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Nathan Christopher Summers (Earth-∞)
Real Name
Nathan Christopher Grey Summers
Current Alias

Askani'son, X Soldier, Cable, Phil, John, Scott, Alex, Gabe, Nathan Summers, Nate Summers, Omega Savior, Traveler, The Astral Walker, Singularity, Nate Dayspring Summers (Mummudrai half), The Divinity Gestalt, Totallic Union, The Chosen One, Anomalous Soul, Union, Chris, Nate, Scion, The Twilight Guard, Askani'Omegan, The Trinity Mind


X-Men (part-timer), X-Force (founder), Clan Askani

Philip Summers (paternal great-grandfather), Deborah Summers (paternal great-grandmother), Christopher Summers (paternal grandfather; deceased), Katherine Summers (paternal grandmother; deceased), John Grey (maternal grandfather; deceased), Elaine Grey (maternal grandmother; deceased), Scott Summers (father), Madelyne Pryor (mother), Jean Gray (maternal genetic template/Mother by proxy; presumed deceased), Alexander Summers (paternal uncle), Gabriel Summers (paternal uncle; deceased), Nate Grey (Alternate counterpart/Paternal half-brother). Neena Thurman (On/off again lover)


Base Of Operations
Nexus of Possibility, Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, Xavier's School for the Future Studies, Sotomayor University (Moonlighting as a professor), Multiverse, Alterniverse





Unusual Features
Hair is bleached white along with the brown hair, Has techno-organic symbiosis which alternates his physiology dependent on his psyche. Signs of which are prominent in left eye & arm from the neck to the shoulder down due to initial virus infection as an infant. Both eyes glow due to a combination of mutant power, T-O singularity and fusion with his Revenant (Mummudrai) counterpart.


Marital Status

Adventurer, mercenary, shaman, teacher, philosopher, inventor; Formerly freedom fighter, mercenary, assassin, General Commander

Extensive Askani training, educated on late 37th-early to late-39th century societial advancement, geology and geography, Law Diploma, Advanced Military Training,

Mutant, infected with the Techno-Organic Virus by Apocalypse and was sent by Mother Askani to the late 37th-early 39th century in order to survive.

Place of Birth
Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York

First appearance

Modern Comics:
X-Men Vol 1 86


Quote1.png What is IS, what will be Shall Be. Past, present, future across beyond and forever infinity. We are all born as one as can we can ever choose to see. Quote2.png
-- Cable

The Beginning

From his earliest childhood, professor Professor Xavier could sense that young Nathan Christopher Grey Summers was destined for greatness. Having been born to prize student; Scott Montgomery Summers and his wife (an unknown Jean clone) Madelyne Evengelion Pryor, to be heir to a wellspring of latent underlying mutant potential. Unbeknownst to the mutant community however, Nathan's birth had been facilitated by the deranged reality hopping geneticist Prof. Sinister from the beginning. Since the tragic death of Jean Gray after their battle with the power mad Emperor D'Ken of the Shi'ar Empire, he'd intentionally created Maddie Pryor from the X-Men's marvel girl's genetic template. Seeking to repeat the experiment he has done on countless alternate continua, breeding the perfect mutant specimen and studying how and which way they will grow and evolve with the passage of time. Naturally he would engineer events to play out as it had throughout a great many realities Essex had observed across infinity, to this end, he would provide this universe's Mister Sinister within Earth-∞ with the Techno-Organic Virus strain needed to poison his master. Wherein this universes iteration of Apocalypse would strike out at Baby Nathan before he rose to prominence.

Destiny Unfolds

As with all diverse existences things would turn out differently in this plane of existence as with others. The Xavier's School for the Future Studies would come under attack by an early onset of the Revenant incursion a couple of decades ahead of it's time. The baleful and vindictive Cassandra Nova Xavier of an alternate universe would start her enclave of Great Corruption's from all across the Multiverse; having stopped at the Alphaverse to kickstart her ultimate design.

As the X-Men along with all of Earth's mightiest heroes stemming to the Avengers, Alpha Flight, Winter Guard, Defenders and so on fought off what would come to be known as the Mimisis Invasion of 1991. The Revenant Queen would make her way to the fledgling scion of her hated lightside's most cherished son.

In truth. The reason why Nova chose to jumpstart her chain of reality disruptions earlier than intended. Was because she could sense the presence and indeterminate power potential emanating from the young Son of Scott and Madelyn. Even from Universes away, across the infinite astral jawohl within her corner of the Psychic Underworld. Growing curious, she would initiate a distraction to draw away the rest of the heroes while she made her move on the Xavier institute. Using her copied genetic template of Charles's mutant power she easily infiltrated the School Grounds while everyone, even the self aware mutant detecting Cerebro Unit merged with the household could not track her presence.

Initially perplexed by what she saw in the hapless spawn of her enemy. When initially moving in for further study, she was preempted by the boy's mother Maddie.

Who stayed behind to watch over their son while Scott and his team went out to fight off the invasion from the Astral Realm. Powerful as she was though, Ms. Pryor Summers was no match for the lethal Mummudrai. Whom in turn, found out something else of interest as the two engaged in a psychic duel. But before she could strike both of them down, Madelyne's infant son flared up with psychic power.

