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Null, the Living Darkness

Null (Marvelous Multiverse)
Real Name
Current Alias
Null, the Living Darkness

Doctor Spectrum, Overmind, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Captain America, and many more victims whose the Null have once possessed in its lifetime



Nullifiers (biological vessels, antibodies, and offsprings), Squadron Supreme (forced; formerly), Ultimates (forced; formerly): Avengers (forced; formerly)

Base Of Operations
Mobile across the and the rest of the entire multiverse






Unusual Features
Countless tentacles and covered in multiple eyes

Marital Status

Nihilist, intergalactic annihilator, multiversal traveler, and universal destroyer

Demonic, enormous and powerful extraterrestrial, multiversal entity which was the last of its own kind

First appearance

Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme
Vol 1 5


Quote1.png Known for its massive and countless tentacles, covered in multiple eyes, this malevolent and malefic entity of the living darkness itself, without any doubt, is indeed, the perfect delineation of humanity's ignorance and oblivious insignificance as a race, in this wide ocean of fears and wonders... Patently enough... We are nothing more, but a doomed race... Quote2.png
-- H. P. Lovecraft, describing Null on his secret S'raphh journal

Early Years

Null is a powerful demonic alien entity that belongs to the collective negative impulses of the seemingly impossibly benign (and now extinct) race of powerful, interdimensional-travelling, universal-threatening entities, called the S'raphh, in which the latter is also a subspecies of the multiversal Great Old Ones. After achieving full consciousness during its early developing stages, it finally unleashes its natural ravenous cravings and tendencies towards destroying and devouring everything else that it may find on its way during its lifetime of interdimensional journey. Interestingly and more mysteriously enough, these ancient race originally came from the unexplored and undiscovered regions of the multiverse, causing their origins and history to remain an enigma, ever since they first appeared throughout the depths of the known multiverse.

Faded into Obscurity

Though its race's acknowledgement maybe a rarity during the modern world of their common homeworld, their existence was not that mysterious, even to few of Earth's primitives and its first civilized humans, whose ancient texts and manuscripts have also included their after every 10,414 years of Earth's history, whenever the S'raphh's presence passes by the Solar System.

However, as time passes by within society and as advanced technology had rapidly spread and developed all around the world, most of humanity has forgotten that it ever existed, with most now believing that the existence of the S'raphh was nothing more than a myth and a legend, some even comparing it to Lovecraftian lore, although the truth of it was H. P. Lovecraft himself was the one who was inspired by the last, lost texts of the S'raphh, to which he decided to have it, along with his secret journals on the S'raphh and many more mysterious races, kept it on his secret compartment, buried deep underground, located outside his former house, which was at Providence, Rhode Island.

Unfortunately, nobody else but the United States government was able to keep this revelation a secret to the rest of the world. During the early 1960s, former U.S. president John F. Kennedy decided to have Lovecraft's buried archives secretly collected and have it stored inside the underground bunker of the White House, kept as as a classified item, in case of global emergencies.

The White Outburst

The mysterious cosmic event that would be known in the reality of Earth-61712, and many countless more, as the "White Outburst," which was a paradigm shift that acts as a cosmic trigger, revealed to have been caused by the million-years war between the last of the S'raphh and the Builders, a race of interdimensional beings who were considered to be one of the oldest races on a known prime universe throughout the multiverse. This war ended with the victory of the Builders and the defeat of the S'raphh, following with it's eventual extinction, leaving the only surviving member of the S'raphh race, which was Null itself, to strive for complete survival.

Unbeknownst to the S'raphh, the "White Outburst" was an intentional event created by the Builders, in which during the million-years war, the Builders have decide to activate their technologically-advanced space stations across the known multiverse, and scans their universes for a race that is about to become cosmically interesting. When it finds one that is doing so, it gives them a blessing, hence the White Outburst, and shepherds, in the shape of four glyphs that are gifted to beings who are compatible with them. With this, the species becomes aware of their power, and either expands responsibly, or devolves into anarchy. The system has stood for millions of years, even when the Builders get distracted being threatened or even challenged by other races, and in this case their war with the S'raphh.

Unaware of how much, the powerful, altering, empowering effects of the "White Outburst" were to those who were affected by the consequences of the mysterious event, several of them have unintentionally made it onto the surface of planet Earth in this reality, where it was able to and change the lives of many living organisms, including several countless numbers of humans, either their lives have changed for the better, or for the worse.

