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Belt of the Orcades
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possibly the Ice Elves
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Elf magic
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Unknown first king of the elves of Alfheim.
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Part of the Orkney myth, The fabled elf belt. Orkneyjar, a magical elven belt that had the power to increased the wears strength, powers, talents and the power of teleportation. In the past, the belt was lost during the slaughter in frozen lands in Alfheim near where the Ice Elves live. Ice Elves were all slaughted by the Ano-Athox. The belt was later found by the human Christina, who was rasied by Light Elves. Christina with the belt would become the Earth hero HawkEye 2099.


Orkneyjar, kind of like Thor's Belt of Strength, it has the power of Dimensional Storage and gives her the powers and abilities of a Light Elf from the land of Alfheim, gives her Instant Teleportation. An enchantment prevents it from being used by anyone but Christina or a blood descendant.

  • Magic pouches: The belt has the power of Dimensional Storage, power to store anything in a fold of dimension/space and re-materialize at will. Just like Deadpool's "Magic satchel".


Whoever wears the belt takes on the common looks and weakness of elves. Example vulnerable to iron.


The fabled elf belt, it comes from Orkney fairy-lore, one particularly interesting historical case is that of the 17th century Elfbelt.

Unfortunately, the function of this magical girdle has been long since forgotten, but it seems likely that it was thought to protect the wearer from the fairy-folk, having once belonged to them.

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