Loaning an infusion of astral force materialized into the physical plane to his mother so she could banish the evil multiversal conqueror out of sight and out of mind.

Spiking her own largely dormant mutant powers to a degree that Madelyne could decouple Cassandra from her materialized body, then de-anchor her astral form from their plane of reality. Banishing her back to the underworld of her dimension. Without her to keep the bleed from the Astral Plane open a chain-reaction occurred all across the universes where Cassandra had initiated the invasion from beyond realities. Causing all the escaping Mummudrai whom were flooding into the universe to be sucked back into their hell along with their fallen mistress. Ending the threat they posed to the existential membrane keeping existence separated.

The X-Men were labeled heroes and hailed abound the world over by the very population of the world which once hated and feared them. At the time however, not everyone could partake in the festivities of celebrating their survival. Maddie looked upon her scion with perplexed gaze, while the innocence spawned of her seed gazed back at her happily.


Unbeknownst to her and everyone, both during and after the long fought battle. Cassandra had planted a seed of doubt within Ms. Summer's mind, one that would take a generation and a half to properly firmament but to the ageless ectotheric wraith. It would be well worth the wait.

For Charlie X's anti-self had discovered long repressed memories from when the proprietor of Mrs. Summer's genetic namesake was kept on ice while her successor incubated within Sinister's old labs. Having theorized this double of the thought to be dead founding member of the X-Men had compartmentalized the trauma from being a test sample within Mr. Essex's house of horrors on purpose. And so Nova left a parting gift for the House of X to remember her by.

Her true identity as an artificial being had come to Nova during their mind battle when she could not sense traces of her Womb-Weld.

As all living, thinking, breathing things within the totality of creation had an inkling of their Mummudrai counterpart lingering on their soul and as Cassandra could not sense Pryor's Womb-Weld remnant. It led to the conclusion that Madelyne lacked a soul for one to latch onto.

Using a unique form of complex astral compulsory, Nova would supplant a bit of her own conciousness within Ms. Pryor's mind. From there she would coax her underlying fears, her anger, her irritation at how Scott seemed to spend less and less time with her and their baby boy as the years went by and all while the Revenant Queen watched on through her eyes. Though while in the presence of Nathan, Cassandra's influence across realities was largely halved. As the potent mental abilities coupled with the child's pureheartedness had a calming effect upon his mother's steadily deteriorating moral fiber. A problem which would only worsen when the real Jean Grey eventually turned up alive and well, all while Scott fell more out of love with his new flame and into his old.

As Ms. Pryor Summers steadily began to fall under the Revenant Queen's contamination. She would lash out violently when she saw a live television broadcast of Scott and Jean together on live Television, recognizing their X-Factor guise.


Rendeured into a coma, Baby Nathan would venture into his mother's psychescape while she was comatose.

The daemon brothers N'astirh and S'ym would approach the resting Pryor in her vegetative state, he saw them go over with her about a plan to summon their horde at the be-haste of their primordial mistress. A cosmological dread that has stalked the existential fringes of the multiverse for billenia; the Goblin Force.

This malefic entity sent her two emissaries from hell to greet the missing piece of said pan-dimensional predator. As the Phoenix Force search for missing pieces of itself like Jean or Hope Summers.

Initially rejecting both the Goblin entity with coaxing by her special baby boy. Whom had used his underlaying psionic potential to cancel out the cancerous influence of the dark being and her minions to bring his mother back from the brink. He, alongside his father and proxy mother Jean. Would greet the steadily awakening Maddie. But even with her baby boy in her arms, the distraught Ms. Pryor was still shell-shocked too see her once beloved man with her lookalike in the same room.

Finally succumbing to the corrosion, Maddie welcomed the wicked Goblin force into herself. Realizing in their union that she was a missing piece of it's malevolent power.

Accepting her role as the Goblin Queen she and her demonic cohorts would attempt to sacrifice her son to the One Below All within the Underverse in exchange for an army of demonic and/or eldritch versions of twisted X heroes and villains alongside other familiar faces under her beck and call to flood into the Omegaverse.

Desperately outmatched and outgunned, the Goblin Queen seemed to have the X-Men at her mercy just as she was gonna drown the universe with her twisted X-Army. But at the last second, Nate managed to tap his underlying psionic power to assist the uncanny team by tapping his telepathy to jumpstart they're mutant powers. Giving all they're powers just enough of a kick needed to fight off his deranged mother, her two demon generals and a skulking Mister Sinister; whom prior to the crisis, had revealed his involvement in both Nathan and his mother's creation. The pivotal turning point which resulted in her eventual madness and evil.

With the aid of his father and his allies, Nathan was able to banish they're adversaries to the underverse once and for all. Peace would resume for them for a time.

Affliction & Coming of Age

After the battle with the Goblin Queen, life took a turn for the worse in the X-Family abode. Anti-Mutant hysteria had reached an all time high from the nightmarish incursion of ghoulish X-Men, Brotherhood and alien doppelgangers from beyond reality spiking a massive uproar of fear and hatred against Homo-Superior.

