Monster Mash

Open to Hulk in his bedroom on Sakaar .

In enters Scrapper 142 , greeting him flirtatiously, “Hey Big Guy”.

“Hey Angry Girl”

“Day off today! Whatchya gonna do with all that time?”

“Hulk go to tree.”

“Ahhh… so you mean you’re gonna go nap under the tree. That’s what you really mean.”

Indignant, “Hulk never sleep!”

“Oh really? Then what’d we make that giant bed out of that skull for?”

Cheeky, “...Sleep.” he says with a sly smile.

Cut to Hulk laying under an alien tree. A thunderous snore emanates from his body.

Two shadowy figures in scrapper garb quietly approach Hulk, and begin threading thick ropes around his body, careful not to wake him.

They get in an aircraft, with their ropes tied to a tow, and takeoff, slowly lifting the sleeping Hulk off the ground, and away from the tree and the Grandmaster’s domains.

Up in the air, the Hulk finally wakes up. It takes a second for him to realize what is going on, but as he does, he begins to roar and flail. “Why people not leave Hulk alone!”

Up in the aircraft, three creatures are revealed, two of the scrappers from before and a goblin-y creature flying the craft. The two scrappers are animal-like, one feline in appearance, the other lupine , each with a collar around their necks.

“Look who’s awake.” The feline one says to the lupine.

“Oh no! I thought you said he was a dumb brute, Felix! He’s got enough sense to start climbing the cable!” And sure enough, Hulk was heaving himself up the rope, closer and closer to the aircraft.

“You know what to do Fangor!” Felix calls back, and Fangor turns around and grabs a futuristic looking rifle, takes aim and shoots it at the Hulk. The pellet glances off Hulk like it was nothing, and Hulk continues up the rope with a roar. Fangor fires another shot, two, three.

“PUNY GUUUNS” Hulk roars.

“The tranqs cleary aren’t doing anything!” Fangor yells to Felix.

“It’s fine, we’re nearly there, he doesn’t need a soft landing. Groglin, hard right!”

“My name is Croglin!!” The goblin pilot banks the aircraft hard to the right, jostling Hulk on the rope, who is nearly at the top. Hulk looks down and notices for the first time that he is above a large body of water. He looks up again in time to see Felix reach down and cut the rope tied to the aircraft.

Hulk plunges down and crashes hard, perfectly into the confines of a thick titanium walled pen, isolated in the courtyard of a small compound, on a remote otherwise-jungle-filled island.

Groggy from the impact, Hulk wakes up in his pen, and looks around, visibly annoyed more than anything.

Suddenly, a near-imperceivable door in the thick titanium opens and in, timidly, walks a woman.

“Hey Pretty Lady”

“Please… please, my name is Tisha , please don’t hurt me. They sent me in here to see how you were.” She holds up a tray of island fruit, in goodwill. "Welcome to I'tjam ."

“Hulk no hurt Pretty Lady Tisha,” he takes and in one motion eats all the fruit, “Who they?”

“Well… Doctor Scarabeus …”

Irrationally angry, “Hulk don’t know Scara-bus!!!” She flinches.

“Scarabeus… Doctor Scarabeus, he, he wanted to work with you… unlock your DNA and use it to make an ultimate fighter, and take rule, so there’d be no crime or disobedience. That's what he says.”

“Hulk ultimate fighter.” Beat. “Let Scara-bus come get DNA” Hulk says with another sly smile.

Tisha nods deeply and backs out without turning her back on Hulk, before closing the door.

Not too long after, a noise can be heard from outside the pen. This time instead of the door opening though, a large transparent window appears in the titanium wall. On the other side, in what appears to be an open courtyard, a balding man with what appears to be equal parts chain mail and rubber gloves is standing there. Beside him is Croglin the goblin.

“Ah! Hulk!” the bald man says with a smile.


“Yes! That is I! I’ve been following you for a while now in the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions . Quite impressive I might say.” Hulk grunts a proud grunt, and sits back on his haunches. “My lovely Tisha says you didn’t even bat an eye at my proposal. I’m glad to hear our thoughts regarding the Grandmaster may be a little more aligned than I imagined! I was just hoping for a very, very small sample of your DNA and you can be on your way, if you’d like!”

Hulk curls his finger in a ‘come-here’ motion, and invites Scarabeus closer. He steps up to the window, and the two make prolonged friendly eye-contact, before Hulk leaps forward, roaring and pounds on the window.

The window returns opaque, and outside, Scarabeus signals Felix and Fangor and they step forward with a number of armed Sakaaran guards, and as Sacarabeus slinks backward. From the pen, the pounding continues repeatedly, and the titanium actually begins to bend and buckle outward.

“He won’t get through! That wall is made of the finest alloys this scrapyard of a planet has to offer!” Scarabeus calls out.

