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Nikolaos of Myra

Nikolaos of Myra (Earth-61615)
Real Name
Current Alias
Dekémbrios Nikolaos
of Myra (Earth name)

Santa Claus, Santa, Claws, "Wonder Worker," Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Sinterklaas, Kleeschen, Zinniklos, Klaus, Odin, Wodan



The Wonder Warriors: Light Elves, Frost Giants, and Sacred Reindeer


Base Of Operations
"Merry Dimension," formerly Patara, Lycia and Myra, Turkey and Athens, Greece (briefly)





Turkish Myrian

Marital Status

Philanthropist; Gift-Giver, Warrior, and Protector of the Nine Realms during Christmas

Formerly depowered Beyonder and speedster

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Quicksilver 1 25


Quote1.png Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, You can call me whatever you want... The fact is Christmas isn't really about me... It is about spreading the good will, He and they had given to all of us, over this wonderful world, and I am doing this every year!!! Quote2.png
-- Nikolaos about spreading Christmas

Early Years

Before the new universe itself was born, the Beyonders became one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse due to their cosmic abilities given to them by the Celestials, the co-creators of the known multiverse. The Beyonders used their abilities to help their creator create almost an infinite amount universes in the known multiverse. One of those Beyonders was someone who had earned the title of "The Wonder Worker," since he was one of the most enthusiastic and the most creative Beyonders during the reconstruction of the prime universe, helping the Celestials in creating a more beautiful reality. He would often give to each cosmic being several different "gifts" that he continuously produce for helping each other construct the universe.

Great Multiversal Rebellion

Eventually at one point, the Beyonders became more rebellious against their creators and began hating him, thinking that it would be better for them to have the all-power of their superior creators, the Celestials, so they can recreate this reality with their own image. The Wonder Worker was one of the last remaining Beyonders who declared their loyalty to the creator, though to prevent for his fellow loyalist comrades into getting killed by the superior rebels, he decided to join their mass mutiny for the sake of their safety.

They became part of the long-time war during the attempt of diminishing the Celestials from existence and attempting to steal the six cosmic energies stored in each singularity that was kept by the Celestials known as "The Great Multiversal Rebellion," they were unexpectedly and immediately were all defeated single-handedly by the creator himself and all of the Beyonders have tried to steal the cosmic energies stored in each singularity. But instead of successfully obtaining their cosmic powers, The six singularities formed and merged into a massive singularity, leading to a Big Bang of a new reality, the creation of the reality that would be later known as Earth-61615. Due to their attempt at neutralizing the Celestials, all of the Beyonders were banished from their realm, sending them into the vastness of nothingness of this new universe that they'd unexpectedly created. It was later revealed that have crashed in a rogue planet in this new universe that they've created.

Completely Powerless

After their banishment, most of the Beyonders still have their nearly omnipotent powers, though they aren't contented about it and still went furious against the Celestials after punishing them. Due to this, they began searching for the cosmic energies after it somehow survived during the Big Bang they've created and each cosmic energy was forged into concentrated crystals and thus, they were eventually called the Infinity Stones.

After experiencing enough from his superior comrades who was leading the Beyonder mutiny, he decided not to join their crusade against the Celestials and still, he manages to convince several of his fellow comrades to leave their unnecessary, an pointless movement. Before going their separate ways, the Beyonder superiors interrupted the Wonder Worker and the rest of them and seemingly "gave their farewells" to each other before the superiors lunges at them, draining all of their powers and transferring it into their own systems. Miraculously, he was the only one who survives after all of his powers were drained but the Worker was still weak, while the rest of his comrades unfortunately disintegrates after being drained.

Extremely shocked that the Wonder Worker is still alive, one of the superiors extremely used his powers on him, blasting him with his mysterious and powerful cosmic energy, causing for him to vanish into thin air, seemingly disintegrating and killing him, though in actually he was transported due to the warp speed caused by the energy blast, delivering him into a realm and planet called Midgard or Terra, or more commonly known by those who live in it as the Earth.

Life on Planet Earth

Due to his Beyonder physiology, the Wonder Worker was staying alive on Earth for thousands of millennia, still struggling to accept the fact that all of his fellow friends and allies were dead, and all of it was because of him. Regretful for all of the actions that got his comrades killed, the Wonder Worker decided to never again, use his powers for any use whatsoever, either if it is for good or evil purposes, the Wonder Worker will always remain neutral, in this world he was now stranded in. Powerless, he had no other choice but to start over again and live a new fresh start on Earth, on whatever resources he can possibly find in this alienated realm.

