Nico Minoru
Real Name Nico Minoru
Current Alias Sister Grimm
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-237
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


Early Life

Nico, like the other members of the Runaways, was born to supervillian parents and lived in Los Angeles. She was a founding member of the aforementioned team.

The Spider Initiative

In the aftermath of a Skrull/Kree skirmish over Earth, a Skrull ship came crashing down to Earth. The Runaways investigated it and discovered the Spider Initiative inside. Shortly after, areas of Los Angeles were evacuated, including a museum that held Ultron's inactive body. It came back to life and began to terrorize the city. The Spider Initiative and the Runaways teamed up to take him down. Nico, during the battle, saved the team's lives, teleporting them to a local rooftop where Spider-Man would web up Ultron. As a result, Nico was given honorary membership in the Spider Initiative.

Secret Wars

The Runaways, along with the Spider Initiative, Avengers, and Fantastic Four, were all pulled to Battleworld by the Beyonder, joined by all the villains that the Spider Initiative had previously faced. There, the villain Klaw was created by Dr. Doom and Ultron. After a battle that appeared to be in the favour of the villains, the Beyonder revealed himself and asked that they all help him get Galactus from his planet. The Fantastic Four, with Spider-Man's help, got rid of Galactus.

The Runaways, through a miscalculation, were returned to New York City rather than Los Angeles, and ended up staying there. At that point, Nico became a full-time member of the Spider Initiative.

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