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Warriors of the Great Web

Official Name
Warriors of the Great Web
Team Aliases
New Warriors of the Great Web


Team Identity



Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker Jr., Earth-9022)

Current Members
Spider-Man (Peter Parker Jr., Earth-9022), Spider-Man (Benjamin Parker, Earth-982), Spider-Girl (Sarah Stacy, Earth-65), Swiney-Girl (May Porker, Earth-8311), Spider-Woman (May Parker, Earth-90214), Scarlet Spider (William Braddock, Earth-001), Silk II (Dana Moon, Earth-616), Spider-Man (Bhim Prabhakar, Earth-50101), Karn (Earth-001)

Former Members
Spider-Man (Timothy Parker, Earth-9022), Spider-UK (Billy Braddock, Earth-833), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy, Earth-65), Spider-Ham (Peter Porker, Earth-8311), Spider-Woman (May Parker, Earth-982), Spider-Man (Peter Parker, Earth-90214), Spider-Man (Paviitr Prabhakar, Earth-50101), Octavia Otto.

Next Avengers (Earth-9022)

Xenilla Parker, Goblin Kingdom, Infinite Six

When Xenilla Parker returned to wreak havoc on the Multiverse, Spider-Man III from Earth-9022 recruited the children of the Warriors of the Great Web to help him stop his insane uncle.

Place of Formation

Max Carroll

First appearance



The Greatest Responsibility

When Xenilla Parker, now much older, decided to make one final strike against the Multiverse, his "nephew", Peter Parker Jr., the current Spider-Man of Earth-9022, realized that he couldn't stop his psychotic uncle alone, and thus, began hopping dimensions in search of allies. Peter recruited the current Spider-heroes of Earth-982, Earth-65, Earth-8311, Earth-50101, Earth-90214, Earth-616, and Earth-001. Eventually, the 8 teenage Spider-Totems returned to Earth-9022 and together, they battled Xenilla and forced him to retreat. Afterwards, Peter suggested that they stay together as a group and bring back the Warriors of the Great Web. The 7 Spiders agreed, and thus, a legend was born.

Trial of Inheritance

Eventually, the existence of the new Web Warriors came to the attention of an individual who resided on Scarlet Spider's home universe; Karn, the Master Weaver of the Great Web. Karn summoned the children together and decided to test their abilities in order to prove themselves as being worthy of the Web Warriors name. Karn then had the team run a gauntlet through several dimensions and timelines, often the challenge being Survival of the Fittest. Eventually, the children finished the gauntlet and Karn endorsed them as being the true successors to the original team. The team's base of operations then moved from the warehouse on Earth-9022 to the Inheritors palace on Earth-001.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Web of Life and Destiny
Weapons: None known.


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