It was around this time that the immortal overlord Apocalypse would make his gambit for a darwinistic fueled imperium. To launch his plan to convert most homo sapiens on earth into homo superior whom he would seek to dominate as lord and master of the world. A plan which in truth was pushed ahead of schedule by The Revanant Queen urging him to act sooner rather than later. After notifying him of the deadly potential the scion of his most persistent adversary's, The X-Men, had produced through a traitorous scheme concocted by a former advocate of the Mutant Overlord.

As the X-Men were deployed against a mutant Skrull contingent he'd augmented and sent out to pray upon the helpless masses disguised as him and a number among his Clan Akkaba. Apocalypse himself would infiltrate the X-Mansion while disguised as Professor X.

Powers and Abilities


Transmode Homo Sapiens Superior Physiology: Nate was potentially an Omega Level Mutant, even at birth when his deranged mother attempted to sacrifice him to the Demonic Goblin Force. A supremely powerful and malefic cosmic entity which stalks the underlays of the Multiverse serving the One Below All, he'd erected an Astral Energy Bubble at an early age to fend off both the wicked effigy and his cruel parent.

When the dread conqueror and immortal mutant Apocalypse infected him with his strain of the Techno-Organic Virus. This initially hobbled Nathan's abilities as he'd learn how to stave off his infection in order to save his life by expending most of his psionic energy towards stabilizing his condition.

Rendering him an Alpha Level Mutant due to keeping the virus at bay from early childhood to his adult life weakening his abilities. A supremely powerful telepath and telekinetic in his own right nevertheless, in his later years he would find a permanent solution to his problematical genealogy. Having ventured into the Astral Plane seeking out his discarded Revenant self within its Psychic Underworld after hearing tell of the X-Men's adventures battling Cassandra Nova and her Mummudrai brethren in bedtime stories.

Having met and resolved any conflict with his darker image. Nathan would form a bond with his shadow self and long time enemy Nate Daysrping Askani'Summers and would work to prefect himself with his better half.

Through their unison, Nathan and Nate would rewire both the physiological self while rewriting the complex coding of his T-O Infection. Blending the two seamlessly together to create the ultimate bonding of machine consciousness, microtechnology, biology and robotics; effectively creating one of the most powerful earthborn technological singularities ever conceived.

Now with newfound technoshifting abilities combined with their greatly magnified Psychic Powers. The Offspring; as they now call themselves are now Beyond Omega Level. Living up to their parachronal counterpart Nate Grey.

Metapathy: Offspring is an incredibly powerful mentalist of the Highest Order. Surpassing the likes of WHite Phoenix Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Charles Xavier, Maddie Pryor, Cassandra Nova, the Shi'Ar imperial guard Oracle, Emmaline Frost, Nathaniel Essex and even members the Dark Sisterhood. By many of whom; most particularly Apocalypse, he is considered one of the multiverses greatest psychic talent's. He can read minds, scan thoughts, change them around, manipulate neuron impulses or induce total psychological paralysis with but a whim. So great are his psi skills that Mr. Summers can not only reach across the globe and touch billions of sapient minds, as well as the trillions of quadrillions of non-sentient conciousness on the planet earth, he can also make telepathic contact with the psyche's of extraterrestrials from across galaxian expanses to adjacent dimensions. Even an entire universe away from the most distant sector of the multiverse at will.

