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Real Name
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Current Alias

Askani'son, Soldier X, Nathan Dayspring Summers, Nate, Nathan Winters, The Traveler, Nathan Dayspring Askani'son, The Chosen One, The Savior, Nathan Christopher, Chris


X-Men (part-timer), X-Force (founder and co-leader; inactive); formerly Clan Askani (defunct)

Philip Summers (paternal great-grandfather), Deborah Summers (paternal great-grandmother), Christopher Summers (paternal grandfather; deceased), Katherine Summers (paternal grandmother; deceased), John Grey (maternal grandfather; deceased), Elaine Grey (maternal grandmother; deceased), Scott Summers (father), Jean Grey (mother), Alexander Summers (paternal uncle), Aliya Dayspring (former lover; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York; formerly mobile in an alternate 21st Century Earth




White, (formerly brown)

Unusual Features
Had a techno-organic left eye, left arm, and shoulder due to infection as an infant with a Techno-Organic Virus. His left eye glows, for some reason related to his mutant powers. It is evidently unrelated to his original telekinetic and telepathic powers, as the eye still glowed with his brief cyberpath powers.


Marital Status

Adventurer, freedom fighter, and mercenary

Extensive Askani training, educated on late 37th-early 39th century education, Law Diploma

Mutant, infected with the Techno-Organic Virus by Mister Sinister and was secretly sent by Mother Askani to the late 37th-early 39th century in order to survive.

First appearance

Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 1 86


Quote1 I've been from the future to the past and back again, only to realize that I've always running out of time... Everyone does... Because time itself has always been there ever since, and there's no way out of it... Quote2
-- Cable

Early Years

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers' destiny was somehow already planned before his parents had the chance to get together and planned to conceive an offspring. Geneticist Mr. Sinister found that a distinct union between the X-Men Scott Summers and Jean Grey would produce a powerful genetically superior mutant. Sinister hoped he could control such a mutant and use it to defeat his immortal adversary and situational ally and master Apocalypse. However, it would later that he would use for other purposes, after it was shown that Sinister has found a way to put back into deep hibernation by infecting his mind with a more lethal, modified version of the Techno-Organic Virus of his own design, the same one Apocalypse had first introduce him before.

Ultimate War

At some point later on, specifically prior the traumatic and life-changing events of Ultimate War, Scott and Jean have started professing their great and undying love for each other to the point once more, through thick and thin, where Scott eventually proposed to Jean, marking another great step towards their fruitful relationship, a relationship that has lasted for several years by then. When they suddenly meets the unexpected, Jean later became pregnant and had a son whom they named Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, "Nathan" came from a random telepathic suggestion as she listened to some of the residents across the Westchester County through the Cerebro, later to be revealed as a Mister Sinister in disguise, who was still in hiding in preparation for the Movement, "Christopher" from Scott's father, and "Charles" from both Scott and Jean's father figure and mentor, Professor Xavier.

Unfortunate to Jean, Scott was away helping the X-Men during a mission when she was having her painful labor at the mansion. Because of this, one of the X-Men's greatest adversary, Sinister himself had paid to visit Jean inside the mansion undetected, disguising himself as one of its residents. As Jean immediately detected of Essex's hostile presence, she tried to warn everyone else inside the mansion, only to be single-handedly overpowered by Sinister as he counteracted most of Jean's telepathic attacks at him. Painfully asking Essex why he came into the mansion, Sinister maniacally ridiculed her question, telling her that he came to give her his late gift for not attending her baby shower. Screaming with pain, it triggered a disturbance into Professor X's mind, who immediately hears her cries telepathically after their mission, causing for Scott to extremely worry as they returned into the mansion.

Born Into War

By the time Scott and the X-Men has arrived to occupy during her child birth, they were late, Sinister had already left without everyone else knowing and she had already given birth to her child with the help of some of the mansion's residents. However, it was already too late for them, since Sinister has secretly infected the child with a mysterious pathogen known as the Techno-Organic Virus, that was rapidly spreading through his body and, sadly enough, it already did kill the child before they could have save him, as he was born in the world.