The Wonder Worker had lived on Earth for thousands of millennia, witnessing the early days of the human civilization rising, to the establishment of Colonial Empires throughout Europe. There, he met several known iconic individuals such as the Western and Eastern Philosophers (from Aristotle to Confucius), the peculiar founders of the Hand (Gorgon and the five mysterious fingers), the founders and leaders of the Roman Empire (from Julius Caesar, Augustus to Constantine the XI Palaiologos), the Religious Founders and Leaders (from Gautama Buddha to Jesus Christ), and so much more individuals throughout history, making the Wonder Worker a living time-traveler in a sense, and learned the many different concepts of human beliefs and principles from time to time.

Meeting Jesus Christ

At some point during the year of 25 to 30 AD, the Wonder Worker had lived five years of his life in the Middle East, most specifically inside the city of Jerusalem, Judea under the rule of the Roman Empire. Throughout the years living as a Jewish carpenter, he met and became good friends and confidante with the iconic Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His Twelve Disciples. Due to the Wonder Worker's senses, it was later revealed that Christ was not just a normal human being, but in fact, He was some kind of a mysterious being with a peculiar and strange origin, who was higher heavenly being than any cosmic embodiment or Celestial, and later claimed Himself to be the begotten "Son of God," which was later proven to be in fact, true.

Christ's later death had also devastated the Wonder Worker, for he has lost a great friend who was the only being closest to his kind and race, not until days later when Christ's tomb went suddenly empty. Jesus had risen from the dead. He then visited his disciples, to tell them to spread the word of God throughout the world before ascending to Heaven, which began Christianity. The Wonder Worker didn't witness the resurrection of Christ and saw Him one last time, although it made him believe more through faith that things will eventually get better and better each and every day on Earth, not only to himself but also for the rest of humanity.

"Nikolaos of Myra"

During the early days of the year 273, the Wonder Worker managed to find his way on the Anatolian Peninsula, most specifically the city of Patara an later, the town of Myra, Lycia, which is part of the geographical area that was known by then as Asia Minor. Since then, he started living his newly-established life as a normal man and a professionally-skilled blacksmith, now going by the name of Dekémbrios Nikolaos of Myra, among to those following individuals who had met him throughout his years of living on Earth. Surprisingly, Nikolai somehow started devoting his life into Christianity and other similar religious moralities after the death of Christ, which heavily influenced Nikolaos, and became a recognized Christian saint, and later, a Greek Bishop of Myra. His reputation had evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints, and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus ("Saint Nick") through Sinterklaas.

Spreading Christmas

Throughout the years in ancient history, the Wonder Worker has taken the very form of Nikolaos everywhere he goes, before he decided making a long pilgrimage to Egypt and the Palestine area. Shortly after his return, he became Bishop of Myra, however, due to series of unfortunate events, he was later cast into prison by both those who had secretly despised him and those who had become jealous of his great, unconditional gift-giving towards others, during the persecution of Diocletian. However, despite being imprisoned inside prison, he remained patient and kind towards the guards and even his fellow inmates and cellmates, which some have found his personality a little strange, but also relieving, since the Wonder Worker had always been treating them equally and fairly like they were good friends, although some of the guards and inmates were truly his friend, only to be despised by a few who shared the same way the Wonder Worker's despisers have thought about him, a show-off. But despite their hate, the Wonder Worker still treated them as acquaintances, like they had no beef whatsoever.

A Gift or a Curse

Nikolaos' long stay in prison was finally coming to an end. That is until a group of his cellmates have decided to have their agreement dealt with an unnamed Roman alchemist for the exchange of possibly getting them out from prison in no time, who was looking and seeing Nikolaos as the perfect test subject for their "little experiment." After immediately agreeing with this consensus, the very cellmates of Nikolaos has decided to lure him into the corner of his cell, where they managed to successfully repeatedly beat and eventually subdue him, thanks to their combined efforts.

