First Contact

Scott Lang enters his garage, where there is a bunch of tech laid out, and is followed in by his daughter Cassie.

“And here’s a bunch of the stuff we’ve been working on. Hank’s letting me play around with them on my own. Normally he doesn’t let me, but I think he knows one day he won’t be here to babysit me!” Scott mimics Hank dying, and Cassie laughs. "You won't have any reason to come in here over the weekend, but I wanted to show off."

“Are you sure it’s cool for me to be in here with this stuff though?” she asks.

“Oh yeah! Totally cool, definitely!” Beat “...Just don’t tell Hank. Or Hope… Or your mom. Or Paxton! Oh, and definitely don’t tell Luis, 'cause he’ll tell everyone. But yeah, other than that, totally cool.”

Cassie laughs, “Cool.”

Scott walks over to a version of his suit, laid on a table.

“You know what this is. This one here is Hank’s newest version; a few minor upgrades.” He taps the helmet, “Universal translator so I can understand anyone, no matter their language.” He grabs near the belt, “He tweaked the growth and shrink rates too – actually the first time I tested that–” Scott cuts himself off, “I was right here at this lab bench, and I was leaning forward slightly as I started to shrink and I hit my head right off the edge of the table and nearly passed out!”

“Well it’s a very dangerous table, obviously.” Cassie says sarcastically.

“See!” Scott says, playing along, “at least someone gets it!”

He moves along the table to pick up a small, colourful blaster.

“This one…” As he’s talking, Scott walks over to a cabinet near the door, and back. “Hank’s been trying to direct the energy of free moving Pym particles, so that we can have a little more control than just throwing the disks.” From the cabinet he’s retrieved two vials: a red one and a blue one. 

“Oh, like a raygun that can isolate the specific signature of a target?”

“Heyyy! Peanut! That’s exactly it! That’s awesome!” Scott fiddles with the blaster for a second, loading the red and blue vials as cartridges, before pointing it at a desk chair. “And this thing is awesome.” He pulls the trigger and a blue beam of energy blasts out and quickly surrounds the chair before it grows in size.

But..?” Cassie picks up there’s a little more to it than what Scott was saying.

Buuut... while it can shrink and grow objects fairly well, for the most part, when the object is too small–” Scott fiddles with the gun and shoots the chair again, this time with a red field of energy coming out, and the chair disappears. “Even if the gun has the object's unique signature, it has trouble locking on, and sometimes grabs onto surrounding matter as well.” With the raygun still trained on where the chair was, he changes the settings one more time, and fires yet another blue blast.

The chair grows and resumes its original size, form, and position, as if it were ever untouched, but alongside of it is a squishy, pathetic looking bug, about the size of a dog, with a bulbous body and a few bristly stray hairs; it’s standing there confused as to what just happened.

Cassie shrieks in pure surprise, but then laughs as Scott hits it with a read beam and shrinks it back to its original size.

Ughghgh… dust mite.” she shudders.

“Oh, that’s nothing. Hank once went way smaller with this and accidentally brought back a horde of human-sized bacteriophages. Now those things were terrifying.” And the two of them laugh. 

“I’m sure Hope got a real kick out of that.” Cassie suggests, sarcastically.

“Hope? Hope!? The first time Hope used this raygun, she shot me and made me grow, and I grew too fast and I hit my head on the ceiling and nearly passed out!” The two of them laugh even harder.

Scott puts the raygun back on the table, and Cassie gestures to a hollowed out vehicle  and some scrap metal, in the corner “What’s that over there?”

“Oh, that?” Scott is a little sheepish. “I kept bugging Hank for a vehicle… you know, like an 'Ant-Mobile'… And he finally made me that… But, when I went to go test it, I crashed–”

“And hit your head right and nearly passed out?”

“Yeah! How’d you know?” Scott asks, genuinely oblivious.

“Lucky guess, I guess.” Cassie laughs.

“Yeah, well since I crashed it and he thought it was a dumb idea to begin with, Hank now not only refuses to fix it, but he also refuses to take any of my design ideas now. Which is a real shame, because I made up some designs for a certain little peanut… you know something that would fit someone of your stature...”

“WHAT!? Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah… but Hank won’t do it now. But I thought it would be cool for you to have – NOT to fight crime in or anything, but just so you could have a suit like me or something. Maybe wear it to your dorm Halloween parties at college, huh?”

