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Real Name
Kaleb James Hotaru
Current Alias

Midnight Hunter, Ghost Walker, The Pain in Crime's Ass, Target Practise



X-men (Earth 1958), S.H.I.E.L.D (Earth-1958)

None known


Base Of Operations




Unusual Features
Heterocromia, white hair, tattoos and scars


Marital Status

Vigilante, Adventurer



Place of Birth


First appearance



Early life

Kaleb was born to his parents who died shortly after in a car crash, leaving the young child so be raised by his grandad who trained him in martial arts from the age of 4. after discovering his powers he learnt to control them to a degree thanks to his grandfather's teachings. He spent most of his time between school and helping his grandfather in his store he acted as a vigilante going by the alias of Nomad. After his grandfather died of terminal cancer he continued this work until he came across a young girl about to be raped by some street thugs who he soundly beat without being touched once. Little did he know this woman was a member of the current incarnation of the X-men who was learning to use her powers properly. After a few more days he was approached by several members of the X-men's staff/field operatives and they offered him a place as a fellow instructor which he accepted on a temporary basis.

Life with the X-men

Upon arriving at the academy he was greeted by the girl he saved and she introduced herself properly as Alison Miyoshi and they became close friends sharing a older brother/sister relationship within a few days. He also was given a special nano-tech armor given to him by the Tech instructor Hardwear, the armor itself reacts to his powers allowing for easy use and movement. Over the space of a few weeks he started to warm up to the academy and it's staff and students especially Wolverine whom hew shared a friendly rivalry with. He also found romance with Dark-Wolf (Janet Sky-wolf) a Native American mutant with the power to shapeshift into a werewolf. On his first mission he was tasked with rescuing a young mutant from a terrorist group planning to use his life draining powers on various high ranking military and political people (this annoyed Nomad as he hates Politicians), his team consisted of Dark-Wolf (Elena Two-claws), Beast (Hank Peter McCoy ), Storm (Ororo N'Dare Munroe) and Shadowcat (Kitty Abigale Pryde). They used the Blackbird to reach Columbia and infiltrated the compound the terrorists were using after eliminating the guards. After various encounters with the rest fo the security they found the kid and began to get him out of the compound only to attacked by a group of mutant mercenaries the terrorists hired Nomad, Dark-Wolf and beast stayed behind to delay the mercs while Shadowcat and Storm got the kid to the Blackbird and went back to help out. Nomad using his powers to their advantage managed to beat the leader of the mercs while the overs defeated the rest and they got back to the jet and returned to The Academy where the child would get some training and support. A few weeks after the mission Nomad decided to stay on permanently and help train the next generation of heroes but he still went off to do his vigilante thing but now covered the entire state of new York not just New York City, getting Hardwear and Softwear to act as his technical support on his patrols.

Current Career

Now used to living at the academy and becoming close friends with many of the students and staff, even become a father figure to a new member called Victoria or Psychosis who was always picked on by the other 1st year students (who he can scare nearly to death). He has also started a new version of the X-Force which he has called The Outcasts which act as an extra covert ops team when X-Force are busy with current operations. This team consists of Dark-Wolf, Psylocke (Liz Braddock), Fantomas (Jean-Claude Beurling), Diamond Queen (Annabel Frost-Summers) and Marvel Girl (Jean Greyson) the team also works with S.H.I.E.L.D a lot. Acting as something similar to a Counter-Mutant enforcement team to be used against high value mutant criminals, terrorists and extra security as mutant rights/peace talks to deal with any rioters and other anti-mutant or anti-human groups that may try something non-freindly.

Powers and Abilities


Regenerative Healing Factor: Nomad's natural healing factors is immensely powerful able to reattach limbs, regrow them after a certain period of time, survive bullet wounds and come back from the dead. It also increases other traits such as speed, strength, agility, reflexes and durability.

  • Superhuman Strength: While not as strong at other powerhouses Nomad can lift up to 2.5 tones so small cars, motorbikes and large objects weighing up to that can be thrown some distance. He can also send people flying just by punching them once, or pull them through walls.
  • Superhuman Agility: Nomad is a master of Parkour as his agility allows him to pull of stunts other Tracuers could only dream of or see in the movies able to flip horizontally off walls as if he was on the ground and perform a series of flips at a dangerously low height form the ground.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: One feature Nomad is known for is his ability to dodge bullets, tasers and energy blasts at him (as long as he knows their coming) with ease, his most famous feat of his reflexes was the 3035 shoot out where he stood in the middle of a room and dodged over 400 bullets causing each of the gun men to shoot each other. despite his amazing ability to dodge he can be caught out in the heat of battle.
  • Superhuman Speed: Nomad's speed is unique even among most speedsters. he can run normally up to 100MPH but when he goes past that he can use bursts of blinding speed reaching Mach 6, but he is only limited to bursts of 30-45 seconds but his healing powers allow him to do this a nearly endless amount of times before his stamina takes a beating.
  • Superhuman Durability: Nomad is also bullet proof able to take considerable damage before any attacks or rounds enter his body. Though he still wears armor as he doesn't like getting shot.
  • Superhuman Senses: With animal like senses Nomad can track his targets across Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as see them from up to a mile away. He can also hear they're heart racing while 12 floors down.
  • Extended longevity: Due to his healing factor Nomad is effectively immortal in lifespan. While unsure how long he'll live he predicts if he's lucky around 500 years give or take.
  • Foreign Chemical Immunity: Nomad is also immune to most drugs, toxins and other chemicals that might enter his system during his work. He can also resist radiation allowing him to enter most radioactive areas and stay in them for a lot longer than a normal human without a radiation suit.
  • Immunity to disease: Due to his immune system being supercharged like his healing and recovery Nomad is immune to nearly every disease known for man, alien or demon as his anti-bodies can adapt at a high rate fo speed and eliminate all infections.

