Party Down

It’s night time in New York City.

A small crowd is gathering outside of the Avengers Tower for their victory celebration over HYDRA.

We see two teenagers standing nearby.

Greg, are you seriously going to try this? I kind of half thought you were joking.” the young woman says to the young man, with a chuckle.

“Yes, Lauren! I’m serious! I’ll just give them a quick show of what I can do and they won’t be able to resist”, he laughs too. Beat “Are you sure you don’t want to come in with me?”

“No… Look who’s lining up to get in. I don’t think I see anyone there under the age of 40. Just suits and uniforms.” Beat “Speaking of…” She slowly and teasingly unzips his hoodie revealing his own “suit” underneath - a blue and yellow top with a bold circular logo in the centre of his chest, four blue arrows pointing inwards on a yellow circle. She runs a finger down his chest, “Could use a little more Spandex.” She winks. “No, I’m going to head over to 'Frog's and see what he's doing.”

“Okay, well say hi to him for me.”

“I will! And you… ‘Mr. Gravity’, be safe!” She gives him a kiss before turning and taking off down the street.

“It’s just ‘Gravity’!”, he calls after her.

He turns and approaches the building, joining the exclusive line.

At the head of the line, acting as bouncer, is none other than Happy Hogan.

“Alright, next up! Name?” Happy says not even looking up from a list he’s carrying.

“Uh, Greg Willis.”

“Greg… Willis, was it?”


“I don’t see any Willis on here”, he looks up, “...Sorry kid.”’

“No, I know… But I was hoping I could get a chance to go in.”

“I admire your straightforwardness, but not gonna happen.”

“I’ve got something I think they’d want to see! I can do stuff!” Greg concentrates hard for a second, but nothing happens.

“Look, even if you had super strength like some sort of freak, the Avengers already have enough mutated kids running about to worry about, and I sure as heck am not running around the city looking after any, any time soon.” Beat “I’ve got to get to the next person, kid. You gotta step aside.”

Greg steps aside, but he doesn’t leave.

Time passes, and the line dwindles. People come and go from the party, and Greg keeps trying to do things with his supposed powers, to no success.

Finally, the party clears out, and Happy himself is getting ready to go.

“Hey kid, we all want to hangout with the Avengers, but I’m gonna tell you a little secret… They’re actually kind of boring. Why do you think I was down here doing this? They’ve got like an average age up there of like 500… and that’s not counting Thor!” Happy smiles at his own joke.

“Look, you seem like a good kid, and you’re sticking it out, so I’ll tell ya something. Tony’s planning a surprise fly by over Park Avenue tomorrow at 11... It’ll probably be closer to noon, because that’s how he is, but I’ll tell him to land right over there, where he can meet ya there, and Iron Man can sign whatever you’d like.”

Happy begins to walk away, but calls back as he does, “Maybe he can sign that pretty cool ‘X’ shirt you got there.” Beat “Time to go home, kid!” And with that Happy heads out for the night.

“It’s not an ‘X’..!” Greg calls out, but isn’t heard; he trails off, “They’re arrows… pointing to a centre of gravity...”

He sulks, but stays outside the building as more time lapses.

The night is pretty late now, and Greg picks up a discarded pop can – 'Za! Cola' – off the ground. Looking at it in his outstretched palm, Greg focuses and suddenly the can implodes on itself.

“Oh, sure! Now my powers decide to work! I can’t wait until I figure this all ou–”, Greg is cut off by a faint smashing sound coming from… up. He looks up to see a Legionnaire smash its way out of the Avengers Tower. He drops the can and shields himself as, a second later, broken glass finally reaches him on the ground.

Confused but safe, Greg takes a few steps back to try and get a better angle as to what might be going on up there. As he’s looking up, he sees another faint dot leave the window above, but instead this dot starts heading downward… fast.

Where he was standing a second ago, a busted up Legionnaire crashes onto the concrete. Freaked out, Greg stumbles backwards and falls onto his butt. The Legionnaire lays there motionless, almost shattered entirely, before it suddenly lunges toward Greg.

Greg screams as the Legionnaire drags it’s torso to Greg repeating, “It's unsafe– It's unsafe– It's unsafe–”. Greg raises his hands and tries to use his powers, but nothing comes.

“Oh, come on!”

The Legionnaire propels itself, landing heavily on the prone Greg, with a thud, and begins clawing at him. Greg tries to push it off, but it is too heavy.

Greg closes his eyes and places his hands on the Legionnaire, and suddenly it begins to almost float, much lighter than before. Greg takes advantage and throws the bot off of him.

“I– I did it! I altered his gravity!” Greg exclaims to himself.

Greg scrambles up onto one knee, but the robot doesn’t waste time and begins to propel back at Greg. Greg reaches up and hits the Legionnaire with a concussive blast, knocking it back yet again, and blasting even more pieces of broken robot off of it.

In one last stand, the Legionnaire attempts to right itself and takes aim at Greg with it’s repulsor blaster. Greg looks down at the crushed pop can on the ground; he closes his fist, and the Legionnaire in front of him implodes, crushed by its own local gravity field.

Greg picks up the can, and tosses it in a nearby recycling bin, before laying back on the sidewalk, exhausted, just in time to see Thor take off from the Avengers Tower.

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