  • Telepathic Force Manipulation: Nathan Summers can use his mental gifts to read minds and influence emotions on a conceptual level. Enabling him to touch the hearts of those he wishes to establish psychic contact with as well as access and enter their existential center of thought. This is a facet of his abilities gleaned from his Mummudrai centre; whom stems from a race that has a natural affinity for manipulating the mind and the emotions of others they interact with.
    • Telepathic Cloak: Offspring can hide himself by masking his presence from detection by others and can extend these defenses to others around him as well. At times Nathan either go completely undetected or be counteracted by another powerful telepath (though this is rare), depending on their level of skill in using their own psi abilities.
    • Mind Link: Nate can establish a lingering mental tithe to another mind either within his vicinity or a whole reality away. Retaining a connection to said individual('s) so long as he and they wish to maintain it.
    • Telepathic Camouflage: The standard psychic ability to mask himself and/pr others' from those around him. Psionically disguise his appearance to those around him in order to pass off as someone else.
      • Relative Appearance Alteration: Using his Mummudrai half's emotional intuition, Nathan can also throw up an appearance of himself based upon whatever it is the individual whom see's him either finds most appealing to their eyes. Or what it is they most fear and dread like a famous celebrity or their childhood tormentors and the like.
    • Mind Control Nathan/Nate can easily control the minds of most other sentient beings, Stemming to both their voluntary and involuntary bodily functions against their will.
    • Mind Trap: Ability to effectively take another person's psyche from their body, trapping that mind within his own gestalt one.
      • Mind Absorption/Hive: Through his mental trapping, Nathan can collect and store the consciousness of countless beings within his own psychescape. Using the datacore's infinite store space of his Techno-organic A.I. Nate can keep them psychically incarcerated while digitally accessing their information (e.i. physical, mental, historical, etc.) and repurpose it for later use.
    • Mind Possession: Able to possess the mind of another, and use that beings body as his own.
      • Mass Possession: Extending his mind, or the minds of those in his A.I. Core's cache to overshadow and manipulate the bodies of select individuals at will
        • Remote Possession: Offspring can host multiple or sole bodies by commandeering the mind of another even from great distances.
    • Mind Alteration: Nate can to alter the minds of others by force of will. Changing their personalities, world views or emotional consistency as easily as it take for him to breath.
    • Mental Amnesia: Omega can cause partial or total loss of particular memories and amnesia in another person or even in a group of people.
    • Clairvoyance: Nathan/Nate can glean valuable information about objects, locations, events or peoples of import through means other than physical sight. Allowing them to act when they are unable to use their eyes to ascertain valuable information. They can 'see' spiritual/psychic beings and perceive the 'presence', emotions, thoughts, and memories of others.
      • Precognition: See into the distant myriadic futures.
      • Retrocognition: Look back towards the equally ever changing past.
    • Psionic Shield: Ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of himself and of others minds. X Soldier has proven very difficulty to psychically assail, as he is very well skilled in shielding his own mind from mental-attacks (such as attempts to read, control or harm his own mind), and has been sufficient to protect himself from assaults by other such powerful psychics.
    • Psionic Blasts: Nathan can project his psionic power as force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind, as to cause pain, unconsciousness or even death in the affected.
    • Psychic Wave Manipulation: The rare psionic talent to manifest your telepathic force into tangible, physical abstract to reach out and affect the world around you. Some of the most powerful of telepaths possess the ability to generate and manipulate thought waves. Their own or those of another and utilize them either in a telepathic manner or materialize the waves into powerful energy for physical purposes; further compression of such psychic waves could become physical matter. It can create a barrier composed of compressed waves, materialized waves into appendages to manipulate objects and project mind waves into whatever physical shape is imagined.
    • Mentifery: At the height of his/their psionic talents, Omega Savior's telepathy reaches to the point where they can influence the quantum structure of metaphysical, pataphysical, cataphysical and even Omni-Physical reality. Willing their united mind, coupled with the few other minds they either reach out too or keep confined within their transmode network to bolster their thought power for the purpose of changing reality by the mere power of their mind alone.
    • Astral Trapping: Nathan has the ability to psychically materialize Astral Force within the material plane. Using it in conjunction with his Telepathy and Telekinesis to strenghten his natural mental abilities further by giving them a conduit to focus ans strengthen themselves through.
      • Astral Projection: Nathan can project his multiple selves into the astral world.
      • Astral Solidification: Dayspring can give immaterial astral form solid substance to use against both the physical and ethereal threats he comes across along his many escapades.
    • Mental Detection
    • Telepathic Power Modulation: Through his mastery of neuropsychic interaction. X Soldier can either broaden, weaken or outright negate the powers of others be they mutant, superhuman, inhuman or otherwise. He could even potentially give non-powered types superhuman abilities of their own.
      • X-Gene Dilution: Nate can telepathically weaken any superpowered beings abilities, regardless of whether they have the X-Gene or not.
      • Neural Jumpstart: Nathan also has the capacity to supercharge their powers in new and unpredictable ways. Either ramping up their natural abilities, jarring a secondary and or tertiary mutation's in mutants.
      • Psionic Negation: By accessing the neural pathways in which a superman can access they're abilities. Omega Savior can just as easily shut down their powers outright.
      • Potential Ignition: He even has the power to not only activate the underlying X-Gene within dormant mutants. But also bestow superhuman capability upon those whom initially lacked any potential for powers or abilities.

Metakinesis: The totalic manipulation of kinetic force in all shapes and forms through use of his psychokinetic power. Cables MK abilities are so strong he was prophesied to have power enough to shatter planets and smother galaxies as he grew older. Cable possesses high-grade mind over matter abilities, enabling him to manipulate matter with the energy of his thoughts from the molecular to particle level. Capable of very fine motor control over objects, including himself. While on larger scales, Cable can levitate insurmountable weights, his upper limit remaining undisclosed. At his peak, Nathan could displace countless trillions of tons of matter; as easily as willing the planets to change orbital alignment, to simpler things like fabricating and re-positioning his own island mass comprised of various terren, alien and natural mineral elements based around his old Providence space station designs.