Secondary Mutation

Telekinesis & Tactile Telepathy: During one of his early adventures Nomad developed a degree of telekinesis and telepathy.

  • Tactile Telepathy: While needing to make contact with the subject's body to read their mind he only uses it to gain intel on his major targets or location of other hostiles etc. when using the power his eyes glow slightly and he'll see what he needs to see in visions. His telepathy also gives him resistance to psychic attacks and mind reading.
  • Telekinesis: Able to launch cars and knock down walls Nomad's main form of ranged combat is his telekinesis, he can even use it in conjunction with his martial arts talents. He can also use his telekinetic powers to walk on walls and ceilings.
  • Telekinetic constructs: Nomad can make various weapons from telekinetic energy, while limited to only basic weapons like swords, staffs, maces, bows, crossbows, axes, throwing knives and clubs he still makes good use of them with his hand to hand combat abilities. The weapons he creates can kill or stun depending on Nomad's will at the time.


  • Martial arts Master:Though his grandfather's training Nomad has become a deadly fighter specializing in Chinese martial arts, Tae-Kwon-Do, Capoeria, Ninjutsu, Battojustsu, Iaido, Karate, Muay Thai and nearly a hundred more martial arts he can defeat most opponents through hand to hand combat alone. The style he has created from these martial arts mostly focuses on kicking and a dynamic set of forms based off of Jeet Kune Do.
  • Master Marksman: Though years of training and field experience Nomad has become a masterful marksman with his telekinesis and telekinetic throwing knives, he is also a very good shot with guns despite a dislike for using them.
  • Skilled interrogator: When brute force is required to get some intel from a subject with strong telepathy defenses Nomad can use his surroundings to get when he needs out. His techniques change each time but he always adds some throwing around, breaking fingers, slowly cutting parts of the body etc which will make most smart subjects talk.
  • Master traceur: As mentioned before Nomad's Parkour skills are inhuman able to dash across New York within minutes just by using the roofs.
  • Expert infiltrator: He as also been known to sneak into various places such as police stations and hack their computers to get files on criminals or delete files on contacts to make his job easier.
  • Talented Hacker: Nomad's hacking skills are impressive while he normally gets Hardwire to hack into systems he still does it personally.
  • Expert driver: While not commonly using a car or motorbike Nomad does have a series of customized vehicles when he's feeling lazy.
  • Talented Detective: Nomad's crime solving skills are very impressive even going as far as to leave notes for detective on the same case as him on their desks to help them on it, even if he's solved the case already.
  • Genius IQ: With a staggering IQ of 197 Nomad is a tactical genius able to think and enact his tactics instantly. He is also able to out-think most robots or automated security systems for his illogical thought patterns.
  • Skilled Leader: While preferring to work alone in the field Nomad can lead a small group of other heroes or vigilantes with high degrees of success.
  • Linguist: Nomad also knows over 100 languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, various native american dialects, German, French, Dutch, Swahili, Russian and Thai.

Strength level

2.5 tones


Decapitation, Carbonium and The Muramasa Blade



  • Nano-tech combat armor: This armor is a piece of S.H.I.E.L.D tech developed by Techz it is the Assassination & Assault Combat Nano-tech Armor it's main features are the power adaptation abilities, the stealth and built in sensor functions. it's one of a long line of nano-tech armor developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Like all models of the armor it also has a social camo mode that allows the armor to take the appearance of regular clothes of the user's choice.
  • Utility Belt and Courier backpack: Both these items are adamantium weaved making them incredibly durable to damage. Obviously their used to storage of items, the backpack is used to store larger items such as files and other items of equal size. The belt carries little gadgets like micro torch, mini-PDA and smoke & stun pellets.


  • Cutsomized 'Nomad' Harley Davidson: This is actually a heavily customized 2098 Harley Davidson which is based off the 2010 Harley Nightrod. The major changes are the engine which churns out nearly 1300RPM and can reach a speed of 195MH. Also the brakes are improved to allow for better stopping at high speeds. Cosmeticly Nomad has added armor plating to the fuel tank and frame.
  • Cutsom 2066 Dodge Challenger: This set of wheels is rarely seen in Nomad's work but it is heavily customized with armor plating hidden guns and missile launchers and other gadgets.

Weapons: None known.


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