The Offbeats are a mutant team who split off from Magneto's Acolytes


The Offbeats originated when a small group of Mutants belonging to Magneto's acolytes realized that despite the fact that they believed in Mutant superiority they didn't agree with the rest of Magneto's beliefs and decided to leave the Acolytes and form their own team. The team leader Dragonfly decided that the team needed credibility so decided to attempt beating the avengers. Unfortunately this ended in defeat and the team was sent to the Vault. However after managing to escape they decided to go straight, although some of the team members still pick fights with certain superheroes. After the death of C.A.B. they decide to expand their ranks and merged with a smaller team known as the Rabble-rousers, the team consisted of Vlad the Impaler, Gauntlet, Muscle, Arachnion and Ace. They were later joined by a magical demon and former servant of Dormammu known as Aku. After Bonzai Bill suffered a mental breakdown, he was succeeded as the second-in-command by Vlad and the new position was given to former villain, Jasmine Hobbes, aka The Ocelot.


Former members


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