Just after he does the banging stops, and from the top of the 30-foot pen leaps put Hulk. He lands back on the ground, just on the other side of the titanium wall, and reaches backwards blindly, and gives the wall one more punch, this time from the outside. His fist tears through the metal, making a clear hole into where he was held moments ago, doing so only to make a point of his strength.

“Get him!” Scarabeus yells, and directs Fangor and Felix.

The two beasts jump at the Hulk, and the three tussle, as the additional guards try to aide the two animal-men.

Quite easily, Hulk beats back the beasts and sends them skittering.

“Groglin!” Scarabeus calls out.

“Croglin… yes sir?”

“Get me Gograth !”



Croglin scampers away, and we follow him as he races to another titanium pen. Croglin spins the large wheel sealing the door as fast as he can, and the near-imperceivable door swings open.

Slowly, a large hulking mass squeezes its way out of the door. Covered in fur, head-to-toe, Gograth looks part-wolf, part-ape, full monster. He has one eye missing, and a collar around his neck.

Gograth slowly approaches the Hulk from behind, and towers over him. The guards in front of Hulk turn and run, as Gograth grabs Hulk by the shoulder and spins him around.

“SLAUGHTER HIM!” Scarabeus screams, before fleeing into the nearby compound.

The hairy monster roars in Hulk’s face and catches him with a powerful uppercut, sending Hulk flying backwards onto his back.

Hulk gets to his feet, irate, and a skirmish between the two monsters ensues.

After trading a few licks, Hulk manages to subdue the monster and takes off after Scarabeus into the compound.

After smashing his way into the compound, Hulk quickly comes across Tisha.

“Please don’t hurt me!” Behind Tisha is a large door with bars set into a window. Hulk peers past Tisha, ignoring her. Inside is not on a control, but several cages and kennels packed with monstrous creatures, big and small, with tentacles, bugeyes, fangs, scales, claws, and horns; each with a collar around its neck.

“Please! No! Don’t hurt them either!” Tisha calls out, as she notices Hulk eyeing them. But Hulk snarls and pushes her to the side, approaching the door.

“Please… no, those are his Scarabeus’ experiments, his failures… what he deems his “First Ones”. He has them all mind controlled… the collars around their necks... I was trying to get in there to shutdown the control terminal.”

Hulk turns and eyes Tisha, squinting slightly, before turning around tearing the door off. Inside he begins tearing the doors off of the cells and cages as well. Angry and thoughtless, the monsters begin to creep out and stalk toward Hulk and Tisha, behind him.

“NO!!” she screams. But Hulk turns and smashes the control terminal, and their collars depower.

“Scara-bus??” Hulk grunts.

Cut to Scarabeus in his office with Croglin, Fangor, and Felix, pacing. “Once Gograth takes that green beast down, you harvest everything you can from it Groglin.”

“The Grandmaster’s Champion will form a perfect base to create our perfect monster - to overthrow the Grandmaster and bring Sakaar back to the glorious rule it was before the tyrant showed his face.”

Just then Tisha enters the room.

“Tisha! How is our own "champion" doing down there? Is it done?”

“It is done… and I have had Gograth bring the Hulk here, for your pleasure.”

Giddy with excitement, “Yes! Yes! Bring him in! Groglin! Receive the Hulk’s lifeless body for us, would you?”

“Yessir.” Croglin rushes forward to the doorway, as Gograth enters it. But behind Gograth is a very much alive Hulk.

“What is this? He is alive! Gograth, have you broken his will!?”

“No will! Toys are broken.” Hulk grunts as he tosses down a broken collar on the floor between him and Scarabeus and from behind Hulk the room begins to fill with the monstrous First Ones.

Scared, “Gograth! Felix, Fangor! Subdue him! Take him down!!!”

Felix and Fangor instead stay in place, looking at the First Ones and Gograth, before looking down at their collars. They each tear them off, realizing their freedom. Fangor leaps through an adjacent window and flees into the wilderness, and Felix follows.

Sacarabeus and Croglin stand there floored.

“What about little troll?” Hulk asks.

“He never had a collar.” Tisha answers, scoldingly.

Hulk glares at him. And then at Scarabeus.

MONSTER… SMASH!!!” Gorgath roars deeply and the monsters rush forward.

Hard cut to Hulk sauntering into his bedroom, back in the Grandmaster’s palace, wet from swimming home. Scrapper 142 is in there, almost as if waiting for him.

“How was your day today, Big Guy?”

Boooriiing.” and Hulk flops onto his bed, arms splayed, as we close out.

  • In the comics, Doctor Scarabeus, also known as Monster-Maker, was a crazed biologist who intended to conquer the world with his genetically engineered "Manimals". He is not located on Sakaar, but rather on Earth, "somewhere in the broad Pacific".
  • In the comics, Tisha Scarabeus is the daughter of Doctor Scarabeus and helps Hulk defy her father.
  • I'tjam was a ruined rebel city on Sakaar, in the comics, though not an island.
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