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Real Name
Roderick Norman Osborne
Current Alias

Norman Osborne, Normie, Rod, Roddy The Goblin, Mr. Osborne, The Wizard of Oz, Iron America



Oscorp Industries (currently)
S.H.I.E.L.D (currently)

Dorothy Osborne (mother; deceased)
Amberson Osborne (father; deceased)
Martha Osborne (wife; deceased)
Harry Osborne (Nova; son)


Base Of Operations
Osborne Mansion, New York (currently)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Tricarrier (currently)

Editorial Name
The Spectacular Iron Patriot


6' 5" , 6'9" (armored)

220 lbs (100 kg) , 420 lbs (armored)




Marital Status

Scientist, Industrialist
CEO of Oscorp Industries (currently)
Superhero (currently)

Empire State University (graduated)

After an attempt injection with the OZ serum gone wrong, his entire DNA was corrupted, turning him into the Green Goblin. However, his Goblin half became out of control and imploded during his fight with Spider-Man, returning back to Norman permanently. After serving time at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Correctional Facility, Norman was released, his stability returning to normal and decided to redeem himself when he saw his son, Harry fight as Nova, becoming the Iron Patriot, courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D.


First appearance

Mighty Spider-Man #1 1
(as Norman Osborne)
Mighty Spider-Man #1 5
(as the Goblin)
Mighty Spider-Man #11 12
(as Iron Patriot)


Quote1.png I admit that I have done things I wasn't proud of, even if the Goblin had almost taken complete control of my body and mind. But now I will do what it takes to seek redemption. Quote2.png
-- Norman Osborne/Iron Patriot

Early Life

Early Years

Born in Massachusetts, Roderick Norman Osborne had lived a lavish and decent childhood for his father, Amberson was a wealthy inventor who had money, power, and fame. But everything began crashing down for Norman for his father lost the entire family fortune, leading to the physical and psychological abuse inflicted by Amberson. This led his mother, Dorothy divorcing Amberson and obtaining full custody of Norman, taking him to New York City where they can provide a better life but the damage had already been done, making Norman realize that he didn't want to be seen as a failure by anyone or his mother despite her telling him that he wasn't a failure.

Norman Osborne

Throughout the rest of his childhood, Norman worked hard in school, getting the highest grades than any other student and even earned a scholarship from Empire State University as well as a grant. Majoring in Business, Chemistry, and Engineering, Norman became the best of the best in his courses as he did during grade school through high school, graduating valedictorian. As he started his company, he teams up with Mendel Stromm to help him, forming a close friendship as well as a tight business partnership. After setting up the financing, Oscorp Industries was born.

First Oscorp Years & the Harry's Birth

Oscorp became a success in its first years, bringing pride within Norman as he celebrated with Stromm for the company's accomplishment. Along the way, Norman meets college senior, Martha Witherspoon and he falls madly in love with her, marrying her two years later and welcoming their first and only child, Harry. However, Norman's marriage to Martha didn't last for she fell very ill, revealing that she was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, losing her battle to the disease months later. This brought devastation within Norman and he began to isolate himself through work, ignoring Harry who tried to spend time with him which formed a wedge between the two.

Rise of the Green Goblin

Experiment Gone Wrong

Oscorp became one of the richest companies in the world below Stark Enterprises and Norman got a taste of the lavish lifestyle as he had back when he was a child from the success of his company, having him becoming more dedicated to the company, wanting to become the best of the best. When Harry reached high school, he introduced Norman to his best friend Peter Parker and Norman grew highly interested in the young man which rubbed Harry the wrong way but his friendship with him still remained the same. After Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him the powers that made him the web-slinging hero -- Spider-Man, Norman was fascinated by how the OZ serum, a special formula he created to replicate the Super Soldier serum, was able to turn a teenager into a superhuman.

Desiring to become a superhuman himself, Norman convinced Stromm to imbue him with the OZ serum, the latter was skeptical, but he proceeded with the experiment. However, the machines began to malfunction, messing up the process. The mishap caused Norman to spiral to insanity and kills Stromm when the latter checked up on his condition in complete horror and worry. The botched experiment not only gave him the abilities he wanted, but it began to mutate his body, transforming him into a large goblin-like monster and leaves the laboratory in a crazed rage.

School Attack

After the incident, Norman made his first attack at Midtown High School, where Harry and Peter were attending. After emitting powerful bolts of energy blasts on the building, the students were forced to flee in panic as flames erupted inside. He was soon confronted by Peter who was now suited up as Spider-Man and he chased the webslinger out of the school to the Brooklyn Bridge where they battled each other until the SWAT team made their arrival. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Norman retreated back to his mansion where he changed back to his normal form and the news began to play where he saw the school semi-destroyed and the students completely shaken from the attack. Not remembering the events, Norman was left horrified and shocked, and it made him worry about Harry's safety.

