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Neleozu Sanyeth "Neil" Helmes

Real Name
Neleozu Sanyeth "Neil" Helmes
The Sorcerer, One Supreme, All in one, Doctor Strange, Legion, Ego, Hooded Sorcerer, Guardian of Universes, The Protégé, The 2nd Apprentice



Avengers of the Supernatural (Earth-616), Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-616) (Honorary Member), Formerly Marquis of Death

Jericho Helmes (Maternal Ancestor, deceased); Alicia Helmes (Maternal Ancestor, deceased); Alice Helmes-Isobu (Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother, deceased); Richard Isobu (Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather, deceased); Lucio Isobu (Maternal Great-Grandfather, deceased); Anna Iono-Isobu (Maternal Great-Grandmother, deceased); William Isobu (Maternal Grandfather, deceased); Lilith Infernus (Maternal Grandmother, deceased); Emilia Isobu-Infernus (Mother, deceased); Jacobi Helmes (Father, Deceased); Eric Helmes (Paternal Uncle, Deceased); Adrian Helmes (Paternal Aunt, Deceased); Finneas Helmes (Paternal Grandfather, deceased); Carol Helmes (Paternal Grandmother, deceased); Celia Scott (Wife, deceased); Mr. Scott (Father-In-Law, deceased); Mrs. Scott (Mother-In-Law, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Mobile across the Multiverse; Formerly London, England (Earth-004); Dark Dimension (Earth-004); Knowhere (Earth-004)





Unusual Features
Twisted face from mask.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Guardian of Universes, Anesthesiologist, Former Apprentice of the Marquis of Death

Masters degree in Mathematics, Science, Anatomy and Biology; Mystic teaching from Stephen Strange and Marquis of Death

Human with Mystic training, becoming the sorcerer supreme of his universe.

Place of Birth

First appearance



Early Life

Born in the year 1969, he didn't have much to do other than play with his toys. At the age of 4, his parents started home schooling. Since his father had to go to work most of the time, he was taught by his mom. He was getting home schooled and had a pretty high intellect for his age. He then wanted to try normal school, he moved to London and entered the 7th grade at age 12. He arrived one months into the 1st quarter. After a few days, he only had a few friends and developed a crush.

A few months later in quarter 2, he had the highest grade in the entire 7th grade students in the school. This is what led him to be picked on. Most kids would just force him to do their homework or would just rip his apart. Luckily, he made extras in case that happened. He never told the teachers because he just didn't care. The only reason he thought he was an easy target was because he was pretty weak at the time and was like a medium sized student, not that tall, but not that short. There was then a music club which he joined. He showed them his talent of piano and basically mimicked Für Elise.

He then kept practicing his talent and this is where the bullying got worse. The group saw that he played the piano and sung sometimes too. They then started called him "Gay" and "F@*#^%." He didn't really care until they basically told everyone a rumor that he was gay. Celia heard and comforted him. She then became the only friend he had. He told her everything that happened before. Celia was shocked because her boyfriend's name was mentioned, and Neleozu told her that he was the one who basically started it. Celia then broke up with him. Neleozu didn't care if he was heartbroken. He then grabbed a brick and chucked it at him. It gave him a concussion and he was rushed to the hospital.

College Years

As he took multiple classes at once, he didn't really mind it. It never overwhelmed him. Since he previously went to an exclusive private school, he started college as a junior, basically being in his third year of college despite only being 18. People thought he skipped some grades but he was only there because of how smart he was. He was still living with his parents, only because he needed to get the money to buy an apartment.

2 years later, Celia moved back to London and became a teacher. He then moved out and lived with Celia and they began to date. He sometimes even went to the school she taught at to help. But mostly, he had to focus on medical school. After he finished, he had to go to a residency to practice Anesthesia so he could use it during surgery. He finished that in a few years.


He then got his first patient in the year 1987. It was a success, there was absolutely no mistake. Then, he got more surgery patients because of the person who got the surgery saying that Neleozu was pretty nice and made sure you didn't feel anything during the surgery, he got richer and richer over the years.

Mystic Training

He knew magic existed but he wanted to learn true magic. So in the year 1991, he sought out Stephen Strange. (In this universe he was the Ancient One.) He then met him. Stephen was a powerful sorcerer and Neleozu basically bargained with Stephen so he would teach him, Stephen then saw his talents and realized that he was ready to learn the mystic arts. Stephen then taught him multiple spells, both defensive and offensive. He also taught him some different spell abilities, such as mystic attacks, teleportation, flight, astral projection and more.

In the year 005, he learned a lot more spells and the Marquis of Death realized his power. He was then teleported to another universe by the Marquis of Death. The Marquis of Death made him witness the destruction of his home, his family, his planet, his entire universe. He was devastated, but he was amazed at the same time. The Marquis of Death then made a deal with Neleozu, saying he could teach him a level of power close to his in return of him becoming his apprentice and doing whatever he said. He agreed. The Marquis of Death gave him a mask and an entire outfit, this then altered his face as he wore it longer. He travelled from universe to universe, destroying them and killing the cosmic entities in them. Then, the Marquis of Death dismissed Neleozu, saying he learned enough and he was pleased with the power he had.

