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Real Name
Nathaniel Richards
Current Alias




Matriarch of the Eyriennes Matriarch of the Eyriennes (ancestor);

Nathaniel Richards, Cassandra Richards, Nathaniel and Cassandra's son (ancestor);
Victor von Doom (Earth-1010) (alleged ancestor);
Huntara, Reed Richards (distant relatives);

Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang, Immortus (temporal counterparts)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Mansion on Earth-1010





Citizen, Other Earth, 31st & 40th Centuries (Earth-6311), citizen of Limbo

Marital Status

Time traveler out to control all of history.

Place of Birth


First appearance

Young Avengers Vol 1 1



Nathaniel Richards was born in the 30th century of Earth-1010; a reality where humanity never went into the dark ages. After centuries of advancement and warfare, peace was brought to the land by a time-traveler from the past named Nathaniel Richards. Because Richards brought peace to this war-torn future, he became known as the legendary benefactor. The Nathaniel Richards born to this reality is said to be a descendant of the Benefactor, although other records also indicate that he may also be a descendant of the Latverian monarch known as Dr. Doom. An inventive genius, by the age of 16 Nathaniel had already made his first invention, his Growing Man stimuloid. Richards was bullied for years, but one day when he was being beat up by a bully named Morgan, destiny stepped in and changed the course of young Nathaniel's life forever. At that moment the fight was interrupted by Kang the Conqueror, Nathaniel's future self. Kang had stepped in at this very moment to prevent Morgan from cutting Nathaniel's throat, an injury that almost killed him and bankrupted his parents when they tryed to treat it. Kang then outfitted his younger self in Neuro-Kenetic armor and showed Nathaniel glimpses of his future where he was destined to become a time-traveling conqueror and his destiny to do battle with the heroic Avengers. Kang had hopped that his past self would begin on his destined path earlier than planned, however the young Richards was horrified by what he was destined to become and attacked his future self. Richards decided to renounce his destiny and used the time traveling capabilities in his armor to travel back in time and across dimensions to the modern age of Earth-1010.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Nathaniel Richards (Kang).


None known.

Strength level



None known.



  • Neurokinetic Armor: Iron Lad's battle armor is produced from a rare synthetic alloy from the 40th century. It is neuro-kinetic, meaning it responds to his subconscious thoughts. Though Kang has no powers, his armor endows him with rough equivalents of super-human abilities.
    • Enhanced Strength: Gives Iron Lad the ability to lift 5 tons.
    • Durability: The armor has a built in force-field that extends from 2 feet away from his body, outward to 20 feet in all directions. It can withstand even a nuclear strike at point blank range.
    • Video Communicator: Built into the right wrist is a video communicator, which he can use to stay in contact with his bases from any point in the time-stream.
    • Time Travel: Iron Lad's armor can create temporal divergences, giving him the ability to travel through and manipulate time.
    • Concussive Bolts: Iron Lad can fire concussive blasts from the finger tips of his gauntlets; these blasts have the force of several tons of dynamite.
    • Neurokinetic interface: As Iron Lad, he uses a neurokinetic armor apparently designed by his future self. This armor responds to its wearers thoughts and emotions almost instantaneously. It is capable of forming various weapons somewhat similar to that of Iron Man as well as being able to alter its appearance and shape. For example, it manifests spikes if someone tries to grab it.
    • Flight: the armor allows Iron Lad to hover above the ground or fly at tramendous speeds, with complete control of gravity around him.
    • Energy Blasts: Expel destructive energy blasts, magnetic rays, fire-extinguishing foam and is capable of suspending matter in mid-air
    • Project holographic images masking Iron Lad's true appearance
    • Download/upload massive amounts of data with its complex hard drive
    • Override security systems

Transportation: Possesses a large space ship, capable of travel through both time and space.
Weapons: He typically carries various weapons, such as an anti-matter defense screen generator, a "vibration-ray" projector, an electromagnetic field amplifier, neutrino-ray warheaded missile launcher (hand-gun size), electrical paralysis generator, nerve gas sprayer and a molecular expander. He commands a vast array of warriors from across all periods of time, including his own future era, armed with advanced weaponry. He used numerous robots, most notably his Growing Man stimuloids, packed with the "Growth Pollen" of the world Cosmos, which causes them to grow in size and strength by absorbing kinetic energy; this Growth Pollen uses the same energy accessed via the size-changing "Pym Particles" discovered by Dr Hank Pym.



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