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PART ONE: Infiltration

You go to the Baxter Building, where you must get past the security systems. To do this, you must crawl on the roof to avoid the lasers on the ground and climb around the ones pointing vertically.

PART TWO: Reed Richards

You get to the room with the machine, where Reed notices you whilst he is working. You attack him in cutscene, causing a battle between the two.

PART THREE: Johnny Storm, Susan Storm and Ben Grimm

The three battle you simultaneously, causing you to be forced to avoid fire, invisibile projections and the Thing’s punches. Avoiding them for a minute brings you to part four.

PART FOUR: Ben Grimm

Whilst Sue and Johnny are knocked out, you fight Benn one on one.

PART FIVE: Johnny Storm

He wakes up as you knock Ben down, flying at you to attack.

PART SIX: Susan Storm

She notices you’ve defeated her brother and she attacks you, enraged.

PART SEVEN: The Morality Decider

With the Fantastic Four defeated, the symbiote brings Jennifer over to the machine to take over her brain. If you’ve caused too much destruction, the symbiote will be successful, and if you’ve managed to do enough heroics, she will punch the machine as she overpowers the symbiote, destroying it.