“Oh Dad, I love you!” Cassie gives Scott a big hug.

“Aww, Peanut, I love you too.”

“I really missed you, Dad. I’m glad you’re back.”

“I missed you too.”

“You better come back again.”

“I will. I’m just gone for the weekend. Sam’s got some important work for us.”

“I heard he asked you to go over, so you shrink down and clear the gutters around the Avengers Complex.”

“What!? Who told you that? Did your mother say that?” Cassie responds with an unconvincing shrug. “You know, I asked if you wanted to watch my place for the weekend, and showed you my lair, because I thought you could handle a little more responsibility! I could just as easily call up Baskin-Robbins and see if they’ve got room on the schedule for a new employee”, Scott teasingly threatens her.

“No! Nooo..!”, Cassie laughs. “I’ll be good!”

“I know you will, Partner.” Scott tousles her hair, as the scene ends.

The next day, Cassie is just kicking about Scott’s house – she eats some cereal, plays some Rock Band, hangs out with the Giant Pet Ant, etc. – but ultimately she is drawn back to the garage-lab, the Giant Pet Ant in tow.

At first she’s just looking around, then she starts running her hand over the objects, and finally she picks up the raygun. She aims the gun aimlessly, looking down it’s non-existent sights and feigns shooting it.

And then she looks around, to make sure she’s alone, and pulls out the chair Scott was shooting at. She looks around, double checking there is no one else there, one more time, sets the gun to shrink, takes aim, and pulls the trigger.

The chair is bathed in a red glow and shrinks to about half its size, much to her giddy delight. She then fiddles with the gun and shoots the chair again, making it about the size of a tennis ball. Excited, Cassie gives the raygun a good crank on the settings, and hits the chair one more time.

This time the chair disappears, no longer visible to the naked eye, and sent to the Quantum Realm. Impressed, but slightly panicked that the chair is actually gone, Cassie quickly fiddles with the gun one more time.

“Please come back, please come back…” She shoots a blue ray to where the chair should have been. And much to her relief, it pops back into existence, where she last saw it and back to an appropriate size, and startling the Giant Pet Ant who was curious of its disappearance.

She very quickly tosses the ray gun back onto the lab bench, putting her hands up slightly in the air, like she wants nothing more to do with it.

As she is about to turn and leave, she notices what appears to be a fly. She quickly claps it between her hands, squashing it.

Noticing the Giant Pet Ant staring at her in her peripheral, she quickly turns her head and quips, “What?? It’s not like I would do that to an ant, GPA!” But turning her head back, she sees a couple more flies floating in the air, flying up from the ground where a small group of them seem to be sitting on the ground, next to the chair.

Curious, Cassie gets down real close.

“Those aren’t flies…” She quickly runs and grabs a magnifying glass and gets back to see a small squad of tiny little blue and red bug-like alien creatures – microaliens – and a couple of their tiny ships.

“No. Way.”

One alien in particular appears to be waving its arms at her.

She stands up, and equally to the Giant Pet Ant and to herself, she says, “I think… I think they’re trying to talk to me.”

She peaks over at the Ant-Man suit Scott showed her the day before with a hesitant but mischievous look.

Down on the floor, Cassie walks into frame wearing the Ant-Man suit, shrunken down to about the size of a fly. She approaches the aliens – red and blue and muscular. They have red, beady eyes that take up most of their blue dome-like heads.

@#$%@^&%)~&”, the alien who was waving its arms at her is speaking some garbled alien tongue - a small yellow mouth appears above its eyes, as it talks. Cassie touches the side of the helmet to turn on the universal translator.

“Hey! How’s everybody doing tonight!?” Cassie hollers, cutting off the speaking alien.

The lead alien looks around at all the others, a little offended. “Seriously?? I literally just told you of my people’s plight and how we were doing…” Cassie can understand the alien clearly now.

“Oh, sorry! No, I had no idea what you were saying!” Cassie says almost too excitedly. “But I can totally understand you now! Go ahead, do it again!” Cassie taps the translator on the side of her helmet while she says this, with a big cheesy smile on her face.

“I said… For too long we’ve been watching your people tear through our realm, taking what you want! Coming, going, passing through our time and space with your shrinking technology, with no disregard with what you take or leave behind!”

