Sister Grimm
Runaways Vol 1 8 Textless
Real Name Nico Minoru
Current Alias Sister Grimm
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-5734
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Hair Black

Nico Minoru, known also by the superhero name of Sister Grimm, is a member of the Runaways in Earth-5734.


Every year, Nico Minoru's parents would join five other couples in a "charity event." One year, Nico and the other kids decided to spy on their parents. Nico was shocked to discover her father speaking a strange enchantment, and after witnessing the murder of an innocent girl by their parents ("The Pride"), Nico joined the others in running away from their parents.

While on the run, Nico reencounters her parents. Her mother, wielding a large staff with a ball at the end ("the Staff of One"), reveals that she and Nico's father were dark wizards. She then attempts to jam the Staff into Nico's chest. Nico's body, curiously, absorbs it. After she is later cut by Dale Yorkes' Samurai battle-axe, the Staff re-emerges from her chest, prompting Nico to use the phrase "Freeze", and froze Stacey Yorkes. Nico was discovered to be a witch, and the Staff would only emerge when she bled. Sometime after running off, Nico took on the name Sister Grimm to escape the name her parents gave her, but dropped it after a while. After team leader Alex outs himself as a mole and was defeated along with the Pride, Nico is accepted as the groups' leader.

Powers And Abilities

  • Flight: She can fly with the Staff of One.
  • Magical Telekinesis: She can levitate and move objects with her mind magically.


  • Intelligence - 3
  • Strength - 2
  • Speed - 3
  • Durability - 3
  • Energy Projection - 6
  • Fighting Skills - 2
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