Early Life

Nick is a mutant with the ability to generate psychic fields and emit blasts of energy from his hands. He was born into a rich family. His mother was very abusive to him, but his father loved him. His father died when Nick's parents got in a fight his mother pulled out a handgun and shot his dad in the forehead she was about to shot him when he generated a force field and protected him. He ran into the heart of New York City and hid there with his loving uncle. 7 years after the event occurred Nick's uncle was arrested for drug dealing. After this happened Nick was 16 and homeless. He was found wondering the streets by Scott Summers. At the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning he was taught how to use his powers for the good of mankind.

Life as an X-Man

After 3 years of training Nick took his first field mission With the Codename . He was sent with his new-found friend Jimmy Woods codenamed Sand Striker.

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