“Oh, this doesn’t sound good...” Cassie says to herself, taken aback.

“Chairs fall from our sky and crush our homes. And then they grow and leave us, ripping up the very ground, our land, beneath them!” The alien leader takes a step toward her.

“I think there’s just been a little misunderstanding here..!”

“Your chair appeared to us once more, and so we gathered our strengths, so that some of us may be summoned with it upon its return!” It takes another step forward.

“So you’re hoping for a tour then?” Cassie asks facetiously.

The alien screeches at the mockery, “SCRRRREEEEERR!!! Hand over your tech! With it we can finally grow as big and mighty as our empire was always destined to be, and rule the Earth!”

Cassie puts her hands up, “Oookay guys. Yeah, sure! I totally give up! Let me go and I’ll give you the tech!”


“Okay…” Cassie starts, as she slowly lowers a hand to her waist, “I’ve got the tech you need right here.” She slowly pulls out a red Pym Particle Disk, and extends it out as an offering.

The leader gestures for one of the other aliens to grab the disk, but as it gets close, Cassie pulls her arm back, winds up and throws the red disk at a nearby ship, causing it to shrink and disappear.

SCRRRREEEEERR!!! Get herrrr!!!”

The lackey moves in to grab her, but Cassie easily slides between its tree-trunk legs. Jumping to her feet, Cassie is now right in front of the alien leader.

It too now dives for Cassie but as it does, she uses the hand controls on the suit to grow back to normal size. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t notice that just as she escaped, the alien managed to get a hand on her belt and pull off a single blue disk.

Back in the overworld, Cassie quickly takes off her helmet and catches her breath. GPA is watching her intently.

Ho–ly. I did not expect to start a race war with an alien species today!!!” She takes off the rest of the suit, and dumps it on the table. “Sorry GPA, but I’ve got to get a fly swatter or something..!” She leaves the lab for a brief second before coming back with a flimsy plastic fly swatter.

As she comes back though, she stops dead in her tracks. Before her is the alien leader, human sized. Its beady eyes are now big and bulging, its muscular body is now barrel chested and inflated, and its yellow mouth is agape, shrieking, “SCRRRREEEEERR!!!”

Cassie hesitates for a split second. The alien is between her and the suit. In that split second though, the alien charges her and she just barely dives toward the table and rolls out of the way. Unfortunately though, as it charged the alien knocked over the table and chair and sent the suit further away from her.

What is beside her, on the ground, though is the raygun.

She grabs it and tries to shrink him with it, but realizes that when it fell from the table, the red shrinking vial shattered and emptied its contents. All she has left is the blue growth serum.

The alien turns back around to face the target that somehow escaped it. Seeing Cassie on the ground it charges her again. Out of pure instinct and self-preservation, Cassie raises the raygun and shoots.

The alien is surrounded in a blue glow and grows an extra foot and a half. Surprised, it stops dead in its tracks, short of Cassie, but is pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It lets out a booming, discordant laugh.

It takes a large lumbering step towards Cassie and she lets out a long, sustained blast of blue. The alien begins to grow, its features bulging and bowing without any sort of protective suit. It grows rapidly until it’s head strikes the vaulted ceiling with enough force to knock it out, and the alien slumps on to its butt, unconscious.

Cassie hesitantly gets to her feet and prods at the massive beast’s body with her foot. As she gets no response, she cautiously circumnavigates it and goes to the cabinet to grab a red vial.

The lab is all cleaned up, with the chair and table uprighted and the suit folded neatly back on top. Cassie puts the red-set raygun back on the table as the final piece; the aliens have been sent back.

Looking around the room, Cassie notices one missed speck on the floor near the desk chair – the leader’s abandoned ship. She picks it up with a smile, tosses it in her hand, and slips it into her pocket.

As she turns to leave the room, she says to GPA, “Noone, can ever know about this if I ever want to get my suit one day!” And she exits the lab.


Scott enters the lab, and walks over to the table before sitting in his chair. He fusses for a second, and bounces up and down trying to get comfortable.

Cassie!! Did you change the ergonomics settings on my chair!?”

  • This one-shot is based off of the episode "Alien Invasion" from Disney's animated Ant-Man shorts.
  • In the comics, Cassie Lang does end up getting her own suit and becoming a hero under several names including, 'Stature' when she wears the suit depicted in the wordmark of the title card.
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