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Order of the
Evolutionary Ascension

Official Name
Order of the Evolutionary Ascension
Organization Aliases
Order of the High Evolutionary, The Order, Fathers of Evolution, Makers of the Scepter, The First Scientology


Organization Identity



Base Of Operations
Mobile across the star system of Opeña 3, possibly beyond

A simple yet enigmatic choice... Adapt or die...

Organization Leader(s)
Mind Master (last leader; deceased), Third High Priest of the Opeñian Union (founder and former leader; deceased)

Former Members
Ebony Maw, Other (deceased), Mind Master (deceased), Third High Priest of the Opeñian Union (deceased), Ten percent of the entire Opeñian population

Great Mother (deity and indirect creator), Opeñian Union (situational allies), High Evolutionary (future prophet and successor on Earth), Universal Church of Truth
(sister organization)


Radical religious and
scientific organization

Place of Formation
75,500,000 B.C.,
Opeña 3

Place of Defunction
Late 1980s,
Opeña 3

First appearance
Last appearance

Black Order:
The Origins
Black Order:
The Origins


The Order of the Evolutionary Ascension was a radical religious and scientific organization composed of diverse alien species from all across the gigantic, life-bearing planet known as Opeña 3. The central object of its very worship and adoration was the mysterious abstract entity and goddess known as the Great Mother, although their greatest artifact and weapon was the Mind Stone. Pretty much similar to its sister organization Universal Church of Truth, the Order would generally show up at a neighboring planet offering true peace and harmony through accepting their offer of joining their mission of having the inhabitants undergo an experimental which would augment their bodies with enhancements which would give them powers and abilities they would desire, the Order would definitely peacefully settle their colony within the planet. If not generally accepted, the Church would "cure" the planet of its "parasites", analyzing the population and exterminating any member or even a race that would not willingly convert, rendering them to death and absolute extinction. As part of the Order's oath, they strongly believed in the exaggerated ideology of both forced natural and artificial selection, as all life forms could only choose two paths to survive reality itself, adapt or die.


Approximately 300 million years ago, at some point after the secret cosmic conflict between a group of six Celestial warriors known as the Searchers and the Beyonder Empire of the Great Mother resulted in the victor of the former, but at the cost of their own sanity and moral comprehension regarding the value of life in the universe as an effect of trying to keep the stone away from anyone else, rendering them to be just as ruthless and extreme as the Beyonders, their own greatest and worst creations. After being slowly and painfully consumed by their own incurable insanity caused by the Beyonders for the remainder of their lifetimes, all of the six Celestial Searchers but Eson, dies as their mental state deteriorates while their physical bodies completely collapse, crumbling into the ground where they last stood.

One of the corrupted and dying Searchers who was the one holding the Mind Stone with its already damaged rod, manages to make its own way and land on the planet that would later receive the modern name of Opeña 3, where it chaotically created a large cave within a massive mountain range before finally succumbing from its worsening state. The next several million years have passed, the now buried cave was unexpectedly discovered by a group of primitive miners who were working for the Opeñian Union, a supposedly peaceful organization consisting of diverse leaders with different background, though still aims to maintain international peace and security among Opeña 3's different territories. At the time, one of the leaders, the Third High Priest of the Opeñian Union, were present during the mining expedition. As the priest observes the ongoing activity of the miners within the cave, he suddenly notices a glimpse of yellowish light after seeing one of the miners begin mining an untouched area.


Much to the priest's confusion and curiosity, he stopped the miner from mining even further, to which he decided to inspect what the light was. Only moments after, the whole freezes in caution as they feel the entire cave had been shaking tremendously. Driven by panic and terror, the team was forced to exit the cave for the sake of their own lives, to which that latter subsequently collapsed right afterwards. Seeing destruction seemingly ruin their mission, the miners thought the cave was no longer their priority, only for the priest to give his gesture of disagreement, realizing that the cave's collapse has unveiled a discovery probably even more essential than the richest of minerals in their planet, and that was none other the buried corpse of the Celestial Searcher, and with its rod contains the Infinity ingot that was the Mind Stone. As the mesmerized priest comes to examine the Mind Stone after removing from the large rod, a series of visions come appearing in his very own eyes as he continues to hold it by his own hands. Seeing how weirdly the priest acted, the miners and his fellow high priests saw the as if he was out of this world, leading for one of them was able to get the stone off him by encasing it with his own tool and equipment case, although instead of thanking the miner of his deed, the priest yelled at the former for doing it, remarking that the magical stone was giving him the knowledge and wisdom of God, someone he referred to as the "Great Mother".

As a consequence to his gained insanity and inner corruption given by the power of the Mind Stone, the high priest would later reclaim the stone in secret, giving him more and more knowledge no other mortal, not even most of the smartest of men and women in the future, has ever discovered in a million years. For the next few months since he embraced the power of the universal ingot, the priest has gone insanely mad with fathomless knowledge, and has been often distancing himself from the rest of the Union whenever they would hold an important meeting regarding the future of Opeña 3's growing community.