  • Intuitive Perception:
    • Hyper-Awareness
  • Omni-Element Manipulation:
    • Matter Manipulation
      • Plasma Manipulation
      • Fire Manipulation
      • Earth Manipulation
      • Water Manipulation
      • Quantum Manipulation
      • Cosmic Manipulation
    • Energy Manipulation
      • Electromagnetism Manipulation
      • Kinetic Energy Manipulation
      • Sound Manipulation
      • Nuclear Manipulation
      • Warpwave Manipulation
      • Ionic Manipulation
  • Psionic Spike:
  • Meta Space-Time Manipulation
  • Quantum String Manipulation
  • Neutronium Manipulation
  • Teleketic Force Manipulation: By focusing his power on the raw material spychic aspect, Offspring is able to generate and manipulate the broad aspect of PKE which is the base telekinetic force itself. Able to utilize both the sheer psionic dynamism as well as the compartmentalized facet of the core power, through which he is able to perform complex telekinetic operations, like the manipulation of matter and energy at the particle level. As well as make use of the more visceral applications in regards to overwhelming power. Such as crushing super heavily armored vehicles into tiny balls or compression cubes. Simply tearing them to shreds in an instant, no matter the substance be it Adamantium, Uru, Dargonite or Virbanium. The Dayspring can manipulate and control huge objects be they astrological in size and shape, or unleash telekinetic blasts strong enough to obliterate entire armies or small moons. The Gestalt could casually repel massive attacks and instantly erect an impregnable and self-repairing telekinetic force-barriers, build vast telekinetic energy war machines around themselves for intense and prolonged battles, even create hordes of telekinetic shades that will act as extensions of them while in heavy battle. With his/their overwhelming telekinetic force, Omega can bend and escape the laws of reality, and distort space-time on a conceptual level.
    • Force-Field Manipulation: Ability to create protective force shields that could deflect even the most powerful of attacks (even filter bacteria or pollutants from the air). The upper limits of Offspring's protective ability remain unknown, but it is believed that he could probably protect himself from harm by a well fed galactus's power cosmic volley. Cable has also displayed such control over the fields as to shape them precisely, even to conform very closely to his body’s form. There does not appear to be any correlation between field strength and the thickness of the telekinetic fields.
    • Concussive Blasts: Can project hyperkinetic waves of such power and magnitude the blast beams directed from his brain can apparently affect matter with concussive force.
    • Tactile Telekinesis: Cable can use his telekinesis to enhance his already impressive physical practices to well above superhuman levels, enough to shatter mountains and split the earth barehanded. Or resist thermonuclear detonation without fear of radiation burns even minus the usage of a telekinetic force field.
      • Telekinetic Enhancement: By utilizing his metakinesis on the biomolecular level, Dayspring was able to better augment himself to afford greater physical abilities than the finest human athlete. Propelling himself well beyond the physical human limits save that which he feels is necessitated by the limits of his own belief.
        • TK Strength
        • TK Speed
        • TK Agility
        • TK Stamina
        • Force Field Generation
        • Internal Reinforcement
    • Telekinetic Flight: Cable can attain natural aviation by focusing his natural telekinetic force around himself. Being able to fly up to 440mph within a breathable atmosphere to achieving mach or trans-light speeds in outer planetary orbit.
    • Intangibility
    • Size Alteration: Has used his telekinesis to alter his physical stature to that of a towing giant, similarly to Apocalypse.
    • Telekinetic Teleportation: While uninhibited by the T.O. infection Cable shows the ability to warp himself from place to place even without his "bodysliding" technology.
      • Remote Teleportation: So proficient in its use Nate can warp people away remotely from anywhere across the world to across random dimensions.
      • Dimensional Travel: Nathan can traverse the infinite planes of reality by peeling back the dimensional barriers which separate the varying dimensions from one another.
      • Time Travel: The Trinity can consciously traverse the time stream under their own power. With or Without the Cone of Silence to aid them.

Psi-Tech Surguery: A talent he procured while surfing the extra dimensional trails of lower Astral Space. Nathan can focus the totality of his psycho-cyberformic abilities in conjunction with his shadow self's DNA manipulative capabilities to better effect biological and non-biological elements.

  • Telekinetic Procedure: X Soldier has vast matter mending capabilities. By focusing his psychokinetic into focused psi-shivs which can break apart or mend physical matter at the subatomic level, giving the Omega Savior the ability to fix and mend most anything and everything they focus their talents on.
    • Regeneration Manipulation: He can easily regenerate himself and/or heal others of malignancies or bodily damage even if they're on the brink of death. Once getting shot in the head or receiving heavy lacerations by the symbiosites of Null which possess Anti-Regeneration properties and managing to heal himself by first extracting the foreign taint while also removing and recreating pre-damaged cellular tissue from scratch.
  • Telepathic Operation: Through another astral utility called a Psi-Specs allows Nate to hold open the psyche in order too scope out any and all of the toxic thought process, damaged neural pathways, mental parasites or forced psychic tampering and intrusion in order to discern how best to repair the in depth mental damage of the afflicted host.
    • Mental Curing: Nate can dive in as an astral form and set about with fixing the hideously derezzed mental plane of the hurting mind he's working on. Curing any psychological hiccups or mental instabilities plaguing their affected patients. In some cases those cured this way are made to think clearer and become smarter than they were to start with.
  • Micromechanical Aciurgy: By applying his mechanical subforms in nanite dispersal mode, Nathan/Nate can conduct incredible precision microsurgery on objects, animals and people who're suffering from cardiovascular or neuropsychological defects. Enabling the Omega Savior to cure even thought to be considered incurable diseases and afflictions by riding and purifying the electro-chemical streams of the most malnourished of patients.
    • Augmentative Restoration: The sub-micromachines set about their coarse of healing and repairing everything that's malformed or wrong about the effected patient. Even going about the notion of repairing their damaged quantum structure which can have the effect of, but not only, completely reinvigorating the affected party as well as synergistically alternating their reality synchronicity to reform them into the best forms of themselves.

