Nick Fury: Director of SHIELD (2019 Film)
Director: Joss Whedon
Writer(s): Joss Whedon
Release Date: May 13 2019
Running Time: 120 Minutes
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Nick Fury is an espionage action film. The film centers on Nick Fury both in shortly before Avengers, and his past.


  • Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury (present)
  • Laurence Fishburne as Nick Fury (past)
  • Ben McKenzie as Eddie Fowler
  • Clark Greg as Phil Coulson


The film starts off with a young Nick Fury at a SHIELD facility. He and his partner Eddie are dispatched to a mission. They get on the helicopter and head towards the location. The film then cuts to a modern day Nick Fury talking with Coulson, who urges him to try and trust the Avengers. Nick says that "I lost my eye, because I trusted someone." The film goes back into the past. The helicopter lands. Eddie tells Nick that this is a standard hostage extraction mission. They go inside the building but it is abandoned. However they find the hostage in a room, but Nick realizes that it is a trap. An explosion happens, and the floor below them crumbles. Nick catches both the hostage and Eddie, but in order to save the hostage lets go of Eddie. Back in the present Nick Fury looks at the records of all the Avengers, Nick Fury decides to go look at the Avengers for himself.

Back in the past, Nick mourns the death of Eddie. The film then goes to 2 years after that event. Nick enters his house, he sees Eddie there, Nick says that he thought he was dead. Eddie tells Nick that he barely escaped. Eddie stands up and goes to Nick. Nick says that it is good to see him, before Eddie lights a cigarette, and casually uses it to burn Nick's left eye, blaming Nick for what happened. Nick barely escapes. Nick reports to his superiors that Eddie is alive, and has betrayed SHIELD. Back in the present day, we see Coulson alerting Fury that a SHIELD facility has been attack and the Infinity Gem has been stolen. The films cuts back to the past, as Nick is driving with his superiors to the new SHIELD base, their car is hit by a truck. Nick sees Eddie executing his superiors, blaming them for sending them into a trap. Eddie goes over to him, but Nick quickly shoots Eddie, before dropping the gun. The film cuts to 6 hours later. We see Nick putting on his eye patch for the first time. He is summoned by the council and promoted to director. The film ends with a modern day Nick Fury telling Coulson to assemble the Avengers.

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