Norman as the Green Goblin

Later, officials of Oscorp informed Norman that Stromm was dead and his body was found in the laboratory. Norman was left confused by the news but when his team led him to the laboratory and saw Stromm's lifeless body, he was left horrified and asked what caused it and they didn't tell him what happened. Hurt began to take over Norman as Stromm's body was removed from the lab. Suffering from another loss that he had since the death of his wife, Norman began to seclude himself in his bedroom, ignoring Harry's calling to him when he had gotten home. Then suddenly, he starts hearing an evil snicker from out of nowhere. When he asked who was there, there was no response.

Attack at the World Unity Festival

Days later, Oscorp held the World Unity Festival at Times Square and Harry tells Norman that everyone was expecting him to be there, but the man declined and told him to have fun with his friends, leaving Harry worried about him. But as Harry left, Norman began to hear the same evil laughter from out of nowhere, bringing fear within Norman as he asked who was there and he heard was, "Let's have some fun again, shall we?" right before his eyes turned in a bright yellow color, screams were heard until he transformed into the Goblin and leaving the mansion.

As the World Unity Festival started, Norman initiated his attack on the event, causing numbers of guests to flee in panic. Peter, who was present, told Harry to run to safe along with Uncle Ben and his then-girlfriend Gwen Stacy, while he went to go suit up as Spider-Man and confront Norman. After revealing himself and dubbing him as the Green Goblin. As the two foes began fighting, Norman shot a blast at a balcony where it had a large group of guests. Spider-Man defeats the Goblin once again, making him retreat. After the webslinger saves the guests, Spider-Man makes his leave and takes off his mask, shaken from the incident. Norman smirked after seeing Spider-Man's true identity before disappearing.

The Proposal

On the eve of the Easter Sunday, Norman and Harry were invited to have dinner with Peter and Uncle Ben along with Gwen and her father, George. Since the attack of the World Unity Festival, Norman hadn't been himself thanks to his Goblin half who had began invading his mind. Norman forced himself to leave the kitchen which caused Peter's Spider-Sense to began to ring. Out in the halls, he began to hear the Goblin's voice. When Norman turned to the mirror, he saw his reflection which changed to his Goblin form, much to his horror. The Goblin explained to him about the loss of Stromm, the attack at the School and the World Unity Festival and how both he and the Goblin perpetrated those incidents, much to Norman's shock and horror. The Goblin even told him about Spider-Man and his determination to stop him, but he came up with an idea in joining in order to gain power.

After the Easter dinner, Norman (or his Goblin half) attacked the Daily Bugle where J. Jonah Jameson operated at. Spider-Man made his approach to stop the Goblin, but the villain used his energy blasts on the webslinger, knocking him unconscious. After waking him up at a cemetery, the Goblin explains to him that he knows his identity and started a debate that people don't really care about him and informs what people love seeing in a hero is seeing a hero fall. He offers Spider-Man to join him in gaining power or else the webslinger will face tragedy which will involve his loved ones.

Death of Gwen Stacy

Days later, the Goblin half began to take control of Norman once again and he kidnaps Gwen from Peter's home and calls Peter by her phone, telling him to meet him at the Brooklyn Bridge where he was holding Gwen captive. When Spider-Man arrived, the Goblin held Gwen on the edge of the bridge as she screamed in help. The Goblin informs Spider-Man that he wasn't happy that he didn't take up his proposal and that he was a fool in believing that people will love him for who he is. When Spider-Man refused to take up his offer, Goblin responds by saying, "Good luck saving her, hero." and drops Gwen and Spider-Man tried to save her by jumping off the bridge to catch her. But the jolt from the fall snapped her neck, killing her instantly.

Taunting over Spider-Man's devastation, the Webslinger lunges at the Goblin in complete anger, Spider-Man lunges at the foe beating him to a pulp and when he was going to deliver the final blow, Norman pleads for him to give him mercy, leaving Spider-Man shocked. As Norman tries to speak, he groans in complete pain and quickly makes his escape once more. When he returned, the Goblin turned back to Norman as he looked at his battered face in the mirror before the Goblin appeared before him, scolding him for begging for mercy. Norman screamed that he's not a monster like the Goblin and the other half laughed, letting him know that this was only the beginning of gaining power, laughing loudly that Norman shook his head, telling the Goblin that he's not like him at all and the Goblin let him know that he was the one who created him in the first place.

Final Battle and the End of the Green Goblin

After the Goblin attacked Uncle Ben at a grocery store as an act of retaliation, Spider-Man came into conclusion after putting two and two together that the Green Goblin was none other than Norman. Meanwhile, at the Oscorp mansion, Norman was trying to keep himself together, the river of memories of the events rushing through his mind. He had pushed Harry away once more because he didn't want him to know what was going on until he was confronted by Spider-Man, asking him about the events that had happened including the death of Gwen. Norman tried his best to avoid all of the questions until he felt pain within his mind and within seconds, sinister laughter came out of his voice, revealing his Goblin half, shamelessly confessing to the crimes he had committed. He transformed into his form, much to Harry's shock and horror, making his attack on the webslinger, sending him to a junkyard where he began to beat him to pulp and used his energy blasts, blowing his mask off.