Unbeknownst to everyone else but his loyal servants, the priest stayed inside his home, writing a series of texts on what he has saw on his never-ending visions, texts that documented all of his newfound philosophy in life, something he would eventually name the Scriptures of the Ascension. For the next millions of years during the Order's continuous reign, all succeeding leaders would be officially listing down their own original philosophies on the scriptures based on their universal wisdom personal experiences as it was foretold by the Mind Stone, serving it as a guidance to future leaders and followers for the sake of the Order. According to the contents of the sacred texts, it often contains a various collection of scientific equations to philosophical ideologies, aiming to support the concept of natural and artificial selection in order to survive the cruel and unbalanced nature of reality. After four months since he disappeared from the Union, the high priest decided to present the scriptures to the Council itself, hoping that they would be open to his idea for their future.

First Formation

However, as he came back and introduced his new but unorthodox teachings to the union, the rest of the council weren't amazed or open to his ideas at all, and in fact were instead concerned for the health and well being of the high priest thinking that whatever was within the stone has changed him for the worst, which unfortunately had only angered him and unhesitatingly threatened the council, declaring that their existence were no longer worthy to continue on living, as well as their own children and future descendance. Offended by his insults, the council collectively evicted him out of union, and as he was taken away by the guard, he rhetorically gave his former allies two choices, to adapt or die. In the aftermath of the priest's outrage, the council went paranoid and decided to have the Mind Stone confiscated, only to lately realize that their too late, since the stone was already kept and used by the priest to recruit more and more people across the capital city of the planet in order to join his league and fully accept his life philosophy, creating the first followers to his now established religious group, the Order of the Evolutionary Ascension.

During this time the Order experienced a rapid rise in numbers of following, gaining ten percent of the Opeñian population as their own people, and were able to settle in at least 25 planets only within the planet's star system for the first few months since they successfully formed in Opeña 3 and more counting since they started interstellar travel, wherein they would recruit in part of their experimentation projects which would permanently augment their bodies with enhancements which would give them powers and abilities of their very own choice, to which they see it was the improvement on the quality of life through natural and artificial selection. Despite the priest's death at some point million years after the founding of the Order, his followers still continued the legacy that he had started long ago. Continuously using the Mind Stone as a conduit of their influence towards new potential followers, they decided to create a staff weapon they named the "Scepter", which would serve as the containment vessel for the powerful stone, only handing it to the safest hands of the leader and a few selected members who were deemed worthy of using it in their proper way.

Interstellar Expansion

For the next several million years, the Order gained further knowledge through the cooperative application of the organization's past teachings, leading to the smartest members of the Order to begin crafting an advanced series of spaceships, which were capable of accessing interstellar travel through supposedly unlimited power source, enough to contain a decent amount of passengers who they would later appoint as the Order's intergalactic messengers, the Order's own form of prophets and representatives. Successfully travelling across the vast universe, the representatives would first introduce themselves as peaceful settlers to mostly civilized planets who were considerate to give any form of valuable resource they could barter with, in exchange for a group of worthy "tributes" who were willing to join within their ranks as members of the Order, from the very race or society they were making a deal with.

In accordance to their strict rule and doctrine, those races and societies who had no willing tributes were forcefully subjected by the Order into genocide, or even worst, mercilessly exterminating the entire race on the planet into extinction before moving on to other worlds. In the middle of their never-ending mission, however, has resulted in a great conflict started by the surviving victims of their assault and terror, who has decided to form a united alliance supported by several governments across the intergalactic community, including the Nova Empire, Asgardian Monarchy, Kree Empire, and Skrull Empire, aiming to end the threat of the Order and mainly to restore peace to those who had lost it from the Order's radical cause for so long, once and for all.

Million Years War

Mind Master 61615

The Mind Master, arguably the wisest, and the last leader of the Order before its great fall during the age before Modern Era

As the Order would eventually find out about the latent formation of the retaliation to conspire against their very never-ending cause and existence, the Order was somewhat intimidated by the alliance now that the people they've inflicted a tyrannical reign across both the inhabited and the unknown regions of the universe, have finally come into their senses and fight back against them, implying that the Order themselves have already seen the possibility of facing a formidable adversary as an expected significant event in their spiritual conquest, believing it to be one of the greatest challenges and obstacles they're going to have to face, since their still continuous war against the Opeñian Union on their home planet, the Order's main point of origin.

Seeing their new war with the united alliance as an effective strategy and opportunity to spread their deathly presence and philosophical wisdom across the cosmos even further, the Order embraced their new adversaries for the next few million years in their extreme religious conquest to "improve" all of life into a far more superior, and a far more evolved state through forced natural and artificial selection to those who were still willing to join them as members, or even just as simple as allies to help them in combating the publicly-supported alliance to stop their threatening mission.