Technomorphism: Having worked with his astral shade whilst in a state of deep meditation that lasted nearly 20yrs. Omega Savior managed to merge his biophysical self with the nanomolecular virus technology infesting his system. Nathan rewiring the Techno-Organic virus code on a digital scale, while Nate used his own natural skills as a Revenant to modify Cable's genetic structure to create greater interaction capacity with the more streamlined Virulent form. The fused entity now boasting the most powerful psychic mind known to man and phantasm were again further modulated by the now perfected biotech mod which effectively gave them both total control over their shared anatomy at the subquantum level.

  • Technoforming: Similar to various adversaries Soldier had faced along his many travels as a paratrooper, merc, superhero, dimension hopper and time traveler. The Offspring amalgam has total control over their transorganic silicate based substance. Enabling them the ability to change and morph their mechamorphic physiology beyond the conceivable norm. Moreover he can consciously ghost his essence, his will into most any and all mechanical energy systems. This includes technology, biology, machinery, circuitry, neurology and even geography by sequestering his microtechnological quintessence into the very atoms of his surroundings via Wireless Energy Transferal along any known broad wave conduit.
    • Battle Shifting: Offspring can adaptively augment himself in a conscious and subconscious manner to better augment his chances of surviving and winning in any combat situation he's currently face with. Delving deep into their underlying potential be it hereditary, psionically, biophysically or otherwise, to grow and exceed their original limitations in order to match or overcome stronger opponents or existential obstacles.
      • Living Factory: Through the vast omnikinetic abilities coupled with the Techno-Organic synergy within them, Offspring can fabricate most anything they can conceive of from their very bodies; e.i. weapons, armor, shielding, munitions, etc. Combined with his astral armor and absorbed cavorite/psimitar technologies, Nathan can easily fabricate superweaponry or god-tier technologies which can restart dying universes or sterilize corrupted ones.
    • Shiftmorphing: Offspring can mechamorphosize most anything he sets his mind to alongside himself. Whenever he changes, everything around him changes along with him. He can also morph himself into the surround materia in order to get from place to place by fusing with one area and coming out at a completely different place altogether.
      • Living Power Plant: Through the accumulation and modulation of energy, The Askani'Omegan can churn out and symbiotically differentiate the various kinds of energy signatures along a broad wave spectrum of different forms. Be it nuclear, radiological, cosmological, anti-material or negative in frequency. Nate/Nathan can freely alternate these differing energies making them stronger or weaker than normal as well, providing himself and or others with a self-sustaining perpetual generator core to power his facilities, technologies, weaponry, all of his designs.
      • Possessive Transformation: Anything the Daypsring transmorphs becomes a remote extension of himself. Meaning anything and everything he creates or remakes as he see's fit possesses some of his corporeal stuff and will act and react however he wishes it too. He is it, they are him and will reform to suit both of they're individual beings.
    • Absorbing Replication:Dayspring's morphing abilities allows for him to remotely control and assimilate with just about any and all things both organic and inorganic into himself most instantly. Through this he could assimilate new powers, new materials and new technologies from across the infinite span of realities to further his creativity, ingenuity and overall power by incorporating several new items of interest into himself. Likewise he can also redistribute any new materials amalgamated through him into the environment around him. Sequestering a bit of himself and his wears within any new place of home and hearth.
      • Items Fabricated: pertaining the the equipment & wears Nate produced from his own physiology.
      • Abilities Replicated/Combined/Enhanced: powers, skills and abilities copied from his travels across his time and alternate universes.
      • Properties Conglomerated: the memorized template select of different substances he's taken on over the years.
  • χ (pronounced chi/kii): The artificial Intelligence which was created through the psychotheric fusion between Nate Dayspring and Nathan Summers. χ manifest itself through the Askani/Omega like pattern dialed over his right arm, often changing the shape of which in order to interact with it's handler. Nathan can also project it as an interactive hard-light holoform mirroring hologuises of paste X-Men robotic aids from this body mark, acting as a form HUD (Heads Up Display) with which to monitor and keep track of events across time & space and within the multiverse.
    • Human-Artificial Intelligence Synergy: Through their three person union, Offspring's synergistic bond between his organic self, astral twin and the Artificial Intelligence construct. Has birth a natural and synthetic means of forming a synergistic link with any systematic unit. Technological, mental, informational, EM Wave feeds, the works. χ can also hack light bulbs and wrist watches in order to communicate with Nathan and others at a moments notice.
  • Cybermind: Cables T-O augmented gray matter no longer functions like a typical hunk of meat and neurons. But is now one of the most powerful biological supercomputers ever produced. Through it, he could interact and empathize with digital and cybernetic systems. Able to wirelessly interface with any computerized system no matter how powerful or advanced with ease. With his mind now streamlined through the flawless stream of bit code, Offspring can better articulate their thoughts with the vast influx of information coming in from the physical universe, the digiverse and the astral plane via the compartmentalization of their three in one collective data pool.