Stricken with grief and loss for losing their first and only son, Scott and Jean had vowed vengeance against Essex, as they did, during the eventual finale of Ultimate War after using all their fullest and mightiest powers at Essex in order to defeat the cynical and sadistic villain, incinerating the villain into ash and apparently killing him, successful into avenging the "death" of their son Nathan, once and for all. Nathan's infant body (which was later revealed to be just a dummy) was eventually buried, along with all the other fallen heroic mutants who have risked their lives at the newly-established memorial garden of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (behind the X-Mansion), as an act of honoring those who have passed away for the sake of the greater good.

Saved Out of Time

On the bright side of it all, it was not necessarily the end for their son's life, revealing that Nathan, has survived his birth, though due to the devastating effects caused by being infected with the Techno-Organic Virus as a newborn, has made the infant Summers to be in a catatonic state. This was only revealed after the, where Essex had decided to take the catatonic infant from the morgue, as he replaced his place with a bio-organic dummy in his own design, that even the best known telepaths such as Xavier and even Jean herself, wouldn't have detected its ingenuity, in any sorts of ways.

Essex tried to raise and build him as a biological weapon, but it was eventually prevented when a mysterious figure has unknowingly infiltrated his hidden laboratory, located in the underground dungeons of the mutant island Genosha, after his temporary death during Ultimate War, where she took and saved the infant into her home reality the late 37th-early 39th century. For some time, both Scott and Jean had no way of knowing that their son had turned out to be alive, was raised and had already grown up, living in an alternate future reality of their home reality.

Raised Into War

Upon arriving in this future Earth both ruled by the citadel of Apocalypse and his massive army of the Canaanites, who continuously wages a seemingly everlasting war against the kingdom ruled by Lord Sinister and his mutated forces, Nathan was immediately nurtured by the mysterious woman who took him from his timeline, Mother Askani, and carefully raised her and the rest of the Clan Askani, a secret alliance of rebel fighters, with some time-travelers returning to the modern era back and forth, dedicated to upholding the X-Men's beliefs and battling Apocalypse.. The Clan Askani then worshiped Nathan as the prophesied "Dayspring" and "Askani'son". Mother Askani then placed Nathan in an incubation crib to preserve his life, where after several days after his eventual recovery from the virus due to the help of a newly-developed antidote, began to raise Nathan as the new face and the messianic figure of the Clan Askani and this reality itself, deciding to raise the infant as potential future leader of the Clan Askani, once he has already grown up, along with his entire training and education finished.

For the next several years of his life in the divergent future reality, Nathan had grown up just as Mother Askani had hope and expected for him to be, becoming the one of the bravest, most notorious, and most skilled fighters the heroic clan ever has to offer in years, since it first assembled. Later on, Nathan joined Mother Askani and the high-ranking members and make calculated attacks for a few years, against the forces of both Lord Sinister and Apocalypse, along with Nate subsequently gaining a honorific "nom de guerre" of his own, named Cable. During his extreme training as the perfect super-soldier of the Askani, Mother Askani has also introduced Nathan his own mutant powers and abilities, learning to harness and completely learn what he's truly capable of (being the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers), but without having to fully reveal his true parental heritage, due to Mother Askani believing, that it is "what's truly best for his own good," replacing it with a made-up tragic story that both of Nate's parents were killed, decades before the formation of the Clan Askani, in the crossfire between Apocalypse's and Lord Sinister's forces.

In his first few years as the soldier the Clan Askani has once prophesied about, Nathan felt loneliness. However, all of that did thankfully change, when Nate eventually meets the very special woman that would change his entire life during as brutal mission against Lord Sinister as the infiltrate his kingdom, in the search for the prototype of a biological weapon that would ultimately decimate all of the world's mutant population if they lose the chance to stop it. At the same time during this very mission, Cable then learned through the words of Lord Sinister himself after he and his unit were able to surround and restrain him, implying that just as he once pictured him in his vision. Sinister then tells Cable about his true origin, and how his parents are still alive, and well in the past.