For the next millions of years, the Order gained a lot more influence to its new targets due to their "somewhat" new, positive approach, to which their novel actions have created allies in the process of building their own alliance, including the Titanian Eternals under the royal lineage (a mutual pact which would reach until the rulership of A'Lars during the early years before the Modern Era), and their long-time sister organization since the first years of their very founding, the infamous Universal Church of Truth.

The Order's alliance would grow both in strength and in numbers, all thanks to the newly-established doctrines and principles added in the Scriptures of Ascension which was created their latest leader known as the Mind Master, who meticulously learned all the past, present, and future visions of the Mind Stone, along with necessarily applying his propositions into their own personal experiences, embodying the Mind Master's new philosophy as the moral compass of the Order, which have included the discreet use of manipulation in order to acquire the power over the will of new followers, without having the need to use the stone nor the Scepter itself. Unlike most of the past leaders, the Mind Master had a unique direction in leading the Order, since his contributed ideologies focused more on the biological and spiritual evolution of the mind, rather than the body alone, knowing that the past leaders' philosophies were mostly made up of improving, evolving the body.

Fall of the Order

Thanos Earth-61615 Main

Thanos, the prophesied "Great Destroyer" of the Order, as a part of his mission to cleanse half the universe

The planet Titan, whose colony was one of the long-time allies of the Order, had its population barely survived the consequences of the predicted catastrophes, although the already worsening scenario was never the same when the Order came to return to the now scare and undying state of Titan after a few years since they've last visited. Much to A'Lars' surprise, he found the situation unexpected, before realizing that he had made a secret deal with the leader of the Order, the Mind Master in hopes of giving away a decent of people who were willing to join their organization. As the Mind Master found out that A'Lars had failed their long-time pact, the Mind Master mercilessly ordered a genocidal act on the remaining Titanians, killing more than a hundred thousand Titanians, ignoring the pleas and cries of many lives. Another result of this brutal attack was what led the Titanians on the verge of critical condition or even extinction as a species, as not more that a hundred of Titanians were left to die out from disease, thirst, and starvation (with some already making the risky decision to abandon the planet and live somewhere else across the cosmos).

As the young adult Mad Titan Thanos, son of A'Lars, had eventually come for the planet Opeña 3 in part of his newly-dedicated conquest in decimating half of the entire universe in order to save it from an inevitable destruction, both the Order and the Union decided to finally bury the hatchet and momentarily join forces against the impending threat of the Mad Titan, something that most of the intergalactic community have always been fearing to cross paths with ever since his infamous role as a warlord has spread. Despite their efforts, the allied inhabitants of Maw's planet were still no match for the greater and stronger army that Thanos had been commanding since his early days as the Dark Lord, and the infamous Servant of Death herself.


As a result of the Opeñians' eventual failure to protect half of their people from the forces of Thanos, the Opeñian Union was almost purged by the Mad Titan, although the Order was more unfortunate, as it was subsequently dismantled by Thanos himself. Along with the Order's core destruction on Opeña 3, most of them would unfortunately never receive the news that all their established settlements across the intergalactic community were completely overthrown by the united alliances, leaving the last and only facility of the Order to die out on its home planet. The final factor of their destruction was due to the actions of the Other, an elder high priest of the Order, who decided to betray his organization and switch allegiances by secretly handing Thanos the Mind Stone and the Scepter, seeing a vision from the stone that the Order was destined to meet its end, and another that foretells the eventual rebirth of all their ideologies on a benevolent but also chaotic planet called Earth, in a form of a human mutate who would continue their legacy, only a year or two from the Order's destruction.

Lost and confused in the midst of chaos after seeing half of his entire people, including most (if not all) of the cult's leaders and members, get executed by the radical forces, Thanos "humbly" took a youngling by the name of Ebony Maw and raised him as his own child, training him in helping his implanted powers even more than what was already taught to him and improving his very skills to become a deadly, intellectual, and cynical member of the Black Order. This profound and significant development gave him the prominent role of the Black Order's philosophical strategist and tactician for the next following years of Thanos' crusade to cleanse half the universe, as well as with him becoming speechifying messenger and advocate for the private extremist organization.



  • Mind Stone (formerly; taken by Thanos)
  • The Scriptures of the Ascension (formerly; confiscated)
  • Unnamed Celestial Corpse (formerly; confiscated)
  • Various advanced technology equipment
  • Various communications equipment
  • Various collection of enhancing serums


  • Order Templeships
  • Order Exterminators
  • Opeña War Behemoths
  • Opeña War Raptors


  • Massive Superhuman Fleet (formerly; mostly deceased)
  • Chitauri Command Center Blueprints (formerly; taken by Thanos)
    • Artificial Growth Codex (formerly; taken by Thanos)
    • Chitauri Blueprints (formerly; taken by Thanos)
  • Plasma pistols and rifles (formerly; mostly confiscated)
  • Needle blasters (formerly; mostly confiscated)
  • Various advanced firearms
  • Various invented weapons
  • Various collected weapons



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