The Next Avengers: Alternate Series is an Alternate Version of the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow Movie, the War with Ultron goes on a lot longer than expected with the Children of the Avengers working with divided underground Rebellion Forces, meanwhile Tony Stark seeks out information on the son of Sorath himself.


The Human Race has rebelled against Ultron's attempts to conquer the World however with a number of Villains aligning with the Machine's Empire, Ultron's Forces are able to fight the Rebels to a Stand-Still however the different Rebel Factions are divided and Ultron intends to use this against his enemies. With different Heroes being divided while aiding the different Rebellion Groups, Tony Stark attempts to coordinate them discreetly again Ultron while putting the Children of the Original Avengers in a search, a Search to gain the aid of Kane.

Seasons and Arcs

Season One - First Year

Season Two - Second Year


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