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Nathan Christensen Olsson was born in Yellowknife, Canada; July 7th, 1980. He is also known as "Helios" due to his Heliokinetic abilities.


Nathan was born in Yellowknife, and raised in Vancouver. His Family owned a gaming company, and he went to an expensive private-school. Nathan was born with Heliokinetic powers, and he was able to use solar flares as an advantage. While running a relay race in 10th grade, Nathan temporarly blinded one student just to win the trophy. The officials said there was no proof that Nathan blinded the student, and he was lucky not to get caught. When he went into College a few years later, he also became a Firefighter. Nathan graduated from the Fire-Academy, and joined Fire-station #56 in Vancouver.  One day, a building was on fire, and he saved a total of 3 people. But, his Heliokinetic powers got out of hand, and he made the building explode. Nathan was sent to the hospital with 3rd degree burns, but after the bandages came off, it was as if he was never burned. There was no trace of the burns, and we was immdiately discharged from the Hospital 2 days later. He went back to work, and became the new Captain of Fire-station #56. Nathan's Heliokinetic powers were affecting him. He nearly set a trashcan on fire, and he nearly blew up the station. On Christmas Eve, Almost ever Fire-station in the area of Vancouver was needed due to a Large business building on fire, and Nathan found out it was the building his Parents owned. When he got there, he went up to the top floor of the building, and only found his younger sister: Elizabeth Olsson. He saved her by helping her down the stairs, but he himself was too late to get out. Nathan fell, and his hand gripped a gas-pipe. His Heliokinetic powers made his hand heat up, and it made the pipe melt. He yelled "take cover!" as he ran outside. The Building exploded, and Nathan was thrown into one of the firetrucks; nearly breaking his back. He was taken to the Hospital with minor injuries only, which left the Doctors stunned since a blast like that would break his back. Nathan saved his sister, but he even got an offer to work in New York as a Fire Captain. He accepted, and Nathan moved to New York.

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