Unfortunately, has only made the rest of the mission of the Askani fail in the process, and although all of the Legacy Virus samples were destroyed through incineration, Lord Sinister was able to escape from the captivity of Cable and his unit and still successfully made him and his forces wreak havoc on Apocalypse's vast citadel, destroying it in the end of their failed mission. Sadly enough, Nathan's unit was all decimated by Sinister's forces, except for him, and yet, he wouldn't have made the kingdom alive, if it wasn't for the woman whom he met earlier, who later introduces herself as Aliya Dayspring. Realizing that he somewhat stole her and her family's surname just for a messianic title, Cable sincerely apologized to her and his family, though she insisted to him that apologizing wasn't necessary, saying that her family had already died a long time ago. Nathan would later impress the young woman and the two begin to feel an romantic attraction to each other, an attraction that would develop overtime.

Cable decided to met Mother Askani in secret and confront her about what Lord Sinister has told him at his citadel. At first, Mother Askani repeatedly doubted that she doesn't know anything about what he was told, but after, Mother Askani had no other choice but to tell Cable the truth about his true past, admitting that Nate was the prodigal mutant son of the past X-Men couple Jean Grey and Cyclops.

Stryfe's Somber Strike

After the merciless defeat and death of Apocalypse at the hands of Lord Sinister and his forces, along with the devastating destruction of his citadel, Nur's adopted son and most powerful warrior, Stryfe vowed to deliver the same blow at the kingdom of Sinister, and if he wouldn't be able to control his rage towards Sinister, he maybe could deliver even far worse. As a consequence of Lord Sinister's actions on ultimately destroying the vision of Apocalypse, Stryfe wages a war against Sinister all by himself and some of Apocalypse's remaining forces, continuing to fight the fights, and battle the battles of his master. The lasted, and ended when Cable and the Clan Askani prevented all the chaos and destruction continuously caused by Stryfe, as the successor of Apocalypse, but at the cost of losing most of the Clan at the hands of Stryfe, including Nate's own adoptive mother, Mother Askani.

In the end of the battle between Cable and Stryfe, Stryfe was brutally knocked out and defeated by the heroic soldier, but little did Cable know, the villain was able to obtain a time-travelling device previously used by a deceased Askani soldier, where he easily activated the device, having to travel back in time, moments before Cable could have stop him in doing so. Distraught and enraged by his success to travel and commence his plan's next step to awaken the past version of his fallen master, Cable has finally been granted by a dying Mother Askani the ultimate chance to travel back in time and follow to where Stryfe was going to next, the modern era, Cable's true home reality, and prevent him from awakening Apocalypse and ruining the reality's timeline itself, by "converging" it with the alternate future reality.

Blast from the Past

Upon arriving in the present, Cable first landed in the narrowest streets of New York City. He had hoped to arrive at Xavier's Mansion in Westchester County, but he was yet to master the artistry of time travel. Still confused and continues on figuring out how to get to the mansion, Cable suddenly finds himself in the street to be in a middle of a supposedly "gang war," between a notorious gang against a hooded "gangster" whom they described as a "one-man army." In all of a sudden interest, Cable decided to hide and watched the entire shooting commence, which seemingly ended with the "one-man army" gangster getting repeatedly shot, apparently killing the latter. Cable decided to leave the warzone, but after seeing that the gangster easily got back up after five seconds and started once again, Cable remains to watch it for a while as he tactically but calmly eliminate all of the gangsters.

