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Real Name
Noah Gramps
Current Alias

Hyacinthum Tigris, The Tiger, Homo Tigris, Osmium Tiger




Phillip Gramps (brother),
Mollie Gramps (sister),
Hank Gramps (father),
Jocelyne Gramps (mother),
Elizabeth Kelekolio (wife), Maria Gramps (daughter)


Base Of Operations

Blood type





Unusual Features
Pointy teeth and carnassials


Marital Status

Software Designer

Software Designer Diploma at Morris Harvey College, Charleston

Body enhanced by Tiger Serum

Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 I need to help people... Quote2
-- Blue Tiger (Noah Gramps)

Early Life

Noah Gramps was born in Honolulu to Hank and Jocelyne Gramps. However, he was born with a hole in his heart. He was quickly operated on with Tiger Serum in order to regenerate his heart.

Years passed, and Noah seemed to be bright at school, more so in science and in physical education, than in literature. He skipped the 1st grade and began elementary school in the 2nd grade. This year he met Elizabeth Kelekolio and Edward Marshall, and they became a classic best friend trio. In primary school he was bullied frequently due to his young age and above-average intelligence. Because of that, his parents decided to move to West Virginia, where the rest of his family lived. In 4th grade, Liza promised to marry Noah when he'll come back from West Virginia, years later. Nonetheless, he tried, unsuccessfully, to date with girls in West Virginia, as he considers it as a cheat.

Becoming Blue Tiger

In 8th grade, he fought Kevin Brown, but won easily because of his powers. He regretted using his powers selfishly and violently, and swore to fight for good from then on.

After school, every time a crime was committed, he fought the culprit or prevented the crime from being committed, using his powers and a Tiger Suit to avoid being recognized and targeted. He noticed later that his acts were very similar to Spider-Man, who is his idol.

Meeting Avengers

In the summer holidays of year 2015, he goes alone on a trip to New York City. There, he found the villain Ghost trying to kill people, and fought him. He won with however lots of difficulties. Spider-Man and Iron Man were on their way, but when they arrived, they found a knocked out Ghost with broken armor, and a bleeding Noah. When they tried to heal him, minutes later in the Avengers HQ, Noah already didn't have any bruises left, due to his enhanced regeneration. Afterwards, he asked if one of them could be his mentor. Tony replied with a cold no, and Peter was absolutely okay with it.

Noah's first test was to eliminate wild animals, in order to get him used to fighting wild-looking villains, as Spidey fights usually. Peter found Noah should be a superhero, even if he's only 12, even younger than he was when he began to act as Spider-Man. His second test was to fight each Avenger who are disavantaged in certain ways, to not make the training impossible.

Two months passed with Noah training. Tony finally gave him a new suit, the Osmium Tiger Suit, and Peter warned him that his training should be secret as well as his identity. Noah thanked the Avengers and promised that he will train more and become an Avenger when reaching adulthood.

Powers and Abilities


Power Grid
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Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Fan Level(s) Explanation: [2]

Most of Noah's powers are due to the Tiger Serum that had been injected in his blood after his birth. The first purpose of the Tiger Serum was to give him regeneration abilities, but in fact, it added other powers because the Tiger Serum contained hidden genes that doctors couldn't have detect.

  • Superhuman Reflexes: Blue Tiger's reflexes are about 13 times greater than those of an ordinary human (about 0.02 seconds). However, hitting him by surprise is possible. It was also shown that Blue Tiger could even dodge bullets if he's concentrated enough.
  • Healing Factor: It was the first purpose of the Tiger Serum. His regeneration process is 13 times faster than a normal human. A deep-wounded skin tissue can regenerate completely within 3 days.
  • Superhuman Strength: Blue Tiger can basically lift around a ton, but after training he can lift around 7 tons. This was caused by specific testosterone that Tiger Serum contained.
    • Superhuman Leaping: Blue Tiger can leap to 30 meters maximum. Fortunately, he's able to land without being injured.
    • Superhuman Speed: His maximum speed is around 40 miles per hour. However, running at this speed drain his energy very fast, and his max becomes 20 miles per hour during 8 hours.
  • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman and Infrared/Ultraviolet Sight: He can see UV and IR, and can see details from 80 meters.
    • Superhuman Hearing: Blue Tiger can hear a conversation from 200 meters.
  • Superhuman Agility: Lots of stunts are possible for Blue Tiger to do. His specialties are long jumps and landings from heights.
  • Peak Human Longevity: His lifespan is estimated to 100 years, whereas a normal human is around 80 years.
  • Superhuman Jaw: Normal human jaw is strong enough to break a skull, whereas Blue Tiger's can destroy a steel pillow (around 1200 psi). In return, doing this give him strong teeth aches during half a day.
  • Mastering of Mystic Arts : As a former Doctor Strange apprentice, he learnt some of magic.
    • Godlike Balance : Blue Tiger is able to set his position to not fall down. This power was given by learning Mystic Arts.
    • Gravity control : Blue Tiger is able to modify direction and sense of gravity, or to create gravity field. This power was given by learning Mystic Arts.