Supreme Journey

Supreme Evil

Years later after the life-changing effects of the White Outburst event, or simply just the White Event among to some other races across the galaxy who came into experiencing it, most of Earth's humanity from this reality ended up using their new special powers and abilities towards either the side of heroism and the greater good, or the side of selfishness and evil. Sensing of a large presence of energy from the last White Outburst that has recently occurred on this universe years ago, the lonely Null has finally changed its intergalactic journey by going straight and forward towards the direction of the energy source, which was now located on this reality' Earth. Little did everyone on Earth else knew that the first largest and one of the most dangerous threats that they would ever encounter, was already on its way towards them, raging and craving for the hunger and destruction, and nothing else would ever dare to stand on its way.

The government team project known as the Squadron Supreme has already been scrapped and the first secret incarnation of the team was disbanded by the current president of the United States of America, believing that each and every superhero would be better on their own without them having to be involved with the government's classified agendas, but due to the unexpected arrival of the Null, the "Living Darkness," the authorities had no other choice but to reassemble the superhero team for the sake of defending the world and preventing the planet from the most dangerous of threats, no single hero could ever handle in defeating.

While the entire creature itself was still outside the Earth's orbit, the Null asexually reproduced and spawned a countless swarm of its offsprings and biological vessels, known as the Nullifiers. As a result, the Squadron Supreme was immediately alerted by their swift arrival towards the Earth's atmosphere, causing for the heroes to charge off against the hostile creatures in order to prevent them from ever reaching the planet's surface, especially the most populated cities such as Squadron City and New Troy City.

Expecting the arrival of the Nullifier swarm up ahead the skies, the Squadron rallied in defense of New Troy, but quickly concluded they would be overwhelmed as wave after wave of Nullifiers have descended. The rest of the Squadron Supreme kept their ground to hold off the invasion and evacuated civilians while Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum themselves pursued Null while it was still in orbit. Hyperion tried to beat it into submission, however, Spectrum finds another alternative in order to stop the invasion of the Living Darkness from ever commencing on Earth.

Though Hyperion's beatings on the creature manages to ultimately stop the Nullifiers' attack on Earth with the help of the Squadron Supreme, it only made the state of the Null itself even worse than before. Sensing the energy from the White Outburst's effects, it was revealed that the most powerful source of energy was located at Emil Burbank's headquarters, where his secret laboratory was also located, safely containing the last amount of the White Outburst's mysterious energy. After sensing the Outburst's energy, the last surviving Nullifier immediately escapes from the clutches of the Squadron as it swiftly flew towards the Burbank International headquarters.

The heroic speedster Blur, followed by the rest of the Squadron, manages to catch up with the Nullifier on time after reaching the top floor of the building, however, the Nullifier was too alerted about their presence, it manages to knock all the heroes down, including the Blur, one by one, before proceeding to enter Burbank's secret lab. Unbeknownst to the Squadron who have just recently arrived the headquarters, Burbank himself was already inside his laboratory at the time. Burbank was already aware about the arrival of Null on the planet's orbit, and yet, even he was surprised about the unexpected infiltration of the Nullifier on his lab where it carelessly and rapidly destroys the entire laboratory in the process, searching for the mysterious white energy source.

Burbank tried to get the safe container inside the lab that currently stored the powerful energy, but it was to late for him, as the last Nullifier finally grasps the container, ruthlessly breaking it, releasing the white energy in the process. Unfortunately, the Nullifier itself was immediately disintegrated as the energy transforms into a massive beam of light that ascended into the heavens, reaching the planet's orbit. Now that Null itself was able to reach the beam of light, the large, weakened entity heads directly straight towards it in order to absorb the energy being released by the beam. As Null kept on absorbing the white energy, it makes it even more stronger, however, the longer it absorbs the energy from the beam, it only dragged the creature more and more further towards the light, like a black hole. Unaware of what the creature has been up to, both Hyperion and Spectrum tried to stop from speeding towards the light, and despite all their best efforts of escaping, Null was too fast and too powerful.

Prime Reality

As a result, Null, along with on it who were Hyperion and Spectrum, vanishes into space as they enter the white beam of light. Meanwhile on the surface of the Earth, the rest of the Squadron to see that the beam itself began to slowly increase in size and diameter. The Blur tried to reverse the effects of the light by running around the light beyond the speed of light, in reverse in order to unravel it.

