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Real Name
Nicole Reynolds (nee Prescott)
Current Alias

  • Wife of a Living God
  • The Goddess

  • Alignment


  • Kevin Reynolds (Husband)
  • Lacy Reynolds (Mother-In-Law)
  • George Reynolds (Father-In-Law)
  • Kyle Reynolds (Son)
  • Scott Reynolds (Son)
  • Jennifer Reynolds (Daughter)
  • Crystal Reynolds (Daughter)
  • Nancy Prescott (Mother)
  • Daniel Prescott (Father)

  • Universe

    Base Of Operations
    Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters






    Marital Status

    Nuclear Physicist

    Possesses a Masters in Nuclear Mechanics & Engineering


    Place of Birth

    First appearance



    Nicole was born on March 15, 1989 to Nancy and Daniel Prescott in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up in a poor neighborhood next to a large nuclear power plant. One day when she was out at night with one of her friends; she was dared to drink the nuclear polluted water that was behind her home; so she did and that led to her becoming hospitalized for 2 weeks. At the same time her mutation started to develop in the form of nuclear power.

    2 weeks later the same nuclear power plant started melting down; no one could stop it. By this time Nikki felt something that she never did before she drank the water and so she walked into the plant and absorbed the energy around her in order to keep it from killing others.


    By 1993; Charles Xavier discovered her and offered her a place at his institute in New York. She accepted the offer and arrived that same year. For the next 6 years; she was trained and educated among other mutants; then by 1999, Nicole met and fell deeply in love with Mutant X.


    By the 2000s; Nicole and Mutant X became so romantically involved that they decided to marry. Once they married; they spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. Later on; she would discover that she was pregnant with their first child. She eventually gave birth to their first son Kyle. Soon after she gave birth to another son named Scott and then 2 fraternal twin daughters named Jennifer and Crystal.

    Mutant Rights

    When she heard her husband was to make a speech to the United Nations; Nicole supported him all the way. They later attended lunch with the Commander-In-Chief; however they were attacked by Emma Frost and her henchmen. She attacked Emma in order to get her to let go of the president and that led to her husband to subdue her and her henchmen. She later was present for the signing and ratification of the Mutant Rights Enforcement Act.

    Powers and Abilities


  • Radiation Manipulation: Nikki is known to actually absorb and manipulate nuclear radiation whenever she can. She can also generate a lot of Nuclear Radiation as well. She is capable of creating weapons, beams of energy and even shields to protect her and others from harm.
  • Immortality: Because of nuclear radiation possessing a half-life; Nicole is considered to be ageless.
  • Superhuman Strength: The nuclear power that Nicole can possess allows her to lift objects that are the size of nuclear power-plants.
  • Superhuman Speed: Because of her nuclear power; Nicole can accelerate to the speed of light.
  • Accelerated Healing: Nikki's healing is known to be almost as fast as her husband's; allowing her to heal lost limbs and damaged tissue.
  • Foreign Body Resistance: Nikki is known to possess a high resistance to viruses, bacterial infections and even antibiotics.


  • Mixed Martial Arts: Apart from her powers; Nikki was taught by her husband mixed martial arts in order to defend herself properly against enemies possessing the same thing or otherwise. She also knows pressure points as well; which gives her a great advantage over her foes, no matter how big or small.
  • Multilingual: Nikki was also taught by her husband to speak multiple languages; including Russian.

    Strength level



    Lead: Obviously one of the main weaknesses that Nikki possesses; meaning that her power is useless in a lead case.


  • X-Men Uniform: Like all the X-Men; Nikki wears a uniform when she's out saving the world. It is mostly black with a green striped finish and added with a black cape with green inside. The suit is designed to be extremely resistant to heat, cold and even acts as armor. It is known to also regenerate if damage is sustained.
  • Ear Piece: Mutant X designed ear pieces to mutants who were unable to contact others telepathically. She wears one in one or the other ear.
  • Flight: Although she is unable to fly on her own; Nikki has flown with her husband to locations before.
  • Ford Mustang: Her husband is known to own a 2010 Ford Mustang; heavily modified, which she is allowed drive.
    Weapons: None known.


  • Her maiden name Prescott came from the main protagonist's name in the Scream franchise. Neve Campbell's character Sidney Prescott.
  • Nicole has no criminal record in the United States.


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