The Old Thrashers are a biker gang and are currently at war with the Dino-gang

Early history

Early on the old Thrashers and the Dino-gang were just one gan known as the Thrashers. However shortly after the arrival of a mutant named Sky Pterror all tha changed. The old leader, Duke Thompson made the mistake of letting him join the team thinking that he could use the boy to further increase the power of his gang. Unfortunatley for him Sky Pterror found out about this and murdered Duke in front of the entire gang. He offered the gang a chance for a fresh start, a new leader. However while some embraced the change the rest of them, Duke's second-in-command included were angered that their leader had been cut down and replaced by a newer and younger leader. They declared open war on the new faction and renamed themselves the Old Thrashers. However despitetheir greater numbers they Old Thrashers were no match for the Dino-Gang when they mutated themselves to make themselves stronger, and were severley weakened, they even reached the point of infighting, resulting in the deaths of several members. However they managed to bounce back ith the help of their leader Winter wolf and their weapons expert, Gatler. They later joined the intergalactic alliance known as The Combine as special shock troops, with the promise that they would be spared of the extermination of the human race.


Several unnamed background members