Early Life

Namor was found abandoned as a five year old boy, and grew up with the McKenzie family. From a very young age, it was clear he was different, being smarter, stronger, and faster. Frightened by this, "Bill" stayed away from boys his age, preferring to be solitary. By the time he was 8, his ears had grown pointed and his ankles were sprouting wings. Fearing for his safety, "Bill"'s parents sent him off

Uncanny X

The Future/All-New X


Prior to his Atlantean "conditioning", Namor was shy and quiet. Unfortunately, his time with the Atlanteans changed him for good. Namor is now arrogant, loud, condescending, and flirty.

Powers and Abilities

Namor possesses several powers which are augmented by contact with water. These abilities include:

  • Super-strength
  • Gills
  • Flight
  • Super speed
  • Agility



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