After having to eliminate, Cable helped the mysterious man at the last second, shooting off the remaining two gangsters, gaining his attention towards the hood man. Followed by the man thanking for his help, Cable asked who he was, although the hooded man didn't take him at first, with him calling himself several names (e.g. Wolverine, Death, Luke Cage, because of his hood disguise, and even the actor Ryan Reynolds, whom he told shared a striking resemblance to him, before he had cancer), revealing the man to be a humorous regenerating degenerate, rather than a serious fellow, much to Cable's dismaying confusion. After their first meeting, the finally revealed and introduced himself to be Wade Wilson, also known as the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool.

After explaining that he was a time-traveler from the future, to hound a time-displaced terrorist on the loose, to the anti-hero, Deadpool then introduced Cable into his apartment where he met his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, and later to his usual bar and dispatch center, Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children, to which Deadpool and his best friend Weasel excitingly suggested that they should form an organized strike team composed of mutants, although Cable immediately declined this idea, beleiving that they would all instantly be dead they even take a step in facing Stryfe, and continues his search for the time-displaced villain, with the help of his new friend, Wade, at least according to Wade himself, they were instantly friends, despite Cable's repetitive rejection.

The Search for Stryfe

After suddenly remembering what was the next step in fulfilling his Stryfe's plan to awaken Apocalypse from his deep sleep, Nate and Wade first started their search by the X-Mansion, after he remembers Stryfe had previously told him that Apocalypse would have been a lot more powerful and even more successful, if the Professor was already out of his vision, sooner that he'd expected. Cable infiltrated the mansion searching for Stryfe, while Deadpool distracts the X-Men and the residents inside the mansion, especially his good friends Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Cable continuously searches every room, with no signs or presence of Stryfe, right until he started detecting an anomaly-like presence inside the mansion through his powerful telepathy, indicating Stryfe was indeed, still inside the mansion, waiting for his perfect timing to strike at assassinating the Professor inside his office. Stryfe's bullet had infected Professor Xavier with the Techno-Organic Virus, which was still incurable at the current time. Cable tries to block the bullet from going towards the Professor, but Stryfe's bullet has already been fired. Cable tries to subdue Stryfe as he battle him in combat, but Stryfe claims that he is much stronger than he could possibly ever be, and Apocalypse's reemergence would soon be done. After Stryfe manages to get himself off from Cable's clutches, he immediately breaks the window of the office, where he landed outside the garden, and consequently escapes the mansion. Some of the mansion's residents have seen Stryfe escaping the mansion outside, but the X-Men didn't get the chance to see him, and instead they proceeded to run to Xavier's office, where they mistakenly saw Cable as the perpetrator of the attempted assassination on the Professor.

Thankfully, Cable has brought a several dosages of the Techno-Organic Virus on his own as back-up, albeit the confusion of the X-Men, including both of his parents whom he saw for the very first time, misunderstanding as seeing Cable beside the dying Professor X, made the heroes fire all their weapons and mutant powers against Cable, interrupting his intention to save Xavier. Cable then left the Xavier's office, teleporting himself on another room inside the mansion where Deadpool was currently in, giving Wade the virus' antidote and told him that he should give it to the X-Men to treat the Professor's condition, with Wade even mistakenly referred Xavier's condition to be his paraplegic state, before teleporting once more outside the mansion to track down and follow Stryfe's path and figure out his next destination, which was then later revealed to be in Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, located in the city of Cairo, Egypt.

Parental Reunion

On his way to Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children, Cable tried to talk to Wade about the strike force team that he previously had come up with, only to find out that Wade was having a casual drink with his company, the lethal and savage X-Man Wolverine, who immediately battled Cable afterwards, engaging in a brief but brutal fight outside the bar. Wolverine then threatened to kill Cable for "attempting to kill" the Professor, only to be told by Cable that he tried to save him, followed by giving him the same treatment, beating Logan down until he went unconscious. Little did Cable know, Wolverine unknowingly called both of his back-ups before he was taken down, Jean and Scott to deal with Cable. Deadpool even swooped in the battle for a moment, trying, with him humorously telling Cable that his intentions were nothing personal, before Cable single-handedly knocks Wade out into the air.