As he run so fast, his teammates tried to get back, just in case, but it was too late. The Blur's unmeasured powerful speed had unexpectedly taken himself and his entire team towards the beam of light, and similar to Null, Hyperion, and Doctor Spectrum, they also vanished into nothingness, although this time, the light finally fades into thin air, thanks to the Blur's counteracting actions, which unbeknownst to him, actually worked afterwards. Due to the mysterious effects caused by the White Outburst's beam of light, Null the Living Darkness and the Squadron Supreme were suddenly transported to a location, so seemingly familiar, and yet so different at the same time. As the heroes have finally awoken from their unconscious condition, Null was nowhere to be found anywhere, along with finding themselves lying on the roof of a skyscraper. As they awoken, the heroes were so confused to see how much the environment of "New Troy" they're currently around, felt like they were during the "19th century," instead of being in the 21st century.

Siege of Knowhere

Meanwhile, Null's presence was nowhere to be found on Earth, not even around the entire Solar System. In fact it was only revealed when Null the Living Darkness was finally seen by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who saw the enormous whale-like entity roam around the depths of space, still looking for more resources to feed on, more specifically, energy, lots and lots of energy. As the cosmic heroes followed the enormous entity towards where it was specially going, it finally led them to a very familiar location they once went to, Knowhere. Seeing the enormous entity started suddenly acting all hostile towards the ancient Celestial head turned mining colony, the Guardians were obligated to make an immediate action by advancing to the place itself even before the monster gets their to decimate it, to warn all the citizens and help the people evacuate Knowhere if things get even worse.

Unfortunately for the Guardians, the assumption they nervously expected did come true, and by the time they arrived at Knowhere, the place itself was already in chaos and ruins as Null had already sent its Nullifiers to the middle of the city. Despite this, however, the Guardians still did their very best to defend the surviving people, including the Collector, though after seeing that they were slowly being outnumbered by the Nullifiers, along with the Null who was now extremely close to arriving, the heroes warn the people to use all the spacecrafts they have to evacuate the entire place to safety. However, no matter how they tried to fasten the ongoing process, each second seemed to run out, and sadly, they could only watch in horror as they witness the nightmarish arrival of Null. In the midst of crisis, the Guardians gave all their best shots at the malevolent behemoth, though none seemed to prevail.

That is, until Rocket Raccoon reluctantly but recklessly uses one of the spacecrafts, and directed it towards Null's head, severely weakening it, buying time for the people of Knowhere to evacuate. Rocket seemingly perished during the explosion, much to his teammates' distress at first, especially for Groot. Thankfully, Rocket was revealed to be alive, showing that he was saved by a heroic individual whom the Guardians had never met, revealed to be Earth-61712's Hyperion. Immediately afterwards, Hyperion excessively exerted his godly might to drag Null out of Knowhere and its orbit, averting the destruction of Knowhere from the monster's hunger. In the aftermath of Null's failed attack, the overthrown mighty creature unintentionally sensed another, more powerful energy source coming from a hundred light years from Knowhere. Sensing the strong scent of the energy source, Null used his natural power of interdimensional travel to access the jump points to fast travel across the universe, jumping between different planets to find which one of it was the source of the strong energy.

Incursion on Skrullos

The Null then proceeds to engage to enter the interstellar stargates, in which the travel itself took more than until it was able to locate its destination, arriving at the of home of one of the most notorious empires throughout the galaxy, Skrullos. Unbeknownst even for the mighty entity itself, its desperate hunger towards cosmic energy had shrouded it from becoming slightly wary, without even knowing that whatever or whoever might be there to help its people, was already prepared to face its wrath, and were courageous enough to do whatever it takes to protect their world. In the arrival of Null on Skrullos, he never unexpected to see the whole planet's orbit was protected by a electromagnetic forcefield, blocking it from entering so easily, all thanks to the planet's remarkably-advanced technology, combined and supported by the powerful constructs released by energy of Doctor's Spectrum's Power Prism.

Apparently experiencing some difficulties at first, a weakened Null apparently renounces its objective in consuming the planet, without the people even realizing that Null had used its telepathic ability and somehow bypass the forcefield, controlling a Skrull soldier's mind where he unknowingly disable the field's control system, subsequently giving Null the greater advantage to effortlessly break the unbreakable construct of the Power Prism. As Null enters the Skrullos' atmosphere, the Skrull Empire had no other choice but to ignore Spectrum's hopeful solutions and instead, they decided to use their "Star Killer" weapons against the creature, little knowing that it would endanger the whole planet, even if they would get to kill Null.