As the Goblin tells Spider-Man that he should've killed Uncle Ben when he had the chance and that set the webslinger off and beats the Goblin to the ground. Soon, Norman takes over and begs Spider-Man to help him, stating that he had never meant to hurt everyone and that the Goblin has been possessing his body. This left Spider-Man at crossroads when he heard Norman plead for his help before he cried out in agony as the Goblin starts to fully take over, attacking Spider-Man once more. As he was about to inflict another blow, his whole body began to deteriorate and distort, making the Goblin cry out in pain until he exploded in a large blast as the botched serum within his body became highly unstable. But shockingly, it didn't kill Norman, instead, he permanently returned to his normal self but fell unconscious.

With the Goblin gone, Norman regains consciousness, he was met by Spider-Man and later Harry who he embraced fully after he saw him back to the way he is. However, the reunion was cut short when Norman was arrested by the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., its leader, Nick Fury cuffing him and letting Spider-Man know that he will go easy on Norman but will have to lock him up for his crimes after informing him that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been watching the events while he wasn't looking. As Norman was led away, he told Spider-Man and Harry that he was terribly sorry for everything that happened and began to serve his sentencing at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Correctional Facility.

Seeking Redemption

While serving his sentencing, Norman began to reflect on the things that had happened while he was the Goblin and even though the other half had done all of those crimes, Norman came to terms of his actions and took full responsibility for the things he had done, wanting to do better for himself when he gets released. He was visited by Harry many times and in one of his visits, he began to apologize to him for not being there, letting him know that he was wrong for treating him the way he did before he became the Goblin because he couldn't cope with the loss of his mother. Since then, Norman's relationship with Harry began to improve through their visits until he was informed that he was getting released due to his good behavior. Before his release, he was examined by the doctors of the prison, letting him know that the serum was still within his body and that he still has some abilities such as advanced longevity and enhanced stamina/metabolism. Norman brushed it off, saying that he will bear with it. His sanity has since fully returned and was ready to start over after he left the prison.

The Birth of Iron Patriot

Norman's first Iron Patriot suit

Norman has returned to his company, being the determined businessman and scientist he was before. He was welcomed back by many of his workers and was met by Harry who tells him, "Welcome home dad.", giving him a big hug before getting to work as he began to spend time with the younger Osborne. One day, when Norman was on his way to meet with Hammer Industries to start a partnership, he was attacked by the HYDRA. One of the villains Electro blasted his car, causing the driver to swerve out of control and crash. When Norman exited, he saw Electro make his attack on him. As Norman tried to make an escape, Electro catches him and grabs him by the collar, letting him know that he had let his 'boys' bully him while he worked under his company and he didn't do anything to stop them. When Norman tried to explain to him, Electro was about to kill him with his electric bolts until Nova attacks the villain, saving Norman's life.

When Nova called Norman 'dad', the man discovered that Nova was Harry and asked him what was going on. Harry told him that he was protecting the Earth with Spider-Man before he told him to get to safety while fighting Electro. This sparked the inspiration for his redemption for Norman as he watched his son fight Electro before Spider-Man came to his aid to apprehend the electrified villain.

After the incident, Norman did a lot of thinking for the past few days. Since Harry has revealed his hero identity to him, he couldn't stop thinking about the heroic deed he was doing and this was the first time that he ever saw Harry fight villains and protect the city. Norman finally makes a decision and he goes the place that had gotten back to the person he is -- S.H.I.E.L.D. Norman knew that it wasn't going to be easy in talking Fury in training him in becoming a hero; however, Fury knew that he had never meant to the things he did when he was the Goblin. As a result, Fury puts him in physical training with the help of his partner, Phil Colson. At the same time, Norman began to develop a special Iron suit which he had taken some inspiration from Tony Stark and his Iron Man suit.

Norman's second/current Iron Patriot suit

After days of hard training, Norman was ready to prove his redemption. With his new suit, he dubs himself the Iron Patriot. Making his debut, Norman began to split his time at the company and his first days in vigilantism, stopping criminals from doing everyday crimes before facing the bigger villains. Spider-Man and Harry notice this and were highly impressed by how Norman came a long way. This also caught the attention of the Avengers and the other heroes and eventually, Norman would become one of the greatest heroes behind Spider-Man, his redemption coming to a completion and the Green Goblin being a thing in the past, never to be mentioned ever again.

Powers & Abilities



  • Transformation:
  • Flight:
  • Energy Blasts:


Iron Patriot Armor Suit:

  • Repulser Rays:
  • Heat Lasers:
  • Super Strength:
  • Super Speed:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Force Field Generation:
  • Energy Blade Projection:
  • Flight:

Oz Serum Enhancements

  • Super Strength:
  • Superhuman Speeed:
  • Super Stamina:
  • Enhanced Longevity:
  • Advanced Metabolism:
  • Superhuman Agility/Reflexes:


Genius-Level Intellect:

Strength level



  • Mental Illness (formerly)
  • Insanity (formerly)
  • Hallucinations (formerly)


Equipment: Iron Patriot Armor:
Transportation: Rocket Boots (Iron Patriot Armor)

  • Repulser Rays
  • Heat Rays'
  • Energy Blade

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