Weakened by their physical assault on him, the cellmates mercilessly dragged Nikolaos to the guards of the Roman scientist, where they took him into an unknown location, below the abandoned underground dungeon, which was also a former torture chamber. Revealing the place to actually be a secret laboratory established by the ancient Romans, the scientist and his fellow assistance then commenced and conducted their very experiment on Nikolaos, where they unfortunately have given him several days going through a painful and agonizing process as he was being mercilessly and morbidly experimented upon by the scientists like some kind of a lab rat. Unbeknownst to Nikolaos, the scientists were enhancing him to the peak of human perfection, during their top-secret program as they used a mysterious serum, a serum that altered Nikolaos' system permanently, increasing his metabolism and improving his thermal homeostasis in the process.

Second Chances

As Nikolaos screams in agonizing pain, he foresees a series of mysterious visions, before everything faded into black. Only a couple of days after the had presumed Nikolaos as "dead," he suddenly wakes up. Upon miraculously waking up from the experiment, the assistants and the scientists were frozen in shock and awe as they looked in a physically-changed Nikolaos, who was surrounded by a colorful field of electricity, with his eyes glowing with an enraging look. As the were too afraid to face their own accidental creation due to the result of this experimentation, all of the staff and crew inside that very room ran away in full terror, alerting the Roman superiors to investigate what the panic was all about.

However, even before the Roman superiors could have able to enter the laboratory to see what was exactly going on there, Nikolaos suddenly vanishes in the room and in the unknown location itself, where he later finds himself back to a town, located inside city of Jerusalem, who just as confused and puzzled as its town's residents. Due to the series of unfortunate events that just happened with Nikolaos, he once again passes out, due to shock, just before the residents carefully treated him in one of their homes and had him hidden from the detection of the Romans, who had now presumed that he died in the incident during the experimentation of Nikolaos. Using these powers, he began acting as a meta-human vigilante and superhero known as the Wonder Worker. Learning the extent of his newfound powers, Nikolaos would discover the ability to create portals to pocket dimensions by easily accessing it through his will. In his access to pocket dimensions, he eventually referred one of the latter and began calling it the "Merry Dimension," appointing it as his new home and headquarters aside from the Earth itself.


Despite Nicholas' wishes, word of his good deeds spread, and eventually whenever anyone received an unexpected gift, they began thanking Nicholas as custom. After Nicholas' apparent death, a church was built in dedication of him. Hundreds of years later, after Myra's end, the Russian Emperor Vladimir decided to make Bishop Nicholas the patron saint of Russia after visiting Constantinople and hearing all the wonderful stories of him. These stories eventually spread to the Laplands, to the people of the reindeer sleds. In the Netherlands, the name Sint Nicholaas was contracted into Sinterklaas, which inspired the name Santa Claus. The day before the anniversary of Nicholas' death, December 5th, became a time of giving, which eventually became linked to Christmas, the designated December 25th Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the good old friend and mentor of Nikolaos.

Modern Era

To be added.

Powers and Abilities


Beyonder Physiology: Nikolaos was a Beyonder who lost his powers and abilities for rebelling The One Above All along with his fellow race who rebelled Him. The only difference, is that he was the only one who did not get his powers restored after his race found a way to re-powered themselves, Although he later found his way on restoring some of his powers after getting exposed to an Infinity Stone. He used it in order to change his ways in his new life on Earth.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Mental Process
  • Superhuman Healing
  • Immortality
  • Matter Manipulation
    • Antimatter Manipulation
    • Dark Matter Manipulation
    • Molecular Reconstruction
    • Transformation
    • Metamorphosis

Speed Physiology: Nikolaos gained the powers of supersonic speed after getting exposed to an unknown powerful type of multidimensional energy force, that would be later revealed as the mysterious Power Primordial, which permanently granted his powers of supersonic speed and many more abilities. He used it in order to change his ways in his new life on Earth. As the personification of Christmas, he usually creates several of duplicates of himself in order to deliver the gifts and protect every world all around the Nine Realms.

  • Supersonic Speed
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Accelerated Healing
    • Accelerated Metabolism
    • Enhanced Mental Process
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Molecular Acceleration/Destabilization
    • Intangibility
      • Phasing
    • Precognitive Immunity
    • Vortex Creations
    • Pre-molecular Chronokinesis
      • Time-Travel
      • Reality Alteration
    • Temporal Duplication
    • Dimensional Travel
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Some of his speed and powers will be heightened once it's been triggered by the unknown energy force that serves as the source of his speed, allowing him to travel at even higher speeds, faster than the speed of light.


  • Omniscience
    • Leadership
    • Charisma
  • Skilled Combatant

Strength level

Class 100+


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Quicksilver Vol 1 25


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