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Real Name
Norrin Radd II
Current Alias




Norrin Radd I (great-great grandfather, deceased);

Jartran Radd (father, deceased);

Elmar Radd (mother, deceased);




Silver, (formerly Blue)

No Hair, (formerly Brown)



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Early Life

Norrin Radd (Earth-1111)

Norrin Radd was born on the planet Zenn-La, part of an extremely long-lived and technologically advanced humanoid race which had created a worldwide utopia devoid of crime, disease, hunger, poverty, and want of any kind. Norrin's father named him after his great-grandfather. Norrin was pressured by his father to live up to his great-great grandfather's name and raised as a grimly intellectual youth, encouraged to seek knowledge, advancement and achievement rather than the aimless hedonism which had come to dominate Zenn-Lavian society.

At age nineteen, Norrin's parents died under unknown circumstances. With the weight of his father's dominance lifted over him, Norrin began to seek excitement and adventure on his mundane planet which would eventually lead him to meet and fall in love with Shalla Bal.

Becoming the Herald

Norrin's life changed forever when a menacing humanoid silhouette and annihilated Zenn-La's long-neglected defense systems. Convincing a Council of Scientists member to provide him with a spaceship, Radd soon confronted the invader known as Galactus.

After learning Galactus' intentions were to devour the planet, Radd pleaded with Galactus to spare his planet, to spare his love. Galactus asked what he could do for him in return if he agreed to sparing Zenn-La, Radd offered to become his herald and seek out new worlds for him to sate his hunger in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. Galactus agreed, transforming Radd into a silver-skinned, cosmic-powered super-being.

For several years Norrin, now going by the name Silver Sulfer, would serve Galactus well in devouring many planets. For many years, the Surfer wondered if this was karma for taking his previous life for granted and wanting to be adventurous. The Silver Surfer hated Galactus and himself for helping a monster destroy civilizations but would remember he was only doing it for Shalla.

Battling the Fantastic Four

Galactus would go on to discover the planet Earth, a planet rich with energy that made it very desirable to Galactus. Galactus sent the Surfer to scout the Earth and search for any potential risks to which he did.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Surfer caused widespread panic which led to the Fantastic Four having to intervene, Silver Surfer engaged in a lengthy battle with the superpowered team. Taken aback by the resilience and abilities of these humans, he admired them in a way although he nearly defeated the team he was knocked unconscious by a sneak attack from The Thing.

The Surfer later woke up in the Baxter Building, separated from his board. After waking up he was questioned by the scientist Reed Richards. The Surfer saw this as an opportunity to finally rid himself of his servitude to Galactus and redeem himself, Surfer told Reed everything, from his past, to all the information he knew about Galactus. The Surfer would then go on to warn the Fantastic Four that Galactus plans to devour this planet and they'll need [Silver Surfer's] help if they want to stop him.

Arrival of Galactus

After the Fantastic Four contacted Nick Fury, he asked them to bring Silver Surfer in for questioning.

Upon arriving to the Triskelion Cable attacks Silver Surfer for all the horrendous things he'd do in the future, the two engage in a fight that almost destroys the Triskelion, the Silver Surfer ends the fight with his foot on Cable's throat and explains to him that he apologizes for the horrible things he's done and regrets them, but he did it for his planet. Cable reluctantly forgives Silver Surfer and the two come to an understanding.

With their fight over, Nick Fury questions Silver Surfer and Cable and asks if they know any weaknesses that Galactus has. The Surfer tells Fury that Galactus cosmic hunger is his greatest weakness and without sustaining himself he'll die, Surfer continues and explains that the reason he wants Earth so much is that it is rich with energy.

Silver Surfer realized that he hadn't reported back to Galactus in over 24 hours and if he doesn't report back in 24 hours, Galactus would launch his assault. Suddenly, the Surfer's word proved true, Galactus had arrived. The Silver Surfer tells them not to completely panic as Galactus always begins a path of destruction shortly before consuming it, Nick Fury orders the Avengers except Hank Pym and Tony Stark, the Fantastic Four except Reed Richards and the X-Men to distract Galactus while Stark, Pym and Richards continue working on a way to stop Galactus.

While on a date in Manhattan, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson see Galactus' towering figure of New York. Peter informs MJ that he has to go to which she agrees and tells him to be safe.Spider-Man makes his way to Galactus, seeing as he has no chance in stopping him he begins saving citizens from collateral damage caused by Galactus. Suddenly he sees a car about to fall off the Queensborough Bridge, he grabs it but struggles to pull the car as he is about to lose his grip Daredevil enters and saves all the people inside the car. Spider-Man and Daredevil look into the sky and wonder how on Earth they'll defeat Galactus, Daredevil says all they can do now is help the people and let the big guns handle it.

The Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men arrive and attack Galactus. Hulk, Thor and the Thing are the heaviest hitters and causing the most damage to Glactus until he blasts them with cosmic energy causing Hulk to revert into Banner and Thor and the Thing to be knocked unconscious. Without their heavy hitters the three teams are decimated by Galactus' powers. As Galactus is about to kill the three teams, Sue Storm protects them with a psionic shield bubble. Silver Surfer and Cable arrive to help, while Cable is quickly knocked out Silver Surfer gives Galactus a run for his money, realising he can't defeat Galactus alone, Silver Surfer retreats and uses an untapped power the allows him to teleport himself, the other superheroes (including Spider-Man and Daredevil) back to the Triskelion.

Silver Surfer warns Nick Fury that he sees them as a threat and will be coming for them. Stark, Pym and Richards notify the heroes that they have discovered a dimension called the Negative Zone that has no life in it and if they could create a wormhole and find a way to push him inside of it, they can defeat him. Quicksilver then notifies them that if they know how to build it and tell him how to build it, he'll use his superspeed to get it built fast, Stark, Pym, Richards and Banner then begin brain storming on how to create a device that can create wormholes.

Suddenly, Galactus arrives and attacks the Triskelion. The heroes begin battling Galactus to hold him off while the brains attempt to blueprint a wormhole device. After a long battle the heroes are defeated by Galactus but luckily the brains have come up with a way of creating a portal device, they wake up Quicksilver to build the mission, although Quicksilver will need a distraction, Bruce transforms into the Hulk in a berserker rage and begins pounding Galactus. From looking at the blueprints, Quicksilver builds the device and activates it creating a wormhole. Hulk with a limited understanding keeps on punching Galactus in the direction of the wormhole and attempts to push him into it, as Galactus falls into the wormhole he grabs the Hulk and with no way to escape his fate seems to be sealed.

Until Silver Surfer zooms in and tackles Galactus into the wormhole going inside with him. Quicksilver quickly shuts down the device closing the wormhole forever. While in the Negative Zone, Silver Surfer battles with an enraged Galactus and uses all of his power cosmic to destroy Galactus and himself ending his threat once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


The Power Cosmic: The Silver Surfer possesses the Power Cosmic, which is the core from which his other abilities manifest from. This power was granted to him by Galactus.

  • Energy Absorption and Manipulation: The absorption of electromagnetic energy is the base of the Surfer's life and power. The Surfer has complete control of the four fundamental forces of the universe, reaching nearly any effect he desires.
  • Matter Manipulation: The Silver Surfer can rearrange matter to create other objects of importance by rearranging molecules. He can also change the state of matter, such as changing solids into gas. Transmutation helps the Surfer escape traps and prisons, and can also be used to make an enemy's weapons inactive.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Surfer possesses enormous superhuman strength. Though the exact magnitude remains vague, he has often been shown to fight evenly with people who can lift far in excess of 100 tons. He can also use the Power Cosmic to increase his strength to incalculable levels.
  • Invulnerability: The Silver Surfer's silvery "skin" was designed to easily withstand the rigors of deep-space travel, and thus far, it has proven to be virtually indestructible.
  • Godlike Stamina: The Surfer's highly enhanced musculature generates no fatigue toxins, body stress, or even sweat, granting him inexhaustible physical stamina, which allows him to fight other beings for prolonged periods of time before tiring, if he even gets tired.
  • Flight Speed: Prior to his upgrade, the Silver Surfer was one of the fastest beings in the universe, but was greatly outmatched by the Runner of the Elders of the Universe. The Silver Surfer can travel at speeds faster than light. He can enter the Hyperspace when he exceeds the speed of light, although he is also able to accelerate and achieve faster than light speeds without accessing hyperspace (since he was deprived from his space-time traveling powers, and to enter hyperspace does not automatically cause time travel). Finally, his mind and body can be used at these speeds as well, making the Surfer extremely reactive and agile.
  • Cosmic Senses: The Silver Surfer has certain cosmic-energy enhanced perceptions which enable him, through concentration, to become aware of the patterns of energy anywhere in the world. These abilities allow him far-ranging vision (in space he can see people clearly over a light year away), the ability to see sub-atomic particles, superhuman hearing, the ability to detect fields, traces, and concentrations of pure forms of energy and discern their natures.
  • Cosmic Self-Sustenance: The Silver Surfer does not need to eat or breathe since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy directly through his skin.


As Norrin Radd, the Surfer was a scientist, a dreamer, and something of a philosopher, skills which he sometimes finds quite useful. The Surfer, however, is only an average hand-to-hand combatant, depending almost entirely upon his cosmic powers in battle. After his time on Sakaar, Surfer gained some combat experience, making him a more dangerous combatant than ever.

Strength level

Class 100+


None known.


Equipment: None known.
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Weapons: None known.


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  • Norrin Radd's birth year on Zenn-La is equivalent to Earth's year of 1985.

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