  • Overgifted Human Intelligence: IQ 151, was bright at school.
  • Software Maker : Noah reviewed S.H.I.E.L.D. security systems.
  • Electronic System Hacker : He was able to help the S.H.I.E.L.D. to chase super-villains, who were threatening them.
  • Multilingual: Noah learnt to speak many languages as English, French, Corsican, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Norvegian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese.
  • Great Memory : He was able to memorize a full book page in 5 minutes.
  • Master Japanese Martial Artist : Noah masters Karate, he is 13th dan.
  • Altruism and extraordinary sense of morals : He's able to see evil reflections (demons) on other people and judge himself without doubt. He also swore to protect everyone he can, and to give proper punishments to villains.
  • Strong Mental Resistance : It is very difficult to make Noah faint. He's able to ignore pain even if it is not adrenaline.

Strength level

Class 7


  • Unsociability : He usually doesn't succeed to make friendship links.
  • Fire : Fire is his worst fear. In fact being burned removes his powers.
  • Light : Exposure to very bright places makes him enraged, because of his tiger powers, but also because of his nostalgia. Indeed, sunlighted Hawaii memories give him heartaches and strong sadness, at the point he became depressive at the age of 16.
  • Noise : Noise has the same effect as light, but without nostalgia effects. He's more durable from it.



Main article: Blue Tiger's Equipment
  • Blue Tiger Suit : The first suit that his brother made for him.
  • Second Blue Tiger Suit : The second suit he ordered from Koshou Store at Nishinomiya in Japan.
  • Blue Tiger Stark Armor (Iron Man Model 61 Ver. Tiger) : The first armor that Iron Man gave him for helping the Avengers.
  • Blue Tiger Gramps Armor : It is the Blue Tiger Stark Armor but edited by Noah to be unique, it's now made of osmuim and have tiger functionnalities.
  • Avengers Identicard
  • Avengers Assemble Suit : It is a suit that merges every Avenger items.


  • Hoverboard Model-2020 : The hoverboard he got at his 18th birthday. Uses it when he doesn't want to run.



  • Noah first said that Blue Tiger was a member of his family in order to keep it a secret. He realized the fail when his family was attacked, then revealing publicly that he's the Blue Tiger.
  1. Overgifted Intelligence (IQ 151), Superhuman strength (Class 7), Superhuman Speed (40 mph), Healing Factor (13x faster than normal), Mystic Arts (Gravity, Balance), Japanese Martial Arts (espacially karate-dou)
  2. Higher values are due to Blue Tiger Armor, w:c:marvel:Anthony Stark (Earth-616)#Powers


  • Noah suffers from depression.
  • Noah is a Libra, born on October 9th 2002.
  • Noah's mail is noah.gramps@outlook.hawaii
  • Gramps means "grandpa".
  • Nick Fury's intel classified him as Power Level 8.


Quote1One day i swore to myself to always do good. I thought that I was the only one who did that. I was terribly wrong...Quote2
--Blue Tiger (Noah Gramps)

Noah is very appreciated from his family and near friends by the great goodnesses that he represents. Respected by most of people he meets, his opponents and sometimes even his enemies never get late to rate him at his true worth, as moral as strong. Noah always dreamt to become a honorable father since his teenage. As well being charismatic, he's also generous, kind and altruist, goodnesses that he'll never abandon, at any price. Confident, he never notices when he gets involved into something dangerous, within fights against powerful enemies.

Love interests

Noah is unsuccessful with girls, however he seduced the heart of Elizabeth Kelekolio and even linked their souls.



  • Noah VS Kevin Brown : Easy victory
  • Blue Tiger VS Ghost : Hard victory
  • Blue Tiger VS Wild Animals : Victory
  • Blue Tiger VS Avengers (voluntarely disavantaged) : Victory


  • Blue Tiger VS Painter : Easy Victory


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