Still ignoring Spectrum's pleas, the arrogant and egotistical Skrull prince and general, Dezan, commands his men to fire the weapons otherwise, recklessly shooting at Null, only for the latter to absorb the energy releases by the weapon, satisfying its hunger in the meantime, and even worse, it releases a far more deadly blast towards the surface of the planet, causing few earth-shattering tremors across several different cities on the planet, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands as the structures have devastatingly collapsed above them, much to Dezan's dismay and regret. In response, Spectrum and the Skull Empire had to evacuate all of Skrullos' surviving inhabitants as they would witness the multiversal entity slowly take over their entire home, while Spectrum uses all his strategy and his might to try and get Null away from the planet as far as possible only using his ultimate Power Prism.

Illusion of Ultimate Power

As a willing act of sacrifice, he then leads Null towards the nearest star of the system using what Hyperion had once taught him about gravitational pull during their earliest days in the Squadron Supreme. Null was drawn into the sun and was going to get killed with Ledger himself, only to be outpowered by the last second action of the Null to get both itself and Ledger out of the area using its interdimensional travel, unintentionally travelling them across the other parts of prime universe, with the hero not knowing where the creature would eventually lead them to next. As the two travel across the universe at light speed, Ledger continues to use this situation as an advantage by fighting the powerful but confused creature with his great power summoned by the Power Prism. Despite being fazed off reality during their, Null impulsively released a large swarm of his Nullifiers to defend it from Ledger.

Passing through a dimension (Quantum Zone) that greatly overcharges Ledger's sentient power source, Doctor Spectrum unleashed the true might and power of the overpowered Power Spectrum as he easily obliterate every single Nullifier who attacked him. Null tried to use his ability of illusion casting to implant a dreamlike reality to Ledger's mind, but the overcharged Power Prism was already powerful enough to counteract the entity's psychic attack. As an immediate response, Doctor Spectrum finally entered his state of ultimate power where he would release a powerful blast of energy straight at Null which penetrated through his own core, finally killing the multiversal entity once and for all, or so did Ledger thought.

Out of all the sudden, Ledger opened his eyes in a flash of light, as he sees that his right forearm was severed off by Null's tentacles, realizing that everything that just happened was nothing but a psychic illusion successfully implanted by Null earlier. Ledger then closes his eyes as he accepts his unexpected fate, with his last thoughts still being hopeful and optimistic, secretly knowing that his allies would now find a way to defeat Null, before ultimately getting devoured by the Living Darkness. Unbeknownst to Null, however, Ledger's death was a worthy sacrifice to self-destruct his own Power Prism within the "digestive track" of Null, permanently implanting a powerful series of radiation within the entity and although it was harmless to the latter, Ledger still knew that his teammates and allies would eventually find Null, through the energy surge released by the detonation of the Power Prism, and face the universally-threatening creature once and for all to prevent it from devouring anything on this neighboring reality.

Unfortunately, Ledger's sacrifice also came with an unexpected and terrible price, and that price was the discovery of Null to use the "essence" of the Power Prism to its own advantage, conveniently using it as some sort of biological tracking device in its system to sense and hunt for the greatest of energies on a pangalactic-wide scale across the universe. Using its new adapted and resourceful ability, Null would come across sensing a new and strange but tempting energy within the Terran named Robert Reynolds, the complex superhero known as Sentry. With Null now craving for this new source of nutrition, the latter set its new mission to devour the mysterious energy within the superhuman the creature has found on Earth.

Two Earth's Mightiest Heroes

To be added.

Powers and Abilities


S'raphh Physiology: Null's evolved and mutated form as a S'raphh was solid but immensely durable and strong (at least Class 550+). Null's extraterrestrial physiology allows it to fly, become intangible, teleport interdimensionally, move objects telekinetically, speak telepathically, shape-shift, cast illusions, shrink people, project concussive psychokinetic blasts, reanimate corpses and possess other feats and abilities that was left unrevealed. According to more than 50,000 realities across the known discovered multiverse (including Earth-61615 and Earth-61712), Null is considered to be one of the most powerful evolved form of S'raphh that everyone has ever seen. Its feats, natural powers, and abilities includes the following:

One of the millions of cocoon within Null's enormous body ready to hatch a Nullifier

  • Hive Mind
    • Mind Control
    • Possession
  • Environmental Adaptivity
  • Dimensional Manipulation
    • Interdimensional Travel
  • Divine Powers
  • Telekinesis
    • Holographic Projection
    • Illusion Casting
  • Telepathy
  • Immortality
  • Sorcery
  • Necromancy
  • Siphon Lifeforce
  • Size Manipulation
  • Flight
  • Levitation
  • Teleportation


  • Super-Genius Intelligence

Strength level

Class 550+


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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