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Can-head, Medieval Miscreant



Formerly Masters of Evil, ally of Baron Zemo

Unidentified sister (deceased), Dane Whitman (Black Knight, nephew), Sir Percy of Scandia, Sir Raston, Sir Eobar Garrington, Sir William, Sir Henry (Black Knights of past eras, ancestors, deceased); Sir Dandel, Lady Evaine, Lady Rosamund, Edward, Geoffrey (common ancestry, presumed deceased); Dafydc ap Iowerth, Arthur Pendragon, Mordred the Evil, Morgan Le Fay (common ancestry)


Base Of Operations


6' 0" (6'7" in armor)

195 lbs (89 kg) (255 lbs in armor)



Unusual Features


Marital Status

Scientist, professional criminal; former biology professor, espionage agent

PhDs in biology, physics and engineering from Oxford University

Nathan Garrett built the equipment and weapons that he adopted as the Black Knight.

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Professor Nathan Garrett was born in London and was the descendant of Sir Percy of Scandia, the heroic Black Knight of Arthurian legend, but he lacked his heroic nature. Garrett achieved international respect as a brilliant research scientist and inventor whose particular specialty was genetic manipulation. He earned his doctorate at Oxford University and later taught there as a professor. It may have been at Oxford that Garrett fell in with and joined colleagues who were political leftists, and became a radical communist: it is not known at what point in his life, Garrett became a spy for the People's Republic of China.

At some point Garrett visited the castle he had inherited, Garrett Castle, where Sir Percy of Scandia was buried. The spirit of Sir Percy appeared to Garrett and presented him with the opportunity to become a modern day Black Knight crusading against evil. Garrett saw the original Black Knight's enchanted Ebony Blade in a scabbard near the tomb of Sir Percy, but, being unworthy, was unsuccessful in drawing the sword. Hence Sir Percy did not make Garrett his successor as the Black Knight.

Garrett moved to the United States, where his sister had gone to live, and he became a naturalized American citizen. Garrett led a highly distinguished career, continuing his scientific research, but he also acted as the head of an espionage ring. Finally, he was captured by Henry Pym and charged with treason for delivering American government scientific secrets to agents of Communist China. In order to prevent Garrett from betraying them at his trial, the Communist Chinese intelligence agency saw that Garrett's bail was paid. Garrett then fled the United States, using a counterfeit passport.

Garrett hid in a Balkan kingdom, rented a castle and plotted his revenge. He was determined to make himself a match for Henry Pym. Inspired by his encounter with Sir Percy's ghost and by a statue of a winged horse that he saw in this European country, Garrett decided to devise for himself the costumed identity of a criminal Black Knight. Using his genius at genetic manipulation, Garrett artificially mutated the horse Elendil to give it wings enabling it to fly. He also devised highly advanced weaponry, much of which he built into a power lance, and an armored costume similar to the original Black Knight's.

Garrett secretly returned to the United States and robbed an armored car in the guise of the Black Knight. Henry Pym and the Wasp confronted the Knight when he attempted to steal a state-of-the-art helicopter. Garrett subdued Giant-Man with bolos and powerful cables, and he unleashed his itch-ray on him. Henry Pym escaped by shrinking to ant size and reunited with the Wasp. Unnerved for the humiliating defeat, he fled on Elendil and vowed revenge. The Black Knight soon found himself an ally in Baron Zemo.

Taking over a castle that had been relocated to the Potomac River in the Washington, D.C. area years earlier by an English baron who had died before moving in, the Black Knight plotted his revenge once again. He kidnapped Happy Hogan again from a hospital in California, having sustained critical injuries from an attack by Extremis Soldiers in the Chinese Theater. The Knight had left clues intentionally, and Iron Man went to the castle, where they battled. Garrett disrupted Iron Man's circuitry using an ionic energy blast, and he took him into the air with Elendil, intending to kill Stark by dropping him. Iron Man, however, grabbed the saddle's stirrup and used his strength to unhorse Garrett. As both men fell, Iron Man landed in the river, but the Knight crashed into trees.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Scientific Ability: Nathan Garrett was a brilliant research scientist whose principal achievements lay in the area of genetics and engineering. His knowledge of various forms of advanced technology was sufficient to enable him to design and construct the weaponry he wielded as the Black Knight.

Strength level

Normal human male with moderate regular exercise.


None known.



  • Body Armor: The Black Knight wore a lightweight full-body suit of electrically-insulated steel-alloy chainmail that protected him from projectiles like 45-caliber bullets at close range; however, it didn't protect him from a long fall. Also, his helmet visor could emit a bright light to blind foes temporarily. The suit weighed about 60 pounds.


  • Flying Horse: The Black Knight rode a black stallion, which he gave wings and power of flight through genetic engineering. The horse was able to lift aloft about 270 pounds beyond its own weight, and could fly at a top speed about 50 miles per hour for up to one hour before needing to rest.


  • Power Lance: The Black Knight's principal weapon was his atomic-powered Power Lance, which was rigged with a number of offensive technological devices.
    • Thermal Beam: The lance could emit an acetylene-based heat beam intense enough to melt through a two-foot thick steel wall at fifty feet within seconds.
    • Ionic Energy Blast: The lance could emit powerful electrical charges that could disable electronics.
    • Force Blast: The lance could project electro-magnetic concussive beams of charged alpha particles exerting a concussive force sufficient to blast through a foot-thick wall of cinder-blocks at fifty feet in four seconds. The maximum effective range of the power blaster was about 100 feet.
    • Bolo Cables: The lance contained two spools of eight-inch thick' conductive steel cable, fifty feet in length, which the Knight sometimes attached to bolo bells. The firing mechanism was a linear accelerator (magnetic cannon), which shot the cable through the lance, Especially when connected to bolo balls, the ends of the cable were weighted in such a way that the cable tended to wrap around a person or object like a bolo.
    • Lasso: The lance could fire a rope as a lasso.
    • Machine Gun: On at least one occasion, the Knight concealed a .45 caliber machine gun within has lance.
    • Buzz Discs: The Knight could use the lance to fire red-hot spinning metal discs as weapons.
    • Sappers: The Knight could use the lance to fire super-heated metal "doughnuts" which affixed themselves to objects and drained electrical energy from them.
  • Paralyzer Pistol: The Black Knight also carried a "paralyzer pistol" that emitted a highly concentrated, fast-acting nerve gas capable of rendering an average human being unconscious in two seconds for one hour in small doses. A sufficient dose of the nerve gas could kill a human being through paralysis of the respiratory system.


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