But after realizing what he was truly doing, he basically broke from the hold of the Marquis of Death. He then teleported to The main Earth-616 universe to warn Victor von Doom that his master was coming. Victor then dismissed it as if he was jealous of him or something. He then decided to warn the Fantastic Four. When he did, a few hours later, they found the dead body of a watcher.

Marquis of Death

As he protected other universes from the Marquis of Death, The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom were battling The Marquis of Death. He warned other cosmic beings but they didn't interfere because they thought that it was just some low level threat. When Another version of Clyde was battling the Marquis of Death, He was protecting everyone just in case. After seeing the Marquis was weakened, he was surprised. Then he saw that the other apprentice was Doctor Doom the whole time. He was awestruck to see how powerful Victor became.

Avengers of the Supernatural

As a member of the new Avengers of the Supernatural, he protects the world from High-Level Threats. He barely takes off his mask because he's ashamed of how he looks due to it. He does sometimes take off his mask though. It may be his burden, but it's the reason he's glad he could protect other universes from the fate of his own.

Powers and Abilities


From his training, he possesses multiple powers. His powers rival that of The Molecule Man and the Beyonder. With his powers, he could even control a small amount of cosmic entities. He does have a limit, he's just so powerful you can't notice it.

  • Spell casting: He can cast Powerful spells that could cause Dormammu to tremble. He could even erase some people from existence with a single word, "Erase."
  • Reality Manipulation: He could manipulate reality on a very high scale. He could teleport through dimensions and universes, control certain cosmic entities, destroy universes, alter gravity, summon high level threats with full control over them, and could even do things that the Marquis of Death couldn't even do.
  • Elemental Manipulation: He can manipulate elements such as Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Light, Darkness, Shadows, Lava, Burnt Matter, Metal, Dust Particles, Sand and Heat.
  • Energy Manipulation: He can manipulate energy on a scale that could overwhelm Apocalypse.
  • Size Manipulation: He could manipulate his own size.
  • Density manipulation: He can manipulate his own density.
  • Intangibility: He could basically phase through solid matter.
  • Mystic Attacks: He could create mystic heat waves, create mystic bolts, explode/implode items, conjure mystic weapons, use BFR(Battlefield removing), combust items, conjure items and could create aerial and ground attacks.
  • Chronokinesis: He can manipulate time on a scale high enough that he could go back to the destruction of the multiverse and creation of another multiverse.
  • Force Field Generation: He can create force fields that could protect him from supernovas.
  • Persuasion Immunity: He was shown to be immune to the persuading abilities of Ebony Maw.
  • Illusion Casting: He can cast extremely realistic illusions that feel and look too real.
  • Telepathy: His telepathy level is extremely high. He could read minds, erase minds, communicate telepathically through universes/dimensions, control thousands of people or animals at a time, make inanimate objects animate and Reanimate the dead by turning their minds back on
  • Longevity: He has eternal youth and stopped aging when he turned 30.
  • Necromancy: He knows very dark necromancy spells. Showing that he could reanimate the dead, turn gods to stone, manipulate matter and molecules, create undead based weapons and could even make a army of zombies and skeletons.
  • Time Travel: He could travel through time, going from the end of time, back to the beginning.
  • Absolute Incineration: He has the ability to absolutely just incinerate things to nothing.
  • Absolute Freezing: He could absolutely freeze things, freezing every molecule in the thing or person.
  • Flight: He could fly at very high speeds.
  • Astral Projection: He could create astral projections of himself, basically creating astral clones.
  • Mind Games: He has the ability to play mind games. These mind games basically distort the minds of others to make them see things that aren't really happening and if they end up dying in the illusion they will die in reality. He could even make thousands of people see the end of the world.
  • Transmutation: He could transmute matter on a cosmic scale, allowing him to basically change the molecular structure of something.
  • Disease/Toxin Immunity: He is immune to all diseases and toxins.
  • Banishment: He could banish anything to anywhere, whether it be Hell, another dimension, a maze or even the omega box.
  • Telekinesis: He can use telekinesis on a very high scale, he could separate universes.

It was also revealed that he has died before once, so this points to him having the power of Self-Resurrection.


Expert in the Occult: He knows everything about cult things. He knows how to perform every ritual and every fact.

Genius Intelligence: He has Super-Genius Intelligence. He could rewrite the Equation that could bring existence to an end and the equation that could bring existence back.

Spells and Phrases: He can use multiple spells and phrases.

Strength level

Class 85


Mental Stability: From everything he did, he is mentally unstable, hearing the voices of everyone The Marquis of Death killed.

His magic also doesn't work against some science based opponents, but he can still use other powers that don't involve him using magic.


Equipment: Blade of Sol, Mystic weapons
Transportation: Flight, Teleportation
Weapons: Blade of Sol: He can use this sword that is capable of melting a gram of Uru.


  • No special notes.


  • He doesn't really understand why social media exists, he also doesn't get emoticons or slang. However, he did have a Myspace account.
  • When he was 25, he started playing Magic: The Gathering.
  • He was also into Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • Altered face was inspired by Obito without his mask.
  • He is of Gorre Decent.

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