rare and few people really become anything of being her friend.

Powers and Abilities


  • Keen Senses:Otsama's senses are beyond that of a normal human. She can smell a scent from 2 miles away and hear things from about 2 1/2 miles away. She can see to a greater degree then humans and catch the slightest movement before most others. Also she is able to catch the slightest change in any food, even detecting something things like poison.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Otsama can maintain certain activities for short periods of time, longer then that of a normal human. She sometimes doesn't need to eat for three days before she begins to feel hunger or can maintain a certain activity for a long time.
  • Superhuman Agility:Otsama's agility,balance, and bodily coordination are above the finest human athlete, allowing her to perform complex maneuvers with little effort. Although this is hindered slightly by her metal bones.
  • Superhuman Durability:Otsama can withstand great physical injury and blows then the average human. She has estimated she probably could withstand a blow from the Hulk without much harm or falling from great heights without worrying of dislocating anything.
  • Bone Claws:Though not common among lupine mutants Otsama gained five bone claws in each wrist, each about a foot long with three from between the knuckles and two on the underside of her wrist. However, instead of just being of bone now Otsama has them coated in carbonadium, along with the rest of her bones making them being able to go through any substance, maybe except for adamantium.
  • Lycanthropy:A trait she inherited from her mother Otsama can take on a werewolf like form, allowing her to become 6'2 in height. She becomes a humanoid wolf with dark brown fur, claws, fangs, tail, and being able to walk on all fours or upright.
  • Healing Factor:Otsama can heal faster then a normal human, being able to take just minutes to recover from minor wounds and hours of severe ones. This also allows her immunity from most foreign toxins, poisons, alcohol, and drugs. Also has been found to slow her aging though to how long is unknown, though possibly as long as her father has been around.
  • Infrared Vision:A rare power allowing Otsama to see all kinds of heat from the infrared spectrum. Her eyes turn a tinge of red when using it.


  • Due to her upbringing in Weapon X Otsama has become a Master Martial artist and is extensively trained in the use of stealth tactics.
  • Otsama has also shown to be an exceptional survivalist, especially to the fact she has been able to live in the wilderness for four years while occasionally going into civilization when needed.
  • She also has some basic skills in first aid.

Strength level

Otsama has the average strength for a woman her height and age who engages in intensive exercise.


  • Many high pitched sounds and some smells can get to Otsama, causing her to become confused and difficult to track people or find them.
  • Her healing factor has been slowed down slightly due to the carbonadium in her bloodstream due to it being coated on her claws and bones. She is also easily affected by others who can use carbondium and her claws, every time they 'pop' out, have left permanent scars between her knuckles and beneath her wrist.
  • Her personality tends to put her at odds with others, causing unnecessary fights and preventing her from really having any allies that she may need one day.
  • Has a 'trigger' scent of wild mint that could cause her to go into a feral rage.
  • Her eyes tend to be a little more sensitive then normal to bright lights due to her infrared vision.


Equipment: Traveling pack
Transportation: X-jet
Weapons: None


  • No special notes.


  • Otsama is possibly the only known agent of Weapon X to have carbonadium bonded to their entire bone structure.
  • She has serious trust issues.
  • Otsama has grown to hate the smell of any kind of mint.

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