    • Electronic Interaction: Through his biotech supercomputer, Nate/Nathan or χ can seamlessly connect to and perceive, understand, control and generate electronic, digital, and radio wave transmissions with/without accessing any standard source of communication. While it would be easier to do so through a handheld or stationary device. Because Nathan shares a symbiosis with the Multiverses most powerful A.I. ever conceived, there is no real need for an outside interface to jack in with. As his onboard computer is constantly linked with every technical and digital system from their homebase to the end of time and back.
    • Tact Sym Playthrough: Nathans computerized brain runs a preplay simulation of situational readouts while in battle, taking up the social and/or political stage, military tactics and appropriate combat technique. Through this portion of his bionics, Nate can calculate and act upon about a billion different scenario's to attack and dodge and counter an opponents approach to combat through Tanchyon Transmitters and accelerated probability generators. Combined with his natural telepathic Clairvoyance and Telekinetic Senses, Offspring can predict and ascertain an infinite number of possible/probable outcomes that mayn't nonexistent in what could've not now been the past, present and partial or aborted future.
    • Techno-Empathy: The trinity mind can reach out and empathize with technology as easily as they do with people. Offspring can sense and interact with any and all forms of machinery through his emotions, enabling him to sense and ease it's usage as it undergoes arduous programming as well as help enhance it's processing power by linking to it's core nucleus.
    • Scanning
  • Bionic Augmentation:
    • Superhuman Endurance:
    • Superhuman Speed:
    • Superhuman Strength:
      • Cybernetic Extremities: Much of Cables anatomy had been converted into polymorphic liquid smart metals with vast transormative capacity. Once upon a time, though physically ambidextrous, his left arm was the stronger of the two. Perfectly capable of curling and dead-lifting several dozen tons without assistance from his right arm. Now his entirety is equal parts cybernetic and organic. He can now change and morph his body parts for numerous effects, e.i. stretching and expanding his limbs to incredible expanses at incredible speeds. He can also morph munitions out of them like plasma castors, energized Bowie knives, nanite tailored micro-missiles or high-yield ion cannons at will.
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Superhuman Dexterity:
    • Superhuman Senses:
      • Cybernetic Optics: Nathans robotic eye permitted him to see deep into the EM (Electro-Magnetic) spectrum, and far deeper than any known 20th – 21st century technologies are capable of. With his recent onset of existential perfection it is now possible, through both his eyes, Offspring is able to see the deployment of psionic, mystical, quantum and other exotic energies. Among other less imposing spectra of physical energies. Having incorporated psimitar like designs from Forge of another reality, Offspring has outfitted his trans-silicate ocular nodes with the ability to channel & focus his psionic talents through. Allowing him to discharge Psychic Energy Force as devastating concussion blasts from his eye or eyes.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
    • Superhuman Stamina:
    • Technomechanical Reformation: Through a combination of telekinetic ability and his machine parts capacity to rearrange their chemical nature through atomic structure alternation, Cable had been able to rapidly repair any damaged components within his body by shareholding his bionics with his organics. However, if there was widespread damage, this may not be possible, as he may be unable to muster the energy nor the mental wherewithal to properly affect extensive repairs. Having once been attacked by a Transmode Virus jacking Red Skull who then had every techno-organic component in his body hideously dismantled, damaged or destroyed bit by bit. Thus leaving Nathan unable to heal his bodily systems to save his own life, needing outside assistance with fixing his hideously desiccated flesh and blood. But now through his three mind unison, Nathan can just as easily heal and regenerate on a level that would make Weapon X operatives and even Gamma Mutates green with envy. As X Soldier he can lose a limb and regrow a newer stronger appendage in its place, suffer hideous discorporation at a submolecular level and rebuild his body from scratch through these technoforming abilities. Often whenever he revives through his transmechanical healing factor he often adapts and evolves whole new acclimation's to his anatomy; like multiple limbs or skin, bone and muscle density increase, changes to his cybernetic components texture and shape. Such as spurs, needles and razor claws which he can just as easily retract or hyper-extend on command. Thanks to his total mastery of Bodily Functions via Bio-Feedback. Offspring can just as simply rapidly redesign and improve his technomorphic components, thus allowing for on-the-spot improvisation. Which has enabled him to create a plethora of sub-microcomputers in his mechanized physiology that allow him to physically interface with exterior computers, up-link/download to computers he has hidden across the world and in space and even permit cellular communications and high-speed, broadband, wireless Internet access.
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Master Combatant
  • Super-genius Intelligence
  • Expert Inventor

Strength level

Class 50-100+


  • Disrupted Harmony: If the two psyches of the Living world Nathan and the Mummudrai Nathan is ever enraptured by outside intervention. The Two run the risk of losing control over their shared powers.
  • Mental Collective: A great many of the assimilated minds locked within their Data Core prison can tempt the darker aspects of the Mummudrai counterpart to turn on it's lightside self. As well as tamper with the delicate techno-organic union Omega Savior has achieved via his fusion with the Revenant.
  • Power Expenditure: The Offspring Collective must retain a tumultuous balance between all of their functions. If they lose control over any one facet of they're being or overuse too much energy for an extended duration of time, they risk tiring themselves out and the other two components of their shared power collapsing like a house of cards. Resulting in a catastrophic release of raw unfathomable power apocalyptic in proportion.