In the end of the battle, Cable and engaged in an uncontrollable psionic duel, only to end in a sudden tie, proving that they're telepathic abilities are just as equal and just as powerful. In the wake of the battle's aftermath, a weakened Jean still approached the lightheaded Cable, whereupon she counteracted Cable's psionic shields and successfully reads his mind, painfully revealing her and Scott as well, the entirely of Nate's life. Both Jean and Scott was in the realization of shock and awe, after discovering that all their previous years mourning for the great loss of the one they preciously created, their son was alive and well, all along. The three of them embraced as they all shed a tear, now that they have finally been reunited by fate itself.

After his brief but memorable and joyous reunion with his parents at the Xavier Mansion, Cable returns to the bar once more, and tells Wade and Weasel that he has now agreed to their suggestion, that they should form a mutant strike force team in order to take down Stryfe and prevent his ultimate crusade of reawakening Apocalypse, and prevent Nur and Stryfe from destroying this world as they turn this planet into the mutant paradise of his own image, once more, much to Wade's bliss and delight in his eventual agreement.

The X-Force

Cable and Deadpool, with help of Weasel, finally organizes the secret strike team of other mutants with Weasel to fight Stryfe and save the world from the destruction that would occur in his hands, consisting of Domino, Bishop, Psylocke, Angel, and Wolverine, whom Deadpool would later name the X-Force. While the X-Men believed in protecting humans from evil terrorist mutants, X-Force adopted a proactive but a more lethal approach and attitude towards mutant terrorists basic own Cable's basic philosophy, which he related to his team, was to get to them before they get to you. Together, the X-Force launched their first assault as they traveled to Cairo through an X-Jet, Logan had temporarily "borrowed."

Deadpool, Cable, and the rest of the X-Force has arrived at the museum to stop Stryfe's attempt to resurface his master, but face slight difficulty fighting the latter, who proves that Stryfe and his newly-built androids were indeed, according to Cable, too powerful for them. However, the eventually came in their senses, believing that although none of them may, they could still take down the guardian androids and distract them long enough for Cable to chase Stryfe to confront the mutant villain one last time, and foil his ultimate plan.

By the last second, Wade was successful in triggering all implanted explosives the below the museum's underground, destroying the entirety of Stryfe's (formerly Apocalypse's) laboratory in the process, seemingly ruining his plan to transfer his master's consciousness into a replicated empty body of Apocalypse. As Stryfe got himself back in their final duel, Stryfe manages to easily take down Cable once again. Even before Stryfe had the upper chance to squeeze the trigger at a weakened Cable, comes the rest of the X-Force to the rescue, whose combined efforts and power was able to defeat Stryfe, with Psylocke, Wolverine, and Deadpool delivering the final, deadly blow, impaling their razor sharp weapons through his chest, fatally injuring the latter.

In Stryfe's last, dying breath, he warns of Cable and the rest of the X-Force, that it has "already been done," despite on the fact that all Stryfe's schemes has finally prevented by the heroic strike team. Stryfe takes his final breath, and dies from his severe wounds, signifying the success of their mission, or did it? As the X-Force were successful in destroying the underground headquarters of Apocalypse, leaving the museum untouched, little did the heroic team know (except for Deadpool, who somehow has already expected for this to happen later on, due to his simple explanation of "comic book logic"), not even Cable himself, had the chance to discover the hard truth. In truth, the mission of Stryfe was a success in actuality, with later showing that Stryfe was able to transfer the stranded consciousness of Apocalypse into the body of an doctor and geneticist by the name of David Moreau, who was still currently in the city at the very time his battle against the X-Force has yet to start. When Nur had taken over Dr. Moreau, he easily disintegrated his consciousness as he replaces the doctor but not before taking some of Moreau's memories that he might have found very useful in his next step, implying that the mutant god couldn't handle having "another voice" inside his new head and body.

