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Jaguar attempts to steal a car. Acrobat Adept interrupts her and they fight. Although Acrobat Adept prevents Jaguar from stealing the car, Acrobat Adept loses the fight hobbles away.

Meanwhile, Julie has to visit a research facility for an assignment and she invites Marcie along. Marcie debates about whether to go or not. As they talk Jason comes running being chased by Duster and Eric. Duster and Eric catch Jason and pour glue all over him. Duster kicks Jason and laughs as he walks away. Eric follows. As Marcie and Julie help Jason clean up, Julie continues to persuade Marcie to come on the assignment with Julie and with Jason. Julie extends the invitation to Eric, Marcie's boyfriend, despite protests by both Marcie and Jason. Julie reassures both of them that Duster is the real problem, that Eric and Jason always get along as long as Duster is not around and that Eric would be better off if he stopped hanging out with that jerk, Duster. Marcie agrees.

Later that evening, Duster, Eric, Marcie and a few friends are hanging out. Duster reveals that he is a mutant and has the power to change into a cloud and that as a cloud, he can cause choking and suffocation. He has also learned by accident that when he is a cloud, he can catch fire and spread the fire like a firestorm but it doesn't hurt Duster in the least. Duster talks about how he's been contacted by an organization that could use his unique talents and that this organization is looking for others with unique talents. No one in this group has unique talents. Duster assures them that he's still loyal to them but that he's going to look further into this offer by this organization.

Julie's assignment is to cover the unveiling of a new robot for the school newspaper. They visit on a Saturday when the lab is nearly deserted. It's just the four teenagers, the inventor of the robot, and a few security personnel. Acrobat Adept shows up and Robert, the inventor, introduces the hero and explains how the robot is intended to help this hero. This robot is a side project of Robert's that he was given permission to design because of his good work on other projects in aviation and robotics.

Robert demonstrates the robot which he has named Alphaship because Acrobat Adept can use it as a vehicle for flight and Robert might come up with additional designs. After demonstrating how the robot can absorb ambient energy directly from the surrounding air, Robert begins to demonstrate the flight capabilities of the robot when it explodes. Five masses of energy are emitted from the explosion.

Acrobat Adept manages to pull a tarp over himself and Robert for protection but not before the dark purple mass of energy passes through Robert. The white mass of energy hits Eric and he is electrocuted. His eyes are burned right out of their sockets. The blue mass of energy arcs up and pushes Jason straight into the ground. The red energy hits Marcie and small pellets of an unknown substance start shooting from her hands. The gold enrgy spins around Julie creating a miniature tornado.

After the intial blasts calms down, Acrobat Adept and Robert discover that Robert has turned invisible but is otherwise unharmed. They attempt to rescue Marcie and Julie but can't get past the debris that is quickly surrounding both of them. They decide that the best they can do immediately is get Eric to a hospital and come back for the others. Finding some rubber sheets to use as electrical insulation, they wrap up Eric and carry him away.


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