  • χ: A veritable coded syntelect born out of the psychic imprint of Nathan's and Nate's cohabitation, as well as being a composite of the saveover programming pertaining to other such mechanical intelligence's utilized by cable and various X-Men in the past. A.I.'s such as the Professor of Graymalkin, Belle from his Uncanny Avenger days, Prosh of the Celestial Ship, Danger the evolved program of old X-Men training facilities and the various iterations of Cerebro spanning all the way back to it's creators origin; the first founding X-Men. The χ system has vast computer interactive relay ability, being able to enter and access any technological operating system remotely with little to no interference whatsoever. Being a sentience in and of itself, he/it also expresses hum emotion and longing for understanding and interaction.
  • Cavorite Crystals: Much of the self powered facilities Offspring creates from his own techn-org flesh are self-sustained thanks to the infusion of Cavorite. Which are tailored to absorb, amplify and redistribute the natural ambient energy from simple visual light, to wind friction generated kinetic energy and even draw straight out of the very air itself to power any and all of his facilities as well as strengthen his tech designs.
  • Dominus Objective: Direct cyber link to the world wide infonet stemming across universes and realities. The Dominus Objective once stood as a stand in to Nathan's telepathy in the event his mend was ever shut down and he needed to ascertain understanding about a world he was visiting; it could also save and backlog his psychological imprint in the event that his body were ever to be destroyed. Capable of generating and regrowing a perfect carbon copy of the original cable should he ever parish, allowing his astral self to upload into it in the event of his demise. Normally it simply acts as a personalized sentient internet/wi-fi connector he and other's can always jack into for information and universal study facilities to catalog and read up on the adjacent realities one wishes to go too. When utilized more practically, the Objectives data mining abilities can also be made into a powerful arsenal all its own. Taking the info of a study subject, like a tank and how it's constructed; in order to fabricate it out of digital engrams which materialize down to every individual nut & bolt into the real world for ones personal use. Other uses include harnessing and controlling digital energy as lethal de-materializing pulses which sheer through all known forms of matter & energy.
  • Cone of Silence: A reality transitional displacement apparatus which makes it's users appear as phantasms while studying and observing adjacent universes. Both with the aspect of actually visiting said universe without actually of having to interact within it in fear of detection by any Breach Sensitive equipment. It is a meta space/time displacement apparatus which wraps its users within a thin layer of malleable reality which phases their quantum signature in and out of sync with the rest of the surrounding universe. To that extent they are not bound by the laws or rules of said realities one visits, enabling them to retain their powers or other unique proclivities in dead zone verses where the laws of physics aren't as flexible in other existences. This reality sheathe which masks the user from the prying eyes of the masses or the Cosmically Aware can also be weaponized. Using it as the ultimate shield and spear in which Nate can bend his piece of continuum around a target to entrap them pocket space reality they can control. Otherwise it also makes for the ultimate shield and spear, in the literal sense. A focused skein of trans-reality energy can slice through the very universe itself, while a protective sheathe of quantum energy blocks all known forms of attack. Be it by matter and/or energy of any kind, including magic based.
  • Cerebro-Spike: Technology he'd procured from a fringe parallel timeline. Nathan summers had procured, studied and replicated the micro compressed mutant detection HUD technologies created for ingestion by a psychic mind. Once consumed, Offspring could track and file any and every mutant signature pinging on his visuals from across any multitude of realities. Along his travels he would continually implement new technologies from different timelines, dimensions and alternate universes towards improving the Cerebro-Spike technology to better determine not only a mutants power. But probabilistically predict how or in what ways the timeline around them would change causing their powers, personas and place in the future of said same mutants he's tracking to change. Making strategically sound predictions of how they will effect their universe and the multiverse as a whole.


  • Bodyslider Transport: Through the Nate program in his techno-organic system, The Union can transport themselves anywhere across space/time and reality. Even across other realities if need be. By Accessing the Dominus Objective's data hub, the warping apparatus is enabled prerequisite pinpoint transport coordinates of exactly where, when, what timeline and in which reality the user needs to get to and at the precises second in which to act upon the mission directive set out for it's handlers.

Weapons: Cable normally doesn't need any weapons on his person as he can fabricate them out of his own mechano-biology via his personal factory production abilities. Enabling him to fabricate high-powered plasma rifles, replicative charges, a pair of knives as his weapons of choice.

  • Psimitar: Cable, after having secured some cavorite crystals, had modified his personal weapon using his nanoactive virus strain to give it similar mechamorphic abilities to his own. He would then fuse the Transmodded polearm with fragments of the pure Cavorite micro bits, transferring it's natural energy bolstering and space/time warping properties onto it before assimilating the Spear into himself. Through which he'd greatly magnified his already doubled Omega Level Psionics to an insurmountable degree, now having assimilated both the psionic and energy boosting effects of both properties into his techno-organic physiology.


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  1. Modern Comics: e(X)celsior Comics Vol 1 88


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