Even in death, Stryfe always knew in himself, that he was always one step ahead of everyone who tries to get in his way, no matter what kid of power they seem to possess over him. Even Cable himself has yet to find out what Stryfe has truly done not until later, which was reassuring the new rebirth of Apocalypse. For now, Cable and Deadpool has the X-Force finally be disbanded (for now), while Cable decides to stay in the present day, so he would be able to prevent the Earth from being destroyed by threats like or more powerful than Stryfe, and protect humanity itself from the hands of rogue terrorist mutants as he frequently helps the X-Men, becoming its part-time member, and even his own good friend Deadpool deal with most of his mercenaries complications, becoming each other's partners from time to time, and try into upholding the righteous idea of equality between the race of mutants and humans.

Mutant Ultimatum

With the defeat and death of Stryfe at the hands of Cable and the X-Force, their success had seemingly vanquished his reality-altering plan to converge his with the modern reality by reawakening this reality's Apocalypse, but little did they were aware of, another global threat was emerging from the darkness, in the form of a reborn Mister Sinister, with his new scheme in balancing all life on the planet, including the likes of Mutants, Inhumans, Atlanteans along with many more species, through his new protocol of causing a global extinction event, although the latter was eventually stopped by the heroic forces composing the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, S.H.I.E.L.D., and several more mutant-supporting groups across the world. As expected, the terrified and fearful Cable never even hoped such day would come by the time he came to the modern reality, realizing that his altruistic actions might have created something worse than the prophesied threat of Apocalypse.

Now continuously filled with second thoughts and doubts, Nathan had the unsure and risky thought to undo his actions through reawakening Apocalypse once more in order to combat Mister Sinister without having to use his time-travelling ability, which could certainly cause some irreversible consequences to the timeline. Nevertheless of his hesitation, Nathan and the X-Force eventually decided to do whatever it takes just to keep the modern timeline from worsening that was Sinister's reckoning return, to which they made up their minds to fight fire with fire, and in this situation, they were on a mission to find the supposedly reawakened Apocalypse (who was currently in the form of Dr. David Moreau) and led him to siding with them against Mister Sinister, who was once a follower of the great En Sabah Nur, and end his plan to unleash unstoppable chaos and subsequently end most of life on Earth.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Cable is an Alpha-mutant, a vastly powerful telepath and an Omega Level Telekinetic. Possibly an Omega Level Telepath. As an teenager, Cable was infected with the Techno-Organic Virus and, for the majority of his life, had to consciously keep the virus in check so that it did not consume more of his organic flesh. In rare instances when he was not preoccupied with staving off his T.O. infection, Nathan shown powerful abilities.

  • Telepathy
    • Telepathic Illusion
    • Telepathic Cloak
    • Mind Link
    • Telepathic Camouflage
    • Mind Control
    • Mind Trap
    • Mind Possession
    • Mind Alteration
    • Mental Amnesia
    • Precognition
    • Psionic Shield
    • Psionic Blasts
    • Astral Projection
    • Mental Detection
  • Telekinesis
    • Intuitive Aptitude
    • Matter Alteration
    • Psionic Spike
    • Force-Field Generation
    • Concussive Blasts
    • Telekinetic Flight
  • Time Travel
  • Techno-Organics
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Dexterity
    • Cybernetic Eye
    • Cybernetic Arm
    • Cybernetic Restoration
    • Belle
    • Cyberpathy
    • Cone of Silence
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Master Combatant
  • Gifted Intelligence
  • Teleportation

Strength level

Class 15+


Cable is limited in the use of his powers by the need to use them to restrain the T-O Virus from spreading. An excessive effort could release the Virus, and cause him to die slowly, turned into a cyborg.



  • Belle
  • M-Pox Counter Serum
  • Dominus Objective
  • Cone of Silence


  • Cone of Silence

Weapons: Cable normally carries high-powered plasma rifles, explosives, a pair of knives as his weapons of choice.


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  1. Modern Comics: X-t(In)ction Vol 1 1


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