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Quote1Peter? Sorry, kid. But I have to kill you.Quote2
--Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin

Early Life

Norman Osborn was born into a rich family. He went to a private school, and went on to become a leading manufacturer in business. But when Spider-Man busted him for illegal deals, Norman grew hate for the Wall-Crawler. He developed a serum called the Serum-00, or the Goblin Serum. When he drank it, it transformed him to look like--the Green Goblin! He lost his sanity and became crazed. He developed a flying platform, a rad looking costume and pouch, and pumpkin bombs. He scuffled with Spidey but lost. He vowed revenge and went into hiding.

Powers and Abilities

He has super strength, and tons of gadgets. He retained his scientific smarts but nothing much else.

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